Garland, Judy - The Rainbow's End Lyrics

Over the rainbow
In ruby red shoes
With a case of unchaseable blues
Never knowing quite where you're going just
That you're going too far to keep
The heartache from going too deep
Nothing but scarecrows to show you the way
And the band full of pipers to play
Play along, baby, right or wrong maybe
There's a yellow brick road to follow
Find your way home, where you belong
Safe in a melody
Cause a singer goes on singing
Like a song is her best friend
And music is the rainbow's end

Sing for your supper
Bewitch with a smile
All the rates and a stage for the while
You can make it through
One more old soft shoe
And a taught song or two
Wanting you turn back late
Cry all our tears
Chase all fears away
Cause a singer goes on singing
Like a song is her best friend
And music is the rainbow's end

Little girl so lost
What did you find
And what did it cost
Finding your way home, where you belong
Safe in a melody
Cause a singer goes on singing
Like a song is her best friend
And music is the rainbow's end

Spotlight all end
Make the music climb
When the sun is down
And sing it one more time
For you and your best friend
The rainbow's end

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Garland, Judy The Rainbow's End Comments
  1. Lily Arias

    I'm so happy that you did a documentary about Judy. She's been my idol since I was 3. Thank you so much! I cried and cried so much during this

  2. Michelle Misir

    Her Mother was a Narcissist sounds like the ultimate stage mother

  3. Pawl

    Judy was the greatest talent that ever lived, but the studios ruined her.

  4. cici moore

    Yeah, mgm wanted to molest her like poor little Shirley

  5. Patrick Coffey

    The name is pronounced Eth-el NOT EEE-THEL

  6. John Doe

    Anphetmines to get them going in morning an sleeping pills at night. Holy shit as a child

  7. Chronically Cassidy

    Her addiction wasn’t her fault. Her mother started it.

  8. atanas apostolov

    they ruined her

  9. Jaded Mermaid

    Great video! Can I suggest perhaps a Drew Barrymore one? She's a respected actress and has her head on straight these days but as a child she was addicted to drugs and partying, she literally did cocaine and hard drugs at 12 years old, had a drinking problem at 11 and was sent to rehab at 13.

  10. Jaden Hernandez

    when you get to the end of the rainbow, the pot of gold was just a cauldron of gold painted corn flakes

  11. Scarlet Phoenix

    Hollywood is nothing more than pimps with drugged up prostitutes. Disgusting.

  12. Dakota Scott

    What's even worse the house that my father and uncles built for her was torn down a month ago btw shes my great grandma ,found all the scripts for her movies ,all the death certificates from everyone who has passed,she had such a beautiful home but it being empty for the last couple decades the house was vandalized so bad they had to demolish it,in the end if she knew she had this big a family she would prolly be proud even if it's only her direct line that are famous not everyone has it and they kept pronouncing her name wrong it's eh-thel ,hoping one day her kids reach out to us I've tried on my end guess ,but no one cares about the bastard side of the family sorry it's all jumbled together lmao but if u really knew Ethel and her family it's just heartbreak even to now

  13. supermario brian

    No matter how much money attention and fame i get i will never be an actress so this doesnt happen to me

  14. Megan Kidwell

    That Amy Miller is such a bitch saying Judy needed to be managed and Judy was just feeling sorry for herself. She had way too many people managing her and pushing her down a dark path, anyone could see that.

  15. Sandra Jefferson

    Saddest story I ever heard in my life I never knew she went through so much may she Rest In Peace.

  16. Gabrielle Bernard

    This narrator needs grammar lessons.

    Will Smith


  17. Diana Mora

    Poor baby 🥺 💔

  18. K Earl

    0.50 Check out the statue throwing shadows behind the lady's right shoulder. They were ALL at it, all the time and it's only gotten worse. And when I say worse, the ex Vice President of the United States, a known and oft photographed child molester, is running for President this year, 2020 and it means NOTHING to the Dems. NOTHING.
    If it was bad and obvious then, it's 100 times more today. Child sex trafficking is more lucrative than drug or arms trafficking. It's the currency of the "global elite".

  19. Jose Guilarte

    An abortion is when you kill a baby.

