Gauthier, Mary - The War After The War Lyrics

Who's gonna care for the ones who care?
For the ones who went to war?
There's landmines in the living room
And egg shells on the floor
I lost myself in the shadow of your honor and your pain
You stare out of the window as our dreams go down the drain
The war after the war

I get no basic training
I get no purple heart
I'm supposed to carry on
I can't fall apart
People look at you and thank you for the sacrifice you made
They look at me and smile
Say I'm lucky you're okay
The war after the war

Well, I'm a soldier too
Just like you
Serving something bigger than myself
And I serve unseen
Caught in between
My pain and the pain of someone else

But I'm stronger than you think I am
I'm right here by your side
I am not your enemy
I don't wanna fight

There's no going back in time
I know you're not the same
But you are not the only one for whom the world has changed
The war after the war

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Gauthier, Mary The War After The War Comments
  1. Grody Locks

    I wish she would get with Marianne Williamson and they could continue the movement together. You never know where the Revolution and Evolution will take us.

  2. chris kehoe

    Love this. ❤️😎👍

  3. Cat McNichol

    God bless you, Mary.

  4. John Miller

    Ms Gauthie, I come from a large Catholic Family. One of my last numerous Aunts died a cpl of yeas ago. She was a devout Catholic. She left me her Rosary, Old & Worn. She told me this " Johnny, I wore those beads out praying for you to make it back home. " She went on to say " And now Johnny, I pray my Rosary that you will survive coming home." TY! Sgt JJ Miller, USMC, Decorated, VN combat vet.

  5. Tom Devlin

    When a soldier makes it home .... ....

  6. John Castellenas

    Thank you dear Mary. I love your song.

  7. Puff Sr.

    Goosebumps tears n shiny ass wolf moon....Mary......John Prine and Mary Gauthier...word sound power heals....."music is the weapon-"Fela'

  8. pearl harbor

    My beautiful nephew served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He met a Hungarian woman in Italy, married her before he went to war. When he got out he bought a home, had two gorgeous children, and commited suicide. I remember her telling me a few times how she, "hated his tears." So while by beautiful, brave nephew lays in his grave, she gets to play the grieving widow.  Within two months of his passing, she was already on facebook showing off her newly painted nails, with no mention of him. Now she has plugged into all the widows benefit programs and groups, so now she really plays up the grieving widow. Those Eastern Block women are cold pieces of work. Women, please do not make the war about you. IT is the brave men and women who serve, while you get to stay in the comfort of your home. If you don't know how your loved one suffers, at least learn to accept what you don't understand, and love them in spite of it all. His mother really suffered, she cried so violently after his suicide, her doctor told her she damaged her heart. I don't now exactly how, but she died shortly after her son. May they rest in God's peace now.

    John Miller


  9. Cat McNichol

    This whole album is profound! Win that Grammy, Mary. Win it for the people that you wrote about, lived with, talked with. We love you so much.

  10. Danny Lee

    Awesome Mary

  11. Sandra Jager

    Wow. This is powerful. As a military spouse of 30+ years, I thank you. Our "war after the war" has led to the destruction of a 35 year marriage.

  12. Suzanne Alexander

    I only discovered this song - and thus, this artist with a concience! - this morning, via NPR Morning Edition, wherein Malcolm Gladwell named this his current favorite song/2018 favorite song.

    Malcolm Gladwell is another artist with a conscience!
    (All too rare now in our supposed civil and political "leaders", and about 1/3 of our fellow American Citizens, sadly).
    I may not agree with everything Mr. Gladwell writes and says, but he's brilliant, makes me think about important Issues in a different way than I might otherwise consider, (which I love to do)! 😀

  13. firebase delta

    In the late 70's I was in a group of Vietnam Vets and our Wives when one of the wives screamed out her pain -- " I know you lived through it -- but now I live with it "

  14. Marty Brown

    You are the tops, Mary. Love your music. Makes people think. We need to do that.

  15. ernesto vandone

    ---never talk about Peace----?----

  16. Wally Cain

    Many Blessings to you my sister/brother,,,, we are one....Wally Florida Keys

    Paul Mackrell

    Wally Cain , do you know Danny Williams from Morgantown?

    Wally Cain

    Yes for sure,,, and I think I met you,,,[email protected] Mackrell

    Wally Cain

    Yes. I think I know you from Hagerstown right??
    @Paul Mackrell

    Paul Mackrell

    Yes,. Danny was my banjo teacher.

    Wally Cain

    Yes mine [email protected] Mackrell

  17. Yvonne M

    "Who's gonna care for those who went to the wars, after the wars?"
    Nice! Great project, very moving, and perfect poetic lyrics.
    The music on this song reminds me
    of The Band, in the Basement Tapes era.
    Very tasteful, and poignant, and delicious.

  18. Paul Warner

    Singing with Mary is Beth Nielsen Chapman!!

  19. ShadowVat

    you guys should add some deep mans voice to youre music, would make it sound even more awesome. Here is a song I put together, to let out all my thoughts.

  20. Julian Burns

    Assume many thanks for sharing

  21. Theo Esquivel

    The Band of Brothers ..Vietnam vets organization salute you..mercy beaucoup..San Antonio Tx..🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. Tim Patterson

    I just 'discovered' your music, and am completely blown away. And lord, that band. They're sooooo tasty. Like Harvest tasty. Thanks for blowing my mind.

  23. Douglas Nelson

    A wonderfully written and beautifully performed song. Thank you.

  24. Minha liberdade não é tua prisão

  25. 雪野藍子

    I love this song so much !!!

  26. camille zeno

    So powerful!

