George Benson - Lady Love Me (One More Time) Lyrics


If you're askin' me to say
Livin' life without you, girl, is alright
If you really want to know
I'd have to say it's dangerous to my mind

So before you turn and walk away
Just let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine
Let me love you all the time
Lady, love me

Yes, I'm askin' you to stay
Remembering it used to be so right
If you're askin' for the truth
I'd have to say I won't believe it's goodnight

So before you turn and walk away
Just let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine
Lady, love me all the time
Lady, love me


So before you turn and walk away
Just let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine
Lady, love me all the time
Love me, lady, all the time

Let me love you one more time
Hold me closer, now you're mine
Lady, love me one last time
Love me, lady
Oh, love me, lady


So before you turn and walk away
Just let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine
Lady, love me one last time
Lady, love me (Love me, lady, all the time)

Let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine
Lady, love me all the time
Lady, love me (Love me, lady, now you're mine)

Let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine

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George Benson Lady Love Me (One More Time) Comments
  1. Tharan Manning

    Very pretty song and I remember this song my first year of college.they played this song throughout the dorms.

  2. chop 362

    All time great...

  3. Barbie Lorenzi


  4. Cynthia Hagerman

    i agree thank GOD for real music i grew up during the late 60s and 70s and there is just nothing that can compare to real music and great lyrics GOOD NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE

  5. Admar Antônio

    Show de bola vida longa george benson 🎤🎵🎤📼📼😉😉😉🎵🎸🎸

  6. Elsie Dumoulin

    Héél mooi liedje!!🎵🎶🙏 prachtige zanger!!❤👏🙏 grt uit 🇧🇪🇧🇪

  7. Lee Saunders

    Jeff Porcaro is superb on this.🥁👌

  8. Arelis Escarfuller

    Who's listening in 2020 ? 💃🏼💕

  9. Dharamveer Sagwal

    very nice song

  10. Phillypride610

    One of the greatest songs ever !

  11. George Cramer

    I miss this kind of music. This song is just beautiful. I good love song when you're alone with that special someone

  12. James Clark

    Still Jammin in Feb 2020!!!!!

  13. Jayne Goddard


  14. Francesca Zanini

    Canzone stupenda! W gli anni 80!


    Yessss!!! Still in 2020

  16. Troy Crane

    George Benson could really "bring it" with many great tunes including this excellent one. I loved listening to him all through the 80's up to the present! Get this also, I'm a white male living in rural Idaho who grew up on a farm! That just shows you the greatness of George Benson! Al J. also fits into the same awesome class! Jeff Pocoro's drumming on this song is exquisite also! Man these guys were great musicians. A lot better than most the garbage now on the radio!

  17. Man Overboard

    This was one of my ex girlfriends favourite songs.

  18. Mio Mi

    Sounds like this must be my dream damn so nostalgic.

  19. DJ FM

    I remember hearing this on my parents' AM radio in the car. The R&B and funk of the 1970s up through the mid-1980s is some of the best there is. And that music, in turn, was the inspiration for some of the best **hip-hop** there was.

  20. londonukhm

    This song just makes me happy. George Benson just makes me happy, he is what music and talent is all about!

  21. Rustam Mustafajev

    Jusg amazing!

  22. Lorna Fritz

    Where are all the good old days dancing to George's music in the garage. Love you George forever.

  23. Shondale Brey

    He is so sexy

  24. Jeremy Greller

    listening in 2020

  25. donna hookem

    Fantastic lyrics !!!

  26. prutsy ward

    Just a happy time. What great music. Life was great and I didn't even know it. Now, I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Gfresh844

    This on 1.25 speed is perfect.

  28. Non Cents

    Brother Benson, always love your music.

  29. Fabiola Pontini

    Eu amo esse som! 2019...❤️

  30. anu begining

    The Ish!..... I was in the 6th grade when this came out!

  31. infinitewdw

    So many boomers in this comment section

  32. Ivy Velasquez

    Easy listening to mind body and spirit! The way things used to feel.

  33. david mcgrath

    who are the 488 idiots that gave this a thumbs down??? they must be the millennials that are used to this new meaningless crap music ,,,too bad for you you were born toolate and missed out on the happy 80s!!!

  34. david mcgrath

    great song ,,I forgot about this one early 80s

  35. Elizabeth Feliciano

    Simply Sensational Sensual Sounds💋

  36. Jennifer Mortaş

    Im here for the 1975 lool

  37. Wade Watkins

    Yup.still feeling it!!

  38. Antoine Townsend

    George Benson Lady Love Me One More Time

  39. discolady2

    George Benson always reminds me of my mothers sister my fav aunt who played him all the time I miss you T T

  40. Power Medal

    George is Da Man ... Who wouldn't want to play and sing like him ???

