Gartland, Orla - Figure It Out Lyrics

I, I know I never said it
But I thought that you'd figure it out
I see your name light up on my phone
I feel a little differently about you than I did not long ago
You drank too much beer and you got afraid
You don't remember typing in my number
I say it's okay
It's not okay

Next new year's eve I'll see you there
We'll rotate around the room on different planets
I say I don't care
But I care
And I never say it but I fucking hate it
You ask if I mind
Then you're right there and it's not fair

I know I never said it
But I thought that you'd figure it out
Don't have the heart to break it
So I'm hoping you'll figure it

Out with my friends I'm speaking in codes
You know everything there is to know about me
It's hard to let go when you don't let go
And I heard that you've been doing fine
And renting my old room and I
Hope you don't resent me for the way
That I've been dealing with it
I'm not dealing with it well

And I can't explain it
I'm more than just jaded
You ask if I mind
Then you're right there and it's not fair

I know I never said it
But I thought that you'd figure it out
Don't have the heart to break it
So I'm hoping you'll figure it out

I know I never said it
But I thought that you'd figure it out
Don't have the heart to break it
So I'm hoping you'll figure it out
It's not hard to read my mind
When I'm making it so obvious
(So I'm hoping you'll figure it out)
It's not hard to read my mind
When I'm making it so obvious
(So I'm hoping you'll figure it out)
It's not hard to read my mind
When I'm making it so obvious
(I'm making it so obvious)
It's not hard to read my mind
When I'm making it so obvious
(So I'm hoping you'll figure...)

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Gartland, Orla Figure It Out Comments
  1. Olias

    100,000 v*ews y'all!!!

  2. nichole

    have this on repeat

  3. Tomiwa Aina

    17 people haven't figured it out


    18... the clownery of them

  4. Salwa Smilez

    I cannot get this song out of my heAD

  5. Mary-Michelle

    love her

  6. Alex Esther

    I took a bit of time off and I could have seen this and the live version early but I waited till I was ready. And THIS fucking kills it! Like wow! This totally has a late 90s "female rock" (barf name, sorry) vibe in the video. Like the only thing it's missing is the guy getting flipped off and cursed at while he was looking stupid. BUT, that would have been the expectation. Instead there is a slow boil internally. The dead inside look. And the "real" frantic version is the field rock orla version just hanging it all out. The "I'm going camping, dammnit." ending was not what expected again but it showed that orla just wanted to be left alone. SDC! Holla!

  7. Gideon Joubert

    Orla.... We love you. You have fans in South Africa.

  8. Lela Jeffries

    You deserve so many more views man ♥️

  9. Nirali Shah

    you are literally the coolest person on the entire planet and i love you so much! your music is fucking dope and i am so lucky that i was able to see you in minneapolis when you came with dodie on tour, you are a phenomenon <3

  10. firewordsparkler

    I'm so obsessed with the way this video was shot. It gives such retro vibes while feeling so *now* at the same time

  11. Gala riella

    I get the feelings in this video and I can totally relate but I feel so much better now that I make the effort of expressing my thought instead of wondering when people will guess what my hints mean.
    Great song and I hope you'll find the ones that get you the way you would like them to.

  12. Pedro Souza

    I liked it

  13. kes kay elisa

    i love how angry she gets im into it ❤❤❤

  14. kes kay elisa

    dont yall just die everytime you listen to this

  15. Karen Shelton

    I am SO excited for your future in the music industry
    Every time one of your songs come out, it just makes my week, and i'm listening to it non-stop
    you are such an inspiration to me, and you're the reason I started playing guitar!!
    Love you Orla!! :)

  16. abi l


  17. louisa & co.

    Orla! Technically it’s still “today” as it is 11 something pm in London time, so I will comment something. I really love this song. Also, what kind of guitar do you recommend? I want to get a guitar and learn how to play it, but I’m not sure what to buy. Thanks! xx

  18. AbbieyKVlogs

    What's your process of writing a song? I try, and try and try so hard. But I do it, make a song but it's just not the best. Do you think the longer you work on a song the better??

