Gates, Kevin - Counting On Ya Lyrics

I mean, whattup?
I mean

A lot is countin' on ya
Your women sidin' with ya partners, why they plottin' on ya?
We might never understand, no one's there to hold your hand
Even heaven would agree sometimes, how this road gets
Losin' focus
Can't depend on them, why do they depend on me?
They was all I had, I mean what made 'em go pretend on me?
Spirit of the sermon, discernin' moments I see shit
Can't look me in the eyes then it's somethin' you don't agree with

[Verse 1:]
Perhaps I'm too quick off the draw from how I deal with altercations
From where gangsters only talk cocaine, it ain't no other language
Awkward interviews discussin' my inner views on life itself
Figure me pretentious, evading mischief by writing hymns
Labels shown interest, no showers are showin' interest
Both old ladies show resentment, resented my show of interest
Moved out from my momma detached garage and a small apartment
Shut the door or shut the fuck up, we fussin', we always arguin'
It sucks we always arguin', but she started it
Moms believe, I grew up on the farm with no understandin'
Kevin's stupid, tell him anything, he won't understand it
Stupid ass Kevin, anything, he won't understand it


[Verse 2:]
Stolen cars, open charges, matchin' blunts blowin' each other charges
Summer '08 me and Menance in a Daytona charger
Club exquisite, nigga know the business, pull off in the front
Ain't no VIP, got nook in front, pockets got the mumps
Money come in clumps, what I clutch might knock out your lung
Keep that on the tuck, it go kkk if you uh
Got two people livin' in me, one the realest one a killer
Luca Brasi, he a sinner, Kevin trynna be a Christian
Seems life is less fulfilling when livin' is unattended
Performin' rituals to whatever God that'll listen
Had a lot of prayers answered, ain't had to sit in no buildin'
Run your flap, get your bap for a package, I'm in the buildin'


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    2020 still grinding listen to the song

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    2020 still jamming 💯💯💯💯

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    praying to whichever god that will listen...realistt shit I ever heard 💯

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    Kevin Gates Badass ⚡️⚡️

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    🙌🏾even heaven would agree sometimes how this road gets


    Listen to ‼️‼️XXL LAVATEAM ‼️‼️

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    9-12- 2k19

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    All who intelligent know who Luca Brasi really is.......

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    Loosening focus the old me . Know the business. I would love to hold her hand she can depend on me them too.

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    2019 I'm still here. Thank you god.

    Mi vida loca...


    Almost lost myself there. Shit i almost lost my life there.... Had me playing these games but this musical chairs so i let em poke and tease back when i had to scrape grease just waiting for the right moment to release. I been saw how the pieces move on this chess board dont try to tell me any different i done stand up in your chest for it always running to me with your problems getting a little borin yet i still listen cause you was the only one down when we was out and it was pourin bet i was first 1 up in the mornin texts but i leave that to rest you aint ever put in work i been out puttin in my best...didnt even ask how i was knowing my aunt just passed...tired of the fake "i love yous" but when i had my hand out you pulled yours back along with the other few. Always in my way no wonder i had such a poor view but you can pull my resume flawless upon review. I couldnt say the same for you.

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    They was all i had what made em go pretend on me

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    “Perhaps I’m to quick off the draw wit how I deal wit altercations from where gangstas only talk cocaine there ain’t no other language awkward interviews discussing my inner views on life it self figure me pretentious evaded mischief by writing hemps Labels shown interest no show was a show of interest post old lady showed resentment resented my show of interest” still listening to this man true street legend

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    One Kenobi_3eyes


    Taydoee Reeper

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    Yea someone’s been plotting on me for a few yrs now and I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like my life’s the Truman show I love how ur music is so relatable Jennifer Caudill

    batman dude

    I have nnanxnmmmsmsmjsmnsmmsmmsmsmmamjsmjmmznmzmjmzj of this bananas I have downsyndro have nnanxnmmmsmsmjsmnsmmsmmsmsmmamjsmjmmznmzmjmzj of I have nnanxnmmmsmsmjsmnsmmsmmsmsmmamjsmjmmznmzmjmzj of this bananas

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    Nobody never more duck ng dumb or backwards or all in all fucked up until communicable as such watching TV through the windows playing on a phone same time looking through all making chump change not a way in sight will have more ain't no opposition with the need higher willing of the tasks to the effort.

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    Performing rituals to whatever god that’ll listen, had a lot of prayers answered ain’t have to sit in no building 💯💯🤘🏾

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    A COOLING 2019

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    Got two people living in me, one a realist, one a killer.

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    Nah 2019

  75. Jchronic27

    Had a lot of prayers answered ain't had to sit in no building


    So true you do not have to sit in the building to have your prayers answered God is everywhere in here and sees what you are doing and going through amen.

    Taydoee Reeper

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  76. Blake Buetti

    had a lot of prayers answered didnt have to sit in no buildin

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    this is one of the few K GATES I don't listen to a lot but it is STR8 DOPE STR8 100 AND STR8 RAW JUST LIKE 98% OF THIS FOOLS TRACKS KEVIN THA TRUTH GATES

    Tyler Fields

    Linda Josephson Gabby hung by BBC BBB huh I by I Tutu used used on king mill kkkk to TT Tutu tutu tutu tutu I I to of to of Hhhhhhhhh to his is is km km I hi juju hi you by I u hhhhhhhhh H I I hi juju

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    Kevin stupid tell him anything he won't understand it
    Stupid ass Kevin anything he won't understand it

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    How this road gets, losing focus. Can't depend on them, why do they depend on me? They was all I had. I mean what made em go pretend on me?

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    Ethan Montgomery so Real.


    True shit kevin Gates is my pastor 4 eva......

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