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I heard that he ain't shit
He drivin' his mama whip
He still ain't got no crib
He still tryna make it
I know his bitches, she let me hit
We ran a train all on a hoe
I heard he gay, y'all, on the low
My best friend sister cousin told me so
He dress like a faggot
He ain't really stackin
He always love braggin'
His old bitch, yeah, I bagged it
His whole career ruined
He ain't really movin'
Whatever he pursuin'
Just know they don't really love his music
His flow is a'ight
I like one song, it's a'ight
My girl play that shit all night
Swear to god, get me tight
He on that Drake shit 'cause he don't write
Put that on my mama

You don't look good tryin' to make me look bad
You don't look good tryin' to make me look bad
You don't look good tryin' to make me look bad
No, you don't look good tryin' to make me look bad
You don't look good tryin' to make me look bad
No, you don't look good tryin' to make me look bad

I'm sick of these rumors
Spreadin' lies about me
Fake dirty laundry
Get the fuck out of my business

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GASHI YouTube Comments Comments

    Man!! You are my idol.

  2. Denny Dal

    Empty no more.... more....

  3. Vivendo no Anonimato

    cade os br porra

  4. elie elias

    Beat name please

  5. Dan Desersa

    This song is slept on bro WTF...🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  6. Lord Mark

    Na Shqiptart thojm. M'bas kalit t'mire qohet pluhun..
    Keep ur head up bro <3

  7. Heathen


  8. Carol Vincent

    I really love this band it's so bad just like me. Sorta kidding.

  9. Daniel Montaño

    been a fan since g4shi 4play mixtape.

  10. Miss Sukie

    Put you all up in my playlists. DOPE SHIT!

  11. O Veremeenko

    I love it

  12. Spencer Martinez

    Get em Ahch

  13. Furious Klaud

    Bro youre gonna make it big if you havent already

  14. Furious Klaud

    Very deep lyracists.. I like songs that actually have meaning.. Listen to alot of rappers these days is like flipping through channels.. Listening to G is like being on one channel and being able to comprehend the content.. Idk.. Males sense to me

  15. A Z

    My Albanian brother what's good from the DMV East Coast, in Va right now crankin the shit out of gashi still, bruh yall just now know about gashi I was bumpin' your music way before dropping the 4 from G4SHI you the goat, your time is now my son, push foward and never look back unless it's to laugh at the growth you've made. Let thesr youtube comment fuel this fire 🔥. Had to speak my peace i'm gone...until yall see me on youtube when I make my first project. Real prophets never die. God Bless you Gashi and all your true loyal fans even when we played your shit for someone elsr and they hated and wanted to listen to that bs they call hip hop rap or rnb now a days man. Sorry i'm not condonind 12 yr olds rapping about lean when they can't even buy cigarettes legally, the rap game and the game period especially here in the US is fucked up but perception can be the biggest lie. Stay Woke People!

  16. Kethelyn Picurelli


  17. Mik

    nice atmosphere in 2pt

  18. Antidote / AK /

    can i put it in my vlog ?

  19. Pearl Wagner

    Whether they hate you or love you there's still listening to your music keep up the hard work GASHI💯 💪🏽🙌

  20. Michelle P


  21. Enkelejda Dedej



    bruh anyone who hates on Gashi, has horrible taste in music

  23. Vargr Skullfield

    This video is whack af, dis nigga need to quit rap and join isis....because that’s the only way his NPC ass is gonna blow up

    gang shit

    You don't know nothing about music,he is another level

  24. Jasmin Olvera

    Love your vibe thank you for your music keep it comming por favor

  25. Frank Garcia

    Ima bee real gashis sounds pretty Damm good .. .. This one go's out to all them haters ..big love to them real mutha fickas

  26. Sos Madmax

    Shits wack 👎🏿😂

  27. L´A Capone

    Thats that New York City shit 🤫🤟🏼

  28. Spurkey

    Lmao u insecure child. Jk u cool guy

  29. Gabriella Mistretta

    Love you and love your music God bless!!

  30. Jay Ay

    This reminds me of the old songs from gashi and I love it so much❤❤❤

  31. Uromastyx Adventures LV

    G4Shi Has Always made it...

  32. pajt beg

    Respect my shqipe gashi 🇦🇱🇽🇰

  33. Daniel Pam

    Awesome!!! Don't listen to those $#[email protected]+$!! I absolutely love this song!!!!! Keep it up!! And thanks for sharing this!!

