Garland, Travis - Believe Lyrics

I'm looking at the future, I see it in your face
I don't know where you came from, you came from
But girl, you can tell me on the way
I ain't no Casanova and I'm not spitting u no game
Your heart's been broken over and over
But I'll make you trust in love again

You know way too many of these same old guys
They tell way too many of these same old lies
Girl I ain't just anybody, put your faith in me
I will make you believe, believe, yeah

I used to be so lonely, this lonely man
Felt like a man up on the moon
The stars were my directions, directions
Leading me straight here to you

You know way too many of these same old guys
They tell way too many of these same old lies
Girl I ain't just anybody, put your faith in me
I will make you believe, believe, yeah

I'm gonna make believe, I'm gonna make believe
I'm gonna make believe, I'm gonna make believe

Hello heart, let me in
All your cracks, I'm gonna mend
Hello heart, let me in
I'm gonna make you trust again

You know way too many of these same old guys
They tell way too many of these same old lies
Girl I ain't just anybody, put your faith in me
I will make you believe, believe, yeah

I'm gonna make believe, I'm gonna make believe
I'm gonna make believe, I'm gonna make believe

I'm gonna make believe, I'm gonna make believe
I'm gonna make believe, I'm gonna make believe

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Garland, Travis Believe Comments
  1. Jamirah Falck

    Here in 2019!!

    Pedro Carinhas

    me too .... waiting for the album

  2. nathancop1983

    Why can’t we get this on iTunes in uk?

  3. Niara Soares

    5 anos da minha vida procurando essa música..onde eu escutava no ensino médio.. Cara essa música marcou muito minha adolescência meus amigos e hj em 2018 consegui lembrar dessa bendita kkkkk felizzzzzzzz..morrer escutando agora.. Kkkk

    Niara Soares

    Me enganei foram 8 anos procurando kkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkk misericórdia

  4. m miii

    God I remember listening this years ago... nostalgia

  5. stachiano

    best workout song ever. ahhh nostalgiaaaaa

  6. Penelopee Guerrero

    2016 here <3

  7. Mariane Salonz

    I think the acoustic one is better, but all in all, his voice is amazing!

  8. Anthony Vona

    this is a great song!!!!

  9. Devonta White

    Jessie J Brought me here!!! 💯😄

  10. Deb Allen

    this song will be my future guy lol!

  11. ana jessica souza

    I love Travis Garland!!-...and his music -!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  12. Sabrina Marie

    I found a book from 2010 when I wrote this song down. I don't remember ever listening to it xD none the less still good!

  13. Anny Garcia


  14. Anny Garcia

    I love you Travis so much thanks to my brother I know know your a solo artist I've been listening to NLT for a while and I found NLT from Glee because I wanted to know more about Kevin and I found out about you for love you so much Travis my brother and I love u

  15. Lore Elvina

    Beautiful voice !

  16. Amber Beckford

    Thanks Travis 4 makin me Believe again:)!!!!

  17. Rated N Music

    Produced By: Danja (Studying his production brought me here)

  18. Jolyn Tan

    I love his voice!

  19. Amanda Feiler

    this used to be my summer song! damn i still love it!

  20. ht Mandy

    it's 2013 and im still listening to this. <3

  21. Amber Beckford

    I luv thiz song its so perfect:)!!!

  22. Tiara Chantel Newell

    I really forgot about this song.#INSPIRATIONAL

  23. Sherelle Willis

    Like this song ♥ u travis

  24. sandyrachel49

    People don't usually dislike Travis' videos. Why are there so many dislikes!? Is it simply 'cause it's on Perez Hilton's channel? -.-

  25. Artistique

    Amen to that! it's mind blowinggggg!

  26. Iaintyourbabe

    You guys need to hear his EP's Amazing! :) He is so great,And changed alot for the better.Check it out!

  27. Rose JayZ


  28. teammm

    He certainly made me believe.

  29. Julia Puhakka

    i'm in love with this song <3 he has amazing voice!

  30. LimeGreenCouchPotato

    2013! Still love it! :D

  31. Jamaliette Tuiletufuga

    aahhhh still inlove with this song three years later :) ...

  32. oceanestars

    Hello everybody
    I am sure that most of you really don't care of what I am going to say
    But I am giving a try
    Recently in my school youth frontiers came
    and we had a respect retreat
    This respect retreat did a huge impact to my grade
    and I think everyone deserve respect
    So during the retreat we all sung together lean on me as a class
    and today I wanted to cover that song
    so I cover lean on me and if you want you can come check it out
    and like that comment if you want
    (more detail in my video)

  33. Junior Pita

    Watch his cover of bruno mars locked out of heaven

  34. swimmergurl808

    2013 babyy

  35. sarah lee duque

    yeah miss NLT so much kevin,travis,jj, and v

  36. Stephanie Mauerer

    Best voice ever!!!!

  37. lighteyes214

    He's got a beautiful voice but he needs to decide if he wants to pop or dance music. I'm not so sure about this track.

