Genesis - Whodunnit? Lyrics

Was it you or was it me?
Or was it he or she?
Was it A or was it B?
Or was it X or Z?

Was it you or was it me?
Or was it he or she?
Who dunnit?

I didn't do it....
But we all know who did it

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Genesis Whodunnit? Comments
  1. patcharisma

    The biggest Crap - Genesis ever recorded!
    A pure Shame!

  2. HQ Rare Music Audio & Video

    How sad that the head of Atlantic Records decided to put this track on the 'Abacab' album in place of 'You Might Recall', which was released on the Genesis 3x3 EP some months later. They should have had that song on the album and this one here promptly sold off to Bad Manners or even Alexei Sayle to do XD

  3. Sparky Bonehead

    Well, it's the trademark of a great band. Every good rock group has a weird track that throws everyone off.
    Like The Beatles with 'You Know My Name ". Nuff said....

  4. BryanX 64

    Can't believe this garbage took the place of the stellar "You Might Recall" on Abacab

  5. Jon Gick

    Who Dunnit? He who smelled it first dealt it.

  6. Probably Mel Gibson


  7. Savage 17

    Genesis trolled their fans hard with this song.

  8. Marco Antonio Allende C

    Esto es horrible.

  9. Rensi

    Who did this?

  10. Kryptönïtë Scï Fï Sïnïstër

    Phil, Mike & Tony still dunno!

  11. Cosi

    Imagine an entire Genesis album in this style, it would be amazing (or not)

    Hans Müller

    you should hear some PIL stuff

  12. Benoit Chapman

    This was so beautiful I shat myself. Truly Genesis’s masterpiece

  13. Kyle Crawford

    Man this is a dumb song, but man them drums!

  14. Syfoll

    This is absolutely garbage and the worst song I've ever heard in the best way possible

  15. Bill Sanchez

    colleen marsh : this is NOT Genesis. Listen to the original

  16. Bill Sanchez

    donald koller: listen to the original genesis with Gabriel. That will show you the difference

  17. Bill Sanchez

    atrocious song. The original Genesis would have NEVER put out a song like this crap

    Sailor Amarok

    So? What about "Harold the Barrel"? "Willow Farm"? "The Waiting Room"?

  18. thurimo green

    the worst Genesis song ever

  19. margus kiis

    Parody of Public Image Ltd.

    Leigh Bennett

    That's what I thought. Crappy mid 80s PiL.

  20. Adam Walker


  21. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    I think it's a good song personally.Good drum work
    by Phil.From 'Abacab' recorded in Summer '81.

  22. MoodyDude


  23. Alex No.3

    I hate this

  24. TechnoCat

    איתן מוסר לי שהוא נהנה באופן לא נורמלי

  25. Woll Waide

    This is fucking trash lmao.
    I can't live with what I have heard.

  26. Adam Stabelli

    This is by far my least favorite Collins era Genesis song. It's horrible. But that's the point. It's supposed to be horrible.

  27. Secret Mission

    This song actually tells the story of a 'silent but deadly' fart that was let out in a packed elevator between floors. Everyone in that confined space could smell it, but no one knew... who dunnit.

  28. Falcon Bleck / Schimnesthai

    What i like about this "song" is that is horrible, i love it.

    I came here because on twitter i saw an anime moe post and i needed something to contradict that shit and this theme is really effective even though Genesis are anime fans as well.










  29. Daniele Tirloni

    c'mon guys, or this is british humor or when they composed it , they were savagely it takes to get drunk to forget it...also!

  30. Delroy Master

    I improved it with an earrape

  31. claudio barbera

    Ehi Phil, you say (about the ancient Genesis fan) : " I want to ask if they have the same shoes, or they dress the same trousers in the last 20 years" I am one of these. One of the old Genesis fan and I want to tell you that great musicians can't sing music (?) like this. Ehi Phil,
    what would you think about Beethoven, if he suddenly started playing disco music? What would you say to him?

  32. Joshua Baker

    We know we know wiener wiener

  33. Donald Koller

    One of the greatest albums ever made. Period.

