Genesis - Hairless Heart Lyrics

That night he pictured the removal of his hairy heart and to the
accompaniment of very
romantic music he watched it being shaved smooth by an anonymous
stainless steel razor.

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Genesis Hairless Heart Comments
  1. Lost 98

    Who oppened the heavens door?

  2. Francisco Bragança

    Faltam-me as palavras para descrever o que esta Banda significa para mim. Definitivamente, a minha Banda. Não têm conta as vezes que os ouvi, mas seguramente, milhares.

  3. sidney pasquarelli

    Lovely song from Genesis!

  4. Nick Burns


  5. Stefania Partini

    Steve Hackett I love you so!!!👏👏👏

  6. Jpeterson7

    Must be a remaster. Hackett's classical guitar is more clear.

  7. Archangel Raphael

    Best narrative/concept album in the history of modern music

  8. John Maylett

    This just sends me to planet pure ecstasy

  9. Maxell deNomie

    imdone...fuck u

  10. Thomas Mooney

    Collins and Rutherford perfectly executed backdrop to Banks and Hacketts’ interplay....

  11. Robbie Clark

    Realized just now that this song is probably an allusion to pussy

  12. marcelo jimenez

    Hairless Heart Obra de arte musical dentro del rock Sinfónico mundial alto Tema del Maestro Steve Hackett en trabajo con el Maestro Banks en Teclados! !!!

  13. BandfromtheBand

    My absolute favorite piece on this entire double album. Steve Hackett in his prime! Though Tony Banks would love to take ALL the credit for it! Sorry Tony. It doesn't belong to you!! This is all Steve's song! Get over it, prima donna.......


    What makes you say Tony would love to take credit?

  14. zlatko tahmas


  15. Carlo Filippi


  16. roof top cat

    Well let's see, I had the cassette, then 8 track, then album, then reel to reel, then , the cd, then the remaster, off we go....

  17. Michael Pugh

    Tony Banks is a genius. What a beautiful tune.

  18. ReaktorLeak

    When they did this live, did Mike play the acoustic guitar part?

    Any Minor World That Breaks Apart

    Noone can answer this. The biggest failure in rock music history was that somehow noone recorded any of the shows from the Lamb Tour. There are poor quality bits here and there but no whole shows. Lost to history. Who else would play that part? Tony Banks would play guitar sometimes but only when there werent keyboards like in parts of Suppers Ready. If Steve and tony are playing electric guitar and keys then it has to be Mike.

    Stephen Lisson

    I saw them in Toronto do this album tour and yes Michael did play the acoustic guitar for this track. It was a magical moment to see them do this live. Everyone was blown away.

  19. andy iswandy


  20. Kafka Wilde

    Hackett was marginalised in this public schoolboy competition

  21. Herb Fulger


  22. TheSamantha70

    its a great track but this version is a little tinny.

  23. Chris Pregmon

    This has been remixed

  24. freedomisnocrime

    one of the ten best rock compisitions of ALL time. this one song deserves a hundred grammies alone. forget all the shit made today.

  25. James Johnson

    This is a great fucking album, Genesis with Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Anthony Banks, Steve Hacket , Phil Collins is a great fucking band

  26. Jhensy2012

    Best part of the The Lamb.

  27. Markus Antonio

    Should be used in a Sci-Fi film.

  28. james woody

    Just beautiful.....

  29. Nick Soma

    Steve Hackett didn't contribute much to the Lamb as he was going through a divorce at the time, but this is a beautiful tune showcasing his incredible talent.

  30. FaerieKim

    I love this, so beautiful

  31. Dark Cyan

    This song isn't done justice by itself. You really need to listen to Back in NYC-Hairless Heart-Counting Out time in one go.

    Any Minor World That Breaks Apart

    Why do you think that? Its instrumental so it doesnt need lyrical context provided in those other songs. It stands on its own musically just fine.

  32. Mike TZ

    la vida sería injusta si morimos sin ver y oír esta obra maestra en directo o al menos en un film.

  33. MeloLand

    Steve Hackett is a genius, his style is wonderful, really beautiful....

    Stephen Lisson

    You are so right. He was a magnificent guitarist. He still is. I loved how he use to play when he was live. Sitting down. It was amazing!!! to watch.

  34. Andrew Hulson

    I think that this was an influence to the song Submarine ?

  35. Andrew Hulson

    One of the best albums of all time in my humble opinion


    dont be sooo humble, you are right !

    Parential Guidance

    I was lucky enough to see them in My hometown of Los Angeles at the Roxy theatre a few times and then in April 74 i saw this at The Shrine and then a few days later i saw this show again in San Diego.. I've Seen Peter about 5 times in Los Angeles....I am a lucky man

  36. Andrew Hulson

    Once again. Awesome

  37. irkham thewriter

    What a beautiful piece of instrument!

  38. Jose Antonio

    Tony banks Steve hackett Masters

    fmtf niuprog

    Agree, no doubt...