  19. Alpaca

    do you condemn Israeli war crimes against palestinians? do you stand in solidarity with the palestinian people and will you advocate for the right of return for palestinian refugees?

    love your music. it brings me much joy and peace

  20. Autumn Parker

    your music speaks to my soul. it has helped me through so much and i'm so thankful that i get to watch you grow as an artist.

  21. Kelly Ortega


  22. Yulz W

    the guitar in this

  23. Yulz W

    i love orla’s new style!!

  24. Yulz W

    i love this song and everything about it

  25. Marian

    Do you write everything by yourself? Or together with other musicians?
    P.s. love that song

  26. Chloe

    Best song of 2019, anyone?

  27. May P

    hey orla!! i absolutely love this video and the song is everything (dem high notes though) um was wondering if i could ask you a very important question: do you pronounce crayon “cran” like the beginning of cranberry or “cray-yon”? it is indeed, for science.

    with love, may the gay

  28. May P

    iconic iconic iconic

  29. Craig Brooks

    This is so cool, so proud to see you still out there smashing it buddy :)

  30. ej buzz

    this is so good wow orla u are such a queen

  31. Kate Dillingham

    i love this so much omggggg

  32. iammadisonhyde

    Random but I think I'm gonna write a trumpet part to this 🤔👌 Love it!

  33. icky vicky

    when orla sang the ou-hou-hou-hOUT part i think i felt my soul ascend to heaven, shoutout 2 orla for creating a modern equivalent to indulgences . her mind!!!!! thank u queen

  34. Cluire

    Orlaaa, what would it take for you to include Belgium on your next tour?

    Orla Gartland

    I'd love to come! before gigging in a new country it's just so hard to know how many people would turn up.. and touring is expensive !b but I'll figure it out (lol) as soon as I can x

  35. Maggie Bittinger

    hi orla hope you're well i may be mistaken but i believe you walked past me while i was in line for dodies last chicago show (i assume on the way to get a coffee or another refreshment) and my brain didnt think but my mouth said "ohmyGOD" and that was profoundly rude of me!! so i just wanted to take this moment to apologize for my outburst and thank you for being a wonderful performer and inspiration in my life!!! cheers!

    Orla Gartland

    hahahah don't apologise. all good. <3 x

  36. Syd Martin

    I was trying to think of something meaningful or clever to comment but I can't. I just really fucking love your music and I want you to know that.

    Orla Gartland

    hey that's huge. thank you Syd

  37. dana livi

    I’m gonna vent but i was recently in a relationship where i was far too scared to say when i was feeling uncomfortable and I did a lot of things i really didnt want to be doing and this song just captures that feeling SO HARD every word hits like a punch in the gut in the absolute best way possible ugh its so good also im scared poeple i know irl are gonna see this but hhhh thats okay

    Orla Gartland

    arghghg. thank you. this comment makes me hurt for u but also makes me feel very seen

  38. Kriya B

    This song is an absolute smash, I have been listening to it most days this month😂

    Orla Gartland

    love love love! thank u

    Kriya B

    @Orla Gartland love u too xx

  39. Kai

    really a wonderful song Orla :)

    Orla Gartland

    thank you Kai you legend

  40. dana livi

    Orla if ur reading this i need u to know how deeply i love this song like i cant put it into words it feels like you took the thoughts directly from my brain and turned them into a song it’s almost SCARY i dont know how you do it

    Orla Gartland

    arhgghgh. that's so cool. thanks Dana

  41. Liam Sutton

    First saw your music with a hey ya uke cover and followed it ever since, how are ya so talented my dude??

    Orla Gartland

    ahh that was SO long ago wow

  42. Sarah Mendoza

    this fucking slaps

    Orla Gartland

    my duuuuude thank u

  43. Anneka Shelley

    hi i love you so much please can we write a song together someday!

