Garland, Travis - Homewrecker Lyrics

What’s up for the evening?
I’m dyin' to know
I picture you and me in a room all alone
Pushin’ shit off of the counter
Straight to the floor
Hittin’ the ground at the same time as all of your clothes

Girl you’re really gonna need a maid
To clean up the mess we made
No need to be ashamed
Nothin’ wrong with breakin’ things
Ooh girl
I turned you into a home, homewrecker
I turned you into a home, homewrecker

I’m interested in your body
And that look on your face
Ain’t nothin’ more overrated than material things
Shatterin’ all the dishes
Flowers out of the vase
The consequences of our actions left all over the place


We can do whatever you want to
I know you like it rough girl
Girl you’re really gonna need a maid
No need to be ashamed
I turned you into a home, homewrecker
I turned you into a home, homewrecker
I know you like it rough girl
We can do whatever you want to

I’ve been feedin’ off these haters man, feedin’ all of my life
Middle finger out my window screamin Texas till I die
Tomorrow ain’t never promised so I’m living just for tonight
So show me how you handle your business girl
Show me the way that you ride
And I just tell em sit up on my lap in the cab of my Chevrolet
We can take it back to the pad
Make you feel at home, home
(I’ll make you feel at home, I’ll make you feel at home, make you feel right at home)
And I just tell em sit up on my lap in the cab of my Chevrolet
We can take it back to the pad
Make you feel at home, home
(I’ll make you feel at home, I’ll make you feel at home, make you feel right at home)

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Garland, Travis Homewrecker Comments
  1. Sir Henry

    Sounds like something Timbaland produced.

  2. Sabrina Oktavelia Tanumiharja

    jambie brought me here

  3. Alysha Mio

    been around 5 years and this song is still my favourite jam ugh

  4. Tpimp

    Por qué no hay traducción en español para esta canción?:(

  5. Suellen ribeiro


  6. Stevie Dee 29

    Took my daughter to see this dude live way better in person great performer. Wondering why this dude ain't blown up yet

  7. Pearle J

    Hahahaha I thought this was Chris Browns song lol

  8. Kamera Harris

    Rockin w Travis since his NLT days 😍😉💪🏾 but wowwww i been listening to this song for fucking ever & i FINALLY understood why he called it "Homewrecker" 🙄 & me of all people shoulda got it the first fuckin time w my hornball ass 😭😂

  9. Angela Hendrix

    Kaycee Rice’s dance video brought me here

  10. Myun Bibim

    This song is crazy

  11. oy59

    he's so underrated

  12. Samantha Orlando

    He needs a video for this

  13. Namjoon! At The Disco

    Sf9's Rowoon brought me here🙂

  14. #Domitille# #Fontaine#

    but I'm against those that battle my life with nonjustice, can do the same

  15. #Domitille# #Fontaine#

    can't help u in that thought, against...

  16. #Domitille# #Fontaine#

    SOUNDS A BIT Zaïn , Tray Jannar in response

  17. #Domitille# #Fontaine#

    in which team do you iinvest the money wone in yr good concerts bro??

  18. SangSang Purple

    He is better than justin bieber

  19. Sarita S

    I discovered a god 3 years too late...

  20. Maryam Saif

    He's so underrated when he has such a great voice and should be big in the music world

  21. Meena

    Thank you Wildabeast Adams for introducing this gem to me! love the JT vibes 👌👌

  22. Makayla Norfleet

    He has Chris Brown's voice mixed with Justin Timberlake

  23. CIMBA Jones

    immabeast inc. they msde this song lyfe asf bruh 🔥🔥🔥 im makin a dnce to this as of now

    and he has a mixure of zyne and JT voice

  24. Gutter Guru

    Will Da Beast brought me here using this track in his choreography... Nice track

  25. Shanice Winston

    Love his voice!


