Garland, Travis - Bodies Lyrics

You can have all my attention if you want it babe
Just tell me what you feel. What you feel, what you think of me.
I forgot talk is cheap with the gold you giving babe.
You mean every word you say. Don’t you babe?
Tell me you'll ride for me. Shovels and Duct tape for my enemies.
Lock it in tight for me.. Promise you'll swallow the key.

She knows where the bodies are buried.
She ain't telling nobody, nobody
She knows where the bodies are buried.
She knows, yeah she knows.
She had me thinking.

Fill the trunks up with speed bump
Caught her looking in the rear view
Got your lips locked, no snitch
I can still gag you if you want babe
Got your legs up on my dashboard, no fuck
Shawty said she bout it, you just so quiet
Be blowing all the lotties. She would do a pill for me.
I don’t even got it. Tell me you'll ride for me, yeah.
Matching glove and ski masks all this energy
Lock it up tight for me, Promise you'll swallow the key.

She knows where the bodies are buried.
She ain't telling nobody, nobody
She knows where the bodies are buried.
She knows, yeah she knows.
She had me thinking.

Yeah you the partner in crime
You the truth baby
Know all the things that I don’t let anybody know, no
And now you got a dirty little secret for me to keep
Baby it's so deep.

Don't go tell nobody all the things that you seen though
Oh the patrol gotta start In Texas for the green tho
She ain't say a thing, baby let me do the smooth talking
They let us off, but just a warning
But if they knew what we know.

She knows where the bodies are buried (We'd be going to jail right now)
She ain't telling nobody, nobody (nobody yeah)
She knows where the bodies are buried.
She knows, yeah she knows.
She had me thinking.
Yeah you the partner in crime
You the truth baby
Know all the things that I don’t let anybody know, no
And now you got a dirty little secret for me to keep
Baby it's so deep.
Yeah you the partner in crime. You the truth baby.
You know all the things...
Know where the bodies are buried
Yeah she knows.

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Garland, Travis Bodies Comments
  1. Claire Daly

    TG is one of the best artists!!!!! Soooo incredibly talented <3 The first time I learned that he writes songs for people like Justin Bieber I was like, "wait, what?!" He's such a great reminder to everyone to follow your dreams - do what you're passionate about, be yourself, and the money will follow. Don't ever let your fears or insecurities stop you from going after what you want. Everyone sees the superstars, and they are talented too, but there are so many like Travis that help them make it to where they are. They contribute in a real, meaningful way and make a solid career for themselves; don't EVER think "well, I'm prob not gonna be the next Justin Bieber/Ariana Grande/Frank Ocean/______(insert your fave here), so I shouldn't try to make a career out of that" YOU can do it! (in my Rob Schneider voice XD)

  2. souhila abdelli

    Yeah fire


    PUT THIS ON SPOTIFY PLS!!! We’ve been waiting too long 😂😭

  4. Brianna Chambers


  5. Shona Macdonald

    Just found this dude! Daam wish I found u sooner! Loving your work! To the 50 people who put thumbs down.. Ur clearly deaf..! This is awesome! ❤️

  6. Courtney Michelle

    Who here has been a fan since the NLT days?! 🥰🥰🥰

  7. K M

    Seeing this one live is a magical experience... Jus sayin 🤫

  8. Victor Garcia

    Whose the girl 🔥

  9. sքɑɳısн ʝнѳpɛ's ѕpяιтє.

    _Fuck... I fell in love_

  10. Taiwo Azeez

    Travis... You just won me over... I love your voice boy 😉

  11. TishyySixx

    WHY 👏🏻 ISN’T 👏🏻 THIS 👏🏻 ON 👏🏻 SPOTIFY

  12. Michelle Brown

    Travis is amazing wow he’s definitely underrated 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Lunar Lexxicon

    Such an angel. So underrated.

  14. Leah Renee

    LOVE THIS 😍👏😮🔥 HE’S ON FIRE 🔥 PEOPLE, WE NEED A FIRE EXTINCTION-WISHER. Or whatever you spell it. Lol 😂

  15. Ńoah !

    This is really my song-N!

  16. Leh BawsB3

    I want in on the dirty little secret ❤

  17. Kool Kat

    SOOOOOO Good!  so underrated!

