Garland, Travis - Mr. Rogers Lyrics

Everywhere I go, they ask me where you been
What I’m supposed to tell em?
That we fell out.
And you turned out to be a shitty fucking friend.
That wouldn’t go over so well... would it?
Just another night.
I'm drinking by myself
More shots by the minute
There were many
Taking these bullet wounds from everybody else.
I expected better from you
And it cut so much deeper from you

Maybe you should have tried to listen
Maybe you should have tried to love
Instead of assuming the worst intentions

Who the hell are you to judge me?
Who are you to judge me? [x3]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah [x2]

Just another night.
I'm smoking in the dark.
Playing back our conversation
Damn it’s crazy
Never thought you would be the girl without a heart
I would never do that to you
You weren’t there when I needed you
And you didn’t even try to listen
And you never even gave a fuck
Always assuming the worst intentions

Who the hell are you to judge me?
Who are you to judge me? [x3]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah [x2]

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Garland, Travis Mr. Rogers Comments
  1. Alexis Oatman

    Here 2019

  2. HannahCam

    Check out our Travis Garland mashup reaction it’s hilarious 😆😂 you won’t be disappointed 😃!

  3. Dunya Dunia

    Taekai bring me here😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and I love it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Lunar Lexxicon

    Insanely angelic vocals 🌟 bless you

  5. kman2darescue

    Wish he woulda performed this when I saw him with jonny Craig and Kyle Lucas!

  6. Seok Hyun Choi

    Future classic

  7. J Lynell

    I love this song...the vocal production reminds me so much of Brandy. But this my first time playing it in dead Ass had me in tears. This song still KNOCKS

  8. Mina X

    Still one of my fav songs from Travis

  9. Diesley Guimaraes

    Brazil Love yours Songs . Nice. Good job

  10. J.H.P Music

    Still one of my fav songs...

  11. Matthew Stubblefield

    Dude legit isn't mainstream cuz of that birthmark only explanation

    Moya Moriah

    hahahaha omg

  12. Subscribe to this channel for literally no reason

    Dude honestly you voice and style are awesome but the song sucks, gotta get some good songs

  13. SonTarian Davis

    I'd love to see you dance in one of your videos

  14. Jada Wada

    this is way too amazing to not have at least 1m views..

  15. Gia Art

    Se parece un poco a Zayn😯

  16. Amjad Michael Khan

    1:44 - I teared up immediately after that.  Wow, so much emotion in his voice.

  17. Whitney Euonia

    1:44, when he puts his hand to his mouth. I just fell in love.

  18. Tisha Sims

    ❤❤❤❤❤ such an amazingly beautiful voice. Love this one!

  19. AdrianTate

    I swear no one's sounds better!!

  20. theLoveRocketjr

    One of my favorite songs made by you

  21. Vision Of Life

    This song is definitely about JoJo. Mess, I'm sorry they're not friends anymore. :(

    Dimples Leo

    +rosedario12 no. I think it's about Aubrey, him and Jojo just released a song together recently. They're friends :) Him and Jojo are good.

  22. Nicholas Garcia

    The cinematography for this is on point. gotta give credit to the guy who set this and the one who put it together! fits the song perfect!

  23. Party Boy Ro

    so much talent... so little recognition. And the people who we hear now on the radio? The have it backwards.. so much recognition. so little talent

    Craig Jensen

    +Jayson Wakefield Its crazy and so true. He should Have a record deal. I think record company's are sleeping on the really good R&B artist theses days.

    Party Boy Ro

    @Craig Jensen right like wtf is an "august alsina" compared to Travis? People are deaf

    Craig Jensen

    +Jayson Wakefield There is no comparson between the two artist. They are both in totally different brackets. They are great Artists in their own way!

    Party Boy Ro

    @Craig Jensen no I mean August suck, and he's a big rnb singer but on the other hand Travis rocks, and isn't on the radio and is underground

  24. Katrina Sutton

    Still one of my favorites! I hope more music like this comes out in the future. I miss you.

  25. Kt R

    Am I the only one who noticed Aubrey O'Day, his girlfriend or ex or whatever she is now?


    Nah I noticed to lol

  26. Sherelle Willis

    Travis Garland Is Bae 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘

  27. Shy Roc247

    I was all in 😎 very very nice record Travis💫

  28. Alyssa

    Travis is the best male singer hands fucking down.