  34. demonweber666

    if you listen to this garbage and #9 by the Beatles back to will commit suicide

  35. Oleg Galinsky

    sometimes Russian sectarians pray this way, and this prayer is black.

  36. OliKad

    Remember that most of the Dodo suite was cut out for... whatever the fuck this is

  37. Ricardo Martinez

    One feels sorry for Genesis; for a decade, in the Seventies, they struggled to stay away from overly commercial music; "Duke" being their last masterpiece.  Then, had this album being made by an average rock band, it would have been an amazing work; it still sounds great, but it is not the great Genesis.

  38. Justin H

    Still better than Battle Of Epping Forest

    Miguel Torres


    Captain Jean-Luc Picard

    I would really prefer BOEF to this, even though it's long boring at parts and full on padding.

  39. Onkel Ebert

    Ein grandioses Stück, auch wenn untervögelte Menschendarsteller dies nicht einsehen wollen.

  40. The Real Noah Pelletier

    what makes this song so exciting is that it ends with its narrator never finding anything out at all

  41. Krystal Tomlin

    52 people know who did it, but would not fess up.

  42. S Mlkn

    Walking across the sitting room, I turned this video off.

  43. Matt Smith

    I just cannot believe that a band so great could put a song this bad on a record. It's baffling. There were other options. They wrote enough material for a double record during the ABACAB sessions. Not all of it got recorded, but the material was there.

  44. Matt Smith

    This song is junk, and what makes it worse is that Genesis decided to put it on ABACAB instead of "You Might Recall," which is one of Genesis' best tunes ever. They should have put "You Might Recall" on ABACAB and released "Paperlate" as its own single with "Me And Virgil" as the b-side. Then they should've taken the tape with "Who Dunnit" on it and used it as a target for pistol shooting practice during the recording sessions.

    Sebastiano Andreotti

    Tony Banks, from the "Chapter & Verse" book:
    "I've always loved this track and virtually everyone else, it seems to me, hates it. There's something about it that appeals to me, the fact that it managed to provoke such strong emotion in people. [...] When we played the album to Atlantic in the States, we had a couple of extra tracks to chose between, one of which was a more straightforward, pretty Genesis song called 'You Might Recall', and there was some debate about whether we should include that track or 'Whodunnit?'. I remember that [legendary founder and president of Atlantic Records] Ahmet Ertegün said, 'No, I'm afraid you've got to put that track on'. He called 'Whodunnit?' 'that track' and everyone knew exactly which track he meant."

  45. stephen garrity

    by far and away the worst genesis track

  46. Burak Efe Arslantaş

    I think the main inspiration of this song was a 'silent but deadly' in the studio.

  47. Bobby Willis

    How did this win over you might recall

  48. Fernando Carrillo

    Why is this shit but still kind of good LOL

  49. Fernando Carrillo

    When the last slice is missing

  50. John Slack

    I like this weird track and don't give a shit otherwise.

  51. GrizbyK72

    As terrible as this song is I can't hate it, and it fits well with all the random songs on Abacab. I get this big ol' grin on my face every time that first note hits. It's too ridiculous.

  52. John Fritz

    I fucking love Genesis, but this song is fucking horrible.

  53. Farticus Maximus

    Humongous troll by the band lol

  54. crnkmnky

    I think it's rather fun & quirky! The final minute is best served with cannabis. //

    Quit whining about Phil Collins and Justin Bieber, and go write the next prog anthem. The world needs more (your) music!

  55. Patrik Gabrielsson

    Their most overrated song.


    You mean underrated.

  56. Israel Quezada

    A joke song but still so much better than the crap the music industry produces nowadays


    This comment is pure cringe

  57. Pools Spas

    why do people say the who's 2 albums around this time are mediocre ,...but that this genesis cheap #crap,, is good,..???,,,

  58. Pools Spas

    this whole album just sucks badly,...except for the three hits on it,...and they suck too,...

  59. Ripples guy

    Blinding track -nothing comes from complacency - Genesis taking risks, as they always did......................................

  60. Crawford Glissadevil

    Worse Genesis song EVER!


    You mean best.

  61. ThatOneWeirdKid

    Is anyone else here because they watched higurashi abridged by faulerro?

