Garland, Judy - You'll Never Walk Alone Lyrics

When you walk through a storm
Keep your chin up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of a storm
Is a golden sky and the sweet
Silver song of the lark
Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
May your dreams be
Tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

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Garland, Judy You'll Never Walk Alone Comments
  1. charles southerton

    I've probably listened to this song about 200 times in the past week and I'm still spellbound by her voice <3 wish I could sing like that, this is coming from a man, I wish I could be another Jim Bailey (Judy Garland male-female impersonator)

  2. Terry Grant

    Judy wasn’t the student, she WAS THE TEACHER!!!!!

  3. Steve Bollman

    I wish that one day they would put the wizard of oz. On tv again.

  4. Terry Grant


  5. Terry Smith

    60 some dislikes! Seriously! Obviously their only taste is in their mouths.

  6. Christopher Hogan

    One of the greatest songs sung by the most loved, most emotional and greatest singer of our time. Just unbelievably beautiful..

  7. nudnikjeff

    OMG this is exquisite! Thank you for posting.

  8. Verbal Volley


  9. Roxane Mathis


  10. Amber Gordon

    Its a shame , she sang the words but never believed them

  11. Rita Morris

    This is my favorite rendition of the great Rodgers and Hammerstein song. She gives such feeling to her songs. She is missed.

  12. Michael

    3:19 besides showcasing the power of her voice, is also adorable! It’s like she’s 15 again with Mickey Rooney in Andy Hardy!

  13. Travis Walsh

    RIP Judy

  14. Michaelbos


  15. The Blue Morpho

    OMG, I just saw "Judy" and cried my stupid eyes out. And then I watched this and cried again.

  16. KhalilLee Thee Artist


  17. Robert N Houston

    Beautiful. Thank you Judy.

  18. Ian Thaddiam


  19. Always Bored

    My god this version is PURE GOLD!!! What a voice and what a legend rip😔😭😭😭

  20. baritonebynight

    I never knew she sang this. Its as if she's crying through the song vs singing it.

  21. John Jurkewicz

    💓💓💓💓I love it gorgeous 💓💓💓💓

  22. Carly Sewell

    In oh so many ways, she walked alone. That's what's so heartbreaking here.

  23. Dean Robinson

    OMG this is really moving, I have never heard this before sung by her before. It's the best version ever.

  24. kmgirl1967

    She put ...every fiber of her being in every single song!!! We miss you Judy!!! Nobody sounds like you!!! RIP...... Beautiful Lady!

  25. Richard Bramley

    Every 100/150 years or so, we get a voice like this to hear and connect with.

  26. gomongio

    This song and Judy always wet my eyes. Never fails.

  27. Terry Grant

    Aretha Franklin once said of Judy that she was unquestionably the greatest soul singer of all time, because she sang every song from her soul, everyone!.

  28. Saxon C

    I think that if Judy’s Father didn’t die so early on in her life, We would have had a different Judy Garland. From what I’ve read about her relationship with her father was polar opposite than that of her mother.. Frank Gumm doted on Judy and didn’t push her to become a star and I am sure he would have never let MGM ruin her youth and working her to death. Ethel was the ultimate stage mother and saw her youngest daughter as a meal ticket and helped MGM destroy her health and mental and emotional wellbeing.

  29. Saxon C

    “If I am supposed to be a legend, then why am I so lonely?” A powerful statement..

  30. romarub

    A wonderful version of this great song. Judy is best.



  32. Richard McLeod

    My two favorite versions of this song is this one by Judy Garland and the version sung by Mario Lanza.

  33. Judith Hand

    I said that Judy should be the only one to sing "Smile"; I'll add this one - wow!

  34. nobodyaskedbut

    Judy claims another song for herself with the ultimate version of a great song that has been done by virtually all the great pop singers. This one of the greatest single vocal recordings ever.

  35. Brook Eggleston

    Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II may be dead, but they are *very* happy!!

  36. Terry Grant

    I truly believe that Judy should posthumously receive some of these lifetime awards that are being handed out to some of the lesser talent in Show Business. Also, I believe the Motion Picture Academy should make right her being Snubbed
    For the Oscar for A.S.I.B. THE GOLDEN GLOBE'S GOT IT CORRECT. DIDN'T SHE ALSO WIN THE GLOBE FOR JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG..Her witness stand scene was absolutely awesome.

