Gary Moore - I'll Play The Blues For You Lyrics

When you're down and out
And you feel real hurt
Come on over to the place where I work
Loneliness I try to soothe
I'll play the blues for you

Don't be afraid, come on in
You might run across
Some of your old friends
Loneliness I try to soothe
I'll play the blues for you

I ain't no big name
And I ain't no big star
But I'll play the blues for you on my guitar
Loneliness I try to soothe
I'll play the blues for you

Yes, I will
Excuse me

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Gary Moore I'll Play The Blues For You Comments
  1. Vineeta Sehgal

    So beautifully soothing....

  2. Ronnie Smith

    I have I'll Play The Blues For You signed by Jerry Beach himself and his band. R.I.P. Jerry

  3. Alfie Henshall

    Great version of Albert King song. Check out the original. 👍😉🎸

  4. Stella Ercolani


  5. Kamy GG

    *Smooth Blues*

  6. Tony Dompier

    Thank you Gary for all the great gifts before you left!

  7. Radu Vasile

    da iese finuta melodie ii play the

  8. Bogdan Fedorowiec

    The Blues Coryphaeus

  9. Monte Whisenhunt

    Extremely cool version of this Albert King classic


    giggity good shit

  11. Cain Smale

    RIP Gary

  12. DERedhead65

    thinking of you Kenny Jones, Blues Man... this is for you.  Miss you Buddy <3

  13. Paul Varlaro

    Cool vidio from the best blues man!

    Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam

    Thanks Paul. Glad you like it and we all miss Gary!!

  14. Donatella Bolcato

    Mostro di bravura fantastico

  15. Bojana Filipovic

    Gary is the greatest!

  16. Chris Luta

    B M just jeepin it sinple😎

  17. Boony Tooty

    Daniel Castro plays a beautiful version also

  18. geoffrey attwood

    very cool!

  19. DTurn12

    We miss you Gary! RIP

  20. Fiona A


  21. Teresa Grimalt

    Gary un maestro, con la guitarra, su voz,y este maravilloso Blues.
    Un beso alli dónde estes.🤗😍

  22. Arnold Piotr Wątruch

    fantastic ... thank you -...

    Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam

    My pleasure.

  23. Enigmatic the only one

    I grew up listening to Gary Moore's music it's the Greatest Blues you will ever hear.. the after hours album is my all time favorite and will always be.

  24. robert sumners

  25. Sheila Barron

    If I could go to my better half work I know he would Soothe my Blues away love love love this song Rest in Peace Gary Moore Awesome Bliesman

  26. Sheila Barron

    Gary Moore if I could come to the place we're you work you could Soothe my Blues away Rest in Peace Awesome Bluesman

  27. Sheila Barron

    Gary Moore Thank you for playing the Blues for US Such a Amazing Bluesman So Soothing for the Mind Body and Soul

  28. Tony Y

    Mellow goodness. Quite a contrast to his aggressive, full-on rock playing. :)

  29. Valentina Pancheva


  30. Kirsten Richards

    I just love Gary so much.It's as simple as that~

  31. dimitris sagiannis


  32. By Myself

    Sometimes that's All ya can do Play the Blues(RIP)Gary LOVE this song TY💙

  33. Sheila Barron

    (RIP) Gary Thank you 4 your LOVE and Your BLUES NEVER FORGOTTEN ✌💙

  34. Gratiana

    fenomenalne ...

  35. Tommy K

    all 59 of you who disliked this I am not going to tell you where you should go. You should know that already. This was a masterpiece from Gary, so soulful that no one can ever replicate that. I wish he was still here with us and share his knowledge and experience in life. I am thankful for this man, he has changed my world at least. Rest In Peace Gary, we all miss you!

  36. Daniel Downs

    If you can not hear the influence BB had on Gary your FUCKING DEAF

  37. michael hargrave

    he may no longer be with us but his music will last forever...Thank you for great blues music..R.I.P

  38. margaret sullivan

    Play the Blues for the angels , Gary  !!!  God bless you 1     Euphoric !

  39. Nicoleta Vago

    Thank you. Beautiful video and song.

    Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam

    You're welcome, Nicoleta. Glad you like it. Have a nice day.

  40. warrior v

    what a bad asss song

  41. precision Brown

    Why thumbs down? You shoulda caught him when he was living the blues

  42. NewFlamenco

    I heard this version in an LP bar in Korea while half-cut, been looking for it ever since. I should have known it was Gary...

  43. Tridib Gogoi

    A true legend , unrecognized by his own fraternity. But we salute you , you have , Gary entertained us for a decade and still your music lives in our heart and soul.

  44. Tom Prezioso

    This does not sound anything like Gary Moore voice or guitar and the changes are wrong

    Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam

    Buy the CD "Old New Ballads Blues" 2006 and find out for yourself.

  45. cheryl taylor

    rest in peace love

  46. cheryl taylor

    u are no 1 no doubt forever

  47. cheryl taylor

    i love u

  48. Robert Bailey

    love it

  49. Aldo Todo Música Aldo All Music

    Gary Moore The Best.

  50. Anna Korcheva

    COOL !!

