George Harrison - Baltimore Oriole Lyrics

Baltimore Oriole
Took one look at that mercury, forty below
No life for a lady
To be draggin' her feathers around in the snow
Leaving me blue, off she flew
To the Tangipaho - down in Louisiana
Where a two - timin' Jaybird
Met the divine Miss O

I'd like to ruffle his plumage
That Baltimore Oriole
Messed around with that big guy
Till he singed her wings
Forgivin' is easy - it's a woman like, now and then
Could happen to thing
Send her back home
Home ain't home without her warbling
How she can sing
Make a lonely man happy, Baltimore Oriole
Come down from that bough
Fly to your daddy now.

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George Harrison Baltimore Oriole Comments
  1. Alberto Martinez

    Great song and performance

  2. Fernando Martinez Marco


  3. mark price

    I bought every album George put out including this one. He left us way too early. I know he had a lot of good music left in him--miss him much.

  4. Vídeos e Blá,Blá,Blá!

    I Love you George Harrison....

  5. Екатерина Смирнова

    Fantastic cover. Dreamy and sexy sax solo.

  6. Randy The Wild Horse

    6 dislikes got bird poop in the head by a flying Baltimore Oriole

  7. Apollo Roma

    this is not a good song for Harrison to sing, Harrison mumbles when he sings and you need to understand every word

  8. Patricia Barkley

    I love this man! He has a voice like no other! He is great eye candy. Sexy looks and voice.

  9. Laura Hedges


  10. sandinyourshoes

    I think that Adrienne Barbeau sang this song as part of the soundtrack of "Top of the Hill."

  11. Marcel Fournier

    miss you ......

  12. Marisa Helena

    Amoooo essa música George Harrison saudades bons tempos woonderful😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😍😍😍😍💚💛💚💛💚💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛Brasil i Love Beatles

  13. JAG312

    I consider Judy Henske's version as the definitive version. I wonder if George Harrison was influenced by Judy's version?

  14. Verônica Lemos

    i love, love, looooooooove this song...

  15. Stale Cracker Jack Box

    cool and CHILL

  16. Helena Cruz

    Wow! Wonderful!!!!

  17. Alden21

    This song was part of the soundtrack for the 1944 movie 'To Have and Have Not' starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, which was their first film together. Hoagy Carmichael himself also starred in that movie as the local bar musician called Cricket and he performed both Baltimore Oriole and Hong Kong Blues which George also covers on Somewhere in England.

    Seattle Day

    Alden21 Yep that was a great movie.

  18. Serge Baguitka

    Харрисон хороший человек

  19. Mario Ruiz Aguilera

    Excelente tema de un álbum ciertamente irregular.

  20. James Dunn

    Great sax. Great George!

  21. SuperMarioStar10

    A very cool and mysterious track. Sounds like a James Bond song

  22. Stefania Giustini

    questo LP è bellissimo ti trascina con se goodbay Harrison

  23. mordjon

    Great job!!!
    Love this song <3

  24. Kusum Sarovara

    <3 Love George, Hare Hare.

  25. Steve Sausen

    great tune!!!

  26. Andras kaló

    Nem lehet megunni

  27. Andras kaló

    Minden nap meghallgatom !!!!!!!!!!

  28. Luis Mendoza

    que tema... una de mis preferidas 🎶🎶

  29. Rashmi Ahya

    Hansa Ahya always loved and listen to soft music. She loved her children and her life.

  30. Randy Coursey


  31. Randy Coursey

    George's music was much better than his post Beatle bandages. This song is a perfect example, even though he didn`t write it.

  32. angelo balzano

    The cover is much more effective,colourful and intense than the original  thanks  to the  three extraordinary harmonious, flexible saxophone solos  sax of Tom Scott  (initial, middle and final).


    Respect to Tom Scott! Always brought something when he performed with George

    Henk-Otto Limburg

    Exactly. It shows the greatness of the Beatles. Turning a fine tune into great music

  33. John LaStrada

    Great, great cover of an old Hoagy Carmichael song that obviously doesn't age. George also respectfully, as mentioned earlier, covered Hoagy's "Hong Kong Blues," also brilliantly. So many jewels of songs from the past -- George was never afraid of digging them up and pumping new life into them. Great songs are just great songs no matter when they were written...especially if they were written by a genius like Hoagy Carmichael. Tune was covered also back in the 60's by rock band The Cryan Shames and they too did a wonderful job. 

    James Dunn

    Hoagy was one hell of a songwriter.

    José Fernando Lavin collado

    John LaStrada iiii

  34. Laurinda Gallant

    This music was written by Hoagy Carmichael. He also wrote Hong Kong Blues which is also on this album. Good rendition by George. He was the best performer of the Beatles after they broke up, in my opinion. 

    angelo balzano

    John said that George was so good at arranging
    other tracks that made a mistake when he did not report that
    My sweet lord was his arrangement of a song not composed by him (He's so fine by Ronnie Mack) so that he would have avoided the long cause of plagiarism that forced him to pay a few million dollars to the real author. In fact George arranged that song so well that it became a worldwide success while Mack's song
    had remained almost unknown.

  35. Robin Raven

    Send her back home... But alone....

    Patricio Aliaga

    Great line ...isnt it?

  36. Robin Raven

    It was my favourite track from the album. 

  37. petermca

    I'm so lucky to have had this album way back in the day, thanks for the trip down memory lane

  38. OdedMusic

    oh how i love George.

  39. Juliana Brown

    Woke up with this in my head today and had to hear it.. Thanks for posting it so I didn't have to bust out the vinyl! :-)

  40. Lorne Weaver

    I love this version of Hoagie Carmichael's song. George was an excellent interpreter of other people's music as well as all his own original compositions. Very talented and gifted man who left us all too soon. NO SMOKING!

  41. koldkockrecords

    Great favorate from somewhere in England lp

  42. angelo balzano

    Great Tom Scott. His sax is just extraordinary.
    This is by far the best arrangement of the famous song of Carmichael.

  43. lemywincks

    this song is unappreciated

  44. Serge Baguitka

    Tnks & fu.ks

  45. lemywincks


  46. Serge Baguitka

    I'm - he is

  47. Mar De Grotte

    temon gracias podrias tracucirlo español gracias

  48. MrBubba1800

    Go Baltimore Raven

  49. Pedro Prat

    Grande George, música exquisita, de rasgos espirituales,encantadora .......

  50. principemareas

    George tienes una voz tan dulce como tu alma

  51. yuksel eyy

    We miss you George RIP

  52. Nicholas

    Best cover song ever

  53. Alden21

    It is indeed a Hoagy Carmicheal song. Hoagy played this song himself on piano in the Bogart/Bacall movie "To Have and Have Not" which was incidentally Lauren Bacall's first movie and the movie where she met future husband Humphrey Bogart. Hoagy also played "Hong Kong Blues" in the movie and this song was also covered by Harrison on this same album. Great stuff.

  54. Landrew120880

    Very good choice. "That which I have lost" is a good one... and the rest....

  55. Landrew120880

    S.I.E. is an excellent album. His music made some changes from 1970 and they were all good. Love ya George. This old place aint the same without you and Johnny.

  56. Anita Wise

    Thanks for posting Baltimore O the best version Ive seen & all the way from Mexico : here's a bit of Uk comedy jazz 4 you to look at...

  57. DigitalGrotto

    It's a Hoagy Carmichael tune.

    check out

  58. LRS2203

    George Harrison, eterno, gracias..

  59. Dee Barrymore

    Thanks for posting my favorite song from 'Somewhere in England'. George's voice is very sexy in this.