George Harrison - Unconsciousness Rules Lyrics

You dance at the discotheque
That's why you look such a wreck
Your face is pale you look drawn
Your clothes are dirty and torn
You've got that look in your eyes that says
You're half alive and you're lost inside
Meanwhile you're back in your cage
Ego'd out on the stage
Where the unconsciousness rules

You've got yourself in a bind
You don't know how to unwind
Your senses unsatisfied
Take you along on a ride
You've got a way and a stance that says
You'll dance the pants off of everyone
Then you go back on the floor
You got to get through the door
Where the unconsciousness rules.

You've lost a screw in your head
It shows the way you're led
Blind leading the blind
Nothing can stand in your way
You're living day after day
Where the unconsciousness rules.

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George Harrison Unconsciousness Rules Comments
  1. SuperMarioStar10

    For years, I thought George was singing "You go out on the stage, with the Unconsciousness Rules". Either way, Groovy George song!

  2. John Schwarzkopf

    That friggin bass fill at 3:31 jeez louise

  3. John Moreland

    love it

  4. Lotte's Bar

    What a brilliant song this is. And really a very nice video!

  5. wolverine3566

    Super!! Love from first sight, I've never heard before. Huge thanks!!!!

  6. 1stMistyMist1

    FAB MATE ...............THANKS so very much for sharing your what seems to be a never ending golden box of gems :-)

  7. Mini TV Box

    Love this song. It has a "33 and 1/3" vibe... Love that sax sound!

  8. Eric Faw

    love it! peace2u! eric

  9. Lorraine Ashby

    I like this upbeat song from dear George!! Great music and the video has some fantastic footage!! Fantastic share!! Thanks nowhereman - have a great day, cheers, Lorraine 🎄