George Harrison - Isn't It A Pity (Version 1) Lyrics

Isn't it a pity
Now, isn't it a shame
How we break each other's hearts
And cause each other pain
How we take each other's love
Without thinking anymore
Forgetting to give back
Isn't it a pity

Some things take so long
But how do I explain
When not too many people
Can see we're all the same
And because of all their tears
Their eyes can't hope to see
The beauty that surrounds them
Isn't it a pity

Isn't it a pity
Isn't is a shame
How we break each other's hearts
And cause each other pain
How we take each other's love
Without thinking anymore
Forgetting to give back
Isn't it a pity

Forgetting to give back
Isn't it a pity
Forgetting to give back
Now, isn't it a pity

[6 times, fade the 6th:]
What a pity
What a pity, pity, pity
What a pity
What a pity, pity, pity

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George Harrison Isn't It A Pity (Version 1) Comments
  1. Emiliano Bonaparte

    Master Musician. May his songs travel through the universe forever.

  2. Simon Herckens

    Sad times sad songs

  3. greg burge

    George was a legend even without the Beatles

  4. Mark Bresnahan

    He Fucked Ringo's wife

  5. Emiliano Bassetti

    221 person had serious problems!

  6. Carlos Baena Navarro

    George Harrison surrounded by the Time Bandits cast.

  7. Otis Night

    The way you left us wasn't just a pity it was a damn shame RIP!!!

  8. jon w

    You may be gone but not your songs. Your songs will be around forever. Thanks George for bringing back great memories!!

  9. Veli-Pekka Bäckman

    Pierre Delanoë and Gilbert Bécaud didn't write this song. (See: writers)

  10. Gary 65

    George emerged from the huge weight of the Beatles and became a songwriter of genius. This album is without doubt the greatest of all the solo Beatle releases. John and Paul did record some sublime music but this is in a realm all of its own. God keep you George and thank you for such beauty.

  11. Bob Nunnemin

    Anyone who says George wasn't the best Beatle is a fucking idiot

  12. Bob Green

    I urge you, if you haven't done so before, to hear Nina Simone's version of this wonderful song.

  13. CarOline Hart

    Thank you, George.

  14. Michael Saunders

    The "quiet one" wasn't as quiet as we thought, after all.

  15. Chris Campbell

    I think they used like four or five grand pianos to record this track... very sweeping and emotional feeling to the entire thing -- the production doesn't get in the way. In fact, it augments the feeling of it.

  16. Thomas Timlin

    3rd solo album? I was sure this was his FIRST solo album 1970. not including Wonderwall. ALso This was a triple album with extra material jam session stuff on the third disk.

  17. William Larson

    Dedicated to thou oust' Queen, one amongst the many, the one true terror of our time. And now what pity this, after all has't said and done, and spent your six?

  18. George Baber

    You were my favorite Beatle George. I miss you and I love you and I’ll meet with you someday in heaven.🙏

  19. Karmen Jazbec

    yes george

  20. mario orihuela fort

    Isn’t it a pity we kill each other, isn’t it a shame we become so stupid , isn’t it a pity ...the list goes on and on

  21. Ricky Parker

    Stevie Nicks befriended George Harrison in 1978 and I heard they recorded a few tracks together in Sausolito California in March of 1978. Would Sell my kidney to hear these songs!

  22. Tilly Myers

    Spector took a spare demo and made this a masterpiece, he doesn't get enough credit for producing this. I realize he's credited as "co producer," but the last 4 minutes are all Phil, and it elevates the song to an ethereal level.

  23. ELBez Kais

    "Isn't It a Pity (Version Two)". Harrison wrote the song in 1966, but it was rejected for inclusion on releases by the Beatles.

  24. Under the Surface

    This is true beauty

  25. lee wang

    Gnone but not forgotten.

  26. Lorena Ribeiro

    Essa canção é um bom resumo sobre a minha vida nos últimos anos... Há o lamento, dor, raiva e mágoa de uma forma muito lúcida. Exatamente quando tudo o q sobrou foram escombros e outras ruínas e vc senta no chão de uma casa vazia com ecos.

  27. Lubov Vladyková

    I'm joining John: Isn't it a pity that you are gone, isn't it a pity that we can't hear you sing this song, isn't it a pity we can't learn from you, isn't it a pity you never knew just how much we all loved you....such a pity, but we are blessed with what you gave us all, thank you George.

