George Harrison - Dark Sweet Lady Lyrics

My dark sweet lady
You really got to me
You gave me everything
I've really fallen.

You came and helped me through
When I'd let go
You came from out the blue
Never have known what I'd done without you.

My dark sweet lady
Your heart so close to mine
You shine so heavenly . . . and
I love you dearly.

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George Harrison Dark Sweet Lady Comments
  1. roomandaroom

    This song is so beautiful. He clearly loved Olivia so much.

  2. andras Kalo

    Nagyon joooooo

  3. Kirkola

    I needed that.

  4. Mark Schultz

    This beautiful song gets 50,000 hits. The vulgarity of Nicki Minaj's Anaconda gets 892 million. Truly, the world is a sick place.

    rajeeb kc

    People Now a days start eating shit instead of food.

  5. Mellow Fellow Jazz

    Am I the only one that's fighting back the tears as I listen to this?

  6. Edgar eduardo Chavez olascoaga

    Hermosa simplemente hermosa!!!

  7. Thomas Ellis

    A gracious and beautiful tribute to his extraordinary wife and soul-mate, Olivia.

  8. - -

    happy anniversary george & olivia! 💞 sep 2, 2019

  9. Debora

    Canciones hermosas y ésta! ♪♫

  10. Andrew Corbett

    I have a dark sweet lady, a Colombian.

  11. Michael Anderson


  12. jesus luna

    Para Olivia Arias

  13. john lennon is a flower

    Why such a close like to dislike ratio?


    It was 421 to 124. Now it's 422 to 124. 😁

    john lennon is a flower

    ThinWhiteAxe well that's great😁

    Milli N

    It usually happens on the auto generated music videos

  14. Mary M

    Mi canción favorita de George Harrison. Preciosisima la letra.

  15. KapiKat TryingHard

    The melody soothes to my soul

  16. Ernesto Merlano

    What a great guitar he plays in this beautiful song.

  17. TuPanaViajero

    Great song

  18. hiranmayi suresh

    This song is gorgeous!!!

    Cheri Myers

    That it is...he loved his dark sweet lady so much.

    Adrian Fischer

    darkhorse60 georgeous*