George Harrison - What Is Life Lyrics

What I feel, I can't say
But my love is there for you anytime of day
But if it's not love that you need
Then I'll try my best to make everything succeed

Tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am I without you, by my side

What I know, I can do
If I give my love now to everyone like you
But if it's not love that you need
Then I'll try my best to make ev'rything succeed

Tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am I without you, by my side
Tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am I without you, by my side

What I feel, I can't say
But my love is there for you any time of day
But if it's not love that you need
Then I'll try my best to make everything succeed

Tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am I without you, by my side
Oh tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am I without you, by my side

What is my life without your love
Tell me, who am I without you, by my side

Oh tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me who am I without you by my side

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George Harrison What Is Life Comments
  1. Reg Hunt

    The "Instant Family" montage is better.

  2. TheBluewaterBlonde

    In 2016, George Harrison's widow Olivia and son Dhani held a worldwide contest through to determine what filmmaker from anywhere would provide the video for Harrison’s 1971 song "What Is Life". The winner was Brandon Moore from Oakland, California. This winning video features Emma Rubinowitz and Esteban Hernandez, both of the San Francisco Ballet, who play a happy go lucky couple dressed in yellow who go frolicking around the streets and in the woods within the San Francisco Presidio. Per Olivia and Dhani Harrison, this video truly captured the lightheartedness of the song’s lyrics.

  3. Emily Iannielli

    Love this so much!! Beautiful girl!❤️

  4. Adela Contreras

    this boys give me tenderness

  5. daniel oliveira

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  6. Invisible Ray

    wot a cheap piece of crap this is

  7. vonnie Smith

    Love this video

  8. NataS

    Life is magic.

  9. daniel oliveira

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  10. Philip McNeill

    How do i go about buying this clip?

  11. VincenzoPentangeli

    Good video but I like this one better

  12. Richard Williams

    Wow that video is great. It just hit me when they dance together on the hill overlooking Arlington Cemetery (I think) it is exuberant youthful life exulting in being alive! With silent headstones set in thousands completely still,in the their stead the Youth dance in the Sun on the hill above

  13. Slomofogo

    Best video paired with song ever.

  14. Kevin Meehan Willowbrook, IL

    Paul may have had the most successful post-Beatle career, but George put out the best music.

  15. Andrew Dugas

    I watched this a few times before realizing it was filmed in the Presidio in San Francisco. This is not recorded anywhere but anyone familiar with it can recognize it immediately. The dancers were members of the SF Ballet. More info on this video here:

  16. Liam Attwells


  17. daniel oliveira

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  18. Sopranos44

    Cute face, nice legs and a AMAZING SONG! Good times had by all!

  19. Joe

    Love my daughters!

  20. Suzy Berlinsky

    *She's awful. Is she an epileptic?*
    *Poor spastic. She must be strung out on heroin.*

  21. ʟᴏᴡᴇʏ ʟᴏᴡᴇʏ

    This song is criminally underrated

    Jp Godinho

    ʟᴏᴡᴇʏ ʟᴏᴡᴇʏ yes this music is so underrated

    W Parro

    As is George

  22. simcoe75

    Such an uplifting song and video. Plus, a very beautiful lady too

  23. Vkng Vron

    Is she actually a he? What is going on here? Is he a she?

  24. MrOshutup


  25. Noe Berengena

    George does it again (and again, and again...) Paul's music after the Beatles doesn't come close to this.
    The video is surprisingly wonderful.
    BTW: Was this filmed at the Presidio?

  26. daniel oliveira

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  27. Paul-E G'z

    So the doc had pity on me, he gave me 10mg of valium and sent me on my way...~~~ Henry Hill


    Let's bring him the fucking helicopter, then he'll see how paranoid I am.

  28. 237homer238

    hihihi sandra :)

  29. Brian Duncan

    What a great Musician

  30. J Wright

    Great song, too bad the video doesn't have the same worth.

