Genesis - Squonk Lyrics

Like father like son
Not flesh nor fish nor bone
A red rag hangs from an open mouth.
Alive at both ends but a little dead in the middle,
A-tumbling and a-bumbling he will go.
All the King's horses and all the King's men
Could never put a smile on that face.

He's a sly one, he's a shy one
Wouldn't you be too.
Scared to be left all on his own.
Hasn't a, hasn't a friend to play with, the Ugly Duckling
The pressure on, the bubble will burst before our eyes.
All the while in perfect time
His tears are falling on the ground

Go a little faster now, you might get there in time.

Mirror mirror on the wall,
His heart was broken long before he ever came to you.
Stop your tears from falling,
The trail they leave is very clear for all to see at night
all to see at night.

In season, out of season
What's the difference when you don't know the reason.
In one hand bread, the other a stone.
The Hunter enters the forest.
All are not huntsmen who can blow the huntsman's horn
By the look of this one you've not got much to fear.

Here I am, I'm very fierce and frightening
Come to match my skill to yours.
Now listen here, listen to me, don't you run away now
I am a friend, I'd really like to play with you.
Making noises my little furry friend would make
I'll trick him, then I'll kick him into my sack.
You better watch out... You better watch out.

I've got you, I've got you, you'll never get away.

Walking home that night
The sack across my back, the sound of sobbing on my shoulder.
When suddenly it stopped,
I opened up the sack, all that I had
A pool of bubbles and tears - JUST A POOL OF TEARS.

All in all you are a very dying race
Placing trust upon a cruel world.
You never had the things you thought you should have had
And you'll not get them now,
And all the while in perfect time
Your tears are falling on the ground.

The Squonk is of a very retiring disposition and due to its ugliness,
weeps constantly. It is easy prey for hunters who simply
follow a tear-stained trail. When cornered it will dissolve itself into tears.

True or False?

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Genesis Squonk Comments
  1. Jeffrey Fertig

    2020 still growing strong!!!

  2. Alan Scott

    Absolutely Banging tune

  3. ej b

    For many this is their top song dealing exclusively with women's hemline changes during the Middle Ages.

  4. stripervince1

    This what music was meant to be. Absolutely fantastic masterpiece

  5. christopher yasus

    Who has started that beginning about 4000 times

  6. Sebastian Ahrendt

    This song gives me goose bumps right away and I want to turn it up. One of the best progressive rock songs.

  7. Mr. Mclore mcclure

    This album is gold

  8. MrJL75

    Why compare The Beatles to Genesis?
    If you want to tap a band, tap the punks who played three notes and didn't care about progressive rock. The Beatles had among other things the immense merit of advancing the recording studios (see Sgt Pepper wiki). Finally, one should not confuse technique and inspiration.

  9. srb99100

    Taurus Pedals? Tony?

  10. Deborah Jacob

    Gosto tanto do Phil Collins como do Peter Gabriel no Genesis. Sao bons, de acordo com seus respectivos estilos. Talvez o Collins seja um pouco mais "acessivel" aos ouvidos devido estar mais próximo do pop mainstream como alguns dizem, enquanto Gabriel está próximo do experimentalismo musical, uma arte mais aprofundada. Mas eu amo os dois.

  11. Andre Binet

    Sur quoi se basent les personnes qui prétendent que tel est album est le meilleur et ceux qui ne sont pas d'accord n'y connaisse rien? Chacun a droit à ses goûts personnels et il faut vivre avec et les respecter.
    Aux connaisseurs qui savent ce qui est bon ou non, avez-vous un background musical? Possédez-vous un système hi-fi, un monitoring de studio ou vous écoutez avec des speakers bluetooth de 2 pouces? Écoutez-vous des cd, des microsillons, une tonne de mp3 et d'autres formats ou médias musicaux depuis toujours? Avant tout, êtes-vous capable d'écouter ou vous parlez tout le temps? Sinon, est-ce que la tv, la radio et votre ordi diffusent de tout en même temps pendant que vous envoyez un texto en jouant sur votre playstation tout en vous auto-pipant⁈
    Qui peu dire à l'autre qu'il n'a pas de goût? Et le pourquoi? Ça nécessite plus qu'un minimum de culture, de savoir ou d'acquis.

  12. Jo Mama

    Peter Gabriel was the true genius of the band. Collins is a mediocre singer and only an adequate drummer. Meh...

  13. Jeff Simoneau

    As a teenager in the 70s I would sit and listen to this album from beginning to end and then play it again. How lucky I was to have music like this to listen to as a kid. I felt back then that this album was a musical masterpiece and I still feel the same about it.

  14. fabio Minozzi

    Forse dovevano e volevano dimostrare che erano grandissimi musicisti e compositori anche senza Peter.....a trick of the tail lo reputo un capolavoro assoluto.

  15. funklover24

    When this album came it turned out to be my favorite record at all. It still is, but I am surprised again and again, because the discovery never ends. Over the years I find out new details and elements showing me, that ATOTT is a collection of absolute masterpieces.

