Garland, Travis - From Adam (Interlude) Lyrics

Every time I see you, I don't know
Don't know what the hell I’m about to say
Why am I so afraid of falling in love?
Your beauty keeps on getting in my way

Say the wrong way to love somebody
Just the wrong way to tell someone

Tryna make you understand I'm the kind of man that would treat you like
The perfect girl everybody knows you are
But you don't know me from Adam
And I don't know you from Eve
And if my words don’t come out right
I hope you feel what I mean

Singing woohoohoo
Singing woohoohoo
Singing yeeheeyeee
Singing yeeheeyeee

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Garland, Travis From Adam (Interlude) Comments
  1. Official Genia

    In love with this song . ❤️

  2. AllInOne.

    Travo.. how does it feel being 30 old man? hahaha texas boy shotout.. anyway i keep coming back to this song it from time to time.. its a part of me.. thanks for inspiring me and others bruh i always will be grateful that your mommy didnt let you quit when you almost did in choir haha cheers!

  3. Steph

    Upload this on your Spotify please

  4. Andrew Supangkat

    This song just has so much emotion and feels to it

  5. cebo ntuli

    @Travis Garland.....can you do more songs like this...this song is [email protected] moguls out there => Can someone promote this guys music properly.....he has outstanding talent ... so underrated.

  6. papankzidane

    Rezaoktovian brought me here !

  7. Deanti Sept

    Why am I so afraid of falling in love? 😭

  8. Han

    Can someone explain about how the melody used in this song is the same as the ending of Cold Play's Charlie Brown?

  9. StellaR

    coldplay charlie brown ending?

    Adriwirawan Ameel

    Yeah u right

  10. Gabriela Rose

    Brian Puspos choreography brought me here.

  11. Heather Larson

    i love this so much...

  12. amberrocksoutloud

    This is the Travis that I've loved since I was 12 (:

  13. Lia pacheco

    LOVE TRAVIS *.* me enamore con tus temas .

  14. baylee small

    love it

  15. Pavel P

    minecraft soundtrack

  16. Katelyn Delos Santos

    Can anyone please tell me the meaning behind the song... I'm dying to know

    CY Ex

    so tl;dr
    Imagine a stranger suddenly telling you they love and care about you

    still tl;dr?
    A stranger, staring at your boobs, say, "You're a great person"

    STILL tl;dr???
    They like how you look, but don't know who you are

    WTF? Just READ the Comment at this Point <_<

  17. Mary Grace

    Speechless...... just Speechless 💞💞

  18. Joshua Dela Cruz

    Come check out my choreo to this amazing song

  19. Shanice Johnson

    Can this be put on iTunes plz!!

  20. Emilio Lopez

    daniel Jerome > Brian Puspos

    Ian Rose

    Shots fired

  21. Nicson Flores

    "Fashionably Late" Now I get Brian Puspos vide

  22. JCDesires1

    The ending of Charlie Brown - Coldplay brought me here! awesome piano

  23. Claudia Marchen

    I wish this was longer!

  24. Jeffrey Wallace

    What's the name of the song in the converse commercial before the vid

  25. DIG65

    Brian Puspos brought me here and I just love your song.

  26. TheresiaD0428

    LOVE this song!! Like everyone said Brain Puspos brought me here (: 

    GeeTay Tapia

    His choreo? I DIED..... cried like a baby!

  27. CarterGrayson1985

    absolutely beautiful, wauw.

  28. CarterGrayson1985

    This is beautiful

  29. Ly Yang

    DJ Daniel Jerome baby sent me here :)

    Bryan Banquerigo


  30. alondra Ocean

    Brian sent be here cx but this song is so perfect

  31. Eddie Torres

    Charlie Brown by Coldplay!! :)

  32. Tiana F.

    Brian's choreo to this song made me cry... Thank you, Travis and Brian

  33. DJ_Rozey

    So powerful and emotional.. Thanks for this song means a lot

  34. Alanna L.

    Brian Puspos sent me here (;

  35. WhoaLayla

    that must've been perfect. idk you at all, but w/ that gesture, you must be a gentleman too.

  36. Randell Alfeche

    Daniel Jerome!!!!!

  37. Love Star

    Puspos brought me here..:)

  38. Mia Tangen

    i can't find this on itunes

  39. Lia pacheco

    <3 love

  40. tracy n

    the piano in the background is from coldplay's charlie brown

  41. FreddieKingOfficial

    Slow danced to my girl in the rain with this

  42. Michelle Arca

    How do we download the album? The link on the website doesn't work.