  18. owner of a lonely heart

    how I love this song. didn't even know about the music video.
    you are amazing, Travis!
    greetings from Russia ❤️

  19. solar_eclipse

    This song is so underrated even know it's AMAZING! It's one of my favorite songs by Travis <3

  20. Tomás Alvarado

    Dope af

  21. Dr. Gonzo

    what a good Song

  22. JET Johnsen

    I get that it's just artistic and whatever. But what's the point of burning the bodies when your burrying them IN a graveyard!? It's like saying "LOOK THERE'S NOTHING GOING ON OVER HERE, WE LIT A FIRE IN THE GRAVEYARD, NOTHING TO WORRy ABOUT".... You've watched one to many Supernatural Episodes Travis :P

  23. LaShundria M Buckhalter

    I can't believe at first I hated this song but now I'm in love with it.

  24. Sanaiha Gaines

    yes this is so cool i am ten i love this song the girl in this video is so so so so pretty and i love that hair tho good job omg so long love them damn high notes go go go travis i did not think u can sing damn just smh yea yea so good im in shock i can watch this for years yea i said it yea like this comment any one

  25. Mickaela Salvador

    do you have spotify right? @TravisGarland

    Iris Crosby

    He do have a Spotify

  26. Laughuntilyoucry Cryuntilyoulaugh

    I really wish the instruments weren't so damn busy.

  27. Christie Lynn

    I honestly have no words for the way you make my soul feel when your vocals hit my ears. Its pure bliss. I think you take the cake for best male vocals out there!

  28. Gibral Ulhaq

    i expecting christina aguilera

  29. Josyff Xo

    Anyone know who the pretty girl is?

  30. Josyff Xo

    ----" I know where the bodies are buried. 💓🎶 "

  31. BillyP1390

    baseeeeee is scary

  32. Iam Insssaf

    This shit is perfect , he is so underrated !! he deserves more . wth , why are people that don't have talent get to top , but the ones who have pure golden talent doesn't get anything !! I need this on the radio on repeat♥♥♥♥♥♥

  33. ama busay

    any armys here?!!!

    lmao sorry

  34. Oseghale Okoyomon

    Super dope!!

  35. Living With Maka

    This Deserves More Likes And Views. I Love This Song!

  36. Shayne Hearns

    Y'all kill me saying that he's the male Tori Kelly. Now I love me some TK, but naw fam, Tori Kelly is the female Travis Garland #FwmSinceNLT

    Remarkable Rose

    People think that Tori came before Travis lol he's been singing for more than a decade lol love em both though

    Shayne Hearns

    They both are awesome :)

    Marquise West

    @Remarkable Rose Tori Kelly's been singing for more than a decade too...


    Best comment goes to you 🖤❤🖤❤

  37. Esperanza Martinez

    right this song is so sexy and he can sing his ass off +Jai123

  38. Wilton Vagne

    Very Nice👏👏👏👏

  39. Sammy Hall

    LOOKS: You remind me of mark Wahlberg combined with Enrique Iglesias which is PERFECT. Singing: Unique. Love your songs & your covers are great too!

    Lindsay Wil

    lol u right. it makes sense.

  40. GR GR

    Hang on, she knows where the bodies are buried???

  41. Nonshake noha

    can 't get enough of this song ! it 's gonna make my entire holidays! wow awesooome

  42. Cashus BG

    good the En Vouge elements...

  43. Tee1167

    His vocals are off the fucking chain

  44. juliet frederick

    this song is insane and i am captivated.......

  45. Sharuul Gaines

    so frecken good i love this song so frecken much it is the best song in the wirld not that i dont like his others sobgs they are great they all are great so amazing i can listen to this song all day thats hiw frecken bad it is dang it is good i can do this cover but not as good as he can the first time i heard this it blow my mind listen guys

  46. yasmin11ize

    Actually love this song so much

  47. heymimi1990

    Yas boo!

  48. Nicole Bayless

    I love this song so fucking much

  49. _Spagootios_

    Ooo Honey he is too cute and his voice is to die for X) TRAVIS GARLAND ALL THE WAY<3<3

  50. rocklesson86

    You deserve to more attention.

  51. randomwg05

    fucking awesome songs

  52. KerryAnne G

    My fav kind of TG track a kick ass guitar and a bit of raw sexiness.

  53. Desiray Whitlow

    Sing brandy almost doesn't count!

  54. Lindsay Wil

    Sick vocalist. Still not sure why his first album did not get him noticed. Some bangin tracks. Then again my boy Tank is still underrated so it's no surprise. Stand up for true vocalists!

  55. Xee Chang

    He's truly talented. It doesn't matter he do covers the most. I just cant wait till he update more of his originals. Travis is full of surprises! 👏👏👏 💕💕💕

  56. WhateverIsTrueASMR


    Rajsuryan singh

    Leroy sanchez is the male tori kelly...
    Travis sounds very different to me...
    the only similarity i see is the insane runs they do...


