Garland, Travis - Clouds Lyrics

Workin' really hard to get me
With them heels and that dress and that body yeah
Know I'm bout to drop to one knee baby
I'm a make you run and tell somebody

The way my name rolls off your lips
I think there's no better sound (no, no)
You're like a drug, I see them hips
You're moving, can't keep me down
No girl

You got my head in the clouds
And I just wanna fly (oh baby)
You got my head in the clouds
And I just wanna get high

Girl you know you take me there
Don't nobody else compare
Got me high I'm floatin' on air
Love the way you blow my mind
Take me up straight to the sky
Won't you now, stop wasting time

The way my name rolls off your lips
I think there's no better sound
You're like a drug, I see them hips
You're moving, can't keep me down
No girl

You got my head in the clouds
And I just wanna fly (oh baby)
You got my head in the clouds
And I just wanna get high

I wanna fly over the trees
Over the world, just you and me
I wanna fly, I wanna
I wanna fly (fly) over the trees trees
Over the world (world), just you and me

[Chorus: x2]
You got my head in the clouds
And I just wanna fly (woah baby)
You got my head in the clouds
And I just wanna get high

Are you a killer?
In high heels lipstick
I got the camera baby
So lemme see ya pose, pose, pose
Baby girl, listen here
I'll tell you everything you wanna hear
If you want, I'll turn you out
Write your name up right here in the clouds
In the clouds

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Garland, Travis Clouds Comments
  1. Tovan


  2. shashi dhar

    Damn..I'm gonna get this song to a million views all by myself!!

  3. Vanessa Jackson


  4. Josiah L. Silva

    my mom bought me here XD

  5. Shuvam Upadhyay

    where was this man...u should promote this man more than your covers....

  6. shivani jaiswal

    he is soooo damn.

  7. anna Faizal

    my man is backk ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Jason

    Who the fuck is this fidget?

  9. Betsy L

    Visually stunning! Art at its' best form. And his voice...I can't even....

  10. sujasha20

    I don't know why but this song reminds me of "Orphan Black" the Serie. I'm not saying that's a sonudtrack from that serie but it just reminds me of it. :)

  11. Dency Wilfred

    that was so good!!!

  12. Rubix The Reaper

    Tea is: you got my head in the clouds! Me: have you been farting?

  13. Owy Ml

    I miss youuuu

  14. Elmer Latorre

    go to the online game "Teen Titans: One on One" and play as Starfire. the background music while you're playing sounds kind of like this song haha

  15. Chorrell Piqué

    Not the recognition I thought it would get. Little bit more patience...

  16. Quiet Whistle

    in love

  17. JohnLankfordMusic

    This is so early 2000's..Brittany Spears

  18. your dad

    This is so fucking underrated

  19. Tommy Francisco

    Great music!

  20. Kathy Stover

    he's a midgit lol

  21. RealRecogniseReal

    He sounds like one of the backstreet boys, not quite sure which one 🤔

  22. Jacob Jansen Lim

    Wow he's amazing how is this guy not going famousss yett.............

  23. cutiepieflow forever

    he is amazing

  24. cutiepieflow forever

    hey is amazing i love him

  25. koni chiwa

    02:31 & 02:42 I like the song but unlike cuz of pyramid and cross up side down.. (illuminati) shame on u travis.. such a good artist


    WOW !!!

  27. Karol Svay

    Sit on my face hahahahaha

  28. Caitlyn Atkins

    get him radio play and sold out tours you selfish bitches

  29. Christine

    I just wanna get high, got me floatin on air MrT

  30. miaraa x

    he's just to great! ❤

  31. Vathyah

    Dayum you're my new Justin Timberlake !!

  32. Bdellium Tools

    This guy is the real deal. I saw him perform in Sacramento. <3

  33. T Bird

    yo where do they sell one of these bc I need one in my life OH MY GOD I LOVE HIS MUSIC

  34. DJNickmatrix bro

    Jazz funk choreography is so fun to this :P

  35. cynthia amianda

    this is good music

  36. Naw Walker

    omg your awesome!!!