    I feel sad that this song is older because I’ve just heard it today😭 It’s so good

  27. Arrafilia Paramajna

    willdabeast adams brought me here👌

  28. C. Parker

    Wildabeast Adams brought me here!👍👌

    Yemima Kasilva

    Same 😂

    Yuni Sahara

    Wuhuuuuuu... 💃💃💃💃

    Jay Smith

    Meeeee too ♥️♥️😍

    Dami Andre' Smith

    Me too😋


    me tooooooooooooo

  29. Angelina Hargrove

    Literally every song is GOLD!!!!!!

  30. dani monique

    -on another travis garland binge

  31. Tuba Köylü

    man you deserve more attention than you get now... I have the feeling that it won't took long then we'll see you in the charts

  32. kayla jade

    his music style and voice reminds me of Justin Timberlake.


    Kayla Greenwell RIGHT

  33. Teresa Evans

    I Love this guy, he is GREAT! 😇

  34. huda

    i need this song in my playlist now

  35. Avriia

    The name of my original character, for a comic I'm working on, brought me here.

  36. Selena Brummett

    oh how the army travels <3

  37. Harro Bye

    bts V brought me here

    RealHouse Kids of NASHville

    Harro Bye really? 😮

    Bleh Bloop

    How tho? 😂



  38. julia

    taehyung brought me here thanks

    H Sr

    julia lol this is kinda late.. but how did he bring you here??

    Kelis Ajanee

    Right I’m like what this doing on his playlist? 🤣🤣🤣🙂🙂

    Mansi Barshiliya

    @Kelis Ajanee all his song choices have been like cupid's arrows so far I've listened 😅

  39. Je' suis Cherie

    Texas representin' ...YES :)

  40. Marcy B

    Awesome song! At first I thought it was JT but we all have our uniqueness. Wish you best of luck!

  41. Tameka Ann Newton

    That run @ 3:28 🙌🙌🙌

  42. Katelyn Chambers

    This song is really lit tbh👌😩

  43. Raquel Pernell

    He needs to be signed to a label already and releasing albums

  44. KB 313

    He sounds like Justin Timberlake a little bit.


    Like 1%

  45. Echelon

    This song dope as hell 👏🏾

  46. 1409musiclover

    this reminds me of a JT song

  47. Jacinda MerChant

    This song is so dope. The breakdown is amazing and the ending!?! You killed it!

  48. PSdissenter

    Wow, it's a white dude. I'm shocked. Heard the song and could have sworn it was a black guy.

    Samantha Boucher

    PSdissenter lol no hunny, he definitely sounds white. Justin Timberlake white.

  49. Tyler Pitterson

    2:04 when the courses drops. That part is sick. The bass sounds crazy ! Great vocals cuz

  50. Nikita Verma

    i love his voice !!!! specially at 0:52

    Nevoori Nareshreddy

    It"Z awsome :-) @Nikita Verma​

  51. Kirwan Tini

    lol Still hasn't made it to the big time like Artie [Kevin Mchale]

  52. Tone H

    @4:30, though...

  53. Sergio Elizaldez

    That breakdown though at 2:48 >>>

  54. Dinero Dollar


  55. fuck you roy

    i love this song

  56. Alexis Booker

    I love his voice 😍😍.

  57. SChome100

    Amazing talent

  58. Trina Jones

    The whole song is amazing, but 4:20 to 5:31 is fire!!! Im melting right now

  59. Eboni Brown

    Abel Tesfaye and Travis are my fav's

    Marcus Sills

    Obviously youre a huge fan especially since you have him as your profile pic. Every song all he does is curse while he sings and always depressed

    Eboni Brown

    @Marcus Sills No, you just don't understand his music, which is based on his life.

  60. Christine Ejiofor

    i hear JT and Bruno in his voice but in my opinion just way way way way way way way way better. Really

  61. TheMultichristine77


  62. Olivia Menchion


  63. Caldelia Williams

    I've turned u into a "home wrecker"! wish i could sing tho! what a voice!