  43. Anisa Moon


  44. Ben Tang

    Don't forget about Daniel Jerome too!

  45. eerrss

    Where To Land

  46. keoki kree

    Awwwhhh this song though .... to cute

  47. Gabs Mesquita

    Yes he did the choreography of this song

  48. My89Rhythm

    OMFG! Your voice just tickled my kitten ;D

  49. Arr0w

    daniel jerome´s choreo is better then puspos

  50. Jace

    the background piano sounds like the last part of Coldplay's Charlie Brown. Still an awesome song tho

  51. Elena Laulhere

    Spotify !!! Put this song on spotifyy please please please !!♥♥♥

  52. Daniel Contreras


  53. Daniel Contreras

    Check out Daniel Jerome's choreography to this!!

  54. Destiny Xiong

    Love it ! It's on replay.

  55. CaliBaybee1

    why so short :(

  56. Justin Hoai Le

    Make an extended version!!!!

  57. Jack Yu

    the piano bit is from coldplay's "charlie brown"! check it out :3

    great song though!

  58. MeAskWhy

    Love this song.

  59. Stevie Steve

    :') this song... man

  60. alvic cortes

    Come on people, yes no one can deny that most of you were led by Brian Puspos to this song but hey give some props to Travis Garland. His voice is so damn smooth!

  61. Proud2bFilms

    Daniel Jerome showed me this song but Daniel and Brian's piece are both fascinating and touching.

  62. Reine De Mesa


  63. MrSmiletoomuch

    Feel some type of way

  64. Chromer Pack

    Daniel Jerome brought me here >.>

  65. MrSmiletoomuch

    Make you feel some type of way

  66. Roll Like A Buffalo O_O

    Puspos brought me here.....and I'm glad he did!

  67. Marce Guerrero


  68. Marshabee1

    I love this touch me to the core

  69. Azel G

    Song is great, just bummed that its short

  70. Cherice Samakande

    what is the message for this song??

  71. Gabby Chalmers

    This sounds like Charlie brown - coldplay ?

  72. BaYouHad

    You know a song is completely beautiful when it needs no extra instruments, sounds or work. Just a piano, and a voice.

  73. Cecilia Borns

    I know Brian Puspos dope!

  74. Lane Luangxay

    I'm pretty sure he did.. He was in the video :-p hahah

  75. Pich Him


  76. CarlyMelissaM

    Inlove with this song.

  77. Ronaldo Paralejas

    This song touched me plus Brians puspos choreography Equals Tears

  78. Dan Joseph Nuque

    Daniel jerome brought me here

  79. Konrad P

    PUSPOS! <3



  81. killa kam

    your voice is absolutely beautiful and this song is undescribable to touches, made me cry haha becuz i can relate to it in my own way. much love man :) thanks

  82. Jasper Topacio

    Brian puspos :) read his description of the video, heartfelt :)

  83. cebuboy94

    brian puspos brought me here

  84. Tino Mujkic

    thumbs up if brian puspos brought you here

  85. The9jagurl

    Brian Puspos danced beautifully to this. I love this song

  86. David Lew

    The Songs tune is exactly the same as Coldplay's Charlie Brown. I was trying to use What's This Song app and it came up with Coldplay's Charlie Brown. Not hating. Still love this song

  87. Missjujubee

    Oh shoot, you're right. :O

  88. shatapkez

    'cause of brian puspos. hehe :))

  89. xMagicalDanny

    When did this song come out?
    It uses the same exact tune from Coldplay - Charlie Brown

  90. Sharon Ulok

    Briang Puspos bring me here!!! :)

  91. Sharon Ulok

    Brian puspos bring me here!!! :)

  92. shariece collins

    Just like most of you... Brian brought me here as well, I fell in love when he did his choreography.

  93. shariece collins

    This song is very beautiful.... ❤

  94. sallie marable

    brian puspos!!!

  95. angeline jacob

    Brian Puspos brought me here! Y'all should see him! He is an amazing dancer and inspiration... When u watch his video it will make u cry.... AMZING DANCER!!

  96. Josh Rhodes

    Like if Brian Puspos's choreography brought you here? :)

  97. g00ns SAI

    Brian Puspos brought me here... :)

  98. Mizcutie101

    Soo beautiful