Gary Puckett & The Union Gap - Don't Give In To Him Lyrics

It starts out with a kiss
Even though you're only friends
Now there's nothing wrong with this
But this is where his act begins

He'll hold you and tell you that's what love is for
Oh, but don't give in to him (don't give in to him)
No, don't give in to him (ah)
'Cause he will only ask for more

You don't want to lose him
So you let him have his way
You don't dare refuse him
Because you know the price you'll pay

He's bragging that he's never lost before
So don't give in to him (don't give in to him)
No, no, don't give in to him (ah)
'Cause he will only ask for more

Baby, don't give in to him (don't give in to him)
No, no, don't give in to him (ah)
'Cause I'm the one who loves you more

No, no, don't give in to him (don't give in to him)
Please don't give in

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Gary Puckett & The Union Gap Don't Give In To Him Comments
  1. Sandra Rice

    Awesome never gets old!

  2. Marcello Via.

    What and music were so much better then!!

  3. Robyn Heavner

    My favorite! All their songs tell a story. Some more haunting than others! Beautiful!

  4. George Lewko

    People. Listen you can really understand what he’s saying. Clearly hear the words. Today’s music not so well.

  5. Gary Giampa

    hi from 1969

  6. Gary Giampa

    hi I love this song thank you the best

  7. foolbuster

    One of the best male voices of the 60's. This is one of my favorites that I don't hear too often.

  8. Darlene Carol Sima

    God I love this man and his song, his voive. I was only about 15-16 yrs.old then and didn't Gary Puckett and The Union Gap come to our Elmwood Park Il High School in 1968. They Played In Our School Gymnasium. They were the best ever of the 60's! I will never forget them, ever! Thank you for your wonderful songs and mysic. Gary Puckett your an absolute doll!

  9. Robert Courtney

    Great song. My favorite by them is "Could I" followed closely by "Home"

  10. Frankie C

    This is great.My favorite by The Union Gap is the beautiful OVER YOU. This Girl Is A Woman Now is excellent too!

    Jim Rankin

    All 6 of their big hits were excellent. So many acts had far more hits but very few among them could you find 6 songs as good as theirs

  11. takemeback2

    It is a great one and always good to hear.

  12. David Gates

    Thank you, I had forgot all about this great song and such a beautiful voice.

  13. bobby bob

    Thank you, Music Mike.

  14. gunnnzz

    what a voice!!

  15. Chris Klingler

    got this album

    Jim Rankin

    Got all 4 of their albums. This one had "This Girl Is a Woman Now" as well as "Don't Give In to Him". Most of their songs were original & very good.

  16. MsTburch

    Probably my favorite Gary Puckett and the Union Gap you guys!!!!!

  17. Scott Harbison

    Gary Puckett (and the Union Gap) had so many outstanding hits in such a short time, it's almost impossible to pick just one favorite!  This definitely is one of them, if not the best!

  18. John Collins

    another great song with a good story

  19. K Smiley WAISNOR

    I agree , it is rarely played on oldies radio. Great song.

  20. Linn Hoopes

    A voice that could be heard clear across San Diego Bay. Great music I miss so much.

  21. Nickcat5

    "Don't give in to him,'Cause he'll will only ask for more'... Does that make him a bad guy???

  22. Leanne Brown

    The beautiful sound of the great, incomparable Gary Puckett!


    The Clarences love & support Gary Puckett & Union Gap!

  24. Geraldina Lagos


  25. DURound

    Seems to end sooner than I recall on the album.

    Jim Rankin

    They cut it off too soon here, by at least 20 seconds.

  26. Cynthia's Channel


  27. Cynthia's Channel


  28. madisonmosman

    aahhh yes , i remember those teenage years of being pressured (temptation) lol

  29. tyme4mike

    Hey Mike. How ya been? I just came across this oldie and can remember well the times we sat around the jukeboxes in the area and shoved handfuls of change into the Rock-Olas and Seeburgs and Wurlitzers so we could hear greats like this over and over and over. Thanks for a great upload...again. :)

  30. MusicMike's "Flashback Favorites"

    @Desiree50 ---Got your "drift".......sadly, I did my share of "pressuring" as a teenager. Lol.

  31. Toby Kendrick

    @StanBennet Ditto! I met him three times. He is kool. After a concert he intermingles with the crowds. Just saw him last January / February in fact.

  32. StanBennet

    Ever get the chance to meet Gary Puckett, do so. He's one of the finest people on the planet. He was able to put up with me lol!

  33. F111C4EVER

    Pure gold 1960's music, laced with copious quantities of sexual overtones which were the hallmark of many of the Gary Puckett and the Union Gap's hit songs.(Lady Willpower, Young Girl, Woman Woman, Don't Give in to Him, This Girl is a Woman Now immediately come to mind.) Thanks Gary for making my adolescent years back then so vibrant...........

  34. borntobewilder9

    Music Mike in the house again! Nice track!

  35. pause10two4

    A fine song, Mike, which probably doesn't get too much air time because no one today wants to admit the message in the song is a good one...

  36. amy butchas

    Saw him in '86 in concert and he still had that beautiful voice then. Great sounding video. thanks

  37. tropicalpancake56

    Beautiful, Mike....thank you.............

  38. jsbach15

    Just subscribed. Great collection of music! Forgot about this little gem from this group. TERRIFIC melody! 2 thumbs up!

  39. rslitman

    This is the only one of their hit singles that I liked. Recently, I saw a greatest hits type of CD for the group that didn't even contain this song but had others that weren't hits! The only "excuse" I can think of is that this one came later than the others, and the CD I saw may have been a straight reissue of a vinyl edition that was originally released before this one was a hit. Still, they should have considered making it a bonus cut.

    Jim Rankin

    I don't understand why they wouldn't include this song. I'm sure all greatest hits albums from them came after this song was released. They only had 6 big hits & this was 1 of them. It is frustrating to me when I'm looking for a greatest hits album from an artist & they don't include key hits that I love.