  28. Sepehr

    I feel as if George is the messenger of what it means to love, as earned by his willingness to face the truth on behalf of those that have yet to experience it for themselves, much like any good piece of philosophy. The song guides you through the same experience of understanding love that George must have had and that we instinctively may know. By channeling the understanding and intuitions that we all already know and feel deep in our guts, We can hear your work and feel the pleasure of crying tears of sadness. Simply because we are no longer neglecting the innocent yearnings of our hearts. Instead, we finally acknowledge the gut feeling we have always known, and fall back in love with the simplicity and completeness of our desires in life: To love and Be loved.

    Honesty is the most expensive gift, and this man gave it all away to anyone who will listen. Couple this philosophy of love with a true talent for expression, and the genius is understood universally without any effort at all. Only as a raw instinct. Thank you George, Love you too.

  29. Beatrice Fortune

    Dyllon Harrison Morrison super nova's always freeing ,teaching respectful music ahhhhhh ty to all the greats n small alike xo

  30. Dennis Osborne

    There are some really enjoyable solo Beatle albums but ATMP and Band on the Run are the best imo. ATMP is full of quality songs , some songs which George wrote during the late Beatle years but couldn't get on albums. When he wrote Something and Here Comes the Sun on Abbey Road John and Paul finally recognised his songwriting. God Bless George , Hare Krishna , much loved and much missed.

  31. Steve Redline

    Your are always in our heart.

  32. Mike Harrison

    I love this song. 😁 it's makes my day?

  33. Ken Collins

    What could have ended up a monotonous dirge soars to the mountaintops because of Phil Spector's majestic production. After getting hooked by the pulse of the opening keyboards, you get carried off into the clouds, and this seven minute song stays transfixing to the last seconds of the fadeout. Sector's production sometimes misses (Wah-Wah is muddy and overkill), but here it's magnificent.

  34. Chris Kellison

    Best 3 set album I’ve ever owned.


    Great song :)

  36. Chris Kellison

    Some things take so long, and how can I explain. That’s life and growing up, some people never get there. And that is a pity.❤️

  37. Harry Mccabe

    Best solo LP the beatles never made together !!!

  38. Susan Duva

    A masterpiece of a song !! just magnificent George we need you!! You are deeply missed and loved by many the world is not the same without you your greatness shines you are in cloud nine singing with the angels happiness always up the irons maiden manic🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🎸🎸🎸🤘🤘🤘🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  39. Paula Stevens

    It is such a pity You are gone, but thankfully your songs remain.

  40. Bearded Jagger

    Ben Gerson of Rolling Stone described the sound as "Wagnerian, Brucknerian, the music of mountain tops and vast horizons."

  41. lsmoulton

    I love Phil Spector's "Wagnerian" production on this track !

  42. Felix Norman

    simply beautiful

  43. wayne pitty

    LOVE this song! It was his double A-Side 45 with the other great song "My Sweet Lord". The song Piano driven, Like "Hey Jude" both over 7 mins long, whose beginning is the broken thirds of John's 'I Am the Walrus' and whose end is the decadent, exultant last half of Paul's 'Hey Jude'" I considers "Isn't It a Pity" a "remarkably non-judgmental commentary on the disintegration of the Beatles'spirit". This was one of Georges three most favorite tunes on the album..The other two "Run of the Mill" and "Awaiting on You All".  🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂🚶‍

  44. Ernestine Greene

    George Harrison's song just takes me places,it just sweep me up off of my feet from off the ground!!!!!

  45. Don Miles

    What a gift he was, Yes they all where, My favorite by George

  46. Chris Daley

    The individual Beatles always remind us to love is the greatest thing, and we put ourselves on the line when when we do. We can!

  47. maryse lamblin

    It's my youth. I still watch the DVD S I got. He passed away the year when my life changed due to an motorcycle accident. I should've passed away and not him.😢

  48. Robert Clark

    18 years ago George passed 🎸🙏😪

  49. Sgt. pepper

    조지의음악은 비틀즈 해체 후 부터 시작이다

  50. Vinyl Marie

    Went from Listening to Klaatu to this song. Even Youtube is in on the conspiracy

  51. LgLotta Granstrom

    IS 7512 IS "US" ..

  52. Jesus Vidal


  53. Chris Kellison

    One of his best albums. R.I.P. George. And thank you for sharing your heart n soul with us.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  54. Triborn

    *Brillante Meisterwerke, das ganze Album wird erschaudern! / Heindrich aus Aschaffenburg*

  55. Youtube Viewer

    the song reflects on the beatles break up

  56. Ronja Hobach

    The Original is from Nina Simone...!!! Didn't know it until now

    Ronja Hobach

    Oh no, its the opposite way. Nina Simone covered George Harrison.

