GASHI - Coming Down Lyrics

I took a trip to the sunshine state
And now she's stuck in my head all day
I don't know how to drink your love away
Don't know how to make the sunshine stay, ay
6AM and I can't escape

Give it up for a love like that
Made my money where my heart is at
Now you're losin', don't realize I'm winnin'
Tryna drink myself a new beginning
6AM and I can't turn back

Mama, I think I'm coming down
There's too much madness in this town
I know it's messed up, but it feels like I'm losing
Feels like I'm losing my high
Mama, I think I'm coming down

(I'm feeling high, don't wanna come down)

Mama, I think I'm coming down

Feelin' real sick right now
Feelin' low, I need a pogo stick right now
Had to leave the block and chase my dream right now
Feelin' like I'm runnin' out of steam right now
I stay chasin' Californication
I'm kinda fakin', I just wanna make it
Screamin' out

But I lo-lo-lo-lose my light
But I ge-ge-ge-get off sight
I was only messing with the high life
I just can't stop, can't stop

Mama, I think I'm coming down
There's too much madness in this town
I know it's messed up, but it feels like I'm losing
Feels like I'm losing my high
Mama, I think I'm coming down

(I'm feeling high, don't wanna come down)

Mama, I think I'm coming down

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GASHI Coming Down Comments
  1. duffimuffi

    Every time when I'm coming down i listen to this song 😂😝😍👍🏻

  2. Haz Matt

    this is the best song i'd never heard.

  3. Tue Kediy


  4. M 83 R

    Dieser Song ist nur suuuuper absolut !!! Nur so kurz ....schade

  5. Wilhelm Rasmussen

    i hear it in my fitness center and i love it :)

  6. Kleanthi Draci

    Amazing song 🔝🔝🔝🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  7. Kleanthi Draci


  8. Kleanthi Draci

    Albania legent

  9. Kleanthi Draci

    When Albania United ✈✈✈🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱👑👑

  10. deliRium

    Am i the only one or does she sounds like Sia ?!???!😍🥰

  11. Leotique

    love it ! Thought you only write songs, didn't know you sing them as an artist too :)

  12. Anna Rączka

    oh my god😍

  13. Sümeyye İşler

    Bu şarkı çok özel ve çok güzel. İçimde unutulmuş ve hatırlanmaya değer bulunmayan yitip gitmiş tüm duygularıa hitap ediyor nedense. Esrarengiz bi büyüsü var. Her dinlediğimde bi düşüş içerisnde olduğumu hissediyorum. Garip ve hoş :/

  14. Hi Itsme

    This song is sooo freaking good Idk why it's getting so low attention

  15. It's Yuna

    The melodie sounds like Same old Love from Selena Gomez

  16. YT_Currus

    Im germenys


    Soo cool man. I listening this music in summer.

  18. Acathexis Orenda

    Most underdog song ever

  19. Fernando Siordia

    This sounds like that one Selena Gomez song I think it’s same love

  20. Sapphire The Fourth

    Ayyy came from druck, such a good song

  21. B Lo

    THAT'S THE SUMMER SONG 2019 (and not this other bullshit song) - I love love love this great song and her voice...mmmmh✌👌

  22. Manuela Eck

    Sommersong 2019, bitte mehr davon.

  23. btsfan riyaana

    I know your mom is a doctor in sweden right she's so nice

  24. Joschka Lutzer

    THIS BEAT ♡.♡ THOSE VOICES ♡.♡ THE BASS ♡.♡ #like

  25. HAYABUSA 99

    FIFA 20? Maybe 30. July🤙🏽

  26. Berosar

    she slurs all her words except for in the chorus

  27. Aysegul Topcu Çalışır

    Türkler bi ses verin be kardeşim

  28. GTR LFA

    Thank you Kida & Gashi 🇦🇱🇺🇸☀️

  29. Filtr Germany

    So much talent in one video <3

  30. Luka 21

    So many dislikes😅😏

  31. Daniela Ryan

    If you don’t love this guy. You have serious problems. This is dope g wow 😮

  32. Abin Benoy

    1:05 who are those two people , I want to know

  33. Стакан Гранёный

    пиздатая мелодия..завораживает.

  34. Joseph Geier

    covered by Tito % Tarantula...

