George Harrison - Faster Lyrics

Chose a life in circuses
Jumped into the deepest end
Pushing himself to all extremes
Made it - people became his friend.

Now they stood and noticed him
Wanted to be part of it
Pulled out some poor machinery
So he worked 'til the pieces fit.

The people were intrigued
His wife held back her fears
The headlines gave acclaim
He'd realized their dreams.

Faster than a bullet from a gun
He is faster than everyone
Quicker than the blinking of an eye
Like a flash you could miss him going by
No one knows quite how he does it but it's true they say
He's the master of going faster.

Now he moved into the space
That the special people share
Right on the edge of do or die
Where there is nothing left to spare.

Still the crowds came pouring in
Some had hoped to see him fail
Filling their hearts with jealousies
Crazy people with love so frail.

The people were intrigued
His wife held back her fears
The headlines gave acclaim
He'd realized their dreams.

Faster than a bullet from a gun
He is faster than everyone
Quicker than the blinking of an eye
Like a flash you could miss him going by
No one knows quite how he does it but it's true they say
He's the master of going faster.

No need to wonder why
His wife held back her fears
So few have even tried
To realize their dreams.
Faster than a bullet . . . [repeat chorus]

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George Harrison Faster Comments
  1. Balle K.Lorin

    Dedicated to the memory of Ronnie Peterson, who died following a crash in the italian grand prix 1978.

  2. Only Sleeping

    How could someone dislike this amazing song?

  3. scott betkowski

    Whatever about the song, that’s a bad ass jacket George is wearing.

  4. Nora Stålklinga

    Happy Birthday George we love you💜🕉

  5. treehouse722

    My sweet Lord, what an absolutely beautiful song. We miss you, George.

  6. Luis Santiago


  7. Big Paulie

    Always my favorite Beatle

  8. Joe O'Connor

    George was a regular visitor to the British Grand Prix. He gave a lot of support to Damon Hill when he became World Champion in 1996. In an interview not long after George's death Damon spoke very highly of him

  9. David Maye

    George used to come to Grand Prix in Montreal. An aquaintance of my wife met him in PVM looking for a tie. John had re ently been shot and George was nervous cause he was going to NYC.

  10. vasiliki Bouzopoulou

    Adults: Drive slowly and carefully.

  11. nisse73


  12. npspec34

    Jackie Stewart was driving Jim McKay around for an ABC Wide World of Sports feature and sez, "Feel the sway of the car McKay, that's the true thrill of Grand Prix racin'." Classic!

  13. markymark3au

    Perhaps not George’s best number.

  14. Doug Klugston

    He’s the master of writing catchy songs

  15. Ronald Crespo

    2020 💓

  16. Tribal Hexagon


  17. Derek Roberts

    Did this video ever air on MTV or VH1?

  18. すぎたにのぶゆき

    これはアルバム、ジョージ・ハリスン(1979 年)に収録されていた曲。ジョージ・ハリスンがF- 1 が好きだったので、作ったと思われる❗PV でジャッキー・スチュアートがタクシー運転手をやっている。
    英国ではF- 1 レースのテレビ番組に使われた。あの当時レース中に事故で亡くなったロニー・ピーターソン、その他のドライバーに捧げると表記されていた❗広島、のぶ😘

  19. TheBluewaterBlonde

    Look at that, Jackie Stewart is driving George Harrison's limousine. There's something. Gorge Harrison has touched people around the world in all walks of life and in all different pursuits.

  20. alexblue1989

    I love this man.

  21. mark price

    Seatbelts optional

  22. Liam Mccarron

    The best quote of Mr Harrison! If you had to be in a rock and roll band,it might have well as been the Beatles. Such a brilliant understated thing to say.

  23. Sola Roberto

    George Forever

  24. jack freeman

    One of the most contradictory aspects of George was his love of fast cars - sometimes he was a danger to himself and the rest of the road using population. Still miss him a lot though.

  25. Jimmy C

    Not crazy about the song but hey,it's George Harrison so I had to check it out.Great video though

  26. Rizki Joes

    rest in peace

  27. Leo Laborda

    ,,no es un buen momento de George!!


    0:24 old interlagos

  29. Hollis Brown

    I have been a Beatles fan since 1964, went off them for a few years during the late 70s 80s jumped back on board. Now I have not stopped playing their songs, and lately pretty much non stop. Realising all those years missing out. When I read about the rubbish concerning Oasis being like the Beatles give me a break, they are rude obnoxious twits. 😎✌️

  30. Ivan Notchuk

    Never noticed George has a hump🤔🤔
    у нього горб!