  38. Salman Saheed

    Love this song❤

  39. SergeantCuddles

    Its funny cause him and Kevin McHale, who plays Artie, use to be in a boy band together :P NLT REUNION!

  40. mona

    jessie j brought me here

  41. LewisHoodMusic

    Click on my video in the video response bit! xxx

  42. Becks

    so coool

  43. Georgia Gkika

    i'm here cause of the dare perez gave to jessie j! <3

  44. Courtney Adkins

    This song is WAY underrated.

  45. TruthlessLexisx3

    Sounds just like ChrisBrown!! LOVE this song!

  46. Samantha Daugherty


  47. Meaghen Foster

    I completely forgot about this song. It was my jam.

  48. SkepWorld

    This song is boss, should be way bigger , thumbs up

  49. Travis Heidelman

    Thumbs up if he should be a permanent member of new directions on glee!

  50. Tamera Richardson

    All of you should watch the acoustic version!

  51. Tamera Richardson

    I want more TG!

  52. eerrss

    been listening to Travis since he was in NLT, he's so underrated it's unreal!

  53. Nancy Gomes

    He reminds me of chip skylark from the fairly odd parents. thats why i love him so freaking much ahhahaa.

  54. angelwithin91

    Jump Smokers remix just owns it!

  55. TheJoshaShow

    make him popular!

  56. Mortuus Machina

    Yes it is, especially with you pathetic internet trolls.

  57. Laura Kimman

    how can you not love him? <3

  58. AlexSouljah96705

    you should tell jb that what real music is and spit on him and say thats how you do it bitch...

  59. Adilah Azizan


  60. Saint Ghost

    @jeleung who?

  61. Patyś G.

    super piosenka

  62. Alexis Chin chin

    bring nlt backkkkkkkkk

  63. Ashley Hope


  64. Lisa Senepart

    Oh god love this song <3

  65. khaled alshenawy


  66. byeencutza

    still not as gay as twilight:)),joke,I like him , the song is so freakin` great

  67. Hannah Scott

    Truley AMAZING!!!!!! I LOVE YOU TRAVIS <3

  68. Savannah Ferraris

    Marry me please Travis haha I love you <3 te amo te amo te amo <3<3<3<3<3

  69. Matthew Ruggeri

    Holy Crap.

  70. Holley Payne

    travis is gonna end up being the next big thing. right now, all we can do as his fans is spread his name around and to contining loving all his songs and continue supporting him like we all have since nlt.
    keep doing your thannngg travis(: we all love you<3

  71. ragean porter

    check out his other song with jojo called paint

  72. ragean porter

    everyone quick call your favorite radio station and ask them if they can play believe by travis garland so everyone can hear how great he sounds

  73. emihen94

    Absolutely love this song!!! Travis is amazing I loved him in NLT and now on his own!! Wish there was more on iTunes!!!

  74. Hannah Scott

    so amazing

  75. ManiRae

    also i love dis song i listen to it on youtube at school when i'm not supposed to.

  76. ManiRae

    this song relates to someone i like and i have to beileve that i have to keep tryin and hang in there and wait for him to ask me out

  77. Natalie Cupp

    why doesnt this have like a zillion views!!!!!??????????

  78. Gabriela Mallo

    @artesia7600 Agreed...he's one sexy stud muffin ♥♥

  79. Jasmine Baldwin

    I miss NLT.

  80. musiclover109

    Thumbs up if he should guest star in an episode of Glee!

  81. Alexandra Wetmore

    I love this song! Travis is my favorite singer.

  82. Joash

    @0:00 . You're welcome.

  83. Reihana Manson

    I don't like this song? Travis could have done better.

  84. Kia Heartbeat

    who has heard jessie j's version? I LOVE IT. type in dare jessie j episode 2 and go to the end. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK :)

  85. Marinalva

    This version is good..
    but the acoustic is the best..! *__*

  86. K Forster

    his voice is great but the backing track is annoying, the acoustic version does this song so much better justice..

  87. CalienteMorena

    I know way too many of these same old guys, they tell way too many of these same old lies.. yup yup

  88. Marie

    I remember when he sang this on American Idol<3

  89. AshleyIEziama


  90. Roxy Brown

    Thumbs up if Travis Garland brought you here!

  91. Panos Andr

    Thumbs up if Jessie J brought u here with her Dare Number 2! :D :D
    <3 Jessie J <3

  92. babyprincess3121

    Wow HE should be on Glee. In love with his voice, he needs more songs though.

  93. t-an

    Awesome...Love His Voice...

  94. Bethany

    @robliano Yeah I know..he needs to do something new soon or hes gonna start losing fans

  95. TheFlippinInsane

    How can they not love Travis Garland?! ♥

  96. blahblah4149

    @Craisha2011 YEAH!! The reason why they split up, is cuz he wanted to do a solo career!

  97. Ellysable

    I love Travis Garland!!*-*...and his music *-*!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