  16. Richard Graham

    Chef Rick from Somerdale, nj. i saw genesis every time they came to the spectrum in Philly and vet stadium, YEA I'm old, haha there was 15 of us to see the lamb lies down on broad street tour...the spectrum is on broad street in Philly...get it, GENESIS the best band ever...

  17. G Smith

    Loved British prog rock for 40 years ,Try Glencoe they are a great unheard of british band

  18. Charles Owen

    No lie. One of the best songs Genesis produced.

  19. Patrizia Brugiatelli

    Grande Peter rimarrai nei nostri cuori

  20. Felix Wheatfield

    Proof that Genesis could still be great after Peter Gabriel!

  21. Kevin Eichhorn

    One of their Best Albums, then Hackett leaving the band

  22. Kevin Eichhorn

    A great and fun song to play on the drums,
    Great Warm-Up

  23. Keith Pieterse

    My favourite track on the album. Proud to be a Boomer! The track takes me down memory lane. Thanks for the upload.

  24. Myrrh Greenwich

    The base should be softer in the background to extend the voice, as he must shout now :/ Aw Love the old organ

  25. Scarlett O’Hara

    My anorexic song sorry it was inspirational when I was 12 for some reason hey I’m still alive and not fat !

  26. Mike Grant

    Austin or thomas did not get it 3 years ago. They do now. Thank you papa mike for carrying me out of the wilderness and proving there are still honorable men here!

  27. SLL Grappling Academy

    The drums in trick are absolutely the freshest and cleanest I have heard on any genesis album. The separation of all instruments & vocals are amazing throughout the album. It feels so LIVE which is a genius trait of a perfect studio album in my opinion. Phil’s voice was incredible but I’d prefer Phil’s Genesis/Genesis vocals which would have brought Squonk and Volcano through the roof.

  28. flydadj

    Oh fuckin yeah!!

  29. Enedino Padilla

    Cada una de las canciones de este album son una joya!

  30. Jason Barbush

    my third concert was seeing Phil in '95 and sharing stage fright having a meltdown prophetic of what would transpire. i thought it was an allergic reaction to be strawberry banana drink in the days before i had knowledge of Phil being the drummer.

  31. Tari Bluejay9

    Awesome drumming Mr. Collins👌

  32. Marty Breiner

    When my brother introduced me to Genesis, this is what was playing. So I always thought of it as one of my all-time favorites.

  33. Sebastian Ahrendt

    Einer der besten Genesis Songs! Immer wenn ich den Song höre, bekomme ich sofort Gänsehaut und muss aufdrehen.

  34. Drums Rule

    You better watch out. YOU BETTER WATCH OUT!!

  35. Mary Tribal


  36. Chester Bee

    Even though I like Gabriel over Collins this is my favorite Genesis album.

  37. John Washington

    I remember getting this album and being obsessed not only with the music but the artwork. I trued to copy every figure. Stunning.

  38. Ian Horrocks

    How good were Genesis?
    That good!🎼

  39. Darci Kinard/Kinnard

    Loving yourself,does'nt mean they Love their self.

  40. Nyoom

    The outro makes me happy

  41. Mike Grant

    Its not the hp under the hood. Its the will of god at the light

  42. Mike Grant

    I want geddy to sit in my 92 ranger when it cuts that green light to this down the dragstip next spring. As much as i love him this one..,..

  43. Mike Grant

    Does anyone make 10s that will hold up to a 25 year old 450w alpine amp. If there is someone out there with money who can help please do

  44. Mike Grant

    Fuuuuccckkkk!!!!!! Just blew 2 more 10s. Fuck you phil. Love u bro!!!!!!!

  45. macsnafu

    Another great song on a great album!

  46. Eddie Wilson Seabra

    Phil Collins the best!!

  47. spac17026

    1A zu dem Zeitpunkt

  48. Save Our Seas

    Moog Taurus bass synthesizer...def makes this song! Just like Gedde Lee of RUSH. Awesome!

  49. Nigel Bull

    The 70"s and a bit into 80"s was the most rocking and awesome rock music that a fan could
    enjoy. Bands included great guitar and vocals that artists don't do much anymore.

  50. Agnes Philomena

    All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again . . . entropy

  51. Conziderz

    1.25x speed

  52. jellsworthjr

    One of, if not, THE BEST Genesis song. It rocks, grooves and funks, all at the same time.

  53. J Henderson

    Grew up on this and other great music. Best of times

  54. Onondaga Sardino

    Thanks Don

  55. Jeffrey Lange

    Wind and Wuthering and Trick of the Tail were Genesis last hurrah. After Steve's departure Genesis lost something that they could never recover. My favorite LPs Fox trot, Selling England and Trick of the Tail.

  56. Rusty Kuntz

    Phil was a huge Zeppelin (especially Bonham) fan and he's said many times over the years he was inspired by "When The Levee Breaks" when creating the drum track on Squonk.