  39. Rocky B

    Such a beauty of a song, i wish it was way longer. An oddball song for The Lamb for sure, in such a chaotic sounding album. Hairless Heart (whatever the hell that means) is a nice break.

    Any Minor World That Breaks Apart

    Counting Out tie and carpet Crawlers are not hard prog either. Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats and Ravine are also bordering on ambient.

  40. Ben Santiago

    The music of progressive Genesis is a treasure to be loved over and over.What amazing musicians all of them are.

  41. margus kiis

    The piece was later reworked for the main theme of soviet long sci-fi animation The Mystery of the Third Planet (1981).


    I won't claim this isn't true as indeed Zatsepin could have been influenced by this song. But I found this song specifically to compare it with Zatsepin's theme to the cartoon, and while there is some resemblance, I doubt it can be called 'reworking'.

    margus kiis

    Heheh, there is simply a massive resemblance.

  42. Rezz Atrana

    This, especially when played right after "Back In N.Y.C" as it should, is so beautiful.

  43. pigyob

    Who the f are the three who don't like this for f's sake



    Anki Hansen

    Bee Gees are fucking amazing! It's funny because Genesis used to sound like them in their first album 'From Genesis to Revelation'.

    Harry Baran

    So true. Big Bee Gee`s fan too!

    Kerstkrans Ya-Mian

    I think a lot of it was Jonathan King's idea though (especially the strings and such) - and not necessarily one Genesis approved

    fmtf niuprog

    Those who do not like this music, are people with no musical taste ...

  44. generalmuss

    Sounds like a variation of "Hatikvah", the Israeli national anthem.

    Luis Leon

    It is celtic feeling connecting with "Hatikvah". - It is Steve Hackett

  45. Jamie Prit

    its the after the ordeal of the lamb but better


    Steve's intro here is superb, but the rest is not so high level as After the Ordeal

    Patrick Touma

    Just like 'Colony of Slippermen' is 'Battle off Epping Forest' but better.


    After the Ordeal rocks! This song is pretty good too

    Robbie Clark

    Patrick Touma but Battle of Epping Forest is just Get ‘Em Out By Friday but worse

    Tony England

    @EzioMonty117 I don't know if it's just coincidence but the very next song on my YouTube page is "After The Ordeal"

  46. Falkreath Guard

    really good

  47. julius gerere

    like an orgasm .....not long enogh ...

  48. Carlos Krueger

    ...So Beautiful To Hear the Guitar playing of Mr.Hackett...Takes you to Another time....And Mr.Banks with his Fingers on the Synth...

  49. Andrea Zedda

    1st disc, side two.


    Love is love genesis

  51. J.P. Longpre

    Length is perfect. Makes me want more. Right up there with Los Endos and Horizons for favorite instrumentals.

  52. remi solo

    'ღ•°*”˜ღ•°*”˜ ·٠•●*♫•* ♫♪ ,˜”*°• ღ","(◠‿◠)" ღ•°*”˜

  53. Arthur Pletcher

    Enchanting and innovative. Typical Steve Hackett.


    Hi friend.... Does Hackett play the whole song? I can't find difference between Hackett and Banks...I only hear Hackett in the first part...until 0:35 aprox

    fmtf niuprog

    More Tony Banks....

    Tony England

    @fmtf niuprog I always thought Steve wrote this music but apparently, Tony and Mike did.

  54. Al Capone

    il piu grande complesso di tutti i tempi!

  55. Al Capone

    che geni!

  56. Ginger Brew

    Ti porta indietro negli anni...

  57. ariacurva

    Che bella!

  58. slack alice

    This is how elevator music should be.


    Oh God no...I would never get out


    I play this all the time at the coffee shop where I work

    Any Minor World That Breaks Apart

    @Degree7 This 2 minute song or this album? A lot of the album wouldnt be good coffee shop music at all. Even as one of my favourite albums I still wouldnt want in it on while trying to talk to someone or read the newspaper. Like so much music, it demands concentration and active, not passive listening and is not at all good for creating an atmosphere. The only songs that would really fit are this one, and Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats. maybe the slightly uneasy sounding Ravine but probably not The Waiting Room. As for the non instrumentals I would say only Carpet Crawlers. Id be interested to hear whats songs you play. I worked in a cafe for a few years and it was always apparent when the music wasn't helping create the right atmosphere for one reason or another. I was only allowed to put Led Zeppelin on once we were closed for example.


    Road to 10,000 videos with no subcribers I usually play whatever I feel and do not bother trying to create an atmosphere or anything. Most people won’t even bother to take notice. But yes, I play this song, as well as Counting Out Time, and a few choice others. I even played the Musical Box in its entirety. Led Zeppelin also had quite a few acoustic tracks that work for cafes. Especially on Led Zeppelin III.

    S. Rathgeber

    @DX7036 Exactly what I just wanted to write.

  59. Matthías Hannes Guðmundsson

    Good instrumental performance

  60. ProgressiveRock1970s

    This serene piece of musical beauty will be followed by....
    Counting Out Time?? :(

    Envious Fred

    Well...LLDOB is a wholefood piece, you've got to eat the spinach as well, can't just have cake.