  31. daniel oliveira

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    Purple prose i think is the way to describe your comment....

    daniel oliveira

    @romber58 I appreciate in the roses the tenderness of the petals. and the reality of the thorns, and the purple color, evokes the flowers of unreality; yet I am in reality of all things! It means, too. dignity! Thank you very much for your attention @@@ ZZZ

  32. Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop

    Is it me or has this young girl in the video she has a touch of Kate Bush and the Looks of Saoirse Ronan Love the song and Video
    Also, Olivia Newton-John has a brilliant cover of this Classic.

    Dave Theone

    Instantly I thought Kate Bush, but for me this video girl is more attractive and sexier than KB was.

    Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop

    @Dave Theone Nah Kate for me and i know Kate has Makeup on just take a look

  33. john smith

    Obviously amateur, which makes it all the more heartwarming. The vitality of youth is so special. Perhaps because it can be fleeting. It would be not unreasonable to think that George would have preferred this version over any professional stuffy one. Good job guys and please don’t stop here. He has a big library of music just waiting.

  34. Linda Röth

    this one, what is my life, became very big. LM radio from Lourenzo Marques, had to struggle to tune in in kenton on sea, went loud. wrote the song down. it brings me to tears. linda gets defrauded by her two brothers john and charles. john marries a bitch and breaks up our family. stan butt gets famous with his buttcat 6 years before his death. john gets into the biggest trouble. i have to help kerry!!

  35. Marianne Vandeputte

    Go to galaxy a new one

  36. daniel oliveira

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  37. Дедушка Ленин

    Девочка как то странно танцует, наверно дудочку анаши выдула....

  38. gem geek

    Beautiful! This song takes me back to when I was a teenager. I miss you beautiful George.

  39. Christine Newland

    Beautiful song!

  40. RCWorks

    It brings back the summer love of 1976... I enlisted and she said goodbye. Life is what it is...

  41. Sam Holden

    Life is hell for me at the moment😢😢😩☹️


    Sam Holden
    That’s life

    Gary Smith

    This too will pass

  42. muka


  43. Gihan Perera1962

    What a song wishers from Sri Lanka☺

  44. Camilla Santos


  45. Amy Knarr

    I wish she looked half as happy as he does

  46. Michael Rapson


  47. Roger Warde

    Beautiful song but the use of the Veterans cemetery pushes the line in my humble opinion. Nobody should dance in such a place.

    Karl Caddick

    Quite the opposite I believe the veterans would be well chuffed, see life in its prime

    Roger Warde

    What about the Veterans family members. Do you think they would be equally chuffed.

  48. jopageri1964

    George was great. But, his videos were crap.

  49. stivaro

    George Harrison: How pedo can I make my music video? Director: Hold my beer

  50. J Anonymous

    That girl is very unattractive and so out of style! No tattoos! No piercings! No blue or red hair!

  51. Marty Mcfly

    Is the pornstar Charlotte sartre

  52. Teuku Asri

    Is that girl Petty Boyd...?!!

  53. Mike Knight

    I like goodfellas better

  54. Senku

    Siento que podría estar todo el día viendo las boludeces que hace esa minita


    2020 ???

  56. standart user

    оооочень напоминает "Sweet - Fox on the Run"

  57. bluebird

    People dancing to this song is always a "win".

  58. Zach Carlstrom

    I would love to see teh 2 kids in this video today! lol Love the interpretive dance. Wasn't this a fan video and Harrison loved it?

  59. Ghostinthemachine

    the only thing that saves the video is the song,

  60. justin kipper

    This is the "official video'? WTF?

  61. geo_ neo9

    Life is a game a game for soul growth. Once all souls reach 12d consciousness ie become pure light. What happens is the expansion of space will draw back to nothing again and the mass of spirits would manifest via love the whole of the whole. It is known that a mass of load of people can manifest a new universe as it is now. Obviously once we have reached a higher dimension. For we are multi dimenatianal beings. True evolution of man is the evolution of consciousness. We came here to learn how to manipulate energy. Ascension is happening right now as we speak. Prepare your minds as this year is bigg 2020 vision.

