Gaye, Marvin - Your Precious Love Lyrics

Every day there's something new
Honey, to keep me lovin' you
And with every passin' minute
Ah baby, so much joy wrapped up in it

[Tammi:] Heaven must have sent you from above
[Both:] Wo, heaven must have sent your precious love

And I, I've got a song to sing
Tellin' the world about the joy you bring
And you gave me a reason for livin'
And ooo, you taught me, you taught me the meaning of givin'


[M:] To find a love like ours is rare these days
'Cause you've shown me happiness, yes, in so many ways
[T:] I look in the mirror, and I'm glad to see
Laughter in the eyes where tears used to be

[M:] What you've given me I could never return
'Cause there's so much, girl, I have yet to learn
[T:] And I wanna show, I wanna show my appreciation
'Cause when I found you, I found a new inspiration

[Repeat chorus and fade]

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Gaye, Marvin Your Precious Love Comments
  1. Vitina Portoghese

    Due grandi dolori che cantano amore

  2. Terry Dixon

    Tammi singing was far beyond her time, she laid the way women sing today.

  3. big bictors

    this music quiets my ragged old soul, ( crying ) blessed, love all, bic

  4. Hector Gilmore

    damn those headaches Tammi!

  5. Edward Robitson

    The hit machine is on lets go !!!!!!!!!

  6. John Striker

    Bad Boys 4 life!!

    Janice Trawick

    Yesss!!! 👍

  7. Travis Lewis

    I don't think Marvin Gaye can make a bad song

  8. Wen Randall

    Almost 50 years since she been gone but her music lives on R.I.P Tammi Terrell

  9. Lachario New

    Hi edagdwg thanks for sharing love this song God at work enjoy every word in this song true soul love don't want anyone else but you God loves me Linda j peace ❤️ 💯🌈 🌈🌹🌹🐻🐻❤️💯


    Glad you enjoyed it

  10. Kurt Adams

    The GENIUS of Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson

  11. Kurt Adams



    2020 BABE💙

  13. Deborah Patterson

    Pass the bread cause this is my jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!

    K. B.

    Lol good one! Love this song!

  14. Raymond Gass

    Rest in Peace The Late Great Marvin Gaye And The Late Great Tammi Terrell we all loved them very much but the beautiful most high heavenly father loved them more they are in heaven🎺🎻🎹🎶🎵🎼💞💖💕

  15. bigman9099


  16. Tammy Denise

    Here in 2020. Love these beautiful people

  17. Alexis Rhinehart

    So sad that Marvin Gaye died so young too.



  19. jay

    I can hear y'all singing this in the sky every time I hear this song y'all was really meant to be together #gonetoosoon love y'all both 😪

  20. Oscar Miller

    Love it all the way 🎼 💑 !

  21. Tammy Renee


  22. Loretta De Herrera


  23. Sharon Thompson

    A perfect duet couple..Rest in Paradise

  24. Josiah Tucke Tucker

    They was very good together beautiful voices it's hard to find duets to do this anymore

  25. One Advocate

    Her death sent Marvin Gaye into a depression.

  26. Linda Pettis

    I’ve been with my husband of 40+ years and still love him to this day, this record is our love song, thanks Tammy and Marvin💕

  27. ShawtyG Water


  28. fish1652

    It was my favorite duet song in karaoke. Life comes and goes.

  29. Ash1741

    Name a batter duo....I’ll wait 🧐

  30. Laurice Isaac


  31. Bob Jhonson

    My favorite

  32. Araali 44

    118. Never had precious love



  34. Keith Jack

    They were dating I bet!

  35. Jason Voorhees

    This song gives me chills knowing that this is the song that Tammi collapsed on stage in October 1967 when her & Marvin was performing in VA

  36. Mr. Perseverance

    These were to of the greatest singers of all time.

  37. nick kendall

    need more bass Guitar

  38. Renita Edmonds

    Music Artist need to start remaking these hits....

  39. Jason Voorhees

    Tammi Terrell is the Princess of Motown & Marvin Gaye is the Prince of Motown

  40. Blake Evans

    My grandpa passed away when I was in 2nd grade unfortunately we weren’t very close he lived in California I lived in Indiana he moved to Indiana when I was in 2nd grade and tried to catch up on time before the cancer got him. I went to his house with my dad to help clean up after he passed and I remember seeing a Marvin Gaye greatest hit cds and took it with me. All elementary id listen to this song on the way to work. At first I didn’t like it lol but it was my way of feeling like I could still connect with him. Well fast forward 20 years I’m 25 years old and love this song and every time I hear this song I still feel that connection with my grandpa. Crazy how music can be so timeless and build connections rest easy grandpa and Marvin!!

  41. Yellow joseph abu Sunshine

    Heaven must of sent you from above love bug... I’m never giving up

  42. Sarah Colbert

    Old always GREAT

  43. Eddie Williams

    Angels sent to us for a short time

  44. love me leave me

    Smells like the catch of the century. Ur love is to him

  45. Shakia Frasier

    The he look at her wow 😍

  46. Allyson Hudson

    1:40 to 2:06❤

  47. Karl Priest

    The lyrics fits my wife perfectly.

  48. Jason Voorhees

    Tammi looks like Cookie from Empire

  49. CaliforniaMan 4000

    "Bad cop. No doughnut"

  50. Daimon Mario Perez

    The greatest duet ever ! Marvin & Tammi sang it like they meant it.... So much joy was wrapped up in it. Heaven must have sent them from above...

