Garou - La Scène Lyrics

Je sens mon nid, ma loge d'artiste
C'est ça ma vie, entrer en piste
Et quand je vous vois derrière les spots
Je sais que la soirée sera hot
La scène, c'est mon trottoir, ma grande avenue
C'est mon boulevard, mon coin perdu
Ma piste de course, ma plage de sable
Ma voie lactée où je suis l'étoile
C'est mon arène, ma patinoire
Mon ȋle deserte, et mon miroir
Mon bout de planète si dérisoire
Parfois j'arrive à y croire

La scène
Où on fait le jour et la nuit
Mes lèvres sur le micro
Chuchotent le silence et les cris
Quand j'accroche mes rêves au tempo

Quand je devine dans la pénombre
Vos yeux qui m'écoutent délierer
Je voudrais avoir le droit de l'ombre
Pour vous regarder fredonner
J'y fais du rock, j'y fais du jazz
J'y ai laissé mes illusions
De notes en notes, de phrases en phrases
Je laisse évader mes passions

C'est ma portée, ma partition
Mon jardin, ma sortie de secours
Ma chambre ouverte sur les grands fonds
Mon bateau ivre de trop d'amour
La scène où je suis à l'heure au rendez-vous
Pour vous chanter mes histoires
Avec le band et ma guitare

La scène où j'ai envie de vous....

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Garou La Scène Comments
  1. Pablo Gandini

    I was so sad when he punched the man with the green gymsuit😫😫

  2. Gregory Novikov

    Finally a win for the bad guys

  3. SGS

    1:59 c'mon, don't tell me you didn't get goosebumps...

  4. Lelouch vi Britannia

    Honest to god at this point in the anime I started to cheet garou on because I now understand his reasoning

  5. NeutronPCXT

    This has got to be the most brutal smooth moment I've ever seen in One Punch Man yet.

  6. Bill Cipher

    Imagine this being animated by bones

  7. Fanach

    He reminds me ban from 7 deadly sins

  8. Cj Falkner

    Can’t wait to see his mugen and him transform into the different monster states

  9. Alu Zilong

    Full fight my ass

  10. Thánh Phồng Tôm Anime

    Dog garou

  11. iloveplayingpr

    The outro ruined it for me.

  12. Johan Funes

    What song starts playing at 2:17

  13. Fashionable Blob

    If only Garou's a good guy


    This ha a similar vibe as guts vs 100 men

  15. Idro Playz

    When Garo Is Done With Them,
    *Genos Appears*
    Genos: Im Here To Eliminate you

    Big Smoke

    I don't know why it feels like

  16. InfiniteDuck kk

    A villian with plot armor lol

  17. marcos pessoa

    Garo é foda...!!!

  18. Alexis_ PLUS

    bro this ain’t the full fight

  19. Gunjan Gurung

    want to see Garou vs saitama full fight in english dub

  20. Jean-Lucille Lacuas

    Plot Armour

  21. michael T

    wow, could you have cut it worse? jesus you disgrace the anime

  22. Amandeep Kaur

    Full fight lies it’s not the full fight you skipped it 😡

  23. Albert Cruz

    Chapulin Colorado😊

  24. theFareulookinat

    Japanese rambo, kendama man, frog nigga, john marston, link, some dude in a green fit, purple power ranger and spear dude VS young rick sanchez

  25. YohXoX

    When you try to gank pro player with 10% of hp.

  26. Blade

    whats the name of intro music?

  27. kusokatto

    His name's Blam Blam XD

  28. SadisticSlawt3r

    Garou's got that red tearstone ring

  29. Ichigo Sakura

    I already like Garou when he is fond to the kid. I like more his character. And also it seems that he is much stronger and intelligent that he can actually copied the Class S dog techniques and he always read the book about the Heroes.


    Megane grows his teeth back in just a sec

  31. Full Metal

    0:28 *DAMN*

  32. I'm better Than u

    When you wasted most of your hp fighting the last boss and forgot to heal


    Most badass season

  34. Zero Two

    Was hoping for garou to survive so he can fight saitama but this season sucked dick

  35. Jamal Hussain

    Looks like Gohan downgraded. Lol

  36. Thunderbolt 360

    Genos is The Best 🔥🔥🔥

  37. BaKuSaTsUou

    I know this is old comment but have to say it the video got more cuts than in garou

  38. K_B

    His punches sound like gunshots 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Seth Morehead

    Honestly those heroes did very well for only 8 B-A class fighters.

    Awakened Garou

    Garou was already at his limit when they met him
    If he was in a good condition he would have taken them in a few secs dowm


    @Awakened Garou in the manga the heroes actually give him a hard time, he was in dire straits the entire fight before he took Chain Toad out.

  40. Seth Morehead

    Wish Lightning Max was there as well

  41. Stephan Miller

    you cut like... 70% of the fight

  42. Clorox Bleach

    OMG its Madara 1:10

  43. Robert Ethan Welch

    Garou is so cool.

  44. Curious_ Lobster

    The x-files theme at the end. Shut up.