  20. XxXLOLDiamondsLes 1

    The once beautiful and and highly talented Judy garland was taken away by nasty people

  21. arctichare1

    Poor girl.. :(

  22. shamya Depp

    “ the end of the rainbow “ reminds me of “eyes wide shut”

  23. Britty kitty max

    Her healthy figure fits her well

  24. Michael Ashcraft

    She was beloved for her short time, such a tragic life!

  25. Lindsay C

    Oh.. how incredibly sad. I had no idea her own mother gave her drugs. Can't believe she was only 47 when she died. She looks like she was in her 60/70s.

  26. Tyffanee Lavely

    Forced starting as a child by her own mother to take hardcore uppers, and then downers to sleep. Then Hollywood has her doing those and diet pills... That lead to her lifelong addiction. Even when finally getting off the drugas, that called her fat, and made her use again...Then mother forces her to abort her unborn child...and illegally on top of it. These things are just the tip of the iceberg...That poor woman lived in hell, a never ending nightmare. I'm honestly surprised she lived as long as she did with that type of drug use alone..Just the mental problems can kill you. What ta tragic life. I know a lot of these things first hand, and she must have been SO STRONG to not give up on life. Started life with a horrible mother like that, she barely had a chance. Just Garland is a damn inspiration to me. I never knew all of these things until now. Fantastic documentary. New subscriber. :)

  27. Ash Trix

    You misunderstand

  28. The mad lad

    Dam i kinda of choked up watching this.

  29. My BoyZ

    Ethel...not Eeeethel

  30. Tania Clark

    She could of had a whole different life without those people putting her down calling her fat and putting her through all those drugs and pain. This is the dark side of Hollywood and it brings me to tears. I want to become a director and if I’m lucky and am able to get a cast in a movie I would never treat my cast like this. 😢😢😢

  31. Piper The Baguette

    I will never be able to watch the movie The Wizard of Oz the same way again. Her story is tragic and she didn’t deserve any of this!

  32. Ani Manalo

    I changed my mind, i don’t want to be a movie actor.

  33. bellejem91

    How could she be homeless when she worked so hard for her family 😢😢

  34. alexis camila

    This girl never gave up, she was fighting. No wonder she did drugs, just look at what she's been through. She needed help, and no one would give it to her

  35. Celos

    There is actually still debate about whether her husband could have killed her though

  36. Celos

    Now go watch the video on Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple was originally supposed to play Dorthy but the director exposed himself to her with ill intent and as a confused child she just thought he was being funny and laughed. They kicked her off the show and then they found Judy. This is basically the censored version of this story

  37. Bia rio

    They didn't care if they drug addicted her.

  38. Kate Archuleta

    18:55 she looks done with life

  39. leece _

    She looked like her dad

  40. mili V

    I abused Adderall for years and years my paranoia was insane. I would look out the window every minute of the day thinking crazy shit 🤦🏽‍♂️ I had to take Xanax to even get sleep. Amphetamine pills are no joke!

  41. Life With Camille

    It does so much damage to produce the Hollywood Stars we see today. They are in internal disarray and we watch them completely crumble.

  42. Life With Camille

    This is what happens when people use you up for their benefit and never replenish your soul. You die so broken inside.

  43. Slippery Noodles

    Celebrities can go through so much. :( and you’ll never know

  44. karla cendejas

    "she had no plan to die"..... Are you sure?!!????

  45. B Saunders

    Stop saying "Eeeethel ". It's ETHEL!!

  46. Melissa 831

    What a gorgeous woman and a serious fighter, I wonder what she could’ve done sober ❤️ RIP

  47. Beatnik RN

    I think Judy was the first of what we should now see as a pattern of families and executives milking young, talented people until they are dry, then tossing them out.
    Michael Jackson (like him or not), Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and I’m sure there are many more. (Not saying u have to be a fan of any of these people, but aside from MJ, just about everything that has been said to deride the others - addict, narcissistic, immature, etc- were all said about Judy during her time. I especially think this about Whitney Houston. I always thought of her as my generation’s Barbra Streisand. It wasn’t until her death that I realized her life was much more like Judy’s. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s when people still said nasty things about Judy, and made fun of her addiction. Many stars who wrote their autobiography’s during this period said things like “Judy was a sweet girl, but at parties she would disappear and after she left I would find my medicine cabinet empty. Eventually I caught on and had my maid keep an eye on her anytime she came to our house”. If you read this person’s autobiography, you’ll know who I’m talking about. It wasn’t really until the 90’s that people started to look back and see exactly what had been done to her, and how unfairly people had treated her.
    I think in 20 years or so, the same will be said about Whitney. Cissy Houston was no saint, and people are already blaming Clive Davis for her downfall. But regardless of executives, critics, whatever, her family should have done more to help her than they did.)

