George Harrison - Save The World Lyrics

We've got to save the world
Someone else may want to use it
So far we've seen
This planet's rape, how we've abused it
We've got to save the world

The Russians have the biggest share
With their long fingers everywhere
And now they've bombs in outer space
With laser beams and atomic waste

Rain forest chopped for paper towels
One acre gone in every hour*
Our birds and wildlife all destroyed
To keep some millionaires employed

We've got to save the whale
Greenpeace they've tried to diffuse it
But dog food salesmen
Persist on kindly to harpoon it
We've got to save the world

The armament consortium
They're selling us plutonium
Now you can make your own H-bomb
Right in the kitchen with your mom

The nuclear power that costs you more
Than anything you've known before
The half-wit's answer to a need
For cancer, death, destruction, greed

We've got to save the world
Someone's children they may need it
So far we've seen
The big business of extinction bleed it
We've got to save the world

We're at the mercy of so few
With evil hearts determined to
Reduce this planet into hell
Then find a buyer and make quick sale

To end upon a happy note
Like trying to make concrete float
Is very simple knowing that
God in your heart lives

We've got to save the world
Someone else may want to use it
It's time you knew
How close we've come
We're gonna lose it - We gotta save, we gotta save
We gotta save the world.

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George Harrison Save The World Comments
  1. Mary Wealth

    I did my part. I clicked the 'save' button.

  2. IndyDefense

    George predicted Fortnite!

  3. Stephen Feldman

    Sentiment and message notwithstanding, this song is dreadful.

  4. afsin hossain

    Long before the earth song sung by Michael Jackson. Should have made a music video of it...

  5. George Hari’s son

    Thank you to all of George’s friends who knew and loved him. He is blessed beyond measure, and wanted to share with us his treasured love for God. Please read this book he funded and wrote the introduction to:

  6. Jaime Babcock

    Love the lyrics, hate the melody,too upbeat..thanks Warner Bros.

  7. Tony DiMeo

    I hate this record label rejected this. With their help it could have been a hit single.

  8. Da Xman


  9. Everythingman

    When George Harrison went ELO

  10. Sunshine Peterman

    Love your channel! Thnx man


    Thanks very much Sunshine Peterman!

  11. Gaspard Lecoq

    quelle chanson prophétique ! George Harrison y parle notamment de l'ingérence russe dans le monde, ainsi que de la destruction de la nature pour le profit d'une minorité d'humains millionnaires.

  12. Beatles❤Girl

    I love Love LOVE that first pic of George!

  13. musicman 71

    Why do you have 113 after your name?


    Like you, musicman 71, I had to add something to my "nowhereman" moniker to make my user name unique. I used 113 because it matched another YouTuber I enjoyed.

  14. soulfoodie1

    lyrics of this one could not be more timely. Sadly even more relevant today than 1981

  15. SgtPepperChannel

    Yes !!! Stop the wasting ! Start recycling !


    recycling is a form of waste . scrap good metal to make new city metal things

  16. 1stMistyMist1

    George again my most loved for sentimental reasons always with a message of love .

  17. MrGeno502

    Great video! Always loved this song."Somewhere In England" is a great album and doesn't get enough praise IMO.


    I concur MrGeno502!

  18. Música de siempre

    cuando George hizo esta canción ya se perfilaba todos los males que amenazan al planeta, el problema es que se acrecientan y no se ponen soluciones drásticas, la Tierra, casa de todos nosotros, ya no puede esperar...