GASHI - Don't Forget Me Lyrics

I'm running like a nose bleed Dreams I Chase
Feel on a treadmill losing this race
Cause I'm running full speed ain't going no where in one place
Questioning my songs my beard my race?
Is it cause I'm bald? but my music still bangs!
Like a long spanish laugh all you see is "js"
Going broke blame it on my expensive taste
Behind a computer screen as I'm wasting my days
Looking at shit out of price range
I'm hungry like I swam all day feel ashamed pops birthday and I can't show face
Cause I'm broke
No diamond no steak
From a plastic spoon is the way that I ate
No movie plate
But this a "poor-tray"
Started from the real bottom never lost faith
Motherfuckers saying

"If you make it don't forget me"
If you make it don't forget me

If you make it don't forget me
If you make it don't for get me me me me "

If I don't make it you gon forget me
If I don't make it you gon forget me!

If I don't make it you gon forget me
If I don't make it your gon forget me!

Sometimes I say fuck life!
Fuck hype fuck your jordans and fuck nikes!
Cause I've been working all day working all night
For this worthless check and this fuck price
And my homie got life on his 3rd strike
And I just want to pipe screaming fuck wife!
And my uncle died of cancer so I'm up tight
I pray to God for an answer hope he just might
Hope he just might!
Shine bright on me!
Oh lord if you hear me I'm tired of being a blind mouse for this cheese
Sometimes I feel like putting it to my dome and squeeze squeeze
Just want to leave
Cause I'm so stressed
Chasen these checks
Mom asking "how the fuck you gon make bread? when you can't even make your motherfuckin bed"
And they still saying

"If you make it don't forget me"
If you make it don't forget me

If you make it don't forget me
If you make it don't for get me me me me "

If I don't make it you gon forget me
If I don't make it you gon forget me!

If I don't make it you gon forget me
If I don't make it your gon forget me!

Slow it down for these mother fuckers just incase they don't know
I got by the name of GASHI and I spell it with a 4...

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    I really thank you for this, it's gotten me through some times with an ex/baby mama. Your pure lyrical experiences have been good to me. Found You/Gashi through a good friend of mine who is from your part of the world. Wish that guy was still around but there was some bullshit. Anyway, I appreciate this record in particular but overall you be killin it my dude.💯

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  37. [PXH8] SmnRBG


    Yeah yeah (Hey, hey, hey)

    I never forget
    It was only a few years ago you tried to blame it
    Girl you did me wrong, you shoulda know that I can't forget (no)
    Phone is put on the side of the house we were fightin' because of a text
    I can't forget, no (No)
    Thought you was by my side, that was one big lie
    I cannot forget (No)
    I gotta leave it all behind, pretend that I'm fine (Yeah)
    Throwin' cash tonight (Yeah), she gon' work for mind (Ah)
    Please distract my mind and shake it to the side (Oh)
    Fill up my appetite, she knows she does it right
    Rich man poor choice tonight, she band aids on my lies
    Yeah, I changed, I cannot stay the same
    You love to just complain and never feel my pain
    Left me out in the rain (Yeah), put my whole name to shame
    You still to live in my vains, the high don't feel the same (No)
    You love to play these games, push my button it's insane
    You turned into a stain, washed up won't go away (Yeah)
    Made me question my faith, almost blew out my brains
    Jumped in front of a train, thank God that I was saved
    I'll never forget, facing the life
    Turnin' all red, face full of sweat (Woah)
    Wishin' I'm dead
    You playin' these games get the fuck out my head
    I feel like a mess (Yeah)
    I'm screaming, I'm thinkin' about the day you left (Yeah)
    I caught them in bed
    Girl, you shoulda know I never forget (No)
    You push me til this side and left me on the curb
    You shoulda know that I would never and ever forget (No)
    You tried to do me wrong at the lowest part of my life
    Girl that's something that I would never forget
    No lie, I miss your smile, your lips
    Your house, we laughed, we cried, what changed?
    Your mind, to leave my side
    I swear I tried, I ran out of town
    Watched your leave, your leave
    Kill me, kill me
    No, no, no, no (No)
    I'll never forget, night that you left
    Caused me this stress, wasn't the best
    Sick of the lies wasn't the sex
    One 69, ain't talkin about head
    It's a two way, show me respect
    Ain't about the bread, ain't about no cheque
    All of the time had to invest
    Did everything I coulda done
    You still left me out here for days
    Miss you beside me
    But now all I see
    You tried to drown me (Drown me, baby)
    Get the fuck above me (Wouh)
    You tried to claw me (Wouh)
    Tried to call my phone and just forget (Prrr, hello)
    I swear to God and everything I love I always try to just forget (Forget it)
    I was scared to be alone but baby I no longer feel afraid (No)
    Just get up and go outside and face my fears no longer hard
    I just go flex (Yeah)
    I swear they always care when it's too late
    And they find out someone is dead (Oh oh)
    And I'ma found someone who love me
    As much as I love countin' this bread (Bread)
    That's a fact (I'll never forget)
    Just know (I'll never forget)
    Ain't nothing but the truth (I'll never forget)
    We know what it is, we see the same shit, anytime
    We about this bitch


    [PXH8] SmnRBG third line instant a mistake

    [PXH8] SmnRBG

    @Cxnnxr_y ?


    [PXH8] SmnRBG he says: you try to blame ME

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  72. Special Uninvited Guest

    @ 4:19: an albanina folk singer is singing, her name is _'Shkurte Fejza' (which translates into "Shorty Victorious" in English ('Fejza' has its roots in arabic/hebrew 'feiza'))._

    At the time when Kosovo was under Yugoslav rule her songs were forbidden. Bc she was singing in Albanian language (mind you that the lingua franca was serbo-croatian and other languages were not recognized by Yugoslav rule). The yugoslav (specifically serbian) authority saw her and her music as a threat for Yugoslavia and destroyed all of her tracks. After all her audios were taken away she continued making music, but her music still spread 'down low' (aka "black market"). She had literally hero status back then, as many albanians saw her as some sort of a spokesperson for the albanian minority in Yugoslavia. And of course enjoyed hearing music in their own mother tongue.
    Her most famous song is _"Oj Kosovo, nëna ime" (Oh Kosovo, my mother")_ and also the song that brought her the biggest problems. She was in jail, harassed and beaten up by several serbian police men. On a daily basis, for several years. Ppl also claim she was raped during her jail time (like I said, she personally never said that). While she was in jail her husband continued selling her music. Even after few years jail and all the beatings and insults she still continued making music and singing in Albanian tongue. Till to this day. She is (like her and her music or not) a true fighter and a woman that got more balls than a lot guys that act though but get in their feelings bc of some lame ass diss. She was an enemy to a regime and never gave up. Today she can sing in Albanian without fearing to be shot dead or end up in jail and being beaten up.

    Maybe this explains why a lot Albanian fans support Gashi and other musicians with Alb. ancestry; bc back in the day an albanian was not even allowed to make music. Which is something that not a lot folks can relate. Ethnic Kurds in Turkey would be another group of ppl that were suppressed the same way. So I guess Kurds could relate with this; most probably also other folks that went the same "road".

    We're all human, no matter which tongue or ethnicity. But politics ruin a lot ppl and ruin also their minds. God bless. Hoping for a better future for everyone♡

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