  31. Tango Bango

    ‘Right on the edge of do or die. He’s the master of going faster.’ Have never heard this marvelous song by George, I like a lot.

  32. Terracraft

    Nice and early

  33. Raitis Freimanis

    3:13 There's George!

  34. Villaboy

    Sublime in the pocket drumming by the legend Andy Newmark.

  35. oink ooink

    Tom Hanks at 2:12 there. Excellent Tom, excellent.

  36. Osvaldo Menezes

    Canção M-A-R-A-V-I-L-H-O-S-A, eu sempre ouço.

  37. Doca Gonzaga

    George was Emerson Fittipaldi ( Brazil) Fan/

  38. Darrin Nicholson

    This song reminds me of Ding Dong

  39. jj jz

    When a legend drives around a bigger legend. RIP George Harrison the world misses you

  40. tod dubow

    The tune is completely original - so George with those time changes.

  41. Andy G

    I don't see how George does 160 while strumming rhythm guitar, multi talented.

  42. Glenn Elliott

    Mr George Harrison. Its good

  43. James Williams

    Sir Jackie Stewart.

  44. EzEpTiC Diego34

    Can anybody tell me the drivers in order

  45. Wolbank Lukas

    back in time as formula 1 and music was real....

  46. s_lazareff

    Более неудачного сочетания музыки и видеоряда я ещё не видел у битлов.

  47. Gianluca Badejo

    Terrible song, from the man who literally was THE George Harrison of The Beatles.

  48. Enrique Cantero

    Aparece el galvez autodromo de .hoy barrio riachuelo.epocas que valia la pena la f1!!

  49. Alex Bm

    Quien 2019?

  50. alias

    George: *pulls out guitar* and heres just a little something i've been working on heh take a listen
    Driver: Sir this is a NASCAR race
    Driver: How did you get into the car

  51. Stephen Stone

    My man, could write a song about brushing your teeth and I'd love it.

  52. Dallas Brubaker

    George Harrison came up with the title for the song "Drive My Car". How fitting.


    He said he helped a lot with the arrangement to the song. I can't find any quote of George's[or Paul] where he takes credit for the title.

    Dallas Brubaker

    @EmileGilbert It was a joke.


    @Dallas Brubaker Judging from the camera angle, I really hope he's sitting in an English car. (That's also a kind of joke, but accurate as well.)

  53. Harold Hatley

    And in case you didn’t know, Here Come’s the Sun is the lead single from the number one album in the world, right now in 2019.

    Harold Hatley

    Boois Hoois they just re-released Abbey Road for the 50th anniversary. It’s the number one album in the world right now.

    Tom Roger Lilleby

    @zdave 608 But it upset George that Sinatra introduced it as a Lennon/McCartney song.

    Jerron Steed

    @zdave 608 but Paul's Yesterday is the most covered song in all of music history.


    @zdave 608 I'm not sure if he sang others too but he did sing Yesterday on the album My Way in 1969.

    vasiliki Bouzopoulou

    Everytime I see the sun setting and I'm quite alone, I sing his song as a goodbye and wish for a sunny following day. Somehow I have connected George with the sun and sunflowers, so it's kinda calming to think that George watches you all day long and replaced by the moon at nights. He will be forever missed :(

  54. BeatsByDrace

    My favorite video by a Beatle so far


    George harrison ! Hare krishna ! Namaste ✌🕉☮🙏

  56. Moog

    His songs of the Beatles all had a kind of tension but it was all lost in his solo time. Paul's songs are all like that after the Beatles. Maybe competition among members was the driving force for vital songs.

  57. Eloísa García

    I don't even like F1, but this song is so ubderrated and exciting!


    Miss his beautiful and unmistakable guitar.

  59. JorgeAraujo97

    rFactor, anyone?

  60. William domingos ribeiro

    Interlagos no inicio, não tem pra ninguém

  61. William Blair

    There are certain people in this life who it seems were sent here to play a significant supporting role for others whose life skills might initially appear larger, thereby elevating them in status, making them more noticable and appearing to be more talented than they actually were. In the case of the Beatles, that individual was George Harrison.

  62. VittuKalle

    Rip Hubert

  63. Dat tizio

    His chauffeur is Jackie Stewart lol

  64. I love the Baby yoads

    400 btw beautiful song love a and peace George

  65. aaaaheahea

    This song is dedicated to Ronnie Peterson! <3

    Robert Trotman

    WRONG. Dedicated to Gunnar Nilsson

  66. Zayre

    Rip Ronnie Peterson and Gunnar Nilsson.