  35. Fidan Alqayeva


  36. Emran Gashi

    Love from Kosovo🇽🇰 and Austria🇦🇹

  37. MoobertStew

    Same old love

  38. Tue Kediy


  39. Gül Akyel


  40. theofficial_peppino

    Mama i'm think i coming down 🎵

  41. Иери

    Blya, idealno nahuy

  42. Yhskal As

    şarkı çok iyi fakat izlenmesi çok düşük umarım daha çok kitleye ulaşır :)

  43. Tural Suleymanov


  44. Shpend Hajredinaj

    Albanian power, bless you my brothers 👐

  45. Patrice Scholz

    Google war auch meine idee

  46. Tarun Wadhwani

    I'm coming down for love to this song and music 😍

  47. James Wade

    What a track, stunning... simply stunning.

  48. Alexa Müller


  49. moosebreeder

    Youtube commercial brought me here lol

  50. wizard treat

    Kiddo !! Finally !! Pls do more!!

  51. jeton shala

    Gangsta mash up

  52. serkan sarigul


  53. Jan Nachtigall

    Ich liebe diesen Song.

  54. Georgia Dk

    I get those "same old love" vibes from Selena Gomez 💛

  55. nick lani

    Bro I love this song. Thumbs up my Albanian brother. 🇦🇱 🇦🇱

  56. Mohd Shauki Khalil

    (Y) <(") :-) <3 BEST SONG. 6 star song

  57. joo bbro

    Respect from Croatia 🇦🇱🇽🇰🇭🇷

  58. michael brandt

    schöner song

  59. Gaurang Daraji

    Came from add can't go anywhere now. Damm good one.👌👌👌

  60. Dawn Holmes

    Probably my favourite song at the moment

  61. Taylor

    I thought this was a major hit.. it’s on german radio all the time

  62. Stoner _196

    Nice music girl

  63. sean sajina

    I think this will blow up.

  64. Ina _

    Amazing song!!!!🙏🙏🙏

  65. It's ya boi Aldo says

    *When I thought my answers are correct and done quickly but I hear my friend's answers are different from me and teacher said his answers are the right one*

    _Mama I think I'm coming downnnnnnnnnnnnn~_

  66. Shehan Muranga

    Very nice song and music

  67. Иван Рогов

    Очень классная музыка и странный клип) хотя если его сами исполнители нарисовали, то норм XD

  68. Ungnome

    Here before 1 million views
    1 like = before 1 million

  69. Lucía

    0:42 mamá hace caca xd

  70. Trushal Patel

    Who's here before this blows up

  71. Sabine U

    Great 👌

  72. Takeo

    came from Triple J!!! love this!!

  73. Grant Dowden

    This song, or kiddo will take off soon! There's a Collab with Ericsson, Sony music accounts follow the instagram and even DJ snake follows KIDDO🔥

  74. Yaboirash Yeeet

    Underrated!!, waiting for it to reach a mil,

  75. Mabel Dipper

    Probably the most underrated Song i know

  76. Găinușa pufoasă

    Who's from Tik Tok?

  77. dontgiveafuck

    Affff this song is underrated. This artists are very underrated 😕😕😢😢

  78. Selena Vako

    Lov u Gashi! 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  79. ForTheLastGame

    Best Voice of the year already!!

  80. Brennsessel


  81. MykBlauuw

    shoutouts to Bugbee "Walk of Shame"

  82. Bobby Lol

    This songs is gonna blow in 2 months! (At least I desperately hope so ;) )


    Ikr .Btw it would be kind if you Checkout my videos too

  83. Naydeen Birst

    picture a school or a drug teach it yet money be free yet a leash as we never front equal yet as lies depict the denies addiction but is willing to use for tax to kill recession NOI CONTROL DESOLUTION


    Yea totally.Btw it would be kind if you Checkout my videos too

  84. Adrien Pasbecq

    Looks like it's a plagiat of Selena Gomez - Same old love ...

  85. Ron Cazzato

    Trashmusic for shortminded morons....

  86. etleva halili

    so dope man 😍

  87. morrighan02

    One of the very few times I actually clicked on an ad, to hear the full song and add it to my playlist. It's great! keep it up :)

  88. Sabine U

    Hammer 👌👌👌❤️

  89. This tune is huge! I love it

  90. Sylvia Kern, geb. Stecher

    Schöne Gestaltung.

  91. Ritik dHiman

    electric melody fire and sExophone!!!

  92. Defrim Gjyshka

    Grande Gashi

  93. Danny


  94. Olds Aurora

    Sounds like the song from "From Dusk Till Dawn" , you know, the dancing scene :-)

  95. Jonas stx.

    I lovee this song 😍😍😍

  96. The Flow Move Mix

    Perfect for my Flow Move Mix - the kids will love your beat bro!

  97. McTatty P

    Love it!!! 😊😊❤️❤️💖💖

  98. Happy Cloud

    Lyrics :