GASHI - Blame It On The Bag Lyrics

If you wonderin' why I changed up
Tell 'em the money is why I changed up
I'm gettin' high, smokin' with angels
You know I can't hate, that's what a lame does
Bring it back, stackin' this money, but I still can't forget the past
Stack it up and save it 'cause this rap shit never lasts
Never spittin' no lies 'cause you know this shit is facts
Motherfuckers is mad 'cause they never scratched my back
I did it on my own and I don't owe you nothin' now
Had to go and get it and make momma proud
All of my bitches and exes are so mad
'Cause they know that I finally just got the bag
You know you can blame it on the fuckin' cash
Told you when I get it I'ma fuckin' spaz

You can blame it on the bag

If she badmouth me, you know that thot broke
I got so much money, I might go cop a Picasso
Oh my God, this Stone Island got me drippin'
Now all of my hatin' cousins wanna come and visit
At the airport, paparazzi snappin' all these pictures
Still can remember on the last day
That I was feelin' kinda sad
Oh my God, all this cash
Every time I see these bitches, they all look mad
Tellin' me I'm different but you know I know that
Chuck the deuce and tell 'em they can just
Blame it, blame it, blame it on the bag
You know that I always wanted all of that
Told you when I get it, I ain't comin' back
Every time I see these haters, always mad

You can blame it on the bag

Fuck that, bring it back, don't you ever forget just where I started
I heard your favorite rapper album and that shit is garbage
Out of everyone on that list, you know that I'm the hardest
Took my momma out of debt, you know I'm on it
Stuntin' hard, stuntin' hard with the swag
Want it all, 'bout to blow a hunnid racks
I want more, tell 'em gimme all of that
All of this cash be the reason why I sag
Put this shit on my mama and dad
I only do this for my mom and dad, put God above all my cash
In a Bentley as I hit the gas, I used to be a supa, baggin' trash
And now these haters can

Blame it on the bag
Blame it on the bag
Blame it on the bag

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GASHI Blame It On The Bag Comments
  1. Hokage 2004

    it sounds like trippie redd hellboy man the beat

  2. 100 realistic

    This dude is slept on

  3. Alona Gazdik

    Ur so inspirational proud of u

  4. Eric K

    You're a G bro thank you for keeping it real

  5. Zoots One


  6. Derek Salazar

    This shit harder than anything suck my dick if you don’t love this guy

  7. Eewwwa Ewwaa

    te dua shuumm

  8. Ejo Delgol

    Locked up, never open it again....⚡... i appreciate you so much, Gashi...🌸

  9. Daniël F

    This man is so underrated. Just got a New fan

  10. Say Goodbye

    I don’t understand how this song doesn’t have millions of views. It’s a straight banger🔥

  11. Breza Illyria

    Like my grandfather Aziz said to me.

    " every people on this earth was created equal, but a few of them was created Albanian "

  12. roberto c


  13. no_naxe da boss

    2019 and still pumping it

  14. _EL PRINCIPE_ MiLiTo

    2019 my Shqipe🇦🇱🔝🇦🇱🔝🇦🇱🔝🇦🇱🔝

  15. SpabRog


  16. Th3_OhZ0ne

    Discovered this man today. Wow. At least we can relate. This is motivating af.

  17. MetroSB

    This came out on my birthday. It's a sign for greatness weolo

  18. Michael Bell

    This is my morning start everyday this song is played, straight motivation. This is real music

  19. Darkz The Pleb

    not a fan of the vid but the song is under rated

  20. aldin konjuhi

    but wait, who cleaned up all the money on the ground and in the water

  21. Ann Allison

    Oh my god...this beat is massive! Not to mention his lyrics are on point!! Thus far im loving all his shit. Radio needs to be all on top of Gashi...for real for real! Love him.

  22. Bengalbarbie Tv

    You make me madd

  23. Rainbow Jellybeans

    The garbages - the story of every Albanian kid growing up lol

  24. Maryjane Babino


  25. daboiswrld

    beat knocks

  26. Jim Panse


    Greetings from Germany

  27. NeZoX 49

    Je kif cette instru qui et aigue joyeux avec sa voit qui sa trop bien c comme les instru avec la flûte c ouf comment c vizn la c la même chose

  28. Martianss


  29. Miztah OlSkool

    chuck the deuce? is it a person? dead.

    Chunk the deuce <-- !!!

    Song is great.

  30. Fota Rks

    to good ♥️

  31. The Don

    wherr are the views??

