Garland, Judy - The Man That Got Away Lyrics

The night is bitter
The stars have lost their glitter
The winds grow colder
And suddenly you're older
And all because
Of the man
That got away

No more his eager call
The writing's on the wall
The dreams you dreamed have all
Gone astray

The man that won you
Has run off and undone you
That great beginning
Has seen its final inning
Don't know what happened
It's all a crazy game

No more that all time thrill
For you've been through the mill
And never a new love will
Be the same

Good riddance, good-bye
Every trick of his you're on to
But fools will be fools
And where's he gone to

The road gets rougher
It's lonelier and tougher
With hope you burn up
Tomorrow he may turn up
There's just no let up
The live long night and day

Ever since this world began
There is nothing sadder than
A one-man woman
Looking for the man
That got away

The man that got away

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Garland, Judy The Man That Got Away Comments
  1. Francisco Brenes

    That Song! The way she delivers, passion,energy and REAL TALENT. Some in Hollywood should be dead for what they did to her including not winning the oscar for that out this world performance.
    We still have this classic scene to remind us of her talent and raw power. NOBODY can sing this song like she did

  2. Jude Foote

    I love this and NOBODY does this better R.I.P Judy xxx

  3. Michele Mustafa

    Did Liza ever explain why the MGM studios hated her mother so much?

  4. Maryann Thornton

    Abolutely marvelous.

  5. Michael McGregor

    Judy Garland Earns First Top 10 on a Billboard Chart Since 1945 With 'The Man That Got Away' today Dec. 14, 2019

  6. M Martin

    Gay royalty.!

  7. Drester

    Amazing! Judy I love you. Such power!!

  8. bytheBrooke

    Anyone else obsessed with how she sings, "that all time thrill, FOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRR..."

    Bob Taylor

    It's when the chills come.

  9. millie williams

    I have only ever seen this version of this movie. I just watched a version with a completely different beginning scene! I thought I was insane for a minute!

  10. maddymud

    I don’t remember Lady GaGa singing this

  11. James Gordon

    This is chilling !! Who’s listening in 2019...?!

    Dannell Croon

    2020 :)

    Bob Taylor

    We're in a new Dark Age, but there will always be a handful of us who know.

  12. Douglas Day

    If memory serves the World was blessed with Suzy Williams the same year!

  13. tomg cooktown

    She tried so hard. She was so tender, really. Treated like a property, not the fantastic talent that she was. Hard to work with, yes. They started her on pills very young. But, herself a consummate performer, demanding her own best, never pleasing the studio, who never gave an inch for frailty. Strong & frail. Used for $$. But, we, the audience, adore her still. TgT

  14. Mark

    There is so much going on here. What starts out as a jam session unleashes the character's desire to entertain. Arms in the air, joy on her face as she becomes that dream she has. Seeing the clip outside the storyline adds the personal dimension. Judy's talent, love life, and personality all rolled up. The new movie brought me here. Hope to see it soon. Thanks Judy Garland.

  15. eddy alvarez

    The night is bitter
    The stars have lost their glitter
    The winds grow colder
    Suddenly you're older
    And all because of the man that got away

    No more his eager call
    The writings on the wall
    The dreams you dreamed have all
    Gone astray

    The man that won you
    Has run off and undone you
    That great beginning
    Has seen the final inning
    Don't know what happened
    It's all a crazy game

    No more that all-time thrill
    For you've been through the mill
    And never a new love will
    Be the same

    Good riddance, goodbye
    Every trick of his you're on to
    But, fools will be fools
    And where's he gone to?

    The road gets rougher
    It's lonelier and tougher
    With hope you burn up
    Tomorrow he will turn up
    There's just no letup the live-long night and day

    Ever since this world began
    There is nothing sadder than
    A one-man woman looking for
    The man that got away
    The man that got away

  16. David Banks

    This is soul singing

  17. evearden

    One long take - no cuts. Perfect.

  18. Paul Lewis

    Incomparable - Judy, you were and still are, the greatest of them all :-)

  19. mntdewboy


  20. Kurmi

    Why doesn't this vocal master class has more likes????