  62. Adi Armeanu

    This music video is so lame lol

  63. Drew the Line

    Geat song horrible video.

  64. Clark Beigi

    Never heard this song or seen this video before. I only watched it because the girl reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. Amazing song though and loved George's other works.

  65. Jk T

    I swear all day long this fuckin helicopters been following me.


    Jk T Goodfellas is a classic!!

    Jk T

    FilmNerd Hell yeah, my favourite movie!

  66. Ruffles AmadeusMont

    amazin song ... really beatifull ...

  67. z z

    george harrison out here with tupac makin music videos on ufos with elvis behind the lens.

  68. Eric Hammer

    Okay, she's beautiful. No credit for the dancers?

  69. Gregarious Helleatious

    She's doesn't have to be George harrisputz she's beautiful gravely and lovely and elegance on her own , I'd put her on a pedestal just to be disappointed and tell her she's exceptional just to be exploited and I'd give her all my money just so she could make some origummys , She probably thinks I'm a joke but I'm just trying to be funny 😉 , #Courtney Barnutts.

  70. Christopher Lewis

    This song is amazing...

    This video is cold, wet, garbage.
    Seriously, wtf...

  71. Gregarious Helleatious

    She doesn't look a thing like George Harris

    Gregarious Helleatious

    @6610stix 😂

    Gregarious Helleatious

    @6610stix she'd probably look like Emma Rubinowitz with a mustache, I've seen her mustache.

    Teresa Schmidt

    This is truly a moronic video. Just show a photo of George💜

    James Pritchett

    her name is emma rubinowitz..san fran. ballet

  72. david boyd

    This Hoofter gets on my nerves man ! Ah mean the girl was doing just fine until he crept oot from behind a tree ! Frigging Stalker man !

  73. muak


  74. UNagJac

    Me: (on My Sweet Lord)
    *one more song*

    Next 3 songs:
    Are you sure about that, bitch?



    Andrew Dugas filmed in San Francisco's Presidio!

    Michael Fitzgerald

    @benton r.p. ...and her whole style of dance

    Mike Parsons

    Had no idea, thanks for posting

    Emily Iannielli

    MARK SANDFORD awesome


    Yes, true. However, the two people in the video are both from the San Francisco Ballet company.

  76. Daniel Oliveira

    There is no variable and imbalance of change in the gift of inspiration! The acade is in the agora of poetry, proclaiming the edict of love! The Factory of words, in the world of poetry, is the address, open to all people! The magic of forms, of poetic literature, is the wisdom of the imagination! I am walking, thick fog, from the understanding of the essay! Thought, from the man of words, is a bolico, on the highways of contemporary times! Abstraction and alienation is the separation of the social heart, but the abstracted still remains hostage to the natural senses! I discover myself being tested in the arena of life's events !! The Text and the context of love is in the fire of true feelings! Love is an indirect transitive verb, conjugated in the first and second person of the sincere heart and the poetic soul! Forget a love. It's the only way to cure the idyllic wound of the heart! Hope, has giant wings, to escape, from the chaotic, irreversible system! The hope of inspiration never ends! The hammers. poetic burgundy built the wall of words of cultural reflection! The barometer, from the composition versis, measures the wind speed of inspiration! The human being, with the heart of a monster, walks the street of civilization! The killer of wordsis in thealcaçova of the darkness of the night! The poetic carabiner shoots feasts. of verses, to warn, the work of literary composition @@@ ZZZ

    justin kipper

    Keep practicing...real poets use real words and understand sentence structure and how to use punctuation. But I know that everyone didn't get past the 9th grade, so I'm cool with it.