    Orla Gartland

    why not

    Anneka Shelley

    Orla Gartland hell yeah yes please

  44. Elgatoconbolso

    Hi Orla. I'm going through one of the toughest things I've ever gone through emotionally. I hate that I relate so much to your songs but it makes me feel a bit less lonely. Thank you so much for your music. Keep on doing what you do ♥️

    Orla Gartland

    arhghghg. sending love. x

  45. microcosmicfauna

    i met an online friend for the first time at ur concert, so thank you for giving us the opportunity!! just when i didnt think it possible, i seem to fall in love with each song you create. you’re so talented and i’m really liking your style of music as of late and i wish you the best!!

    Orla Gartland

    that is the coolest thing


    Orla Gartland thank you!!

  46. Liv Allen

    To see how much orla has grown as an artist makes me wanna bawl she really and truly has everything, lyrics, music, visuals and don’t even get me STARTED on her performance I saw her in Bristol and if you’ve seen her you KNOW how cool she is on stage, I stayed out after to meet her at stage door and she was so so lovely, took the time to talk (like properly talk) to everyone and I’m forever grateful. The way she captures feelings with lyrics that jell so well with the music is unmatched
    I did a lil cover of this song on my channel also if you wanna check that out (first cover lol) anyways she’s amazing as is this song and video ❤️

  47. Angelika Waszut

    But did you figure it out tho

  48. Lydon Gavin

    Orla!! I absolutely love this video and song!! So proud of everything and I can’t wait for what’s next!! I’ll be here the day you’re able to tour the US :)

  49. Shannon Morrison

    I love you Orla, I hope you have a great new year 💕

  50. Lilya

    Ahhhh! Love you Orla!! Hope I get to see you live in 2020 :)

  51. marshie

    Orla. I’ve warned you before and I’ll warn you again. If you get any more iconic I’m going to have to call the police

  52. Starii Night

    have a nice day!! this song slaps

  53. Abby Briones

    Come to the Philippines, Orla 😭✊

  54. Cerys Cole

    Genuinely my favourite song of the year!

  55. Clara Franziska

    yes i am watching this video for the 10th time now what about it

  56. sapphic chaos

    I love this song so much!!! I usually listen to your music on my way to school and it makes me feel so much more confident than I am :)
    (also I'm gonna see you live on april 17th 2020!!!! I can't wait!!!!) 💔

  57. Clara Franziska

    i love this & you sm and i can’t wait to sing this with you next year !! see you in stuttgart and munich <33

  58. Abby Briones

    I wish I could throw my phone away and cut ties with everyone who caused me pain. Start anew. Argh.

  59. August Alexander

    This is such a meaningful song for me released at the perfect time in my life. Thank you for everything you've done Orla, you are my biggest inspiration for keeping on writing my music and I'm sure a lot of other people can say the same. I'm loving seeing how much you're growing and changing as an artist and as someone who's been following your progress for years I'm so proud 🥺

  60. Chloe Bradbury

    i made three of my friends fans of yours today and my friend abby said this was her fav music video of yours are u proud of me also love from bristol x

  61. mina jørgensborg

    hi, i love this and i love you. 10/10. ❤️ hope you’re okay!! hugs from your fave norwegian (jk its not me but let me live okay) 🥰

  62. Drew Tepper

    Are you gonna do more acting vids Bc I’m a fan 🤗

    Drew Tepper

    I’m bored on a plane lol

  63. Clare Kelly

    this is so fire

  64. Zoë

    ur so COOL

  65. Pert rum Pig

    You are my inspiration I love you so much seeing you and meeting you made my year this is one of the best things you have ever produced the video is fucking insane unreal you are who I look up to so guess this is just a thank you please keep doing you and make sure you are happy because I couldn’t imagine a world without your music so THANK YOU from @iloveorlagartland on insta 😘

  66. Icekingbob

    jack walker of the sdc here just wanted to say ur the best love u hope it suddenly becomes cheap to come to australia xox

  67. Brian Krupp

    Hiiii Orla! Did you get the notebook Natalie and I gave to a guy at the Detroit Michigan show that he said he'd give to you? :) I hope you're having a great day!

