Gaye, Marvin - You're The Man (Alternate Version) Lyrics

You been talkin', talkin' to the people
Tryin' to get them to go your way
Telling us, telling us not to worry
You say we won't be led astray
We're so tired of your signifying
How do we know, till it's too late
Whether or not you've been lying?
Think about the mistakes you make
I believe, sir, that humanity's at stake

You see, busin', busin' is just one issue
One issue
What about the rest of it, mister?
Well if you, if you got the plan
I said
If you've got the master plan
I got to vote for you
Ah yeah
I got to vote for you
'Cause you're the man I know, oh yeah

Maybe what this country needs is a lady
Is a Lady for president
No, we don't wanna hear no more lies
About how you plan to economize
We want our dollar value increased
And employment to rise
This heavy taxation
Has got us all in this awful situation

Don't give us no peace sign
Turn around, rob the people blind
Money is all you're interested in
Do you have a plan all the people can share in?
'Cause if you've got the plan
I got to vote for you
Cause you're the man. I know!

(Jesus, Jesus)
People marching on Washington
Why not hear what they have to say?
Because the tables might turn against you
Set around Election Day
Demagogues and admitted minority haters
Should never be President, this time a lady
Will you, will you stop the bombs
Right all the wrongs
This administration has done?

I know peace and freedom is the issue
Oh Lord
Do you have a plan with you, mister?
'Cause if you've got a plan
I said
You, you've got the master plan
Well I got to vote for you
Oh Lord I got to vote for you
'Cause you're the man

Got to vote for you
If you're gonna take a stand
Got to vote for you
Gonna be the man?
What about the issues?
What about the young folks?
What about marijuana?
What about peace?
Peace in the land
Do you understand?
Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, take a stand
Then I'll vote for you
Think, you're the man
Tell me something
Don't run away
Tell me something
Gotta see you your face
I gotta vote for you
Think that you're the man
Gotta to be strong
Whether you're right or wrong

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Gaye, Marvin You're The Man (Alternate Version) Comments
  1. Kimberly Valentino

    marvin U THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. AnonyMouse

    This version sounds right at home in What's Going On. Great version.

  3. Frederic Herkenrath

    Finally, it's there...! Thanks mate :)

  4. Joosoul jp

    the best mix of this track

    Loretta Belin

    Joosoul jp Marvin, the best there ever will beeeeee!!!!!