Gary Jules - Broke Window Lyrics

Loaded tongue and dirty fingers
Queen of her mother's house
Come step outside feeling full moon high
Let's see what we can live without

Fix an eye to the dimestore villain
Waiting for the wine to pour
It comes strong and thin and it tastes like sin
The love we've all been in before

A million ways to burn
I'm just looking out of this old broke window
And she's taking a turn
I'm looking out of this old broke window
And she's taking a turn

Her body lies like a landscape before you
You're selling your soul by the pound
Got snakeoil in spades for the wolftickets trade
You look but don't see me around

A million ways to burn
I'm just standing here on this old street corner
And she's taking a turn
I'm standing here on this old street corner
And she's taking a turn

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Gary Jules Broke Window Comments
  1. jijistube

    He sounds so much like Cat Stevens and in some parts like Simon and Garfunkel. In this song The boxer is the song that came to my mind.

  2. Gary McMichael

    @betweenthedayband - - reading your comment makes me say "ouch." Thoust doth try a bit too hard.

  3. Gary McMichael

    Meh. Closed my eyes and could have been listening to Paul Simon 50 yrs ago. Instrumentals are great though.

  4. Super Kebabi

    catch a boat to england baby

    Laura McEnrue

    can kinda hear nick drake

  5. Hatem Kotb

    Zach Braff brought me here.
    Thank you :D

  6. Killericon

    This is about to spike in popularity...

    Travis Kirton

    I wish I was here to see that happen ;D

  7. finsclapping

    It kind of strikes me as funny that people often say about Gary Jules that he should be more famous. I think the man is famous enough for him to be at ease with. Real artists ideally shouldn't be interested in fame. The reason being that fame isn't the equivalent of quality. Fame is more intertwined with selling quantities and that is nothing more than commercialism. Which in an artist point of view should only be a waste of time. To exceed or find/develop quality within yourself is mostly an individual process that is experienced best by the artist himself. To extend these efforts to the world is not in any way helping the artistic process. Also as other people get involved you will notice that one way or the other your artist freedom can get compromised. The way to not let that happen to you is to decline the offer. And you'll be amazed at how many real artist aren't famous for this very reason. If you like music you don't listen to radio. You explore the corners of youtube. That's where you stumble upon the real gems. It wouldn't surprise me if Gary declined every big offer he got after Mad World. He IS a real artist.

    Joe Supertramp

    I'm sure as an artist selling massive quantities is wide recognition of your art, so will therefore be quite fulfilling. As long as you don't compromise what you want to do, recognition and fame will come with a quality product and it doesn't make you any less of an artist. Of course, you can turn down the opportunity for excessive wealth, fame and (if you're good) respect but I don't think many musicians would. Most musicians want their music to be heard and loved, and there's nothing wrong with that, even if it means condemnation from the hipsters...


    Point to me a great artist that did what he did out of recognition. I think it'll be quite an effort.


    He had one hit and this was his tears for fears cover. With his own music he would have never made it.

  8. Renata Wisniewska

    OMG!!! Do you hear that? This voice, I think I'm in love right now! His voice is amazing! I don't know what you've done with me but i could listen only you! He's so talented Guy! wow

  9. ryanfootball21

    gotta thank zach braff for showing this song!

  10. Fozzard94

    is anyone else air guitaring ?

  11. Laurence Mitchell

    Mr Scrubs made me come here

  12. Keith Johnson

    Only ever heard mad world till now... wow what ive missed.

  13. ilvchristinefeehan

    hes so talented he needs more recognition

  14. betweenthedayband

    This guy's voice, for some reason, makes me think of jumping off docks into lakes, wooden fences, long summer days, old greyscale photographs, and being a kid. I love it! It just gives me a particular feeling.

  15. Mihai Pavel

    The name of the album is "Trading Snakeoil For Wolftickets"

  16. orenco

    Sad isn't it?!

    Amazing song indeed

  17. crysbat

    over 16,000 views but only four comments...
    awseome song

  18. sandyarab16

    1Smile2me... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!