  37. kaisootrash

    Anyone else listening to every single song by this dude since Kai is such a big fan?

    Sal C

    As in kai from EXO? :)


    @Sal C yeeep


    +kaisootrash wow Kai too?..i saw 1 of his songs on V's phone on Twitter on a screenshot it was You Made Your Bed...Jiimiin knows Brian Puspos (where he got the pulling hair back thing from...BTS said on their 2nd birthday :'L) who did a cover of his song Motel Pool so they might have found him that way or from when i recommended songs to them before :'Lol)...but I knew him before I even knew BTS or EXO...he's so underrated & so good )':


    YouCantJustPick1KpopBias he follows sm ent on twitter lol got me shook! I've been a fan for ten years now, I've been with him since NLT. I met him five years ago and he recognised me lol! If there's an ultimate bias of life, this guy is it. Brilliant mind, amazing talent.

  38. Aul moonbleu

    Wow he's talented

  39. _Spagootios_

    OMG he is soo cute and his voice is amazing😍

  40. mike whittaker michaelw

    Terrible. Can't even listen to the whole song...

    Nathan Brown

    Not really

    Brittany Martinez

    Nope actually not his voice is amazing 👋

    Nathan Brown

    I know right

    Aul moonbleu

    Hater !

  41. ColorlessAngelz

    I like his voice but this video was basically just a photoshoot with random effects.

  42. Andrei Felix

    Great song!

  43. Latifah Sanni

    His voice is AMAZING

  44. Kerri-Ann Morgan

    his voice! love it!

  45. shaqreia Carlton

    I love this song his voice is stupid crazy but those cloths in this video though.

  46. Emily Hoke

    I wish I could like this a million times! This, Pullin my hair, and Homewrecker are my favorites. Ugh so good.

  47. cadencemeli

    david so people, who else?

  48. Riah Fuimaono


  49. lty

    Dawn, I wish he could be famous, NLT and him are all the best

  50. Flor Rosales

    Amo está canción *-*

  51. hug me pls

    david so iphone commercial brought me here

    jack erozer

    dcype 159 L..G..I BABY, LETS GET IT, LETS GO

  52. Datashdoe

    I miss NLT 😔

  53. Leman Kazimova

    woow amazing..but the girl isnt beatiful... travis good luck

    jun han

    You're trippin.

  54. Wesley TheWolfman

    wolfpack approved

  55. Hercen Smith

    He hit the Bridge to early.. Otherwise really awesome song!!! :D 

  56. kendra blanton

    Oh and the Video aka director of Photography or whatever is very Nice

  57. kendra blanton

    He's awesome just looked him up and I love his sound

  58. Chuckie Guevarra

    I wonder why he's really not known yet. His voice is phenomenal, like he should be in music awards right now. His music sounded so good

    Berlin Saint Clair

    +Bidwellz9 Haha, TOTALLY think the same thing. He's very um, petit.

    Lola Bint

    +Berlin Saint Clair Still fineee tho. ._.

    Thaina Rocha

    do you know how short bruno mars is? that doesn't make sense

    Dawn MoonWolf

    Travis does not want to gain mainstream and become someone who he isn't, he wants to be true to himself and not a slave of the music industry, he is doing his own thing :)

    Yusril Anwar

    Chuckie Guevarra Because he's not recruited by illuminati yet

  59. Dianna Richards

    This is my child's you tube so I'll keep simple! This Travis Garland is AMAZING! Haven't heard anything this good in a LONG long time!

  60. Private Thoughts

    I just listened to this and Motel Pool and I'm hooked! Instant fan, LIKE, subscribe moment!!

  61. Prncssmn7

    He reminds me of Jared Leto. He's going to be huge everywhere but the US. Good for him for not using his face to do shitty music that will sell well, but not stand the tests of time. 

