George Ezra - Broken Lyrics

I was high,
left blowin' in the wind.
I was golden,
I was yours.
And I fall on down, down, down.
I'll be broken

A hundred lives beyond tradition.
Please make sure that it's your own.
To find yourself, oh, lost again.
One last time, oh.

I may never do you proud.
That's the case, and I know I'm to blame.
If I'm never gon' do you proud
Well, I'm sorry, shun the name

And I fall on down, down, down.
I'll be broken.

And I miss your garden jeans
On the bones beneath the beams
Your charms, your patience,
I must never waste these.

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George Ezra Broken Comments
  1. Gastón F

    He always uses capo and very simple chords. Simple boy.

  2. marion pullen

    Me toooo

  3. Kaiser und König Kriegspieler

    Its wonderful in a way to see the juxtaposition of him singing a song entitled 'Broken' while literally being injured at the same time. It works so much better...almost like his day had become so horrible that he just had to sit down in a store and sing it out.

  4. marion pullen

    Mr Magic x

  5. billbo1852

    I've tried so many times to wipe that cut off my screen ? Ha ha

  6. Dorothy Porter

    Where did you get Tyne scarover your eye

  7. Dorothy Porter

    Do not break

  8. Staci Koutsis

    This is the best-underrated song that George Ezra has made so far.

  9. marion pullen

    DVD please George, I am 82 and want to see before over the rainbow, please don’t let me down, you are so special and I adore you. DVD PLEASE

  10. Cristine Pequeras

    Omg Harry Potter scar

  11. Ali 2017 medio

    ay mi amor! hasta con cicatriz sos hermoso!!!

  12. conan rifad

    George Ezra me gusta su música su timbre de vos

  13. siracha sauce

    Fresh scar

  14. Mihyang Lee

    아기아기하다 😍

  15. Verdens Salt

    One feels old when new pop stars are these 12-year olds with remarkable voices.

    Linda Perry

    @Verdens Salt: He's still eleven. Graham Norton said so. And yes, it is an extraordinarily remarkable voice young George has.

  16. siracha sauce

    He is very handsome but that cut is making me heartbroken

  17. siracha sauce

    This song makes me cheer up when I'm sad

  18. siracha sauce

    How did he get that cut someone plz tell me

    Matilda Jones

    Lilly the unikitty 3310 he walked into a wall

  19. Xuejing Men

    that scar now actually look really good!!

  20. marion pullen

    DVD please please please xx

  21. siracha sauce

    I feel so bad for you George because you have a cut it's making me heartbroken 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. Sugar Addict

    I love this one! This was the first one I think he sang and played for me!
    And my phone sucks so bad that it picks to much background and made him muffled, it was pissing me off, lol. And my video camera has no microphone on it and it wasn’t any better on sound either anyways. Lol. He sounded so good to me right there live, but my phone didn’t do him justice!

  23. Ms Owen

    He was not drunk when he got that scar!!! BIMM (Bristol Institute of Modern Music) has masterclasses. That particular day it was the lead singer of the Ramones and in a hurry so as not to be late, he fell and and hit a wall. Still went to the class, as no way was he going to miss it! By the time he went to A&E the damage was done.

  24. Tamia Ellis

    This camera shot is making me so frustrated

  25. Lynnemargaret Phillips


  26. Jason Molyneux

    He’s Special..... he’s a wizard......whoop...👍

  27. kieron moore

    I play his 2 c d over and over none stop , Great listening 5 stars

  28. Bloodyy_Mari

    He has that scar because he fell from heaven to bring us great music...

  29. Sandra Spice

    Great vocals on this track,it,s amazingly great ,this lovely young man can sing so beautifully ,it,s got the WOW!factor gorgeous & gifted voice George :)x

  30. Drew Busch


  31. get ready to get yo wig snatched

    He's so fucking hot ?! Like how!!!!!

