Garou - You Can Leave Your Hat On Lyrics

Baby take off your coat
Real slow
Baby take off your shoes
I'll take off your shoes
Baby take off your dress
Yes, yes, yes

You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on

Go over there, turn on the light
Come over here, stand on that stage, baby
Yeah, that's right
Raise your arms up in the air
Now shake 'em
You give me reason to live
You give me reason to live
You give me reason to live
You give me reason to live

You can leave your hat on...

Suspicious minds are talkin'
They're tryin' to tear us apart
They don't believe in this love of mine
They don't know what love is
They don't know what love is
They don't know what love is
They don't know what love is
Yeah, I know what love is

You can leave your hat on...

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Garou You Can Leave Your Hat On Comments
  1. patrizia mares

    Perfect voice for this song...his face, his smile, his hips movements...sooooo hoooottttt😳😳😳😳😳

  2. Raffaella Di Michele

    grande Garou !!!

  3. SIrina

    I love Joe! Je t’aime Garou! Bravo!

  4. Arq. Gabriela Benitez

    C'est magnifique

  5. Calypso

    I know what love's Garou <3 :)

  6. Allison B.

    Très hot😍

  7. Regina zanga

    t'es le meilleur Ah ouîiiiiiiii

  8. Luis Carlos Facuri

    wooowww! GREAT! tyvm honey VERA!

  9. Dodger Dogz

    Best. Rendition. Ever. Is it hot in here? I can't even think straight after this.....

  10. Красный Мак

    Джо Кокер, когда был жив, нервно курил в стороне. Лучше оригинала!

  11. Dariia Borodai

    Real naked sex...

  12. Eva Riddle

    You give me reason to live..

  13. Lesly caramantin cuba

    Magnifique chanson

  14. Dwayne Nick

    Il est trop sexy... et il la chante trop bien avec sa voix grave

  15. Anne-Lise Rubeli

    ton public ne te mérite pas ce soir là.... ice cold... dammit... tu mérites bien meilleur que ça

  16. Irina Rivina

    Великолепное исполнение!!!! Спасибо, Garou! 

  17. Éva Haszonits

    GAROU!!!! PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Éva Haszonits


  19. Rebeca Gambassi

    Sexy, sexy, oversexy! 

  20. robert rodriguez

    yes,in fact celine offer hand garou to take wih her in las vegas but the project went KAPUT. afraid he overshadow her?????^

  21. Susanne Jacobs

    Can someone please open the window??? Pfewwwwwwww..........

  22. Tiho Brkan

    Let the player play, man!

  23. RubyRim

    he murdered my soul AGAIN

  24. Agnes Klingenberg

    Mein Gott. Ich würde für Ihn meinen halben Königsreich geben :-D

  25. Tracy Sharon

    i love you garou

  26. Tracy Sharon

    i love you garou

  27. 49pinkie

    Cette voix est déjà un orgasme!

  28. Jenny Madden

    Visual orgasm... mmmmm

  29. Beata Atol

    garou czuje blues'a

  30. TheYael1995

    mcdreamy and mcsteamy at the same time :D

  31. TheYael1995

    he makes me melt inside hes so fucking hot :D

  32. Nory Reynoso


  33. Michael I. Haber

    Two of the backup singers are actually currently backup singers for Celine Dion in Las Vegas! Elise Duguay (Who has toured with her the longest) and Dawn Cumberbatch

  34. Miriam Cuevas Góngora

    Lo amo...

  35. orlandobabe

    @rigucciu OH yeah! Where has be been all of my life?

  36. orlandobabe

    Okay! Him saying 'Baby take off your clothes' is enough for me to say 'yes sir!' and start strpping.

  37. olasouisa

    Este homem é dono de um dos mais bonitos sorrisos que ja vi !!!!

  38. Carina L

    He must be... an angel, DAMN! ♥

  39. ImmortanJane

    He really does have a great type of voice for this song, reminiscent of Joe Cocker

  40. georgetatoader

    I like it ,you have style

  41. myszka312

    Oh yes... She's so lucky...

  42. vaverachka

    sexy beast....

  43. TheCherry Crush

    his lady is so lucky...

  44. Farfalla7Malva

    wonderful deep voice...I love Mr Bluesman Garou since NDDP!! ^_^

  45. C YJ

    see garou on the winter olympic opening ceremony today

  46. Angel1Freud

    пипец он классный!!!!! секси!!!

  47. Gabi Udvardi

    Én eddig nem szerettem ezt a számot, de ez így nagyon jó! Nagyon szexi!

  48. Frances Runyan

    All I have to do is think about Garou and his incredible gifts and I smile. I thank God that people like him exsist and share so much with the world :)

    BARON Matthieu

    Frances Runyan .

  49. Eleuthera

    Yes, it's incredible, so much hotness in one man *-*

  50. Federico Deiana

    aaaaargh!!!! he's so fucking hot :Q______

  51. Cora B

    OMG, he is so sexy!!!!! And that voice!!!!

  52. Eleuthera

    I agree with herenomore, Garou is born to sing!

  53. herenomore

    he is amazing, his voice is amazing... :)you can see he absolutely loves to sing, you can see it on his face everytime he sings something,'s amazing how easily he can change my bad mood and make me smile for no reason :)