  27. bigreddoggy55

    Who the Hell hates this? Stupid liberal's that is who

  28. Joshing Game

    I promise it was worse for the person who witnessed those tragedies in actual war. This song is bad.

    Joseph Spagna

    Nobody disagrees with you. But the hurt goes beyond the soldiers. That's what this song is about.

  29. Dennis Kirby

    I had 17 years in law enforcement and EMS. After listening to this I didn't realize how much of an effect it had on my relationships wow thank you women and Men for stand behind us all

    patrick mcfadden

    Me to, my wife is tougher than I thought after hearing this.

  30. Michelle Schrock

    Thank you for telling our story.

  31. savage wolf international

    It says it all thank you got bless you.

  32. planetterrible

    Really beautiful Mary! The whole new album is, love to see you doing it live.

  33. Holly Higgins

    Thank you Mary for the haunting and beautiful music you have shared. Music that tells stories from soldiers and stories that the rest of us need to hear. My son was in the United States Air Force and KIA in Afghanistan on the 5th of October 2010. Ever since that day I have been finding comfort and healing in music. I'm so thankful to have found you! It was just by chance. I was listening to Heartland Radio that plays mostly Americana and this song came on. I am acutely aware of anything to do with wars and soldiers, so I stopped what I was doing immediately and looked you up on YouTube. This song though talking about someone living with a returning Vet, resonates with me too. For my family there will always be the war after the war, we are also invisible soldiers waging war with grief and loss and tragedy. Thank you for sharing and giving soldiers a voice to tell their stories.

  34. Jack DaRapper

    As a combat veteran this song hit me hard.

    John Miller

    Me too :)

  35. sheila morin

    I am the gulf war widow your song hits home for me

  36. Eddie White

    In case nobody ever told you, Mary, thank you for your service.

  37. Radio Gas


  38. Cara Bissell

    Posted to my website as "useul for Veterans with PTSD and the rest of us to help understand the 'true costs of war' ". Thank you Mary! vfp chapter #13 - Tucson

  39. Stuart McDonald

    You are amazing xx

  40. Marina Montes

  41. renato omenetto


  42. Greg Ruth

    In a perspective I hadn't thought about. I went to my wife of 37 years and apologized for the pain I haves caused her through the years. I was medically discharged after 22 years of service. Still at times have to battle demons I haven't made peace with. Thank you Mary.


    Thanks for posting this Greg. Thanks for your service and your struggle - you're doing it so many others don't have to. Btw, this all reminds me of a great post-war story by Leslie Marmon Silko ("Ceremony"), maybe you'd like it.

    John Miller

    TY for your service and sacrifice...Sgt JJMiiler, USMC, Decorated, VN.

  43. serenity Rush

    Thank you for those of us with Veterans who are not yet diagnosed. Thank you for putting parts of my life in words. Thank you.

  44. Edi Camon

    Awesome Mary, amazing song, excellent second voice. Anyone could tell me who is she?

    Yvonne M

    She's a more contemporary singer songwriter
    in the alt/new folk genre. Worth checking out.
    This song is from a recent album she did
    in a collaboration with Iraq War Vets. She took
    their writings, and collaborated on putting their
    lyrics to music.

    Edi Camon

    Thanks, Yvonne.

    Elizabeth Harper

    Beth Nielsen Chapman is singing with Mary.

    Edi Camon

    @Elizabeth Harper Thanks, Elizabeth

  45. Wilb Porter

    A terrible beautiful haunting song.

  46. Raymond Stoter

    I have seen Mary 4 times in England met her twice her music is wonderful she liked my joke about microwaves . "I drink" Xx love to you all

  47. Paul Thabault

    Thank you so much Mary and crew!

  48. Annie Schonkeren

    Great and wonderful song Mary Thanks for sharing !!

  49. Barrie Maguire

    Just wonderful, Mary!

  50. Debbie Admussen

    Fantastic! You are surely an angel walking on earth Mary. Can hardly wait for your new release in January. Thank you for continuing to share the understanding you have for our brave veterans through your music and beyond.

    Bill Hall

    Debbie Admussen thank you fo r your understanding comments I would swap my £100,000 job to have this crap out of my head and my former colleagues not to look at the police national computer an see me listed as a dangerous person ......respect

    Suzanne Alexander

    Thanks for noting that she has a new album dropping in January!

    I only discovered this song - and thus, this artist with a concience! - this morning, via NPR Morning Edition, wherein Malcolm Gladwell named this his current favorite song/2018 favorite song.

    Malcolm Gladwell is another artist with a conscience. 😀

    Suzanne Alexander

    Thanks for sharing your personal story.
    I'm sure I'm not alone in saying, I'd like to know more - anything you'd be comfortable sharing now.

    Thanks for your service and sacrifice to and for me, and for those I love...
    As well as for our democratic values.
    I respect you and appreciate the sacrifices your Family and Friends have and continue to make.

    I hope you are doing better this year than last. Remember, progress, NOT perfection! And, that road of progress will be bumpy and include setbacks. As long as you can pick yourself up - with the help of your Support Network/Circle, when necessary, (and it usually is necessary that we lean on others IF we want to succeed in life at ANYTHING)😉...
    If you pick yourself up and keep going forward overall, that's both success and something that will make your loved ones both grateful and your relationships ever-improving.

    Best wishes!

    Regards and Gratitude,


  51. Carmel Whittle

    powerful Mary

  52. Gary's Folk Americana

    Wow Mary. Love this

  53. blairk123

    Amazing song! Thanks, Mary!

  54. Sven Ullman

    Strong and beautiful.

  55. Marie Chabot

    I really like this one!

  56. Christina S


  57. Dennie Suchman

    Beautiful sentiment to a terrible situation for many

  58. june kaiser