  45. Langston Bartell

    Dude looks like ban from 7 deadly sins

    Awakened Garou

    They both my favourite characters

  46. Sir Slayer

    Didn’t know the full fight had this many jump cuts

  47. Victor Carlos Silva Valentim

    That's what happens when you feed the HC

  48. Rayeiii Suarez

    2:55 " Gah Stinggaaahrr.. "

    Meanwhile: " aughj.. MY TUMMY HURTSS."😂

  49. Dyuku

    Ever since garou showed up he's been my favorite character all along

  50. Samurai Jacky

    When you get a Skill Berserk: 100% Damage to enemies when 50% Health.

  51. Amir Fazli

    Too many cuts this isn’t the full fight fuck this garbage 👉🏿💩👌🏿

  52. Nour Shokr

    Like a boss!

  53. abortionclinic33

    full fight but skipped every 2 seconds

  54. botbrawler

    Garou reminds me of mereum no cap

  55. Damorick Woods

    Lol y did you put the aluminati theme

  56. Matthius & Shaggy

    2:49 Jesus, did him real dirty😂😂😂

  57. xeisus

    Garou vs 8 A class heroes*

  58. etsk

    This isn’t the full fight. U clickbaited me

  59. Infinite pasta

    I could barely tell wtf was happening to this dog shit editing

    Workshop Entertainment

    You just suck

  60. ALT

    why I think Garou will become good in S3 ? ;v

    havi Peterson

    Same here

    Awakened Garou

    What does Good means to u

    I am gonna spoil u

    Garou is gona defeats all S class heroes

    He is also gona fight Darkshine
    Golden S
    Amai Mask

    He will become Absolute Evil and Ulitmate monster

  61. ALT

    Garou best character in OPM !

  62. Dickhead

    This is just not the full fight

  63. Mickey Mouse

    I’m starting to like garou and I’m pretty sure he cares for the kid but doesn’t show it

    Awakened Garou

    He is gona save him again next season

    This time he is gona go on a Rampage thru the Monster Association

    He is even gona fight Orochi

  64. Genesis Espelita

    Is it just me or did he say “So many” at the start?

  65. Nasha Naufal

    I feel sorry for megane he’s the least strongest of them.

  66. Mark Lester Alejandro

    Ultra instinct Garou vs. NERDY Gohan

  67. TheDevilsMaster

    The cuts are horrible


    Its to avoid Copyright

  68. klarenz cobie

    He could actually be an S class hero, maybe 3rd and a half S class hero since bang is third...

  69. Furkan Caglar Demir

    2:17 how song

  70. Deymn ML

    How can they even call the season 2 trash

  71. Tanisssh


  72. Jonaz the great 1

    When will the next season come out

  73. DrKoolAid123

    So... not the full fight

  74. budi mulia wibowo koean

    I understand death gatling is an A class , but chain toad?! Really? XD he look like a gay in a toad mask

  75. Mr. Nobody

    When your passive skill is to increase your status the lower your hp is

  76. Stephen A. Smith

    God bless y’all! We need to turn to Jesus as Lord and Savior and leave sin behind. Preach the Gospel! John 3:16

  77. Roy Roci

    I just realized he is not a match for S class heroes, at least top 12

  78. Sunny D

    Stinger got badly stinged 😂

  79. Alip Ohsem

    i wish the sound effect was better

  80. Asant'e Smith

    When ur at low health but the enemy is on ur ass.

  81. ThatMatioGuy

    I can’t lie he straight shitted on these fools it’s disrespectful 😂😂

    Jonaz the great 1

    ThatMatioGuy when the next season coming ou


    Jonaz the great 1 won’t be for a while most likely end of 2020 or 2021

  82. Lutfur Rahman

    0:28 The animation is beautiful

    Ryan Orth

    Not as good as season 1...

  83. Mamba Face

    Garuo is The Epitome Of Savage

  84. joey Joestar


  85. joey Joestar


  86. joey Joestar


  87. joey Joestar


  88. Faceless Media

    That thumbnail is when you come out of a hot bath

  89. Poke series

    Garuo shld be a a S class instead of tht king

  90. Elizabeth MONSTER

    Garou 😈😘💋💋💖😍

  91. Vagner Jr

    I just heard two different voices.

  92. コーヒー豆


  93. Dab Daniel

    What class is 8? Is that some sort of secret of class from the manga?


    He tried to say 8 A class, which is actually wrong since its only 4 A classes, the rest was just B class.


    2:54 best part explosive punches damnn

  95. BAM BAM

    Im not gonna lie but i thought the guy in the green warm up suit was gohan lol

  96. BEARhug Channel

    I knew gohan dbs was weak but that was just pathetic

  97. Taco Knight

    Whoa, this looks bad
    I mean, seriously 😂
    Its like they had dust in their eyes while referencing the manga.
    What an embarrassment, honestly

  98. Voxized

    Let Garou be a lesson about life. You might see a person or watch a tv show and think someone is bad or the bad guy. When you get their whole backstory it might change your mind.

  99. IStandAlone Roronoa Zoro

    I REALLY REALLY liked it when Garou jumped on that roof with the badass music in the background and ROARED his message to those shitty excuses of heroes! :)))))