  51. C Truth

    Tammi Terrell was beautiful and her voice was just OK. Marvin Gaye was the magic. His duets with Kim Weston are much stronger. Kim was a great singer. Check out Marvin's duets with Aretha, that is outstanding. His duets with Diana are good too. Marvin did a lot of duets able to sing with all types of singers. Male singers today don't do many duets at all.

  52. huescarhuskies

    Just 2 very beautiful people making beautiful music together, are deeply missed RIP xx

  53. Danny Costa

    Imagine the music that would of been made. Thank you 2 for the beautiful songs

  54. Patrick Pearson

    Barbershop 2 brought me here.

  55. Keystone State_Warrior

    Maybe bc she died so young but Tammi, to me, is one of the most underrated female singers ever. We all now what Marvin can do, but her voice was just so soulful and her talent effortless.

  56. Karen Mosley

    I have had this cd played so many times, at home , in the car, brought soooo much joy singing along, with the great vocals. Just love them both. Xx

  57. George Lewko

    Our song Susie. Truly God sent u too me. He also took you to soon. We had 31 years. Not enough. But I’m thankful. A lifetime with you not enough. Michel your loving husband

  58. Sheila Palmer

    Ilove her voice

  59. Marcelo Romero

    Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
    "Your Precious Love"
    #5, Septiembre de 1967.

  60. Athena Sakorafos

    Beautiful song! You’ll know it’s real Bcoz it’s written in the Sky!! Says a friend of mine!!

  61. Tyrone Robinson

    i enjoyed it

  62. Philippe Schillinger

    in France in 2019 who listen this ?

  63. Akeybra Sevier

    My mom love. This song

  64. Frances Rush

    Classic Marvin & Tammi! RIH! My Jam here and My Man! Played this one alot in my house! To find a love like yours is rare these days. . . Much Love!

  65. Mind YourOwn

    Another wonderful classic

  66. Melody Sanger

    (APRIL 29, 1945 – MARCH 16, 1970) [03/16/2019]

  67. Russell Flewellen

    Ain't nothing like good old soul music from back in the day nothing beats it it's real music

  68. Lakiesha Powe

    They should do a remake on this song to tribute Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell.

  69. Sheila Logan

    Love It!

  70. Byron Dotson

    This song is grandmama's slice of sweet potato pie that ends just as it's getting good...

  71. Christopher Nelson

    So sad all America wants to give Black people it's grief and despair. When we've given so much more 😢😢😢R.I.H Marvin Gaye &Tammy Terrelle❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. GQ daddy

    What a great duo! Top 10 duet team for sure...

  73. Melanie Perry

    Princess, Keep praying for your Boaz and wait on the Lord. Because he is coming. I just received mines. It is a beautiful thing.


    He saw you gleaning in the field

  74. Ben Kleschinsky

    Both of them gone too soon!

  75. April Carter

    Uh can we say repeat

  76. Will Rich

    I know 2 couples who got married in 1967,AND ARE STILL TOGETHER TODAY.
    Well, the husband of one of the couples died 2 years ago.
    The wives of these two couples were sisters.
    That truly amazes ME.

  77. Marcus Manuel

    Hollywood Homicide (2003) brought me here.

  78. Randy

    wasnt around during that time but still sounds great to my ears..

  79. Erika Fowler

    Ole school pregnant

  80. Lejon Leonard

    66 demons.

  81. Maxine Lewis

    Ojays Stand in for Love

  82. Luis Bedoya

    Es un duo de voces traidas del cielo.

  83. Midwest Slot Diva

    Says a lot when over 3k like a song, and 65 doesn't. The best duet EVER!!❤❤

  84. Neecee Rodgers

    20years song still give chills. My husband give me avery verse😍. 💘

  85. Athena Sakorafos

    My sound isn’t working! Anyone know what I should do?

  86. Louie Colon

    Tammi and Marvin were Motown's best duo.

  87. Dark_Ceezy

    This song is the jam

    Shirley Butler

    OMG You just hit a home run with those comments TRUE DAT! ! A blast from the past timeless indeed can I get a AMEN! ? Still Listening How About November 23 2018 4SURE! MEMORIES WOW! !

  88. TheGreatVictorNewman

    Ironically Taraji P. Henson both looks and sounds similar to her when singing. Strange.

    Tammi Terrell

    They're catching on to us...

  89. Stella Ercolani

    My God sent soulmate will only have eyes for me and thats you doll

  90. Christina Pusey

    I love dis song

  91. Fatasha Edmonds

    Yas actual in my feels Marvin. #2018throw back #Sogoodforthesoul

  92. beverly lawson

    this is my wedding song one day

  93. Alan Fox

    Marvin Gaye best duet partners Mary wells Kim Weston and Tammie Diana Ross is the black sheep of the bunch.

  94. Carlos Rhodes

    Collard greens and cornbread by Fantasia

  95. MegaOldSkool76

    Love this song!!! Thanks to the Temptations for their finger snaps and background vocals!
    Marvin and Tammi... what can I say... pure excellence

  96. paula calabrese

    beautiful duet together a pure classic

  97. frdjr252

    Marvin & Tammi made such beautiful duets. There would've been plenty more of them had we not lost Tammi so early. What a tragedy!

  98. Stefen Lowe

    tammi terrelle was beautiful. Diana ross didn't have nothing on. tammi

    C Truth

    But Aretha had a lot over Tammi. Diana was better. Understand, that Tammi had Marvin doing all the lifting for her. That man could sang!! Check out Aretha & Marvin. Then try Marvin & Diana. Next there's Marvin & Kim which are precious.

  99. a century of black music

    james jamerson was heaven sent.