Gary Jules - Lucky Lyrics

You can't save me from myself
You can't save her
You're lucky if you save yourself
Do yourself a favor

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Gary Jules Lucky Comments
  1. Radim Cink

    No good song

  2. w00delf

    "You can't save me from myself"
    This line fits me perfectly

  3. MrGoodVibes

    Two phrases. Two. Fucking. Beautiful. Phrases.

  4. Kristina Halfpenny

    I love his songs.... but Mad World is his best song!

  5. mississippi-halfstep

    Do yourself a favor

  6. TheChubbychunk

    He is a genius. He doesn't have the success he truly deserves.

  7. bigpower2

    why the hell doesnt he has more fans?????!!

  8. mynamegoshere1

    @VulgarityDivine how dose something depressing make me wrong?

  9. mynamegoshere1

    @VulgarityDivine how would you no if that was what i needed or not?

  10. Trang Đào

    yeah, I enjoy it very well, thank you :">

  11. arlos mendez

    soy de mexico y me encanta tus canciones

  12. OndreiBlue

    @LightWeaponsGuy he didn't make mad world, he only redid it. It was originally by a British band called Tears for Fears.

  13. mynamegoshere1

    its depressing ^^ just wat i need haha...

  14. Ben Timelord

    sa manque de poussin tout sa 8D

  15. josejamo murillo

    Wow! This one is short and sweet! ;D Nice song =/