  32. Noemí

    I was high,
    left blowin' in the wind.
    I was golden,
    I was yours.
    And I fall on down, down, down.
    I'll be broken

    A hundred lives beyond tradition.
    Please make sure that it's your own.
    To find yourself, oh, lost again.
    One last time, oh.

    I may never do you proud.
    That's the case, and I know I'm to blame.
    If I'm never gon' do you proud
    Well, I'm sorry, shun the name

    And I fall on down, down, down.
    I'll be broken.

    And I miss your garden jeans
    On the bones beneath the beams
    Your charms, your patience,
    I must never waste these.

  33. Blake Hazelton


  34. Yerco Barroos

    I love this song :c

  35. Berry Wright

    I love how fucking nervous he looks it's so cute faaaaaaaaaaaack 😍

  36. Wie Is De Minecraft Mol?

    WOW! I LUV IT!

  37. Carson Creel

    I still listen to this and it's amazing.

  38. Sabrina Reduan


  39. Jojo Jessop

    how did he cut his brow?

  40. david johnson

    I was high,
     left blowin' in the wind.
     I was golden,
     I was yours.
     And I fall on down, down, down.
     I'll be broken A hundred lives beyond tradition.
     Please make sure that it's your own.
     To find yourself, oh, lost again.
     One last time, oh. I may never do you proud.
     That's the case, and I know I'm to blame.
     If I'm never gon' do you proud
     Well, I'm sorry, shun the name And I fall on down, down, down.
     I'll be broken. And I miss your garden jeans
     On the bones beneath the beams
     Your charms, your patience,
     I must never waste these.

  41. untraveledroads

    shit, i just wanna kiss him after all this...

  42. Jason 56

    i have such a man crush on him. Jesus

  43. Sophie N

    Marry me.

  44. Celeste Garcia

    love your song ...your voice is amaizing

  45. bbgamer gamer

    why no offical song or album

  46. Mr. Man

    Lindsey Stirling George Ezra Mashup!!!!!!

  47. Mr. Man


  48. Staci Koutsis

    Lyrics!? 😍😍😍😍

  49. James C

    has he released an album version yet?

    Jason 56

    this is 5 years old. This never made it on an album from what i know

  50. Violette Lo

    Love his voice sososo muchhh <3

  51. coldlasagne

    george ezra must be the baest bae on earth

  52. Nick Dan

    Alcohol + Wall = Scar

  53. grace moirangthem

    I thought the scar line on his forehead has been always there.

    Berry Wright

    grace moirangthem it's a scar lol it had to come from somewhere. He ran into a wall 😂

  54. Emilia Moraes

    Uma voz incrível!!! Grande cantor!!

  55. Anna White

    Imagine how many tears he has cried on that guitar. His songs are so heart felt.

  56. Isabella Chernan

    3:08 i'm in the heaven

  57. Julie

    face like an Angel, voice like a devil - love that

    Headcam Malarkyman

    Just found this geezer and you NAILED it, John ex Liverpool patt Thailand aged 69.

  58. Billy Bob Jones

    What's the name of the song playing in the beginning?

    Yerco Barroos

    do u know the name now?

    Omar Perez

    Did you find out the name of the song ? I’ve been trying to find it but can’t

  59. Caitlin Rutherford

    This is so beautiful. Took until the song finished for me to realise I was crying

  60. Trang Nguyen

    That scar line on his eyebrow, now I know

    Zain Goodwin

    what's with the cut??

    Isabella Chernan

    why he have?

    Gemma Rooney

    Isabella Chernan He was drunk and he ran into a wall.

    Iris Watson

    He ran in to a wall and didn't want to miss Markey Remone speaking. so by the time he went to hospital it was a scar. That what I believe happened

  61. Ralph Silva

    sou seu fã você tem uma voz sem igual.maravilhosa ezra

  62. nothing nothing

    hiya! does anyone here know what the blues song in the beginning is? can't get that tune out my head! much appreciated

  63. débora m.