  37. Hayden Stenlund

    I'm 13 and I love this!!

  38. Terry Grant

    Judy is the greatest talent of all time. There was nothing she could do. Singing, live performances, Acting comedy or drama. And she was a pretty good dancer as well. She had a mesmerizing aura about her that drew most people to watch her rather than the people she was performing with. She stole more scenes than you could shake a stick at. Not because she was trying to, because it was a God given gift. She was big time movie box office, she did the impossible, when she reopened the Palace Theater in New York to vaudeville. And it stayed open for about 15 or 16 years. They said it couldn't be done, but, she did it. Two Oscar nominations, which should have been 3 according to Spenser Tracy. And she lost them both. Which I believed was fixed. Grace Kelly really! THE GREATEST TALENT THAT (EVER) LIVED. Sorry I'm so long winded. But, I speak the truth.

  39. Skygazer

    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  40. martin de sousa tome

    What a genious!

  41. Frank Cha

    Still a wonder of artist,,a delicate soul,,i did not know til recent how much pain she had in her life,,no wonder such emotions when she sang

  42. nudnikjeff

    OMG, Judy! I love you!

  43. Al D


  44. Will Anderson

    play this during the slideshow about me at my funeral

  45. NOYB

    This was recorded when she signed with Capital records in the mid to late 50’s. All the greats were with Capital, Sinatra, Ella, Beatles, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin...

  46. fcb 1

    For Liverpool

  47. Ray Ellery

    such a sweetie so sad she died young and what a era in music

  48. Teresa Savino

    Liverpool inno più bello di tutto il mondo

  49. Victor TalkingMachine


  50. glenconmc

    Beautiful Judy x

  51. Shanai Eliza Jane Collins

    makes me want to cry

  52. pgsunway

    That makes me an emotional wreck

  53. Dan Guerriero

    Very moving she was the best

  54. ajc bng

    A goddess.

  55. A lesser Gracie

    this was my mothers favorite song and she used to sing it to us tell us to not be afraid. It makes me think of her.

  56. dead ed

    There will never be a soul as tortured as her's but there will also never be one as beautiful.

    God bless that woman.

  57. Demolitionman78

    No one can do it like this. I only wish it had been true for her. She gave us her everything. And it lasted many generations. She couldn't have known. If, indeed, there is some kind of afterlife, I hope she knows now.

  58. Terry Grant


  59. Quit hunt

    I LOVE and MIss JUDY so much so much

  60. jabbaa6500

    No-one before during or after can hold candle to this amazing woman. She did it all with ease and perfection. Sad for us there are no others even close to her talent and abilities.

  61. Saxon C

    When they posted “If I am a legend, then why am I lonely?” I lost it!

  62. Ron Ashlock


  63. Benjamin Torrie

    Take five, I'm an emotional wreck... :D

  64. Norma Gilpin

    I know this is a song that can bring me to tears, but I've been looking for a "best" version of it so came prepared to be analytical. But after coolly listening to half a dozen versions, this one by Judy Garland reduced me to sobs.

  65. patrick ryan

    Many beautiful versions of this song; Judy's haunts me the most. It's so very elegant. 2/2018

  66. Clifford Dalton

    a great loss indeed

  67. blondie4591

    Brings tears to my eyes...

  68. Rachel Barker

    She was simply known as "The Legend" and this is simply exquisite. Nobody can touch Judy Garland's voice, then or now. That makes her immortal i think. Rest easy beautiful lady and thank you!!!

  69. Holier Than Thee

    Judy garland sang so many great songs, if her name brought you here look her up! Some of her best singing is in her songs, I grew up with that shit

  70. Alton Rowell

    Judy Garland is a one of a kind. when GOD made her he made just one. GOD true away the mold.
    GOD bless her,for her great contributions to the entertainment fild.
    She will be remembered for ever.

  71. Peter Duggan

    THANK you, Rafael Garcia! I grew up on Jo Stafford, and, with all due respect to Garland, Streisand, Carpenter, et al, in terms of vocal beauty, technique and musicianship, Stafford was the real deal, and a TRUE great.

    Terry Grant

    Stafford was very very good, but, not in Judy's class. I'll bet anything that Judy was a big fan of Staffords. She appreciated many talented singers. And I do mean many.