  62. Woombath

    The song so bad that it's... Who am I kidding, this is their worst song. :u

  63. Patrick Conroy

    Just awful for Genesis!

  64. Survivor2002

    My reaction on first hearing this was WITAF??? REALLY??? NOW, some decades later, it's one of my favorite tracks from the whole album!

    Daniel Modesto

    For me it took one meme xD

  65. tall32guy

    Phil's amazing drumming, that I've always loved and highly respected, shows up well in this! :)

  66. Doc Taco

    "Ignore Collins, he's a damn clown!"

  67. Ashton Media

    Well, who did do it???

    Mary Hill

    I did it. but "Keep it dark"!!!!!

    Ashton Media

    Mum's the word. :D

  68. Scruffy

    Higurashi abridged brought me here.



  69. Daniel Contreras

    31 stupids

  70. Degree7

    This song qualifies as crimes against humanity.

    Ricardo Martinez

    It conveys the sense of neurosis there is in today's society, bro.  It is a parody, which as a genre, particularly in literature, is so badly misunderstood here in the United States.

    Brave Sir. Robin

    degree7 It qualifies as a nursery cryme for sure

    Oleg Galinsky

    sometimes Russian sectarians pray this way, and this prayer is black.

    Donald Koller

    I I I Ididn't do it. This is brilliant. Smoke a fatty and listen.

  71. StukaUK

    Can anyone hear Hackett laughing his head off ?


    C'mon what?.... it's just shit that is fine for the practice studio... but they released it and then they played it live too.
    Fun it may be, but I'd rather have one more classic track to enjoy on an album or in a concert, rather than this bollox.


    Hackett wasn't in the band when they made Abacab. He had left after Wind and Wuthering, several years and several albums before.


    Oh good grief !

    Adnan Khan

    StukaUK how could hackett be laughing in this track if he wasn't in the band? de he come back for old times sake

  72. Glenn Smith

    Reverse Gated reverb.

  73. Gonzo-sud Gonzo-sud

    Oh what  a  bad  song!!  After  2:20,  it's horrible,  please  Phil, SHUT UP!!!

  74. skyprop

    Anyone want a lesson in off timing playing???? Listen to this one!!!

  75. Red Spaniard

    A strange song yet enjoyable... kinda like dating the ugly girl with a sexy body. lol

  76. skyprop

    I Love this Song!

  77. saboteur1001

    What a beautiful song! One of the best song of Genesis.

  78. MeloLand

    Great song!

  79. Rolly55

    This is terrible lol




    Only if you don't get what Genesis's intent was in doing this song. If you know that, then it's not so bad. :-D

    Mike Reiss

    Of course it's terrible. That's the point.

  80. Zack Brannon

    23 people don't know who did it

    Krystal Tomlin

    54 people did do it, but won't admit it. They will pay...

  81. Colleen Marsh

    I got this album free on Amazon Prime courtesy of my fiance, and wow. I love it. Even this song. I am amazed to hear people say it sucks. To me, this is Genesis. Phil's style has always been obscure, and strange. Genesis with Phil was simply a mind trip, and I think this song fits pretty well.

  82. Loren Law

    Anyone who says they are into experimental rock and doesn't like this song, isn't really into experimental rock.


    Most experiments don't leave the laboratory.

  83. Dethmeister

    They wrote this song when one time nobody would fess up to a silent-but-deadly.

    Henry Stanley

    @Dethmeister Oh, very interesting yet funny interpretation.


    +Dethmeister LOL


    +skyprop Why do I believe that!!!?

    Noel Goetowski

    It smelled like weino, weino, weino!

    Noel Goetowski

    Also, is that true? Or was it just a joke?

  84. Queen Anne

    I don't think most people get this song at all.

    Donald Koller

    We don't know.

  85. William Billiam

    Everyone needs to stop taking this song so seriously. Yes, it's terrible. But it's meant to be terrible! It's a joke song. The band have even said it's a joke. You guys should know Genesis likes to do these weird little funny tunes, Harold The Barrel, Get 'em out By Friday, I Know What I Like even ffs! This song gives me a laugh every time. It's so annoying yet hilarious to me.