  77. crapple009

    The song is from 1970. But the clip is from 2016. How is this an official George Harrison clip, bearing in mind that he died in 2001?

  78. Gerardo-Rodrigo Loli

    Who listenin this as the first song listened in the 2020

    Mike Parsons

    Me! Will NEVER get tired of this song


    @Alexander hadn't heard a song for 11 days aye

  79. BronzeAlive

    Now thats a beautiful woman right there

  80. Dave S

    This video is a disgrace to this song!

  81. Mr. Sand

    George Harrison's greatest song. Try to change my mind.

    Mike Phalen

    Easy: "Something."

    αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd

    When We Was Fab

    Bob Roman

    I disagree but decline your challenge


    try to change my mind too, nah it is impossible.

  82. bcismar

    Does her mom know what happened with the Kitchen curtains?

    Gregarious Helleatious

    That's good


    @Gregarious Helleatious I am so happy that you have a sense of humor. It makes me smile, as did her dancing and this song.
    Have a very happy and prosperous new year.

    Gregarious Helleatious

    @bcismar thank you. That's very sweet. I hope your year may be filled with great things too.🙂

  83. Ron

    Wow the 70s looks a lot more modern than I remembered.

    stephen noonan

    Wot ?
    The 70s with clean hair, no flares and no 16mm grainy film sparkle or hairs in the gate ?
    George must be back on the old Diethylamide.


    I know what you mean, George looks really feminine in this video.

  84. Daniel Oliveira

    The Blue Musketeer of the Moonlight meditates, in the palace of castles, electronic, in three dimensions, of star geometry, of thoughts! Blue musketeer, from the moonlight, unsheaths, the look, in the bright colors, of the future! The blue musketeer, in the moonlight, has in his hands the harness, the understanding of solitude! The blue moonlight musketeer brings to his constellation night cloak at the forefront of his soul! I'm leaving, tomorrow, I'm leaving, tomorrow I left on the table a love poem written with tears and ferfor! In the back of the fairy, of the figures of speech, love is a hyperbole, of spilled seas, over hearts! The star fisherman has the tear on the hook, in the darkness, of poetic literature! The Ethnic Tiger has carved its radical claws on my customs chest! The orange bird sings in the lightness of the whiteness, the light of dawn, an unprecedented repertoire! Happiness is real when the heart is pure! In the alcandora of starry night, the moon is the epithelium of my dear blue princess of yellow topaz! The cicada of the poetic vernacular has symphony chimneys, shrill musical notes! The Angel of Algebra, plays basketball, in the big bottle utopia! May the Father of light overflow the musical notes from all the stars upon all of you @@@ ZZZ

  85. pirata11

    Desconfió y me paro en la vereda del frente de la gente que le da dislike a esta canción!

  86. Paul Harrison

    Here is Emma's own YouTube page.

  87. Paul Harrison

    Here is some more footage of Emma dancing.

  88. Low xang yen

    Jojo: exists
    Jojo characters posing:

  89. Rey Styles

    Lots of symbolism in this video - Leaving home for the first time (shrouded by fog), being off balance and wondering which direction to go (middle of the street on the double yellow lines), forming an open box on her heart, letting go of our childish ways (playground), growing in the sunshine (the garden), dancing even though we are surrounded by death (running pirouette through cemetery), first love then lit by sunlight (forbidden forest), both are wearing yellow and white tops (Yellow is the symbolic meaning of optimism, idealism and hope. White is purity), etc. etc. etc. - WOW!

    Clark Beigi

    Wow! Now I see it.

    Pedro Mac

    Rey Styles Really! WOW! I like stating the bleedin' obvious.

  90. Blonstein Neil

    Emma Rubinowotz

  91. Robert Matteson


  92. Daniel Oliveira

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  93. deevancheg

    Полный нафталин.

  94. Didier bernard

    Dieu que c'est beau !!!



  96. Edson Gomes

    Show! Muito bom.

  97. John James

    Thank you George