    Kyle Tekaucic

    It's not like Counting Out Time is a bad song, either. It's rather amusing, considering the subject matter. hehe


    Counting Out Time is a highlight, man.

  61. peterats

    Steve Hackett




    Hi guys! Please check put my guitar cover if u wanna have an idea of what chord u can use if you're trying to play on guitar! Thanks! :)

  64. beggindogs

    Vinyl always sounds better, richer...:)

    Any Minor World That Breaks Apart

    Go home

  65. Bruno Ramos

    This music makes me cry!!

  66. Ceadda Keohane

    Having heard the remastered version I have to say, I prefer my original vinyl copy. I'm probably just more accustomed to the sound of my own though.

    Any Minor World That Breaks Apart

    Lots of people dont like the way remasters sound. Remastered doesnt mean better

  67. bonk2061

    this is the kind of music, that when you listen to it, that you become it, and it becomes's like a stone in the shade you can always sit down on when you're tired.

  68. bonk2061

    It's the chord pattern, and the 'trek on' back beat, that grabbed me when I bought my first set of records at 14. It cycles though conflict and graduating resolution, repeating...

  69. markusmala

    Haunting instrumental with a beautiful contrast, liked that melody so much I could whistle in my bed around 11, so I began to learn how to play the piano, a shame it stops finishes so quick

  70. Juanse Banchi

    This must be longer.

  71. daonpa

    EXACTLY !!!

  72. ZenroolLorecricio


  73. wade parkinson

    I don,t know who,s comment you refer to , but,,yes....they are on crack

  74. wade parkinson

    IMMACULATE.....simply IMMACULATE....this little ditty changed my perception of music the moment I heard it.....35 years ago....every time I hear it, it happens allllll over again...thank you so much GENESIS

  75. Masherano Gryacalie

    this is so special...

  76. KeitelStevele

    After the fifties? Nah, I probably would say something like Abbey Road or White Album. However, Lamb Lies Down does deserve a close second or third.

  77. Ultimatesadventures

    For me modern music is after the 1950's! I meant if you count classical music out. I have no real definition of ''modern music'' but i think 1974 is not really old if you think, for exemple, about Bach or Haydn

  78. KeitelStevele

    Define modern. This was released in 1974, doesn't seem very modern to me. I would say best album in the history of progressive rock.

  79. brettsinclair62

    Genesis per sempre,ma...non e' il loro migliore lavoro,eh...

    Stefania Partini

    Scusa ma quale sarebbe il loro migliore lavoro?

  80. Ultimatesadventures

    Best album in the history of modern music



    Patrick Lauer

    Ultimatesadventures not even modern just in music general

    Archangel Raphael

    BEST narrative in the history of modern music

    sidney pasquarelli

    I wouldn't say that, but up there somewhere, but I find Selling England by the pound is a better album overall!

  81. Stefano Pavone

    That, too :)

  82. LunaMoth Musical Entity

    or as a Broadway Musical :P

  83. laspenasdelfenix

    is a steve hackett song

  84. dermotoblong

    2 people have got a Hairy Heart, Blah Blah, Etc


    Exactamente, nos deben un buen film de esta obra de arte. preferentemente en formato de animación. Saludos desde Mx.

  86. FSXProPilot


  87. Progmusicman Colbert

    Tony Banks is phenomenal and Hackett is no scrub either...

  88. Stefano Pavone

    I wonder how a Lamb Lies Down on Broadway film would look? I'm assuming it would be an animated musical similar to Fantasia or Yellow Submarine, but it's a charming thought :)

  89. john hughes

    Beautiful song!!!

  90. StarSn1per

    You are really mad..

  91. jp69ization

    your a fucking idiot!!!

  92. SoftMachinist

    Never before has an album so deeply moved me to my core, I feel as though anyone with the slightest appreciation for music production and composition can simply not view music in the same light after hearing such brilliant and complex arrangements...and, gosh, what a stellar lineup of musicians - it's music like this that truly lifts me from the confines of this world - I see mountains, valleys, and landscapes drenched in twilight. Utter magnificence.

  93. Kevin Gagnon

    It does, get better everytime.

  94. Christian Schonberger

    This is and will be forever one of the most beautiful moments in music. I also know the live versions - fantastic!!! I can't imagine life without 70s Genesis. I always thought: if you listen to something too often it becomes stale. Not so with 70s Genesis. Pure magic every time - and it gets better and better with time......

  95. Yeti

    It's because of the structure of the album. It goes straight into the next song, Counting Out Time.

  96. MrSecretworld1

    early genesis , always will be the best !

  97. patermtube

    @c0rrupts3ct0r555 Yes, it comes from a newest remaster. But for me the live version is the best.

  98. Meeshers816

    This is indescribable..

  99. UnknownHazard95

    I really wish it didn't just cut off like that.


    It runs straight into the next track, Counting Out Time. Treat yourself to the CD :)