  68. juliet

    where did you get your suit from ? it looks so good

  69. Kari Mc

    Was it as exhilarating as it looked to run away from the car? Or was it a cold day and was absolutely freezing?

  70. Sinead Green

    god i love this video. you can literally feel the frustration and anger it’s SO GOOD

  71. cerys martin

    sick video, thanks for making magic this year, big looooove x

  72. juliet

    2:19 me running away from my responsibilities

    i love this video so much , the best one yet 💔❤️

  73. Issy Xo

    PAULA! PAULA! PAULA! ( tour references if u know u know)

  74. vinceschannel

    Just a simple sup?

  75. RandomFrankieTV

    So good!

  76. Freya Wainwright

    Accurate representation of landrover ownership 😂

  77. Kate Anderson

    I swear every song you make instantly becomes my new fav song, such an icon

  78. Sonia DoubleG

    This is probably one of my favourite songs of yours 💛💛

  79. KFM 2006

    This is such a cool concept for the song and its meaning is amazing to love you orla 💞

  80. MichieKitty

    Orla this song is so special to me and I want you to know that I’ve been following your music since I was 13. After watching your early early cover of Bright Eyes- First Day of My Life, I got inspired and bought my own uke. I still have lyrics to Handlebars memorized and I was in tears both times I saw you in concert with Dodie. I was just a sad teen girl in Mongolia thinking that I’d never be close enough to Ireland or Europe at the least to see you in concert but I got to see you in NYC twice! You are the reason I play music and I am so glad you continue to create such beautiful songs. They always reach my heart in ways I cannot even describe. Thank you for everything ♥️

  81. Celia Jacobson-Ross

    ahhh Orla I love this song and I love you and your vibbbeee. Question: would you ever write and release a full version of that lil song you wrote and posted on insta a little while back? It's my absolute favorite and I listen to it literally every fricken day. P.s. I love you and If you ever come to Seattle I will be there and I'll bring you a balloon with my number on it and we will meet and become best friends and write music together<3

  82. Gio

    "If I can't have your pain
    Then I can't have nothing
    No one knows me like you do
    If I can't have your pain
    Then I can't have nothing
    And I don't wanna cry

    And suddenly I'm on the other side"

    Loved this as well! I hope we write a song together one day 😊🤘🏻

  83. Yamile is that

    It's my birthday:
    My friend:
    My friend:
    Me: I know I never said it but I thought that you'd figure it out!!! :((

    Yamile is that

    I know that this isn't what the song is about, but-

  84. Haley French

    LOVE THIS! ❤️❤️

  85. Yani Rutherford

    how are all your songs such bops?? definitely my fav musician this year. pls keep on doing what you're doing :)

  86. anika


  87. Abigail Wilson

    I never know how to express to other people just how perfectly your lyrics have encapsulated my life. I adore you, keep being beautiful. You don’t even have to try. 💔💐

  88. jim l

    I heard you were answering questions. Am I too late?

  89. JD Jenkins

    I haven't heard a song of yours that hasn't made me fall in love with your music. You're the raddest Orla <3 You've really found your groove.

  90. Grace Jumps

    what gave you the idea to change from 3/4 to 4/4 and back partway through the song?

  91. Grace Jumps

    is it weird that i relate to this so much even though i was the one who ended the relationship? it fits my feelings about my ex To A Tee: wanting someone and every link between you end them out of your life, not standing up for yourself because you’re afraid of (further) hurting the other person, “it’s not hard to read my mind when i’m making it so obvious”

    just A+++

  92. Sleeping Lis

    Your face is just excellent throughout all this

  93. Charlie Mitchell

    fantastic song! it's a really different style than your usual stuff but I love it lol

  94. aoife oof

    this song really helped me get through leaving a traumatic relationship, thank you orla!! ily 🥺🥺

  95. Lisa von Werder

    hits a little hard when you're going through some rough spots in your relationship! I've lip-synced to this on my way to class a few too many times the past week. thank you as always for your lovely music orla <3

  96. RigbiMusic

    I still fucking love the distorted guitar in this song! Awesome video Orla!! Extremely well shot!