  51. the smegbahelix

    jimi garca🎸

    the smegbahelix

    Gary was THE BEST his vocals carried and extended his emotions
    as masterfully as his guitar

  52. Sonya Whatever


  53. Gydh

    Magnificent Gary Moore!!! R.I.P. Thank you for sharing...

    Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam

    You're welcome. Glad you like it. We all miss Gary!

  54. Ron Roberts


    Thomas Lane

    Ron Roberts crazy as hell

  55. Nestor Alvarez


  56. Robert Kinhamer

    The king of blues

  57. Honey Bunny

    love it!!!

  58. matt giovanni

    GM, Your are one true blues legend and im sure you are playing the blues for the angels right now. cheers for all the good memories.

  59. Moises Flores

    Todas tu soledad voy a tratar de calmar.
    Voy a tocar blues para ti


    I Love you Man!Your very cool

  61. tosia lesniak


    Charlie Homrighouse

    Seen joe twice, great in his own right. Not quite in Gary Moore's league. Thanks.

  62. Çrzy 8ball Çat Mack

    The Unity of the Two,... Exsistin' as one....A soulful love that enlightens our souls of their unity... such as rare gift to feel within you.

  63. Scott Cohen

    good version other than he changed the turnaround from the original which goes to three instead of the five and is also much funkier

  64. JustAintThatWay

    He was the best - that's all there is to it.

  65. Nick Ghurchumelia


  66. Charlie C.

    For those diehards like me...check out Joe Bonamassa's tribute to Gary for this song....really good...

    Alice Noot

    i will check that out.. thanks xx

    Keith HB

    Yup - Bonamassa is one of the greats..

    Prashant Bhookya

    Counter suggestion mate, try out Daniel Castro's rendition

  67. Captain garittek

    backing track ?

  68. Eric Klein

    Gary M...Mr. King of the blues.

  69. Paul G

    Truly one of the greats Artists he will be missed R.I.P.

  70. valis craver

    This is the blues, it feels so good. Nothing can take the place of the blues. Women come and go but the blues is always with us. They are the reason the blues is so good, it feels just right and nothing can take it's place.

    James Bridge

    valis craver the blues are with us BECAUSE women come and go...

  71. Ozeliak

    Minha alma viaja nessas músicas do Gary Moore; é muita sensibilidade...

  72. 가을나그네

    good !!

  73. Myanna Magic

    Fantastic !🎸👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  74. bobbyvw1

    Heerlijke plaat kerel. Bedankt voor het delen!

  75. sosso sof



    I always marveled at how some guitarists transition to the blues. some stay and some return. Jon mayer is another that offered great passion in his playing. though I felt he only visits before seeking other genre modified efforts

  77. Schuster Hans-Jörg

    Wow. Nach. B.B. King der Beste.

  78. Baby

    I really like this version..He moves me to tears and Rocks MY SOUL..PLAY the Blues 4 ME..I wish he was here..This is so Pretty..HIS Passion was 20 Men...

  79. Worldwide Ghosts

    Very nice!

  80. Robert Hawn

    I like this version by Daniel Castro on his No Surrender album

  81. Diego A. Umaña

    Awesome song... RIP MASTER. You are definitely missed...

  82. p123

    I think Jimi Prime Time Smith's version is better. It is perhaps less proficient technically, but it has more soul.

  83. james dean 357

    cool....very in a mood of ,,purple

  84. TheDemockery1

    This ranks up there with Gary's finest work... a solid 10. The delay effect, the tone, cadence... every aspect and nuance of this song is spot on. Gary nailed the perfect feel for this cover; excellent guitar work, accompaniment and Gary's voice sounds especially smooth and full in this studio and setup.

  85. garagerocker48

    i love this song very much

  86. Larry Depontes

    i'll play the blues for you...

  87. dictator54

    Pure bluesman and that's a fact this song proves he's one of the MASTERS

  88. Buck Riddle

    God Gary Moore is a bad motherfucker!! One of the best!!! Rip LEGEND.

  89. LAR-OSA

    Great cover I appreciate a lot. This one not bas check it out

  90. Debbie Watford

    If any better I have never heard them! Soul to the bone. THANKS

    Rob van Unnik - Amsterdam

    @Debbie Watford You're welcome, Debbie!

    valis craver

    +Debbie Watford That's true Miss Debbie, I love the way Mr. Moore plays the blues. Oh my, it feels so good.

    Jaap van strien

    Yes Gary was the best,easely out played BB King.Check out the video,BB KIng with Gary moore.Also check out Alvin Lee,the bluest blues .tell me what you think.

  91. George Valencia

    One of , if not the best in the world. I could never get enough. Miss this man dearly.

  92. Vrhunski81 Vrhunski81

    Supeerrr,love his playing with gitar :)

  93. Charles Dupont


  94. 72moncurek

    muzyką z serca swoją duszę malować...

  95. MrSpiliopoulos


  96. Panos Javaspa

    Albert King

  97. Rosa Simões

    G +  -  GARY MOORE - I'll play the blues for you

  98. winitred000

    not the best singer but definitely the best guitar player

    Kirsten Richards

    What?He's a bloody fantastic vocalist!

    Michael Allen

    I think he was a very good singer.