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  79. chris stace

    Such class and talent. Only rarely does someone come along in our lifetime who when she sings can touch your soul with her beautiful voice. Judy was one of those rarities. RIP Judy.

  80. Jonathan Mays

    I can live without money, I can live without love, but I cannot live without Judy Garland's voice.

  81. Peter Weinmann

    Genau wie "My Way" in der Version von Sid Vicious gegen 22 Uhr das Intro aller meiner DeeJay-Sets ist, ist "You'll Never Walk Alone" in der Version von Judy Garland immer mein Abspann gegen 5 Uhr morgens oder später. Der Song von Richard Rodgers (Musik) und Oscar Hammerstein II (Text) ist laut Wikipedia das Finale des 1945 uraufgeführten Broadway-Musicals Carousel. Der Liedtext handelt von einer schwangeren Frau, die ermutigt wird, über den Tod ihres Mannes hinwegzukommen. Und natürlich ist es auch die Hymne meines (neben dem 1.FC Saarbrücken) Lieblingsfußballclubs FC St. Pauli.
    Weltweit berühmt wurde der Song im Fußball ab 1963 eigentlich durch den Fanblock "The Kop" des FC Liverpool. Seit der Hillsborough-Katastrophe 1989, bei der 96 Liverpool-Fans ums Leben kamen, steht in Anlehnung an den Song der Schriftzug "You'll Never Walk Alone" im Vereinswappen des FC Liverpool. Und im November 2009 sang die 17-jährige Schülerin Alina Schmidt das Lied bei der Trauerfeier für Robert Enke in der AWD-Arena von Hannover. Der Fußballtorwart der deutschen Nationalmannschaft nahm sich am 10. November 2009 an einem Bahnübergang im niedersächsischen Neustadt am Rübenberge-Eilvese, unweit seines Wohnorts Himmelreich, durch Schienensuizid das Leben. In einer Pressekonferenz wurde bekanntgegeben, dass er seit 2003 mehrfach wegen Depressionen in psychiatrischer Behandlung gewesen war. Doch neue Behandlungszentren bekämpfen die wirkliche Ursache nie, wie Joachim Witt bereits 1980 festgestellt hatte.

  82. Suzanne barry

    so very for the so called elite few who have done so much nastiness for far longer than i care to think of.there are more good people than bad.your reign i believe will be over gods world not yours.english goverment really shame.peace

  83. kyolym


  84. Gigi Du Hermoine

    I have always enjoyed this song since the early 1990's.... Perfect for Mezzo-soprano's and Dramatic-Soprano... This song is very touching................

  85. jeaneen60 Andretta

    She brings me to tears!

  86. Buckaroo543

    She was a LEGEND.

  87. John Latham

    What a talent she was.

  88. פז גן אור

    She recorded this song towards the end of her career when her voice was already ruinrd by medication and she still managed to excite me

    A Krenwinkle

    She recorded this song in London in 1960 when her voice was at its best.

  89. nationoflaws76

    It is so sad how Mickey Rooney died.  Judy's life too ended sad too.  It is strange how both these people brought so much joy to those of us who watched them.  I guess you never know any one really.  thank for the memories

  90. Babylon Art Forms

    The heartbreaker is that she did. She gave so much, and she got so little. G-d bless you, Baby!

  91. Jade Zee

    no one has ever sung this song the equal of Judy

  92. Lana Dale

    Dear God does Judy Garland move me with every song she sang. I love her so Dearly..Long Live the Legend!

  93. alinette

    Happy Birthday Judy. we all still love you.

  94. Jeffrey Yates

    R.I.P. Beautiful Judy you are still so loved and missed today 💜💕💗

  95. Narvskaya

    The best version of this song. Thank you from Russia

  96. Gerd Freiberger

    Great performance of the singer, but what a disturbing video :-(


    Why is it disturbing?

  97. Val Lamon

    for me Judy makes this song shine like no other singer ever has - it is the sense of a spiritual conviction coming from the depths of her soul expressed in such a direct and utterly authoritative manner - almost as if God were singing through Judy to encourage all of humanity to not give up hope

  98. StrangeRanger

    this video fake as hell

    Brook Eggleston

    The above comment is *fake as hell!*

  99. Sethos01

    DAMN! this is a new definition of awesome O.o