    @Rajsuryan singh Ahh I love Leroy Sanchez too!! I consider them all to have virtuosic voices ^_^

  57. Andrei Felix

    Keep on making great music! :)

  58. Laquiesha Smith

    He sounds like justin timberlake so much in this song that's definitely a compliment this man is so slept on

  59. Alpha Tarawally

    He deserves more credit , this voice is is just Out of this world amazing

  60. antflrs

    Great music! This to good for the airway/radio

  61. Tamera

    it bothers me that he doesn't get as nearly as much credit that he deserves. It bothered me with NLT and it still bothers me now. this industry is messy af. Travis is talented which is something I can't say for half the people we hear on the radio. That's just my opinion

  62. Alyssa

    the world is blessed because travis garland is on it

  63. Anna Jade

    Oh holy wow this is incredible and macabre

  64. Person of Interest

    This song though <3

  65. Kolorlesssoul

    I like how you can download this free. That shows Travis cares more about his craft and the message it gives, opposed to doing it for the money like most mainstream artists. I love you Trav. Since '07 in NLT, to now. ❤️

  66. Je' suis Cherie

    Everyone is trying to jack Travis' swagger. Just heard " with me" by dvsn...good but Travis would kill it. :)

  67. Marcus Sills

    This song is goooooood as hell.

  68. temmy

    everytime i listen to this song i immediately go to the thumbs up icon and then realize sadly that i already liked it

  69. temmy


  70. Je' suis Cherie

    YES.......good God. :)

  71. Brian Lawrence

    been saying that for years, such a talent shame not to share with the world

  72. Kyle Bortolon


  73. TaylorBaileyShow

    See you tonight😍 Lol I'm pre-gaming

  74. Malyse Lindsey

    You are my babe, and have been my babe for YEARS now. I love you Travis! You deserve to go so damn far. I can't believe that you're not blowing up radios right now. It's OK though, because your time is near love 😍. And when you get there I get to say that I saw the journey 😊.

  75. Travis Hod

    anyone come here because of hoodie allen

  76. almaflowers1

    Definitely one of my fave songs from him along with 'Mr. Rogers', Kate Moss', and 'Favors'
    well basically all of his songs

  77. Bri Bri

    Can't get enough of Travis, quite upsetting that I don't hear him main stream. You deserve it.

  78. Anita Rose

    Yuuuuuuuuuuss ♡

  79. Chelsea Smith

    Can I be in your next video please

  80. Mia Hampton

    I think you could sing the worst song out there and I would still love it because of who you are as a artist love with uppers+downers

  81. Fredo Austin

    I fuck with this .. Philly 💯

  82. loca gen

    Travis is Bae 😍
    I'm a bit disappointed in Aubrey when they asked her on that radio interview if she was in a relationship and she said "yea with that GUY you seen me on marriage boot camp with" as if she couldn't be polite and and refer to you by your name instead of THAT GUY smh. Anyways you're an amazing artist wish you all the best

    Bebe Palmer

    He deserves better smh I really think him just being labeled at just her BF is beneath him he's an amazing artist

  83. ms Sai

    Travis did it again 😄 top song

  84. Pedro Elizondo

    Travis fucking kills it again.

  85. Dejah White


  86. Bro Bro

    Can anyone tell me how he gets his hair like that?

  87. Kay Amore

    When the song started I thought of Miguel.

  88. JET Johnsen

    It Seems weird he has not been signed to a major label yet. This and almost every original song of is, are waaaay better than anything on the radio these days. I think he has declined alot of deals, probably due to him not getting to make the kind of music he likes. Or trying to change some other aspect of who he wants to be. It seems, and I hope that I'm right, that his integrity is rock solid. Keep it up Mr. Garland. You have my full and utmost respect.

    Bby Kaylynn

    Yeah he does decline alot of deals. He has been asked by major labels but he declines them too because he said he wants to wait for the right deal.

  89. MUHAMMAD SYAFIQ Kasmaruddin

    great stuff from u man....hope to hear more of ur sound...stay rock homies n can u do more cover....cuz i love it to death(miguel mashup)

  90. Alyssa


  91. AmandaLynn07

    this reminds me of some prince type of shit! love it <3

  92. NeickhaSuPRA


  93. Tylynn Music

    Sign him Timbaland please!!!!

  94. yvette rankin

    I had no idea travis can sing

  95. Chris

    Just like always homerun lol. I loved it. I love your music I hope to see u like and I hope I get to meet u. I'm a really really big fan.

  96. cynthia amianda

    Damn feeling the beats ,voice and all this dope good job!