  29. That One Guy

    I remember only getting a snippet of this on Instagram before you actually released the song. It is so good and so raw. Travis, you are an amazing artist. I feel like you just sit in a booth and instantly walk away with 5 new hits. Every song is perfect. You are one of my all time favorite artists and always will be.

  30. musiclover

    I would love to hear a duet with Brandy and Travis that would be major epic ness .

    mona potter

    Bro I would probably fall out if they did we need to make that happen ASAP 🙏🙌

    Jasmin Cage



    +musiclover I would die. And that would literally be the best death ever.

    Shaquitta Terrell

    The runs in that song would go for daysssss

  31. Jovi

    This sounds like something Childish Gambino would be on! That would be a Dope Feat.

  32. Devon Doyle

    lol tell me why I just peeped Aubrey O'Day in the video hahaha 2:07


    That's his girlfriend. At least they were dating then, idk if they are still together tho.

    Ashley Brown

    That's his girlfriend

  33. The Britney Show Show

    Girl without a heart. Sounds vastly like jojo. 0.o what's this

  34. Eli Lefty

    You really are that dude. Bro this is crazy

  35. Yesenia Favela

    I'm in love with your music! I hope to meet you one day, soon! ! Waiting for the day you're in town❤

  36. R.Rodriguez0309

    I wish he would let me watch the new avengers movie when it comes out on his for head you know IMAX 3D! 

  37. Typisch Kim

    Love that Hair
    Beautiful song💓

  38. iamcanon18

    my fav song :X voice is just out of this world , and John Legend , those 2 are just mind blowing

  39. TheSixfootthree

    I love this song.

  40. DrRisk01

    omg he got a blad spot!

  41. Marisol Martinez

    Can you plz do a cover of "I'm not the only one" by Sam Smith? 😃🙏

  42. Rec-Spectra

    Is it wrong that I don't really want him to blow up in mainstream music? I just feel like they'd change his sound if he did D:

  43. DorH17

    I think Travis Garland is so much underated!! he's an amazing artist!!! this song is stuck in my head... love it!! it's awesome!!! 

  44. Mia Hampton

    Miss your music ......justwaiting

  45. NLT4Ever #1

    I love his voice and I basically thought he was amazing in his past boy band but I guess his songs just don't sound as good has they should. Maybe he needs better music or better lyrics in his songs, or even he needs to make a duet with some other singers to let more people know he's back.

  46. Megan Dai

    I love his songs so much. Each and every one has meaning and he is one of those rare artists who can convey every single emotion he is feeling when he sings. I just wish he voice wasn't so covered and almost electronasized (is that word? probs not) in this song. I know he can sing the hell out of any song. He doesn't need to cover up his voice. 

  47. nora alt


  48. abraham ortiz

    This sounds like a rip off from the weeknd.

  49. Paul Nong

    Good stuff right here.

  50. SChome100

    I can't stop listening to this song. This song should have already been a hit by now.

  51. Liyah Reneé

    I love Travis Garland!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Jimmy Vasquez

    This is such a "Drake" if there's such a thing. The beat is a lot similar to something Drake uses often and the audio played at the end is also something Drake does every now and then. Only difference is, Travis can actually sing :) Drake sounds good, but Travis has much more singing talent. Sad he's not as popular; he's time will come I'm sure.

  53. Mel Bell

    Why the hell are you not F A M O U S ?? Jesus, your voice is beautiful and electrifying. Zapped me dead and at peace for sure. 

  54. Ana

    Awesome! Travis voice and songs go straight to my soul ^_^

  55. iamcanon18

    true he is so underrated and he is so freaking good

  56. Kimbri Simmons

    Please make more YouTube cover videos

  57. nahz

    is this song about jojoistheway?

  58. beachboi619

    great song and an even greater person u are travis <3

  59. Nick i

    I hope one day I'll be able to walk around like u Travis and just feel so confident and one with myself and not have to rely on anyone. I know youre only 2 years older than me but you're a role model to me.

  60. GraciousAnn B

    Amazing 😍

  61. Nick i

    i've had this song on repeat for the past 3 days because i'm going through a shitty time right now trying to hold on and i can just feel the emotion from this song.

    GJ travis, youre unique and original, that will always be worth more than anything else.

    live for love

  62. dreamingkangaroo

    Whoever does his is sick and he has the dopest voice

  63. Ontell Babbitt

    he looks soooo much more gorgeous once he stopped trying to cover that massive forehead , its so cute on him

  64. Mr. Smith Sr.

    Damn....this hits the spot...

  65. lildreamer33

    When will this song be available on iTunes?!

