Garland, Judy - The Boy Next Door Lyrics

The moment I saw him smile
I knew he was just my style
My only regret is we've never met
Though I dream of him all the while

But he doesn't know I exist
No matter how I may persist
So it's clear to see there's no hope for me
Though I live at fifty-one-thirty-five Kensington Avenue
And he lives at fifty-one-thirty-three

How can I ignore the boy next door
I love him more than I can say
Doesn't try to please me
Doesn't even tease me
And he never sees me glance his way

And though I'm heart-sore, the boy next door
Affection for me won't display
I just adore him
So I can't ignore him
The boy next door

I just adore him
So I can't ignore him
The boy next door

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Garland, Judy The Boy Next Door Comments
  1. Scott Rousseau

    My God, she was so beautiful and talented. Sigh.

  2. Sean O

    Just watched this film on the big screen this afternoon. The final shot of her framed in the window with the curtain falling across her face literally brought tears to my eyes. She was just SO beautiful.

  3. Alicia

    My Grandma used to watch this movie ❤

  4. jose lopez

    Her outfit and this song look similar to how she looked and sounded singing Over the Rainbow in the Wizard of Oz<3

  5. Robert Price

    Another tribute to the mesmerising  charms of Judy. She was made for Technicolour. A ravishing reminder of glorious days. God bless her !

  6. Malin Hessedahl

    Love this movie❤

  7. Carlos Jorge Stöckel

    Frank Sinatra one said: "All of us will be one day forgotten, but not Judy! He was right!

    Becky Becky

    Nor will he ever be forgotten ❤️

    Becky Becky

    - RIP 💐

  8. Samiambambam

    She's so beautiful! Hair goals

  9. Maureen R

    I love the music in this movie especially since I am from there. My father did too and he lived in the neighborhood where the movie was filmed and we have a big picture of the 1904 world fair.

    Judith Wilson

    That is so cool

  10. David Raymore

    There is a guy on YouTube called the Tired Old Queen at the Movies or Steve Hayes, who does movie reviews from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and onward. He described this scene as if Vincente Minelli, the director, and the future husband of Judy Garland, and the father of Liza Minelli, made the window as a portrait of Judy. I like her long auburn or almost a ginger wig that really makes her so beautiful. This movie and "The Star is Born" (1954) really showed off Judy's talent as a singer and as an actress when she became an adult. There are so many songs in this movie that are so memorable and loved by so many people. Besides Judy Garland, Margaret O'Brien as the young Tootie stole this movie with her incredibly funny acting. Margaret even received an Academy Award as a juvenile actress for this movie. I also like Margery Maim as their housekeeper and cook because she had so many funny lines. She was fantastic in the movie called "The Women" (1939) with Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer. MGM, as well as Warner Brothers, made the best classic movies with so many great actors and actresses that anyone can enjoy many times over.

  11. Jay Taylor

    Her presence seems to float off from the screen and right into your heart.

  12. Dylan Washington

    This is just heavenly!!!!!Only to sit in the movie theaters in 1944, world's away from Hitler, the war, and hear this over the loud speakers must of been like floating on clouds towards heaven. God Bless Judy Garland!!!!!!!!!

    Taylor Maddux

    Beautiful description!

    patrick ryan

    How about a Judy Garland filmfest at your local Landmark theater! 10/2019

  13. James Hero

    what a slut

  14. Jasmine Lamborn

    It reminds me when my boyfriend is coming over to see me :)

  15. J. Eduardo Batres

    What a voice

  16. Jake Moore