  48. Somali Gatdula

    Shirley temple was mgm first choice but something happend...horrible

  49. Katelyn Jeanette

    What a beautiful soul inside and out......thank you Judy...RIP

  50. Clare Welter

    You will live on forever. RIP Dear.

  51. Clare Welter

    You will live on forever Judy. RIP Dear.

  52. Erica Howard

    This is so sad.

  53. Jalishia Richardson

    This is sooo sad , RIP Judy 💜

  54. T.M. A.

    Perfect ending had you kept W.o.Oz song..thnx for a lovely tribute to Judy! RIP Frances Ethel Gumm. ❤️🥰👵🏼

  55. Nicolas Ledu

    "She had went back"? Is that English?

  56. Bria Fowler


  57. Bobby Trevino

    This is so sad she needed help and noone would help her instead the horrible men of hollwood kept telling her she was too fat and shooved pills down her throat

  58. Courtney Boudreau

    Sooooo see sad

  59. Jesse Bowman

    its such a shame that someone so talented and beautiful was made to be so miserable by her own internal pressures and those around her

  60. Long Gray Line

    Having grown up in a family full of female Julliard School graduates/attendees, I recognize Judy’s off the chart trained talents. It comes effortlessly and as though it’s purely second nature. She had that “IT” factor that very few are blessed to have.

  61. Hayley’s Comet

    Why would the surgery make her not able to sing again?

  62. Hayley’s Comet

    I never knew that Liza Minnelli was Judy Garlands daughter. I wonder if they treated Liza any better?

  63. Hayley’s Comet

    As an aspiring singer and actress this is my number one fear if I make it. I am 22 years old almost 23 who has Asperger’s syndrome and I do fear that I will be manipulated as I try to please people all the time. What they did to her was HORRIBLE. “They didn’t mean to addict her, they were trying to get a picture finished”. She was not a fucking object......

  64. Cupid Of Crime

    What’s so sad is Judy was a fighter, she kept fighting through everything she’s been through, when nowadays people would Straight up say “I’m gonna kill myself” like, they should appreciate they didn’t have to go through everything Judy has.

  65. J Smith

    she had went back on her pills?!? gone back...

  66. J Smith

    Eeethel? Ethel! Jesus.

  67. jajohnson7809

    I wonder how Judy's sisters fared. If they managed to live somewhat happy lives, their being "less talented" surely was a blessing in disguise.

  68. Msarie 05

    I think Judy only really found love from 2 sources, her children and her fans. Everyone else seemed to use her.

  69. Grumpy_Gumbo68

    This is nothing new, this is the life of a Hollywood actor./actress. Hollywood killed Judy as well as other well known actresses like Marilyn Monroe.

  70. Amy Almanza

    Her soul has always resonated with mine. From a very very young age. I am so sad Hollywood ruined her. She was so special. Forever Rest In Peace beauty💕

  71. Akarií_

    Hollywood has apparently been corrupt since the very beginning of the film industry ..The difference is that now women have a voice and are speaking out

  72. Unknown User

    Thank you so much for making these amazing documentaries about the true stories of icons!

  73. susan coffey

    It was crazy how her father made love to a young boy so they had to move and then her husband cheated on her with a man

  74. Lessamazingme

    I can’t believe they called her fat, she just wasn’t.

  75. Juliette.x

    Do more of these type of videos

  76. Katie 614

    Omg my outlook on her is so different poor thing

  77. ryublueblanka

    That ending made me tear up. I was thinking about how heaven may just be in our minds right? So if you're a good person... you exist in fond memories of the people that knew you. That's gets pretty heavy when you look at it that way. Think "The creation of Adam" by Michelangelo...