  66. Sara Asi

    i've been a huge fan since 4 years and i still cant get enough of you..

  67. sweetcharm131

    Your voice is so amazing! I love it!

  68. Tanya PK

    Hopefully not for long!  

  69. ruby

    Ily Travis! This song & Mr. Rogers always going to be apart of my heart <3

  70. ruby

    Ily Travis! This song & Mr. Rogers always going to be apart of my heart <3

  71. Randy

    the feels

  72. Halle Davis

    Too underrated. I listen to this on that loop shit 24/7. So addicting.

  73. Liza D'Mercedez

    amazing as alwaysssssss

  74. confusedsoul

    Travis, oh Travis! Your voice and music is just a work of art. YOU never disappoint me. Thankful I came across your music almost 2 years ago.. It gets better and better.

  75. OfficialEDC

    Is it normal that i watched his videos 4 hours in a row since i discovered him yesterday? He is too amazing and he needs so much more recognition!

  76. Trina Rozera

    why am i just now hearing this? love it, ready for album 2

  77. Chichi Novianti

    I'm waiting for another Puspos-Garland

  78. Sonia Harvin

    This song is love 😍

  79. Woot Woot

    People are so SLEEP on Travis Garland man i swear... So underrated.

    Cam Yarber

    I didn't past this voice up the first time and this song either, 
    he is #team material on the music.


    Perform a sentence.... then you would get a "like" from someone with a brain....Your likes are based off of fans who failed English...Sad fact...

    Camille L.

    @Chris Get a life.

    Justin Gibson

    Yes man...super underrated

    Marquise West

    He's still underrated.

  80. Chelsea Torrontegui

    The cinematography on this video is amazing and the music is just as great! Stunning shots!

  81. BombWarning

    Great song, great video, bad pony-tail.

  82. Luvlelady83


  83. Andrew Flores

    I fell that for all these months in which he took to record this song was not what i expected. After his song motel pool i was shocked by how good it was and many choreographers used his song to express their meanings. I'm not saying the lyrics aren't good but, I feel that the voice did not go with his meaning i feel that he should have used the voice from the song from the song from adam. But overall hes a great singer.

  84. Deandra Espinosa

    @brianpuspos new choreo ??!

  85. xinkspillx

    I digg it, just wish Travis added one more verse before the 'Rogers' audio clip.

  86. ireach

    OMG, I had no idea he was white.  Granted, race has nothing to do with good music, but I just had a totally different picture in my head when I first heard the song.  Anyway, I'm infatuated with it, and it's on repeat.  <3  Shoutout to the Widya Soraya Morning Routine vid that brought me here.

  87. Careem Brown

    Anyone else peep Aubrey O' Day at 2:07? Anyway I love this song.

  88. Hannah Lawrence

    LOVE HIM! always will

  89. D0PEAUDI0


  90. Lenny Harold

    Love the song, just the video reminds me so much of Beyonce's XO

  91. Lenny Harold

    Love the song, just the video reminds me so much of Beyonce's XO

  92. tamara barakat

    Brilliant work. Love the video and the song.

  93. jessbabyfoo

    Travis you're amazing!

  94. Saleina Bailey

    Love this so much.

  95. Joel Borillo

    Jheez, everyone's got the topknot on now.

    Nick i

    lol I was about to say the same, I seen leonardo dicaprio with it on his icebucket challenge.


    Its so 90s lol

    Andrewlina Jolie

    It's not coming back.. Well, I don't think it was ever "in" either.

  96. hellokitty1050

    My good lord is this something to do with JoJo?
    (I am not starting ANYTHING - I LOVE THEM BOTH) - but 2:12 - "girl without a heart", she has a song called 'Boy Without a Heart'
    I pray it's not because they have most definitely been real good friends in the past but just a random observation

    Anyways bye

    Liza D'Mercedez

    omg good pick up maybe!


    Maybe. You never know, but good connection. It does seem like they don't talk anymore, but wtf do I know?

    Chanté D'journ

    nooooo omggg ive been saying this! you read my mind dude O.O that is freaky i was thinking the exact same thing...

    Basra Mohamed

    @hellokitty1050 I also thought it was about Jojo too, loool. Her first major hit was Baby It's You & the Music Video was at a Carnival-type setting - so that's possibly another clue?


    +Basra Mohamed Ik this post is really old, but I was honestly just thinking the same thing when I came back to listen to it today.

  97. LeaL714

    All I want to know is if it was shot at the OC Fair? Lol

  98. Bobby Edwards

    What fair was this filmed at?