    George, when you ask my hand I'll say "YES!!". Have a nice life (with me). 😃

  64. Awinn H.W.

    Can you imagine being in that shop casually looking for a cd or record and hearing that! beautiful

  65. Haden Bailey

    imagine just hearing this buying a cd, class!

  66. Reb Eliz

    i hAVe cHiLlS

  67. Raquel Marcionilo

    He is very vey handsome!!!

  68. Vickie Dotson

    I heard blood, sweat, and tears doing the job you love, I didn't think you would take it literally. Lol. Great song, and like the scar, you broke thru. you are amazing

  69. Faith Silva

    Story on the scar? He ran into a wall? Does he talk about it anywhere?
    His voice is my favorite voice. Plus that face and personality, my goodness!

    Lucy Holmes

    It says in an interview he got it from walking into a wall drunk at a music school in Bristol!


    but why in this video that scar was so fresh?

    Iris Watson

    Also he didn't want to miss Markey Remone, speekin so he only went to the hospital to get stitches latter. I believe, so now theirs a scar

  70. Crazy Toffee

    Fuck u copying jake Buggs songs name lol only joking I don't even know who's song came out first, cool song

  71. Steven Shields

    Two voices , a generation apart that "haunt me" to a positive emotion, that I can't explain, are Natalie Merchant and George Ezra. How about a duet?

  72. Laura Santos

    Não consigo não chorar ao ouvir essa música. ><

  73. Heather Baker

    I know it's wrong, but I'm in love with him. I'm 45 yo. :o

    K A Layne

    Heather Baker I am a sixty six year old grandmother who was told about him in a second hand bookshop today..unbelievable voice..can't get nough..addicted immediately. Blessings George, you gorgeous man-child!

  74. Annie Hamaty

    damn feels

  75. Abby Pavelski

    Still watching this in 2016 <3

  76. Harris Brown Lopez Perez :v

    Jake Bugg - Broken
    George Ezra - Broken


    Sarah Jones

    +Christian Enrique YESS, was it just me hoping that this was a cover of Jake Bugg's song? Obviously no one could beat Bugg but it would be great to see my two favourites covering each other

    Aditya Ashok

    +Sarah Jones hahaha I was hoping that too

  77. Jade Hassan

    After this I fell in love with him even more

  78. Budi Tanrim

    the fresh scar

    Momo H

    +Budi Tanrim his face is broken


    Momo H your attitude's broken

  79. Virág Sipos

    OMG 2:57
    im in love.


    This guy never fails to leave me speechless. Can't wait to see him this Sunday! ☺️

  81. buba hel

    all girls talking about scar...nice voice

  82. Cathérine Emmanuels

    Beautiful. That's all.

  83. Brianna Lynn

    Is this song on iTunes? He has a beautiful voice and I need more of his voice

  84. Bianca Olivera

    That scar tho doesn't anybody one that it's bleeding but he still cute and funny 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😂😂😉😉😉😉😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️👏🏻😘😘😘😘😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😑😑👍🏻

    Kylie Harvey

    gerardhimstefy its stitched up its not bleeding tho

  85. ki mik

    now i know where your scar is from above your eyebrow :)
    my heart is melting by ur voice..
    luv ya


    +Yearim Kim i am really curious hiahia

  86. suelen Ramos

    Okay, now go to 3:03 and close your eyes for the next 15 seconds. Isn't it heaven? I love how it looks so easy for him to sing this part 😍

  87. dowuwun

    I keep on wondering where the cut/scar is from.

  88. Bárbara Delfino de Aragão Reis

    George Potter.
    Ezra have the best voice, his music has great lyrics and I never tire of listening.

  89. lucethelo

    see you in Lyon baby <333 !

  90. Joaquim Correia Lima

    very good

  91. Renea Larson

    Another Great Song

  92. Jennifer Hall

    Beautiful very raw and natural. Have seen this chap at Rumleigh Farm and the gig was amazing think there was less than 60 people there we were very lucky to be there:).

  93. Lindsey Paige

    He has such raw, pure talent love him


    hes a maggit tht can sing ha ha. shame he is not a man.