  57. Alejandro Battaglia

    An album bomb, the release of Banks and company made itself felt, "The Trick of theTail" hit the heels of "Selling England by the Pound" !!

  58. Carlos Remastered

    Collins's crashes sound like a factory, that rhythm and energy

  59. Pasquale Muzzupappa

    Non mi stufo mai di ascoltarla! W i Genesis!

  60. Riccardo Chifari

    è già arrivato qualcuno a scrivere che Collins è un batterista sottovalutato?...

  61. gerry s

    MOOG Taurus I

  62. Ritchie Family

    Les contre temps qui met a la batterie👂

  63. usmcfutball

    Peter who?

  64. S. Rathgeber

    All the kings horses and all the kings men cant be better musicians then this four.

  65. Brad Tarr

    As long as Hackett's involved, with some good stuff after (Duke's Travels/End, Mama, etc.)

  66. Brad Tarr

    Well, top three anyway. The Lamb reigns.

  67. sandrarowbury

    The squonk is a mythical creature that is so ugly that it spends all its time crying

  68. sandrarowbury

    The São i is a mythical creature that is so ugly that it spends all its time crying


    Squonk ....autocorrect

  69. fumanchu

    ..... Just a pool of teaaaaaaaaaaaaars!

  70. fumanchu

    One of the only vinyl I retained from back in the day!

  71. Stephanie White

    Squonk is my favorite Genesis song!

  72. Steve Smith

    Opening guitar riff sounds doubled. Song's like 85 on an empty highway at 3:12 am when there isn't a soul running the white lines.

  73. pyjamapete1

    October 2019, still listening.

  74. José Maria Gallo Carli

    🎧Ótimo sô !

  75. Carlos Remastered

    My favorite Genesis song <3
    Collins's drums just hypnotize me, every second.

  76. rob frimmel

    Sqounk is definitely a solid classic for all time!! But then, So is all of Genesis!!!

  77. Carlos Omar Cornelius Silva Cornelius Silva

    Sensacional a interpretação do grupo! Assisti Gênesis em Porto Alegre RS Brasil em 1977. Baita Show!! Inesquecível!

  78. Tropical Tim In the Philippines

    In '76 Genesis came to Milwaukee. 7 of us heads bet opening song for a lid each from the loser. I don't have many victories in my life but I won this.
    Man were they pissed....
    Love this group!!

  79. Agnes Philomena

    Ancient shock of re-cognition of the primeval deed done, frontier crossed, owl in the twilight-sky expansiveness, a shadowy ambience of apocalypse, an all or nothing cliff over an abyss, a singularity, a door opening to a new reality . . . with a sunset in the song that hints that as the cosmic curtain falls the transcendent playwright has recreated the stage and players

  80. stettan1

    Anthem of the cryptozoologists.


    best song ever

  82. Rusell Shaw

    Collins is killing it the drum work is phenomenal on this song

  83. 2112Fade2Black

    Great song and My favorite Genesis album of them all....I have worn out the SACD from the Genesis box sets....

  84. David Smith

    Love the drums on this tract. Mesmerizing!

  85. J Avila

    only band that came close to the greatness of Genesis in modern times is Tool

  86. Snarkapotamus

    Ah yes, the classic tune about the hideous mythical creature made of tears that inhabited the north central Pennsylvania woods and freaked out many a lumber jack..

  87. Bonnie Parent

    Still have vinyl the best

  88. Edgar Hotz

    Danke für diese Musik.😊

  89. Sabine Graham

    Still listening in 2019 ..still loving it..still goosebumps 🔥🎸🦋❤

    Barry Murphy

    A great song to start a sunday morning.

    Stephen Lisson

    I'm 63 Sabine and these guys were one of my all time favourite bands. This era of music, as far as I'm concerned, was the best era. I'll never stop listening to Genesis, ELP, Yes, Moody Blues, Strawbs, Renaissance, Camel, King Crimson...just to name a few.

    tony bowden

    yep! singing head off to it   I remember all the words - was it really 1976?


    Sabine Graham same here! It still gives me the shivers too! I love this song it’s perfect!

  90. Bruno Principi


  91. manco82

    Those bass pedals!

  92. Robert Baglin

    Yet another fantastic band and album from the fabulous 70’s,what a time to grow up.Best bands best times,wish I had a time machine.

  93. Daniel Roberge

    After Gabriel and before Thompson!

  94. Mark Robinson

    brand x is more proof of phil collins drum mastery

  95. KAERU

    when i was young this song gave me a lot of energy many thanks GENESIS .

  96. Pierre Luxemburger

    1000 ème commentaire...

  97. Nancy R

    All in a while in perfect time his tears are falling on the ground, but if you don’t stand up, you don’t stand a chance....

  98. venture bullettrain321

    So freaking good

  99. BandfromtheBand

    Mike's foot is right on with his Moog foot Pedals!

  100. Billy Jordhamo

    Yes King crimson Genesis Rush Tool. Enough said