  62. danyellwar77

    I still like his voice but i dont know about this song....

  63. Fatima Ruw

    a boy version of jessi j 

  64. Sonia Al-Sinan


  65. Darryl Fields

    What in the...?? i say what in the fuck is he wearing though?

  66. Odessei Rah

    Anyone peep that LFA? Lol

  67. Jordan Draper

    This is an under-appreciated form of art. 

  68. Sylvia Obasi


  69. Tania DaSilva

    Please do a colab with Enrique!

  70. Gabriel Martins

    what's the name of the car this video?the red car

    Rishi Keshav

    Its probably a Lexus LFA

    Gabriel Martins

    oh thanks dude!


    Rishi Keshav is right it is the lexus LFA

    Gabriel Martins

    Thanks dude


    sure thing man

  71. Tiffany Thomas

    Man ppl r str8 sleepin on Travis G.  Shame, he shld b mch bigger on the music scene than he is.  He needs to do some collabs wit some othr good ppl in the industry

  72. Briana Tippens

    he needs to fire his stylist!

  73. Eboni Brown

    his voice is seriously so amazing

  74. LionKing

    a talented voice gone to waste! sing songs, not this illuminati BS! sup with the pyramids? you sellout!


    he's not illuminati. exactly why he is not mainstream. he makes his own music. i don't think he is wasting anything.

    Jiraiya Sannin

    I wouldn't call it a was, but I do think that he should do more covers of popular pop or R and B songs or make a song that gets the full quality of his voice.

    Justin Jorge

    He's actually the complete opposite and quite fucking awesome!


    When I see comments like yours I remember why I hate reading comments.

    Ryan PlaysMC

    Nah the symbolism in the video aren't legit though there is also a possibility.

  75. Karen Madash


  76. MrRonanONeill

    If I wore panties, they'd be on the floor right about now.

    Jaden Leigh

    bro you creepy


    +MrRonanONeill LMAO best comment on this thread yet.

    Mahogany Grayson


    Chi Chi

    funniest one at that lol

  77. nltcraze

    that last 45 seconds it!

  78. Kawaii Anime


  79. Ashrey Beecham

    can someone recommend me songs similar to this?

  80. Rachna Raman

    Why didn't he stay with NLT!!!!!!

  81. Jessica Brennan

    Go back to your blond hair Dx

  82. Banga Bruzbartaite

    :** yeee

  83. R&B Nation

    Love it!!!<3<3<3

  84. White Fartt

    You deserve a lot more views....

  85. cinemadivatv

    I am in love with your music Brian Pupos put me on. 

  86. Christina Rose

    Love TG. such talent... I've played this song out and will continue to play it out... LOVE IT!

    the way my name rolls off them lips i think there is no better sound

  87. TheJellypop1

    In love <3 

  88. Lorraine Martin

    I mean this is cool and all, but in your interview earlier in career, you said you wanted to have diverse and meaningful lyrics, and you did. Like "Didn't Stand A Chance" "Believe" "Can't Wait To Meet Ya" and yes, even "Second Try". But now all your doing is talking about sex and PDA. I've been a fan of yours for a while, but your kinda taking a drastic turn, and it's really depressing. :(

    Cadejah Person

    With those songs, he still had a label to answer to. Now he's grown up and without a label, he's doing what makes him happy. If you think that all of his songs are about sex, you haven't listened to his whole album.

  89. erica black

    Mad your bed, Pulling my hair, homewrecker and this song....are my FAVOURITE songs by Travis!!!!!


    Love this song!

  91. Tina Quach

    I can't wait until he becomes a big artist! He has so much potential

  92. refugio garcía

    Clouds wow:)

  93. daffie15

    why isn't this a much potential...

    roshel anderson

    It will be .... hopefully

  94. jorgehoty

    Nice song

  95. Klaudija Jerkovic

    Amazing..Just amazing :D