Gary Numan - Your Fascination Lyrics

My confession
I'll steal anything in sight or sound
My confession
This is the sound of fear
And I'll fall down

I don't need it
If you're gonna leave then do it soon
I don't need it
Everything you've ever seen
I've seen before

Leave her to me
Leave her to me

I don't suppose you ever laughed at me
Your fascination leaves me cold
I don't suppose you ever loved at all

I don't need it
I don't need it

If you want it
Every little girl is welcome here

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Gary Numan Your Fascination Comments
  1. MrHumanracin

    I'd love Gary to make another album with lots of female backing vocals, preferably Toni Halliday!

  2. MrHumanracin

    I love this album (The Fury) !

  3. stan exo

    This era might have been flawed but I'm really into it lol

  4. rat jarvis

    this is arguably the most 80s thing i've ever watched???

  5. david hefner

    There is only one ward:

  6. michael John

    Utter craaaaaaaaap!!!

  7. TAY1DN // GaryNuman&KraftwerkFan2006 NAUTTP

    He looks cool with white tuxedo!

  8. Chris Sealey

    Great vocals by Tessa Nile’s,Tracy Adams was his girlfriend at the time.Tessa was also the voice that Tracy mimed to on I can’t stop

  9. odd human

    I love Gary's looks in this video.

  10. donald milne

    He's married to a pout trout now,

  11. Rosi Oliveira

    Amazing, sincere early days ❤️

  12. RJ Nuzzi

    Numan lost in drum machine wasteland... losing his way

  13. Thom Alf

    Gary's ex. Man, was she a hottie

    odd human

    ok thankyou for letting me know

    Thom Alf

    @odd human no problem ;)

    Tommy Varekai

    she's a pornstar apparently?

    odd human

    errrm no comment

    Lucky Charm

    @Tommy Varekai Err, no. The woman in the video is Tracey Adam, there's a porn star called Tracey Adams.

  14. cateliper

    No more bitches ... for now

  15. James Davies

    Amazing... just amazing

  16. franticj67

    Love this song... the lyrics "If you want it... every little girl is welcome here" though have always given me slight pause...

    Ryan Hunter

    Should've thought of reworking the lyrics before they released it.

  17. Lisa Zoria

    Eh... this really wasn't the best era of Gary's music.

    Javier Carriles Suárez

    Lisa Zoria no

    Michael MacLeod

    It's better than the Dance era.

    Modsleix 6

    It does have it's moments, not many but, it does have them...


    The industry tried to turn him into Prince/Michael Jackson


    no good single choices the fury had much better songs

  18. Amanda Moore

    Great song and he looks amazing. So glad he Met Gemma though as he looks ruddy incredible now and his current style of music is epic. Gemma deffo did him proud. x

    Maria Baverstock

    Amanda Moo yes, I agree, she def sorted him out for the better. Got him back on track!

  19. stu

    Is that Tracy Ackerman? She is effin gorgeous. Prob about 50 now. He is so loved up with Gemma the girls and Bernard now. They are a good looking family. Wouldn't be surprise to see one of the girls in the charts soon

    Marcia Patrine

    She's Tracy Adams

  20. Radek Holodňák

    What a superb quality! Thank you so much!

  21. Sue

    Dunno if its true but someone told me this isnt her singing its one of his backing singers but they put her in the video cos shes pretty and was his g/f, I think she was a model she was in some soft porn looking pics in lads mags in the 80s, usually with another girl, no surprise there for a lads mag ha

    Chris Sealey

    Sue Tessa Niles,also does vocals on I can’t stop

    Rick Deckard

    she's his cousin or smtg too

  22. Евгений Румянцев

    Gary.numan -revolution music!

  23. SheWoreLemon83

    That chick's hair is bigger than Gary...but man is he cute in this video.

  24. Alistair Thomson

    first time I've watched that - thanks