  64. Kevym Truong

    Love Travis he is so underrated and sounds like one of my favorite artist , Justin Timberlake 

  65. Diamond Haynes

    I love Travis he is so cuteeeeeee

  66. Jolene Abbey

    has justin timberlake heard this

  67. koffi olomide

    junbox vs paradox brought me here

  68. Zavier Jeter

    Youooooooo!! He killed it lol

  69. Tayer Jannan B

    OmG his voice is perfection wtf, why is he SOOO underrated!!
    Hes on the level of justin timberlake, way better than justin beiber with lyrics that sound way better than chris browns current songs. he needs more popularity!
    love this song and his other songs like motel pool and blue electric roses! <3

    Silently judging you

    Shanae Parison That's... A good thing... Is it not?

    Shanae Parison

    Yes it is !

    Trappa Flame

    Tayer Jannan B. breezy nah but he aight

    Dana Bear

    Tayer Jannan B Not better than Justin Bieber

    EASY LIFE - الحياة البسيطة

    Better than Justin timberlake and Justin bieber

  70. Spotlyte nXg

    Omg! Just amazing!

  71. Mohammed Patel

    Ah man, Travis just brings back the soul in old school rnb/soul, thats what i feel, might not be the exact genre but thats just how i feel. Way better than many artists out there..

  72. kareem mohamed

    Im def impressed. How is this song not on the radio? Its better than commercialized suit n tie n half the garbage cbrown or ne rb artist is putting out now. This song is true r and b. bring it back travis!

  73. TheSnazztastic

    Been listening to this all day I frigging love this song <3

  74. Kieren Kane

    Damn, he is so like TheWeeknd.

    Eboni Brown

    @Marcus Sills This comment is funny to me, I've heard all of The Weeknd's songs and not one of them sound the same.

    Marcus Sills

    @Eboni Brown obviously youre a huge Weeknd fan, as we can tell by your profile pic. The guy just says "fuckin" as filler when he's lost in lyrics and always depressed

    Eboni Brown

    Yes, I am huge fan of The Weeknd, and yes you're entitled to your opinion, but his music does not put me in a depressed mood its quite addictive tbh.


    +000wanderlust YES


    +Marcus Sills Sade rules as well, what's your point?

  75. Xochilt Stoke

    where have you been .. and why has it taken me this long to hear your music

  76. taylore cook

    Love all of your music

  77. K Moore

    Its not his voice that reminds of JT. But the beat and how he sings with it I think. My mind immediately thought of "Gone" by N'sync and "Cry me a river" within the first ten seconds.

  78. YaTu Chavez

    I can hear it. Fair enough

  79. lk0micho

    No it reminds me of a mixture between Fergie and Jesus

  80. kriesha henriques

    yes ! but more dirty and sexy

  81. Kris Crews

    that run at 3:28. whew

  82. Keisha Newton

    Seriously into this song! Mad love for you Travis!!!!

  83. Sinister Rotaries

    He has more rasp in his voice than JT

  84. celina smith

    the 2 dislikes don't know what music is.

  85. bleedingbatho

    He sounds a lot like a good way

  86. Salone Boy Tricking

    Same :) Love the way the whole song switches and has a real chill and deep vibe to it.

  87. SuperKimxD

    Oh my god, I love 4:28 so much!!! <3

  88. tafuna97

    he is so beautiful!!!! :D

  89. Brianna Abdullah

    na, not at all! travis and Jt have they're own unique voice...

  90. Simca A.

    this should definetely be the next single! :)

  91. Marwa Mohamed

    This is amazing. You deserve to be known globally! This is what I call real music.

    Twitter: @n0t4vailable

  92. scribbler of dreams

    thank you.

  93. Laura Q

    LOVE it! Thanks for posting all your songs

  94. Michael Mitchell

    I turned you into a home, homewrecker*

  95. bewafa92

    Love love love this song! You should release this song as a single!

  96. scribbler of dreams

    I'll turn you into a hoe... (?)