  34. Daniel Gclass


  35. alexis jair


  36. Klisman Kola


  37. Max Domel

    Great video and songs

  38. hashima777

    why aint u having 100 + milj views-- Dude love this dark shit mysticism...........=)=)

  39. Albert Voca

    All I got to say is shqipe we made it👐🤗🇦🇱🇽🇰

  40. laym hame

    Gashi Ft. Dua Lipa - Albanian Dream

  41. Victor Rodriguez

    Gashi be jamming

  42. Ace Reaction

    Love this songs and all your other ones keep up the good work man your killing it ❤

  43. kingetnik

    All of your songs are lit bro

  44. Sneaker fantastic

    I was hoping that you would make it to the xxl this year

  45. Sneaker fantastic

    Bro you the fucking goat tf

  46. Melos Shala


  47. freemasonry


  48. mikelanxhelo bardhi

    come on people dont fucking sleep in this artist 😤🖕🖕

  49. GoldBomb

    Waiting for a Jidenna x GASHI collab

  50. body & chill

    On veux l'album

  51. Romeo


  52. Kana Beats

    he basically summed up youtube comments haha

  53. Droopy Wolf

    Dab on those hatters and shack off those hatters

  54. Justin p

    I like the ending the best

  55. 69 subscribers with no videos

    Deserves more attention

  56. Pizza shit

    Joyner Lucas vibes?

  57. Bess

    Love cruising to this song. Thanks Gashi

  58. Adrian

    🌊 🌊 🌊

  59. Jebdamic

    Respect from Germany

  60. Kuti

    0:57 omar jones 'check my soundcloud" he got a free ad didnt he :D

  61. Lebogang Seleleko

    thank you

  62. Daniel Gclass

    GASHI will be Number 1..
    One by one he is being respect by great souls! ASAP ROCKY JOYE BADASS DJ SNAKE..
    This artists are magician fucking with the vibes
    Kinda like Gashi artist will come.. this kind of music is listen by huge artist haha
    The new favorite artist for the biggest artist in this world

    Your fans are like Mj fans, really in tune with you
    Is not a normal fan base, it is a loyal one!
    Every person i feel good with, loves your music too, when they listen your songs they become instant 4heads
    Your content is much more advanced..but still you keep advancing
    Thanks for that
    We are all watching how mind is over matter with your story life
    Big shit are about to happen Gashi
    Ain't no worries, matata

  63. Gus Sfakianos

    Gashi is trash he changed his sound when future got popular

  64. Zoots One




  66. Nick Lee


  67. Coffee and Banana

    This is amazing man! All facts and inshallah soon everyone will see the talent!! 🌙🌙🌙

    Ammar B

    Coffee and Banana InshAllah



  68. Hip Hop

    Mc kresha&gashi=🔥🔥🐐

  69. THE11TH

    I’ve been here since day one. Love your music 💜

  70. Liridon Sahiti

    G4shi is it bro... give it time. They ain’t ready for his next generation style. The industry is still tryin to make every last dollar they can from the artists today can’t blame them. I would do the same. But just remember what I’m saying G4shi is the next big thing. He is today but they ain’t ready for him. People don’t know real music. Keep it up cuzzy. love your music...👌 brothas for life

  71. DAIVN

    This video is amazing

  72. Oskar Stern

    Dude I love ur Musik. Keep up the good work and don't let the Haters get to u. <3

  73. Tom101010

    Damn 10/10

  74. Calkidan Fisseha

    Yo this is a really cool concept

  75. Skept Ik

    Deep 😪

  76. Frannie

    GASHI need to come to Dallas!

  77. Gaming with Reny


  78. Shashwata Bhowmick

    You know what? Fuck people. You are awesome ❤️ and be awesome sing such awesome songs .

  79. Paulo Rumor

    He was born in Libya not Albania.

  80. Ammar- Titi

    Guys i herd evry morning Gashi Disrecpectful song is it me or is it dope ?

  81. dysperisenjoyinghimself.

    the concept just comes across as salty. fuck with the vision though.

  82. Kevin Dikellari

    fucking legend. from another time.. just blessed to listen to your music

  83. BrendoCrypto

    I respect your work as an artist and i'm completely excited to watch your career unfold like a blossoming flower. Don't be afraid to tell the truth and speak your mind.


    Artist ❤️🔥

  85. EstebanLoewe

    Where dem clicks at tho

  86. EstebanLoewe

    Where dem clicks at tho

  87. Ruairc Healy

    Damn this is deep and you couldn’t have made this any better👌also you made it impossible for anyone to hate on this😂👌💪love you Gashi

  88. Granit Menxhiqi

    U falling off gotta make a change.

  89. gjon duhani

    My favorite track of his so far. Shit is fire!! 👐🏼 #ShqipeWeMadeIt

  90. Riad Toumi

    Great '

  91. 13 K

    Just came here to let you know gashi just went up a level in my eyes

  92. camotop popi

    Why u didn’t name this shit trolls

  93. ok ok?

    you flex bout what chu gained thru hard work, but does not be a prick about it. instant respect from me, gashi. keep slaying each track you put out

  94. benthemystic

    anyone hating has absolutely no life so it really doesn't matter. they have nothing going on in their lives so they have to bring someone else down. you are on the road to greatness. your vibe is dope - cant wait to come to a show

  95. Michi _

    Dope 👍🇩🇪