Genesis - Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist Lyrics

Here comes the supernatural anaesthetist.
If he wants you to snuff it,
All he has to do is puff it
-he's such a fine dancer.

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Genesis Here Comes The Supernatural Anaesthetist Comments
  1. Maestropheus Astronauticus

    This song is the best way to describe a good meditation

  2. Donald Tramp

    Here comes the supernatural anaesthetist
    If he wants you to snuff it
    All he has to do is puff it
    He's such a fine dancer

  3. Giovanni Paolo

    He´s such a fine drummer...

  4. S. Rathgeber

    I am totales honest This song always served me es an introduction for what follows.

  5. Kevin Sargent

    After forty years I\ve just noticed the maracas at the beginning of each bar ...

  6. Pasquale Muzzupappa

    He's such a fine dancer(da:nser). Fantastic!


    Steve Hackett, such a monster guitar player

  8. Ben Santiago

    I found the Lamb on vinyl just now at Barnes and Noble cost $42.99 which is nothing.Im floating on a bubble of giddiness, transfixed what I'm holding and looking at.This isn't just a double album,this is something so special I now posses I can't even put words to it.Maybe I should lock it in a safe and never open it???save it?!!

  9. Gerry Berry

    You can hear Phil on this more than Peter!

  10. Krachen Ford

    best days of my life, poor, pissed and lot's of sex . . .

  11. David Pancerev

    A tad topographic @ the end perhaps ?

  12. Krystal Tomlin

    26 people refuse to dance with death.

  13. Nick Burns

    Just magical, remember at school getting home for my dinner with a mate or two and playing as many tracks off this album before going back, we’d spend rest of day singing every lyric, drove teachers and other kids crazy, brilliant times, still listen.

  14. Pasquale Muzzupappa

    It's too short!! Love it!!!

  15. Tarkus2040

    Thank science for Steve Hackett!

  16. Ben Kizer

    I wonder why Steve never plays this one at his live shows. Or Cuckoo Cocoon for that matter.

  17. kayfabe 58

    Off the radar...this song kills..the background vocals over the solo are perfect

  18. Simon Berry

    This is my favourite section of this fantastic album, used to make me almost cry when I was a teenager at the emotion Hackett gets into the piece. Epic!!

  19. simfloyd 99

    0:53 reminds me of Kate Bush i think

  20. Tim

    A song i actually like from the later half of the album :). The first 10 tracks are golden though

  21. 54markl

    Rael runs into Death, but Death decides to come back for him later.

  22. Lucas Padilha

    what a damn good guitar solo

  23. Danny Keen

    Collins is amazing on this track, well everybody is but for me this is one of my favourite Phil drum songs.

  24. shleprockky mike

    At :50 that turn around of the guitar is absurdly decadent.

  25. Carlos Henrique

    it misses a lot, other epoch !

  26. j monty

    Just beautiful!! Majestic;

  27. Israel Ruelas

    listening to this after being dumbed.... :)

  28. Joe Cool

    Phil's backing vocals, "He's such a fine dancer". Is so high it's ridiculous.

    Harald Tillmann

    Your name is ridiculous, "He's such a fine dancer" is SOOO GREAT!!!!

    Federico Astica

    It's falsetto. Peter also did it a lot in his solo career (in the song Lovetown for example.)

    Patrick McKenna

    ridiculous? not really. it's good musical art. a good contrast to peter's voice.

    Zappa Clinton

    Joe Cool Phil should have stayed only backing vocals,..

  29. Grant Williams


  30. John Anderson

    The wonderful rapid seven-beat guitar licks right after the intro have stuck in my mind ever since I heard this song when the album came out in the 1970's.  The complex rhythms, time signatures, and chords of Genesis songs have always amazed me... certainly, the band members of Genesis have to rank very highly... among the most sophisticated and creative musicians ever.  In addition to Hackett's brilliance, Phil Collins' spot-on drumming throughout ever song is absolutely amazing, and I love Tony Banks' keyboard melodies, as well.  Peter Gabriel's highly creative and song lyrics (and the wonderful accents and voice inflections he uses) are a real treat to listen to, as well.

  31. Doctor Garbonzo

    Sweetest licks from Steve Hackett on this album

  32. Graham

    There are a few things spoken by Peter Gabriel that just all of a sudden appear in my head and I then simply have to listen to the track. One is "He's such a fine dancer", another is "A flower" (Foxtrot: Supper's Ready. How dare I be so beautiful?) and "Hasn't it?" (Foxtrot: Supper's Ready. Lovers' Leap). I often wonder if Peter has the same "problem" or if those parts of his brain simply got burnt away.

    Owen Belton

    "Louise, is the reverend hard to please?"

    Kermit the Prog

    " ... but the Devil caught hold of my soul, and a voice called out .. "ShOoT!" ".


    "Dad didley office"


    Well that was Rutherford I guess...still a great Genesis line.

    Harry Satchel

    Lmao. For me it's "As for me? I'm a lawnmower... you can tell me by the way I walk." Ugh, and "play me my song".