  57. James Dalgleish

    The nicest Beatle......

  58. speechless455

    Wonderful song by wonderful George

  59. caroline n

    Gorgeous song, Gorgeous George ❤️

  60. Jacob 96159

    talk about a weeping guitar!

  61. Joe Tillman

    i feel lucky to be around when George Harrison was making music

    Salinas Breakfast Club

    we walked the Earth with the Beatles!! We will always be the chosen ones! How lucky we were! Imagine it's year 2133, Wouldn't you be listening to songs like this and going "wow imangine what it must've been like to be alive in the 70s and all of the sudden you're listening to the radio and the DJ is announcing George Harrison's new single...and you and your friends are like yeah I heard they broke up..nah they broke up but theyll get back together. I knew it was special times. We were so lucky. We are also the ones who had to watch the originators of rock die off one by one. When the authentic musicians are all gone we will be issued little robots that can create little noises for us to find entertainment in.

    James Wilson

    Personally I think we were around when some of the greatest music was made. I'll always remember this song along with my favs of the time like Neil Young Harvest, pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon, Deep Purple Machine Head etc. etc.

    jacob McGonigal

    You were man, you were

  62. BILLY

    It is a pity I never had a chance to say THANK YOU

  63. Jesus Gasques


  64. Onondaga Sardino

    Jon Goti for you.

  65. ruthieo54

    Love you George.🌟

  66. Anders Rasmussen

    George was sad for many years to be overlooked by Paul and John as a songwriter.

  67. TheSpock23

    George was the third best songwriter in the Beatles. Let that sink in.

  68. David Hitztaler

    Thanks George...

  69. mega lenz

    A song to be sung for this era.
    Now more than ever we need
    the VIBRATION.
    Resonate this note.

  70. Arletta Sloan

    Ah! A photo from the time when George Harrison briefly became a well aerobicized garden gnome, on his way to transforming into Gandalf.


    The Spiritual Beatle💚

  72. cclady222

    The World misses you George Harrison.

  73. Jimmie Nuggets & The Bud Factory

    I just ran across this song. I'm listening for the second time as I type this. Isn't it amazing that song from so long ago, can touch people in 2019. It's sad sometimes when I think about how the music these days sound the same. It doesn't have any soul, or make any sense. Don't get me wrong there're some amazing artist today. But not like back in the days.

  74. Norman Leonel Santos

    greeting from the third word.... el salvador, central america

  75. Norman Leonel Santos

    amazing song wow .. my favorite beatle

  76. James Dalgleish

    Paul had the harmonies but George will always be my fav

  77. Joseph McGreevy

    His Best Album

  78. Joseph McGreevy

    Families must stick together Isn"t a Pity some don"t SAD

  79. Tom Schoening


  80. HIWATT Steve

    "All Things Must Pass" George's personal Sgt. Pepper. that was all his!

  81. Joe hallford

    Wonder music, wonder words, wonderful to think about. So sad to have lost one of the wondekinder of this planet. Isn't it a pity?

  82. Martin Camhi

    Stunning! Gorgeous in every way. Hypnotic. And sad. Do not operate heavy machinery when listening to this.

  83. enkibumbu

    The recording techniques, effects, and mastering are slush. Sorry.

    Jacob 96159

    no worries, no one really cares anyways


    Sorry for you if you can't appreciate this wonderful piece of music and humanity.

  84. Michael Mendoza

    George simplicity with his chosen words come from the heart not the mind—and his heart was open to the world—Hare Krishna

  85. Declan McCartney

    This is probably in my top 5 all time favourite songs, it's not the best song ever written, but it does something to me

  86. Marianne Angelino

    Definitely a master piece! All his songs are! Dark Horse for sure💜🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🌻😎

  87. John Glanvill

    A lovely man past through our lives.

  88. Tom Cass

    Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees played piano on this.

  89. Michael Broadbent

    Bit of Hey Jude in there! :)

  90. miriam vidal

    Tiene mis botas Hunter

  91. オードリー春日


  92. MetalMadness66

    One of the very best compositions in modern music ! George was just a brilliant writer and in this case he went beyond brilliant !!! All Things Must Pass is the greatest Beatle solo album imo (and yeah i know that's a very subjective subject and opinion but I stand by it !!!)

  93. RHMAK♥

    Quando uscì il 45 giri preferivo ascoltare Isn't it a pity migliaia di volte, assolutamente straordinaria.

  94. chazs001

    Phil Spectors great production makes this song what it is.

  95. chazs001

    The Beatles were offered this tune they said NO!