Gavin DeGraw - Relative Lyrics

A flashlight
Isn't quite sunlight
But any light at all seems bright
When you're looking in the dark

A wet-dream
Isn't the real thing
It isn't really anything
But at least it makes a spark

And all is relative
Eveything is relative
Yes, it is

It's all about
The way we receive it
How much we believe it
Depending on the life you lead
If you lead it
Compare it to yourself
Compared to someone else
You care

And if you took
The threads in your closet
The cash in your wallet
The color of the skin in your blood
And how you got it
Compare it to yourself
Compared to someone else
You care

Isn't quite homemade
But pre-made with a home name
Is almost just the same
Your girlfriend
Isn't your best friend
But any friend is best when
You're freezing in the rain
And all is relative
Everything is relative

You're either underweight or you're unfit
Overdressed or underzipped
Too social or you're just too shy
Too depressed or you're too high
As night to day and day to night
Rich and poor and black and white
All is relative
Everything's relative
All is relative...


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Gavin DeGraw Relative Comments
  1. Reva Schuller

    I love this song 😎😘😍❤️

  2. Rik Postma

    wie dit leest is een sukkel

  3. Rik Postma


  4. Slightly Normal

    best singer i know

  5. Kevin.A. Espejo

    Amazing song. Rad. Rock on Gavin!

  6. Myyr Kat

    Oh god, i've been looking for the full version of this song for maybe a year... i love you <3 xD

  7. SarahGroundZero

    such soul

  8. austenfan1160

    I think he is saying that we compare wayy too much...if we would just accept ourselves for who we are instead of comparing one another we would be much better off

  9. Josie Pratt

    He's basically showing you how to look on the bright side of things :)

  10. Kate R

    and a super talented song writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kate R

    He rocks my polka dotted ones too!!!

  12. Melissa Galluzzo

    This is my favorite off the new album! YAY Gavin!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kymani Davis

    Gavin Degraw is a BAD! (bad as in really good) singer! those notes that he hit, i mean BEATS out is sick(sick is good too)

  14. Alex Clark

    Gavin DeGraw rocks my purple socks

  15. ANMorgan

    this is my favorite off the albumm.

  16. Kindubeamer

    I love the lyrics , and I looove Gavin Degraw! ;D <33

  17. rodenzkibaknez

    Relative<3 a cooooool song!

  18. Jakob Carlsson

    Best song on the album!