  41. Ruben Dario


  42. Graham Perrin

    Sometimes only GEORGE can do it 👍👍👍

  43. stefane ferreira

    Linda simplesmente saudades de um tempo

  44. Creusa Santos

    Gosto muito das músicas de George Benson. Amo!!!

  45. Aaron Duhart

    Written by Toto

  46. Robert White

    This is one of his best ! This beats today’s garbage . By far . This Takes Me. Back to a simper time when people. Decent ect .

  47. Marakie Holliman

    Great song!

  48. orlandotj1

    I didn't know this old song was by George Benson. He had quite a crotch

  49. OsCaR Lai

    I'm 23 but I love listening to this classic every day...Spotted this song on a CD and loving it since then

  50. Ezekiel Jarek

    Christmas favorite 🎄

  51. Ezekiel Jarek

    Well, well, well...
    This song straightened out my life in a weird way👏 Thank you Mr. Benson

  52. Ashraf Patel

    The evergreen George Benson. Sublime

  53. ssh ssh

    존나 최고

  54. nichola law

    Cool and smooth 😎

  55. nichola law

    Great artist of the 80s🎈🎈🎈

  56. Alice Bertovsky

    David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Nathan East!

  57. Monte Whitefield

    A girl I fell in loved dumped when this song came out and I had a love / hate relationship with the song! It's funny but after a long time of living with the pain of losing her, one day I told myself it was time to move on while driving my car! I got back to my house and my roommate told she wanted to talk so I gave her a call and long story short we've been together 36 years!


    thats a FANTASSSSSSSSSSTIC story and beautiful ending Monte Whitefield. Imagine how different life would have been without that phone call:I'm inspired.

    Monte Whitefield

    @MegaDiva1999 I was blown away to hear from her!! I think we both needed to grow up a little to realize what we had!!!

  58. Moddie Seven

    George Benson was famous for being a Jazz Enthusiast and artist but he busted out with smooth vocals and jammin R&B songs back in the day. His records were all over every radio station known to man kind back then.
    Love him!

  59. stuforty2

    Listening in 2019 ! Crikey what a song epic 😀

  60. Richard Cash

    Real music for lovers

  61. Jennifer Baxter


  62. Wanderson Silva

    Isto pra mim e um mito um dos melhoresf cantores

  63. gunslingah2

    This is my song! My favourite by George Benson 💕

  64. Sean Hogan

    Got this on 12” love this

  65. Galen Walker

    My uncles favorite song RIP lil brother

  66. Erica Brown

    Still one of my favorite songs even in 2019. Been loving this song since I was a lil girl... LOL!

  67. Jason Heard

    David Paich of Toto penned a great song and my brother George Benson delivered it masterfully, I would not go to sleep at night as a teen until I heard this on KOST 103.5 in Los Angeles.

  68. Clinton Fischer

    Always loved this song, but anyone hearing that first 20 seconds for hip hop samples?! Nasty if you slow that down a bit.

  69. Chris Rodway

    Love it..November 2019..Still Sounds Awesome..

  70. Jayne Goddard

    Oldie good one

  71. moira melrose

    Still love George since I saw him in Edinburgh 1986.😂

  72. gertrude moyana

    This is classic

  73. Mobley Mobley

    Minnie riperton back down memory Lane
    Minnie riperton back down memory Lane

  74. Jayne Goddard

    Love this

  75. Tim Krill


  76. Cristian Venegas

    Noviembre 2019..benson eres eterno 👍

  77. Delly Jervis

    Oh god yes!

  78. Samuel Obasih

    A living legend 💕

  79. Ricardo Biller

    Escuto, flashback desde 78,nasci em 72e sempre escutarei ñ existe fase melhor bons tempos.

    Cecilia Dos Santos

    Tenho 25 anos amo musicas antigas!!

  80. Denise Allen

    Listening in 2019 November 💕

  81. Antonio Mercado

    Dam, this song keeps getting better!!!

  82. Gerald Johnson

    He looks like carl weathers from rocky

  83. A Garden Lovers

    Very good

  84. Carol Nuttall

    My brother!😘

  85. norman norynman

    Who's still listening..

  86. Gina Dawn

    Me Im still listening.. Classic

  87. Edinho Dias

    👏✌😁👏👋👍✌ linda essa música de George Benson o swing .

  88. John Smith

    Enough with the progressive bs, are you listening in 2019!


    we're here

  89. Sneki Beki1

    October 2019 till the end of time👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤

  90. Leotrim D

    I mistakenly put thumb down for this video. I apologize for that. Of course now it's thump up. This song is amazing! They don't make music like this today.

  91. Prophet Lola Marie

    This song made my day ❤️🔥✝️⭐️👑

  92. Karl Jennings

    Jeff Porcaro masterclass, right here. Understated, serving the song first, never himself. The greatest drums maestro of all time. God bless you, peerless Jeff P.


    1 handed hi hat....ouch ;)

  93. jerry Wilson

    Where is my Reeces peanut butter cups

  94. Alison Dinet

    Good song love it!!