  33. Velhomiguel

    When I was young my mom always told me to stay away from drugs like Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroine and The Supernatural Anaesthetist. She used to say once I started, it was hard to quit. I should have listened to her!

  34. Karl Helm

    I like the guitar solo on Anaesthetist.

    ThisIs ReadyMade

    One of my favorite Hackett solos

  35. Jenco Neruda

    seriously this song isn't from earth, and in no fuckin ocassion from the 70s

    Uzi Rooster ASMR

    You could pretty easily tell most early Genesis stuff as 70s...but this album just doesn't seem to fit anywhere at all. It's like they took 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's sounds and smashed them together.


    actually, its called 'ENOSIFICATION'....aka Brian Eno sprinkled his magic dust all over this track and several others at the bequest of Peter Gabriel


    Yeah, Jenco, Genesis was (arguably) way the f ahead of their time. But, to be fair, what is ahead of their times does not at all come near to what they produced.


    Uzi, that brings up the question, why would Peter Gabriel take his chances like that. You know, what the band was doing was going so very well for them, why would he take a chance at letting the fans down. Either way, it would have worked out just fine. Also, I never thought about the Lamb sounding like later Genesis work; really, it sounds quite a bit like the later years. When I think of the Lamb, I am reminded of Pink Floyd's The Wall: a kind of epoch with a lead character who does some strange stuff and has sexual encounters. In my opinion, these two albums (and the movie, The Wall) turned out amazingly.

  36. MeloLand


  37. Hunne2303

    Lyrics (besides what you hear in the intro)

    schaba du bab, bab---bab-bab (repeat)

    I think there´s a fifth "bab" in there at times but I´m not sure
    such a hilarious song, I really like it...and now: the lamia

    Patrick McKenna

    also...ohh woo oooh!

  38. Goryllo


  39. francis wolniewicz

    that' should be damages for my ears.

  40. tony lu

    Oh my GOD! Any longer and I would have gone under. This is like a drug for my brain.

  41. allan lee

    What sucks about this song is that it is too short!


    +allan lee ...what is great however, is that there´s a repeat button :)

    allan lee

    I'm thankful all of a sudden!

    Richard James

    It goes well together with 'Anyway'

  42. Newton Frateschi

    Isto é muito bom!!!!

  43. Refrescospepito


  44. DX7036

    @dennis maggio  dirti che non capisci una mazza è poco credo...

  45. JohnJL1957

    Wow, 40 years later and this still gives me chills!!!

  46. Jerrica French

    I was hoping the 5 man line up of Gabriel,Collins,Hackett,Banks and Rutherford would go on for a few more years

  47. joejoespratt

    Peter and Phil's voices are great together in this piece - love the guitar solo from Steve.

    Jerrica French

    +joejoespratt  I know. this was the best lineup of Genesis. Peter's vocals, Phil's drumming, Mike's bass lines, Tony's keyboards and of course Steve's kickass lead guitar parts

    Harry Satchel

    Oh my Christ, isn't that the truth...

    Susan Aitchison


  48. sturoc0

    It is a great Genesis moment, But there are many great quality prog bands that compose this type of segue and passage It is attempting to relay the feeling of anxiousness or impending change, most times for the positive- depending on what chords are used. To segue into an even more grander piece.

  49. Leviax

    Worry not, he's been suitably anaesthetized.

  50. luca catanoso

    who s that idiot who choose "unlike" ??

  51. Igor Maxwel

    "Here comes the supernatural anaesthetist / If he wants you to snuff it, all he has to do is puff it - he's such a fine dancer."

  52. escapefromitaly

    this is what makes genesis and genesis' fans different, we know THAT second in the song that makes the difference

  53. Rodri Monsalve

    carayyy que recuerdos me trae este tema!

  54. LiteratiCircle

    2:26 as well!!

  55. Alexxandro Bloch

    they should really be numbered. its not a stand alone song.

  56. Jessy Leppert

    Both Peter & Phil on lead Vocals

  57. Sueli A

    1:05 -Did I heard castanets ???

    Kermit the Prog

    Sueli A: Sure sounds like 'em to me.

  58. Paul Arzooman

    At 1:54 is one of the most amazing moments in all of Genesis. Most prog bands that try to "imitate" the sound of this band fail because their songwriting/arranging is missing things like this.

  59. Larvitar

    sha-la-la la

  60. Douglas Clarke

    You can totally tell too. Tony attributed Firth of Fifth to a very Crimson sound he had in his head.

  61. MrRastaManDan

    I love The Tokyo Tapes that Hackett put out.

  62. lesclaypool0727

    @terrypussypower Yes ,Hackett the best! :D

  63. Jose T

    @greeboidable lol true!

  64. prog4evr

    @greeboidable Actually, it's more KC "Moonchild" - Genesis members are on record (in books, etc.) saying they 'worshipped' that first King Crimsom album...

  65. Phil Lively

    Around the 2 minute mark Genesis go all Tales from Topographic Oceans on us. Or is it the other way around?

    Harry Satchel

    Phil Lively Ha! Very similar.

    Brian L

    Tales was out a year before this. So I imagine there was some influence.

  66. terrypussypower

    "He's such a fine guitarist"