    Bob Taylor


  21. Stone Waller

    Lyrics by the great Ira Gershwin, the always-excellent MGM Orchestra manages the transition from lounge combo to swing orchestra complete with string section and it all - just - works. A timeless standard, an unforgettable musical moment.

    Richard Michaels

    That wasn't the "MGM Orchestra." This was filmed at Warner Bros.

  22. John Doe

    Heart ache personified by this beautiful lady

  23. cheryl cooper

    One of a kind, brilliant, a true entertainer in every way. This is one of her best performances, OMG & this song! One of the greatest entertainers of the century.

  24. thomas piskor

    Great Frickin Band also

  25. thomas piskor

    Yep I got chills and cried too. Man o man. They sure don't sing like that anymore

  26. Bee

    She committed to every note in that song. Phenomenal.

    Max Penn

    Exactly! I can see her emotional response to each phrase and you might say she was acting but she was also being real. Emotional detachment would have negatively affected her performance; but her offstage life would probably have been better if she'd had more rest and not experienced the yo-yo dieting that she did to conform to an unrealistic standard.

    Shane Garnett

    Correct. She's mind blowing. Honestly, I've listened to a lot of singers... I have probably the most diverse taste of anyone I know... and pretty much I'd say Judy Garland is the voice of the century. Which, really, means of all time at this point. Nobody this century comes close. Last century... she's pretty much the best, for so, so many reasons. It's her vibrato, her holding of notes, her knack for knowing when to take it easy and when to unload. I mean, listen to something like the later version of By Myself, from the London sessions, where she starts softly and builds to explosive intensity. Or listen to something like Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home from the 'Judy' album, a performance absolutely loaded with light and shade, with ebbing and surging. Phenomenal is right.

    Bob Taylor

    @Shane Garnett , beautifully said. In my evaluation, only Ella Fitzgerald compares with her as a singer, and of course each was stylistically much different from the other.

  27. Renan C. Maia

    So sad this film won no Oscar...

  28. conishkee

    This song does it for me 100%; especially the ending. They'll never be another Judy!

  29. Bernard Martinez



    Bernard Martinez I tend to think it’s the other way around.

    Ricky Moody

    Bernard Martinez other way around!

  30. Albino Slug

    Beautiful! Always gives me goosebumps and a lump in my throat.

  31. 65wiseman

    This dame just gets to you......

  32. Олег Викторов

    Great song performance! Thank you!My support and like +400 🌷🙏💖 I am waiting to visit!

  33. 65wiseman

    By far the best version of the four films.


    @darjacksdj I just don't think that Gaynor was the artist Garland was. Also, James Mason is the best male lead of the four films - he was not praised enough. Garland and Mason together are truly magical and heartbreaking.


    "Mrs Norman MAINE"

    Paul Lewis

    You cannot remake a Judy Garland movie because there is simply on one to compare with her, end of story.

  34. RL JSON

    i will never forget the first time i heard this song. i fell in love with it right away and has been my favorite by her ever since. it has real meaning and i too have been through the mill.

    M Martin

    I knew about it through Karen Walker.

    Jude Foote

    Me too !

  35. Shaniqua Wallace

    That song was 2019 Lit,Beautifully sung and amazing, Okay Ms Judy!

  36. bkynbiker

    God if this doesn't give you chills or bring tears .. or both? You're dead ...

    John Doe

    Great comment

  37. Beerbeard

    Still sends chills down my spine. Back then they really were stars. So very sad Judy lost her battle against her demons so young.

  38. Mama Ames

    My sweet, beautiful Ms. Judy Garland the true "Goddess of Song," such a sad VICTIM of HOLLYWOOD PRODUCERS, WHO DRUGGED YOU, giving you uppers to keep you working & downers to make you sleep when it was time for rest, then had the nerve to question how you ended up an addict! (May they ALL BURN FOREVER in the ETERNAL FIRES of HELL!!!) I am SO DEEPLY SORRY for what THEY DID TO YOU Ms. Garland... for your YEARS of pain & suffering, inside & out, AT THEIR HANDS. Please know dear, lovely lady, that NO ONE will EVER match your extraordinary talent, or the unprecedented, glorious beauty of your voice & your heart & that you will ALWAYS have our INFINITE love & adoration, dear, dear Ms. Garland, for eternity. I pray we will meet one day..."Over the Rainbow."💕💕💕


    Here's the thing (well one of many of course ...) about Judy - she never blamed anyone else for her demons and troubles, even if she had ever right and reason to. Pure class. And she never EVER lost her sense of humor. Watch clips of her late in life, clearly under the influence of something, and still sharp and funny as hell. Let's not even get to the singing/acting/dancing ...