  32. Robo Jacko

    This shit is underrated.Like this


    23 GUSHT 2018 🔝

  34. Radical Lyrics

    This video is so so so so so so so so fucking underrated

  35. Tim Ademaj


  36. march vibes

    blame it on the bag is my fave now

  37. Horst Stechert

    I´m from Germany and I wanted to say: Thank you! That´s dope! Gashi is the hardest, for real

  38. Hannah gray

    Do not sign to them, Go to sony or republic records.

  39. EnisNevesinjac


  40. Heavy Equipments


  41. Heavy Equipments

    So firee!!

  42. Dennis Albert

    thanks for the talk boss.. sick!!

  43. Cimmi Bellaqa


  44. Ethan Bernstein

    My Albanian brother!! You are fire and make us proud!! Love from the D

  45. Daniel Asgari

    This is 🔥🔥 look forward to more joints from this artist 👌🏼


    Heard this shit was like who is this shit 🔥

  47. A Leo

    This tune is the plug! his show tomorrow in London gonna be lit!

  48. Carlos Santos

    Gashi is the best

  49. Dre Hernandez

    good song.... horrible jacket

  50. lolwhat

    So I guess the cure to wanting it all is getting the bag

  51. Sercan Durmus

    The Best Lyrics that I've ever heard in my life.. And I'm personally a philosophical. 100% real G4shi

  52. Gorkoff

    it`s amazing respect from Russia)

  53. Triippin -_-

    Congratulations this a banger to god bless🙏🏽

  54. Maureen Dedaj

    Albanians do it the best🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Cesxr Alexxnder


  56. Carlos Santos

    Good Good Good


    On top 👌

  58. Alonso Ceballos

    cool shit

  59. Alan O.


  60. Albatros Dreshaj

    i love you bro keep making music. albo for fucking life. much love from NH and shout out to all albanians💪

  61. Ultra Speedy

    Been thinking you were black for the longest

  62. cashmoneyad

    Big Nucci collab would be dope af

  63. Flip Daxany

    Man this dude snapped and still made it catchy af this shit 🔥

  64. Mirlind Murseli

    Super dope

  65. Will Churchill

    The moral of the story. money change a person, and clearly their music.


    Will Churchill well this kinda music id wht ppl like so they kinda have to make music like this

  66. Fxns

    That beginning is legendary

  67. Mina Ohhom


  68. Deinetoten 1029


  69. Sultan Ayub

    Tune!... Yep this will deffo blow up! #30/05/18

  70. Cameron Wansley

    When you say "motherfucker" in your rap but aren't ballsy enough to put it in your lyric video without censoring it, you know this shit ain't hard. Buncha trendy bullshit. Your mouth ain't iced out enough to warrant a mumbled chorus, your raps are weak AF & this video does nothing to subvert the same teal & tangerine colour-grading of every other video on the market. Derivative, my dude, fucking derivative garbage.

    Cameron Wansley

    Nah bruh, I'm a realist

  71. Delarey Samuel

    Congrats on your success bro. Keep up the hard work

  72. Remixed Rhythms

    Time to start off my day listening to a few of your songs, and get to work myself. Really loving all of your music! 😊💞

  73. Filip Fabiszewski

    Thats fucking lit

  74. Bye Bye Booi

    You will be the most successful rapper of all time hope you live forever

  75. wiz khalifa420

    He from Brooklyn NY right?

  76. The Wandering Composer

    I really like this tune. Time to go make some music myself with all the inspiration! 💕💗😳

  77. Shiloh Ayala

    I want that jacket he has on, anyone know where I can find something like that


    This shit hard real talk 🔥🔥

  79. Tutorials - Explain Everything


  80. replica madebyemadnes

    give me this beat i wil it clean it for you cus u dont clean any more i see u gona go soon back

  81. Arbios Kastrati

    How the Fuck does this song not blow up ?!!!?!?!?!?!

  82. 7money0man7

    My inspiration.

  83. Franky Hash

    honestly glad he's getting more attention now but that song is probably his weakest. still wishing him all the best!

  84. Sercan Durmus

    Nobody do this shit like you g4shi. We need more like this.

  85. Goldman CC


  86. Badass Beats

    Time to start off my day listening to a few of your tunes, and get to work myself. Really loving all of your music! 😄💞💜

  87. aldin konjuhi

    There is no one out there that has better songs than you or that can even begin to explain your songs🇦🇱❤️mad respect bro

  88. aldin konjuhi

    Listened to this song 55 times straight while playing csgo Fuck it shqipe we made it

  89. aldin konjuhi

    Forget fire its lavvvvvaa

  90. aldin konjuhi

    Its f***ing fire bro

  91. aldin konjuhi

    Gashi man keep on doing what your doing im 10 and i love all your songs bro 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  92. Bahruz Azizov

    I love Gashi's music , but I have to be honest, this song is trash..