  67. Perry Comeau

    Well you know, 11 seconds.

  68. Jürgen Kraise

    Jackie Stewart!!! :-)

  69. Alexandre magno guedes alcoforado


  70. bonkey dollocks

    He's the master at going faster

  71. Nick Hill

    F1 + The Beatles (well, Beatle) - doesn't get much better than that!

  72. BlondeAryanMohawkHairDo skinhead punkPage


  73. Jeff Wagner

    3:14 Ronnie and Mario

  74. Roker Carlos


  75. kingbeauregard

    When I was a teenager, I really liked "Faster", because as an introspective kid I could appreciate the song as George's metaphor for his own life. Despite all the fame he'd achieved ("chose a life in circuses"), people didn't understand that his goal was still all about self-improvement ("pulled out some poor machinery, worked til the pieces fit"), but that was okay.

    ... years later, I learned the song was literally about how George Harrison liked watching car races.

    Robert Trotman

    It was Actually about Gunnar Nilsson. and dedicated to him. after his death in 1978.

    That Weird Beatles Girl

    Not gonna lie he had us in the first half

  76. Drajat Achmad Imransyah A

    rest in peace niki lauda

  77. nospmis remoH

    George Harrisons my favourite Beatle followed by John Lennon.

  78. steve m

    George could have dedicated this song to Villeneuve, the great incarnation of the word ''Faster''.
    "I’ll miss Gilles for two reasons. First, he was the most genuine man I have ever known. Second, he was the fastest racing driver in the history of motor racing.'' Jody Scheckter. Nothing to add.

  79. San Sheridan

    When Motor Racing was for real men. So many greats in the video up with George in Heaven. RIP ALL

  80. Jeff Wagner

    R.I.P. Ronnie.

  81. Dog Mastiff

    Que música emocionante...!! are Nice, George..!!!

  82. C. I. A.

    2:01 F1 Legend Jackie Stewart!

  83. Mauro de Oliveira Matias


  84. Valentin Garcia

    Mi gran músico. Mis respetos. Toda música sin duda con la alegría que le caracteriza.

  85. Valentin Garcia

    Mi gran músico. Mis respetos. Toda música sin duda con la alegría que le caracteriza.

  86. andrew malleson

    Rip Nikki Lauda

  87. macsnafu

    This is not one of George's better-known songs, but it's always been stuck in my mind.

    Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    macsnafu Incorrect. It is one of his best songs


    @Magnolia Trees in the Meadow Hmm...I didn't say that it wasn't one of his 'better' songs; I said that it wasn't one of his 'better-known' songs.

  88. That guy who just does nothing all day

    I wish I found this song earlier, it’s so good.

    Also love how George Harrison was a fan of F1, especially Jackie Stewart.

  89. Miguel Trejo Cruz

    RIP George Harrison, Ayrton Senna, James Hunt and Niki Lauda.


    @Ferjau 12 SENNAisagreatestF1driver

    Ferjau 12

    Yeah exactly senna is the greatest f1 driver in the histori but dont have Many championchips but if had lived longer it would have been epic i could do

    Ferjau 12

    Im proud to be my idol

    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

    @Ferjau 12 what about Schumacher and Fangio

    Ferjau 12

    By some some

  90. Serafina Hillier

    We miss you George . RIP ( and John

  91. Dexter Delvin

    RIP Niki Lauda. First time I heard this song. (I read this song is about Jackie Stewart).

    Rahul Majumdar

    The song was inspired by Stewart and Niki Lauda, but was in fact released to aid the "Gunnar Nilsson Cancer Fund". Gunnar Nilsson was a Swedish motor racer who died of cancer in 1978. "Inspired by Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda, and dedicated to the Entire Formula One Circus" and "Special thanks to Jody Scheckter" plus, "In Memory of Ronnie Peterson" at the bottom of the page:

  92. Ricardo J Malbran


  93. kite

    As soon as I heard the sad news that the great Niki Lauda had passed away, I thought of this song. RIP Niki Lauda

  94. Raleigh Native

    RIP Niki Lauda

  95. Mauro de Oliveira Matias

    Que música, esta é uma bala.

  96. Sergio Rendon Lara


  97. mc77ification

    The quiet Beatle. RIP George!


    Who thinks it appropriate Hunt is flying up in the damned air.