    Cockeyed Optimista

    I think the "uppers" were to keep her figure. Wretched Hollywood; I like your passionate statement.

    Max Penn

    @Cockeyed Optimista I think you're right. The uppers (Benzedrine or amphetamine) helped her overcome the hangover from sleeping pills but also suppressed her appetite. A few years ago in New York, people were putting stickers that said "feed me" on ads around town with pictures of malnourished models. Some people say Judy has an extra 20 pounds in the second outtake of this scene. She looks fine. She might have had a nicer life off camera if the studio hadn't imposed its ridiculous weight expectations on her.

    Cockeyed Optimista

    Max Penn I heard about those stickers. Good ol' New York.

  39. Lori Olson

    I cannot stand her voice. So overrated

    Lisa D

    @jlalewicz Agree. She can sing (Lady Gaga) but she's no Judy Garland. Judy was one of a kind. I am a big Judy Garland fan and introduced my kids to her when they were young. And they really appreciate who she was and her talent.

    Lisa D

    @k mcmoose Agree. The original comment is so asinine. Judy Garland, overrated?? Ha, oh please!

    John Di Carlo

    There is always one. Personally I hate Mozart

    Jude Foote

    Leave right now!

    Peter Scocca

    Yes, Lori, I'm certain you're much better.
    Much like Lady GagMe.

  40. Vancat2

    I love this piece of film

  41. IMAGINARY LP / Jerry Wilson

    Nobody sang this like Judy.

    RGP Entertainment Group, Inc.


    Mama Ames

    NOBODY!!!... EVER!!!.. INFINITY!!!💕💕💕

  42. Vancat2


  43. ohthemoonandstars

    Song was made for her and vice versa

  44. Taina Berg

    Pure Class and REAL talent. Forever.

  45. Fabrisse ter Brugghe

    The lyrics are by Ira Gershwin.

  46. Maria Fitzgerald

    artists and music from these times is the BEST

  47. David Novak

    My favorite film. EVER.

  48. robertmbruno

    Gee, even though she is laughing at times ,smiling out of context with the lyric , she still effortlessly portrays her character in this great song . I listened to another version by Streisand which was well done and quite lush yet this original movie has retained it's timeless beauty over the many years,maybe a tribute to Garland , maybe to the composer, Arlen .. I don't know . This is a nicely edited cut . Thanks .

    Irina Kermong

    I actually don't mind her laughing and smiling, because her character - and perhaps even Judy herself - seems like she genuinely LOVES singing. And it makes me smile as well.

    Mama Ames

    HOW DARE STREISAND RECORD THIS "GARLAND SONG"!!!!!!! Ms. Garland OWNS this tune!!! It BELONGS TO MS. GARLAND ALONE!!! NO OTHER!!! Streisand shows her ultimate nerve... her gall... her infinite arrogance... recording "this" GARLAND SONG!!!!!! Who does she think she is?!?!? I, for one, will NEVER listen to the Streisand recording of this EPICALLY GARLAND SONG & will NEVER EVER EVER FORGIVE STREISAND for her unprecedented arrogance in recording it!!!!! Shame on you Streisand!!!!! SHAME... ON... YOU❗❗❗❗❗


    @Mama Ames Well, Babs isn't exactly known for her humility -- or humor, for that matter -- exactly

    Bob Taylor

    @bkynbiker , I remember the genuinely serious argument she attempted to mount in the late 70s that she'd been a bigger star than the Beatles. You would have to pay me to sit through a concert of hers.

  49. enewetkish1

    What a talent! Judy Garland was one of a kind.