  78. ryublueblanka

    She deserved so much better. She gave the world so much in her career and with The Wizard of Oz. It seems like human beings have to be tortured and suffer before anything changes... before it's "not like that anymore". Why? If there is a heaven she deserves every ounce of it in my opinion.

  79. Nurse Elliott

    As they would say back then. She was really a "looker" during her day. Very talented woman but was damaged by the Hollywood machine

  80. micromarkshow

    Even though I'm not famous I am a human being and i wish I could of helped Judy see her worth in many ways. She lived a life of usage that killed her. We all have a will in life that God gave us. We aren't perfect but we are human and that's our life.

  81. Jotaro Kujo

    Apparently Margaret Hamilton was extremely sweet to Garland on set for the Wizard of Oz and treated her the best out of practically anybody. Who knew The Wicked Witch of the West could be one of the sweetest ladies out there?

  82. isla davies

    you didn’t mention everything they done to her behind the scenes of wizard of oz

    Daniel Mclaren

    Pretty sure he has a separate video on that

  83. Paola Miano

    wait liza mínelli is her daughter ?!!?

  84. Mad Yon Boi

    gets suspended for having a drug addiction
    comes back but told she was too "fat" and put her back in her addiction
    endless loop


    As an aspiring actress this is so gut wrenching 😔 Judy was so beautiful & talented .. sadly robbed of living HER life her way .

  86. hehe

    wow this was very well done, im proud of u 🥺

  87. Isabel Martinez

    If you didn’t want a baby, why have sex in the first place

  88. Skylar Skywalker

    I can’t even watch this

  89. Skylar Skywalker

    The Wizard of Oz was on tv last night and I couldn’t even watch it. Knowing what poor Judy went through... I’m at a loss for words.

  90. Kyla Dotts

    Judy, I’m so sorry yo didn’t have the happy life you deserved, you deserved soo much more than what you went through, I don’t live with the happiest family either, I go through a lot and so did you, I’m sorry, but in a way, you made my eyes sparkle when I first saw the Wizard of Oz ❤️❤️😔😭

  91. Dreden Harris

    It’s sad and did you know that filming the wizard of oz she was sexually abused by the male munchkins they would touch her under her skirt and they were worried about her looks more then her acting😢🥺🥺

  92. hope_ wxrld

    why did her husband kinda go 🌜jus sayin

  93. Cierra Seabrooks

    I feel bad for her 🥺

  94. ShayPeee

    Imagine being abused and not wanted even before you ever entered the world! Then being amazing, but never amazing enough! That’s how she felt her whole entire life! She was beautiful! She grieved her mother’s death so, because she was still (even in their strained relationship) seeking her mother’s validation! She wanted her mother to tell her that she was wanted, loved and more importantly ENOUGH! I hate to say it, but her death.. maybe it was the only way she could be at peace! God bless her children! 🥺🙏🏽

  95. ShayPeee

    The horrible nose job on the lady in red.

  96. ShayPeee

    The ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’, I never knew that was her! Wow! She was amazing! With an amazing voice!

  97. Kaitlyn Watts

    Such a sad story

  98. Chinita Boricua

    If you’re comfortable, could you do this with Sulli? ( Choi Jinri )
    She struggled a lot in her life and she ended her life last month.
    She was a huge inspiration to me and many others.
    I’m not sure if many know her but she was a total angel.
    Sulli even made a solo song called Dorothy which immediately reminded me of Judy and this video~

  99. Fluffy Talguw

    Makes me wonder how things would’ve turned out if they hadn’t pushed her so hard or drugged her at all; she would’ve been happy and accomplished so much more

  100. honest

    Watch My Last Documentary: “Marilyn Monroe: Living Blonde” Here ➡️

    I dress up, to get messed up!

    Well, BOTH Judy and her daughter, Liza, had a predilection for hooking up with Gay Fellows. No surprise there!

    mac 187

    She juz didnt get gangbanged enough

    Big Bear Bonneville

    Anonymous User you clearly don’t understand how YouTube works.

    yee yee

    Do more documentaries please!!!

    Laquinton Wagner

    Not EE-THEL