    Chris Jones

    +Henry Stanley unfortunately, I've been blocked by that other guy because I said I don't like this (still awful) song. He's said I'm some sort of pro-Gabriel, anti-Collins guy who goes all over youtube insulting Phil Collins. LOL. I just think this song is garbage. Strange how defensive some people are about a throwaway album track that even the band don't hold up as a classic.

    Henry Stanley

    +Chris Jones It's just a piece of humour, a song the Banks, Rutherford, & Collins made as nothing more than a joke. It's not meant to be taken so damn seriously.

    Henry Stanley

    +VengefulSage Thank you.

    Matthew Laskorski

    Its so bad that its good. lol I really like this song though. Very weird :)

    Anki Hansen

    Well, I know what Ilike is actually a song about conformism and it can be taken seriously. Fuck you!


    I am sick of the Steve Hackett loving purists condemn this tune. I fucking love this track. Genesis were not known to take themselves seriously. This song went on Abacab thanks to the late Ahmet Ertegun (president and founder of Atlantic Records) who preferred this to "You Might Recall". When they did this song live from 1981-84, the band would wear snorkels, enormous glasses and shit. Then the same bellyachers whine about David Gilmour taking over Pink Floyd from Roger Waters who ruined the band with his POWER TRIP!

    Henry Stanley

    @TJRROCKSPONGE At least someone agrees with me.

    Mike Reiss

    What does David Gilmour and Pink Floyd have to do with Genesis? May as well talk about Trevor Rabin and Yes.

  87. Senzuri-Champion

    This is much more enjoyable than today's mainstream audio pollution.

    Joe Miller

    This is 80s pop bullshit Genesis, the only difference is that Genesis had good music before the 80s

    Onkel Ebert

    Just because you're suffering from mental constipation, you don't have to fart out of your fingers.


    I prefer any pop trash to this piece of shit and I despise pop music in general

  88. dbrowdie

    This song is like a turd needed to be flushed down the toilet.

    Henry Stanley

    @dbrowdie I'm sick of purists like you.

    Henry Stanley

    @VengefulSage Me?

  89. McJohnson

    There's a pretty interesting story behind this song, apparently. Tony was just messing around with his synths & asked Phil & Mike to make it into a song, but they weren't too keen on the idea. Eventually they agreed, and they made it kind of a bizarre, fun experiment.

    When Genesis played the finished "Abacab" album to Atlantic Records in the United States, it was still unclear whether "Who Dunnit?" would make it onto the album, as the band had another song, the straightforward "You Might Recall," that was also a strong contender. But upon hearing "Who Dunnit?", Atlantic Records head Ahmet Ertegun, liking the bizarre nature of the tune, told the group, "You've got to put that track on the album."

    It's not one of my favourites by the band, but I like that they were willing to try something completely different, even just as a fun little time-waster. I think Tony Banks himself put it best; "It was supposed to be a joke, but I think it also has a certain charm that I like a lot."

    Henry Stanley

    @mcj88 I agree.


    McJohnson ahmet the moron

    Roberto Decasper

    Excellent, I don't knew before. Ta!

  90. BryanX 64

    Lol you're fucking stupid if you really think that.

  91. Job Vink

    You are all taking this song way too serious. I am freakin' glad they knew how to make funny music once in a while because the lot of their songs are on one hand beautiful and well-crafted but on the other hand very advanced and heavy. Phil had just lost his love at the time, from which sprouted many sad songs which ended up on his solo-albums Face Value and Hello, I Must Be Going, so I'd like to think songs like these are his small but humble effort to have a laugh and forget the sorrow.

    Delfina Leonardini

    i am a little bit late, but this is a really great comment

  92. Ady Cardiac

    worst genesis track my arse.......jesus he knows me or calling all those songs are bloody awful compared to this.

  93. RekushiTheKing

    I enjoyed it...

  94. dummytree

    I've always liked it :)

  95. caserhead

    Why are you promoting free downloads of this track? It's not yours to give away.

  96. TheMaidenFan10

    Okay, this is just horrible, i love Genesis, atleast before Steve Hacket left, but this is probably their worst song ever.

  97. Chrono86

    Stop taking this song so seriously then. It's fun. I like all of Genesis' music.