George Benson - The Ghetto Lyrics

Talking bout the ghetto funky funky ghetto
Trying to survive, trying to stay alive

The ghetto
The ghetto
(Talking bout the ghetto)
The ghetto
The ghetto
(Funk funky ghetto)

Even though the streets are bumpy, lights burned out
Dope fiends die with a pipe in their mouths
Old school buddies not doing it right
Every day it's the same
And it's the same every night
I wouldn't shoot you bro but I'd shoot that fool
If he played me close and tried to test my cool
Every day I wonder just how I'll die
Only thing I know is how to survive
There's only one rule in the real world
And that's to take care of you, only you and yours
Keep dealing with the hard times day after day
Might deal me some dope but then crime don't pay
Black man tried to break into my house again
Thought he got off early doing time in the pen
Even though my brothers do me just like that
I get a lot of love so I'm giving it back to the

The ghetto
The ghetto
(Talking bout the ghetto)
The ghetto
The ghetto
(Funk funky ghetto)

So just peep the game and don't call it crap
'Cause to me, life is one hard rap
Even though my sister smoked crack cocaine
She was nine months pregnant, ain't nothing changed
600 Million on a football team
And her baby dies just like a dope fiend
The story I tell is so incomplete
Five kids in the house and no food to eat
Don't look at me and don't ask me why
Mama's next door getting high
Even though she's got five mouths to feed
She's rather spend her money on a h-i-t
I always tell the truth about things like this
I wonder if the mayor overlooked that list
Instead of adding to the task force send some help
Waiting on him I'd better help myself
Housing authority and the O.P.D
All these guns just to handle me in the

The ghetto
The ghetto
(Talking bout the ghetto)
The ghetto
The ghetto
(Funk funky ghetto)

Even though they put us down and call us animals
We make real big banks and buy brand new clothes
Drive fancy cars, make love to stars
Never really saying just who we are
We use alias names like too $hort
Sell you stuff you might kill for
Young kids grow up and that's all they know
Didn't teach him in school now he's slangin dope
Only thing he knows is how to survive
But will he kill another brother before he dies?
In the ghetto, you keep one eye open
All day long, just hoping and hoping
You can pay your bills and not drink too much
Then the problems of life you'll be throwing up
Like me, but you don't see
Ten years from now, where will you be?

The ghetto
The ghetto
(Talking bout the ghetto)
The ghetto
The ghetto
(Funk funky ghetto)

So much game in a too $hort rap
Blacks can't be white and whites can't be black
Why you wanna act like someone else?
All you gotta do is just be yourself
We're all the same color underneath
Short dog's in the house you'd better listen to me
Never be ashamed of what you are
Proud to be black stand tall at heart
Even though some people give you no respect
Be intelligent, when you put em in check
Cause when you're ignorant, you get treated that way
And when they throw you in jail you got nothing to say
So if you don't listen it's not my fault
I'll be getting paid while you'll be paying the cost
Sitting in the jailhouse running your mouth
While me and my peoples try to get out

The ghetto
The ghetto
(Talking bout the ghetto)
The ghetto
The ghetto
(Funk funky ghetto)

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George Benson The Ghetto Comments
  1. Nazzareno Di Dio

    questo Piano Fender Rhodes meraviglioso grande Benson

  2. Didier Billaudel

    comment il peut exister de sombres merdes pour mettre un pouce baissé ???

    Magid Bedrouni

    Ils ne comprennent rien à la musique définitivement !,,,,!,,,,

  3. k0t

    Вот это музыка!!!!!!

  4. Vanderson Machado

    Tem algum brasileiro aqui 🌚

  5. Monseigneur Cihan


  6. Trey Taylor

    Donny would be very proud of this cover.

  7. Hermann Stevanovic

    ghetto is everywhere, do not forget ! Love from France

    Royal rap team pro

    Je suis français

  8. Alan Fox

    I went to Portobello Road last Saturday along the market and discover blue groove sound z which was selling George Benson 1976 breezing album

    Andres N

    I bought once a copy of Give me the Night in a flea market and the record inside was Breezing wich I didn't knew by the time.. such an amazing discover! cheers from Uruguay

  9. magaby ramos

    It's amazing and great

  10. Puro Group




  12. marshalls enquiries


  13. Rafael prado


  14. CHRIS G Johnson


  15. Zac Vader

    This is what u call “real” music am I right.

  16. Sheryl Bawa

    Love this. Hint of Santana. Love Benson.

  17. Alex Krauth

    George sure did Donny justice! Does anyone else think his vocal style sounds similar to Donny's, or is it just me? Can you imagine if the two of them had done a collaboration before Donny's death? That would have been amazing!

  18. Frances Beaver

    You no nothing about Donny Hathaway rip

  19. Michelle Heroldt

    George Benson in my life from the 70's, George Benson till now, 2018!

  20. 777dSm888

    And the song ends in the best moment :/

  21. Letreros Davinci


  22. Genaro Ortiz

    Siempre el toque Latino les da la esencia atoda la musica

  23. circulo tambores

    like ;-)

  24. Pedro Talavera

    Did Santana help out here?...haha

    Badruddin Zaid

    Pedro Talavera why

    Sven Lima

    Pedro Talavera Badruddin Zaid Because of that:

  25. Eddie Briley

    Mambo...Salsa..percussive beats added to The late Great Donny Hathaway composition with George Benson's funky jazz guitar playin and great keyboards...I love it....they cut it too short (engineer/producer)...the groove should have stretched Donnie's live version....just sayin...

