George Harrison - That Which I Have Lost Lyrics

He's fighting the forces of darkness limitation
Falsehood and mortality which bar him
The way back into the higher world
While his whole being is bewildered
He does not know - no law of action
Taking refuge inside himself and he's saying

I need someone to show me
Illumine my consciousness
Remove the dark from in me
And give me that which I have lost

As all had seemed lost a light from Heaven
A flash - inward illumination
Enriched his life more than any words can tell
He stood there, life renewed fresh as rain
Scales were falling from his eyes again
The bolts of his prison opening - he's saying

I found someone who showed me
Illumined my consciousness
Removed the dark from in me
And given me that which I have lost

You people don't have time to listen to him
You're too busy fighting revolutions
That keep you back down in the lower world
Your mirrors of understanding they need
Polish away the dust of desire
Before pure light will reflect in them

You need someone to show you
Illumine your consciousness
Remove the dark from in you
And give you that which you have lost.

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George Harrison That Which I Have Lost Comments
  1. Sandeep Singla

    My Sweat George Harrisonji

  2. inner light

    love this song!

  3. Chris Coleman

    Well i have to be honest..not one of georges best tracks

    Igor Petrenko

    Well.. The lyrics are great

  4. Ferreiro Pinto

    How a country

  5. maddalena tilloca

    but how do you think about separating the recognition from us fans this and better than .... this is bigger than ... I personally love them all 4 FABs I have not been in the skin since I was 15, never enjoyed live and I suffer for this, the sacred monsters are four, and happy to be called old by the generation of young people today, because I follow what is left and I will always carry them in the heart end to end. All the history of music is nothing without BEATLES.

  6. Rick Bee

    who but george could have written such devotional lyrics to a country folk tune with slide guitar. thx

  7. Nate Jerren

    Hey people check out YOUNGS VLOG live streamer cool guy he does a tribute band to the Beatles and subscribe

  8. Beatles❤Girl

    Here's one I don't often hear ~ great to see the lyrics on this one!


    Thanks, as always, Beatles❤Girl!!

  9. Michael H

    Thank you George; you just stopped me from committing suicide

  10. La treceava Ola

    ☮️A gentle Spirit flowed in him☯️
    🙏🏻Hare Hare Krishna Hare Hara💜

  11. Roberto Luiz

    Rest peacefully George!

  12. Carla the Destructor

    I love this song more than words could ever explain! Thank you for uploading it.

  13. hiranmayi suresh

    Somewhere In England is really a masterpiece, isn't it?
    Thanks for sharing this great song!!!

  14. Mrvale 85yes

    George always in the deep of the soul and sense. I expect he had found the answers he serched.

  15. Lucy Faiella

    Never heard song before...???🎸

  16. Hartley Gabolinscy

    Thank you for this. 👍🎧👍

  17. Pat abrams Abrams

    Nice song never heard this Georgie song before thanks for sharing

  18. Kathleen Yvonne Westbrook


    Kathleen Yvonne Westbrook

    Even Steven?