  26. herve soler

    topissime !!!!!!

  27. herve soler

    top !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ronan Joseph

    buena musica

  29. Suzanne31

    j'adore et dire qu'il est venu l'an passé, à l'Olympia, plus de places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Crayfish

    groovy :)

  31. Hugo Montenegro

    mucho gran estilo buen jazz!

  32. JAMET betty

    de BETTY Une Bonne Musique de George Benson j'Adore !!Le 02.10.2016 Betty de Bretagne !!!Super le Rythme !!!

  33. endurance64


  34. SD JR

    intouchables!! <3

  35. Hurt Richard

    Almost as good as Donnie Hathaway!

  36. Jean Claude Chappelet

    Joe Simple & George Benson Great Album !

  37. Isauro LOPEZ RIVERA


  38. Todd Victorson

    To this day I'm amazed at how talented George Benson is. I've been a longtime fan

    luke h

    Todd Victorson
    Check it out thrirs live performance he does that on youtube look up "george benson phenomenal performance"

  39. gomezesmorticia

    Ferguson and Baltimore.

  40. gazuaman

    Yeah, shake your bones!!!

  41. Miguel Jarque Meneu

    una de las mejores canciones que he oido......Esto es música

  42. Alejandro Garcia

    siempre rumbo alicante

  43. Raul José Araujo

    El mejpor en su estilo.......................tremenda cancion..............

    Espiloka Espiloka

    Wen y todos hablando en ingles y yo me sentia la unica q no sabia ingles

  44. David Larkin

    one of the best song in the movie les intouchables

    Dennis Waite

    Great best George has Ever xx done

  45. desolatesoul87

    Great cover. I love George Benson. He may not have had the vocal power of Donny Hathaway, but this is still a great version.

    Shirley Thomas

    True to the bone

  46. jijadelmais

    Sounds like it has a latin touch to it.

    Jose Candido

    @jijadelmais Perfect latin touch

  47. Miles Ledesma Griffiths

    The Ghetttoo

  48. Richard Andaluz

    I cant stop play that...again and again

  49. dominique mazin

    Merci pour ce magnifique moment.......George Benson.... un très grand

  50. Wartler

    Does anyone know what the first instrument we hear is called? I love the sound of it.


    +Jack Marion Wait, so is it a Rhodes or a Wurlitzer? I'm confused.

    Jack Marion

    +Wartler I would say it definitly sounds like a Wurlitzer electric piano. Not a Rhodes. I may be wrong but for me it's a Wurlitzer.


    I could be wrong, but it sound more like a modified "Dyna-my" Rhodes to me.


    Oops. i looked at the live version, and he's definitely playing a Wurlizer.


    Yeah it's got a funky stereo panning chorus effect. Pioneered by cats like Joe sample.

  51. Jean-claude Thevenin

    QUE DU BON !!!

  52. Hyper Groove

    More swing than this???¿¿¿!!! Impossible!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  53. Curties Williams

    yes sur

  54. David Hagan

    Just an average white boy coming late to the party but damn. This business has always stuck to me like something unintended but welcome after the fact. The best part of the internet, life and all of this business in 2014 is that I can connect with something so past my time that it becomes a multi-generational party. I am part of this tribe. 

    Edwin Custers

    Well said

    Jan Broux

    well said

    Elias Lucero

    well said


    David Hagan 2017 and we hope you're still part of the party

  55. rkp18

    It's from the album Absolute Benson.

  56. Dimitris Spanoudakis

    best song of benson!

  57. delvitor

    Que pedazo de canción que ya ha servido como bso de otras películas y nunca se pasa de moda.

  58. gerald humilier

    super et tjr aussi bon

  59. Cesar Cepeda

    I just the fil and its amaizing..strongly recomend it.

  60. Benoit Nobodi

    Intouchables <3

  61. Dwayne Duncan

    The single hater of this wonderful masterpiece put 2gether by GB himself (although it's a cover of Donny Hathaway's earlier hit of the same title) is probably just as GHETTO him/herself.....Or maybe just 2 hooked on 2010's type of music.....SMDH.....

  62. henry jenkins

    so so classy hmmm.

  63. rico de palma

    comm m piaccccccc

  64. ziofaya

    Que de souvenirs ... dont u knooooow its all right

  65. Glen Garner

    It's great, but it cuts off around the 5:00 mark!

  66. capemah

    greatest cover ever!

  67. Axel de Lallée

    Intouchables /o/

  68. runhorun

    I LOVE music.

  69. Aglaya Georgieva

    incredible song!

  70. imajeepster

    I can't decide which version I like better, but both his and Donny hathaway's are amazing...this one is a bit smoother, Donny Hathaway sounds more like a jam session.

  71. elnagualmex

    This one of Benson's best!! Love it!!

  72. Stormchild

    As classic as classic gets. Absolutely brilliant performance.

  73. Dolores Epps

    I have to stop " whatever" I'm doing to dance on this...luv it. George tears it up! I love Donnie Hathaway's version just as well. This will always be one of my favorite songs to dance to!

  74. willskival

    quel groove!!! un super morceau....

  75. federico.protano

    che suono caldo!!