Garland, Judy - Swanee Lyrics

I've been away from you a long time
I never thought I'd miss you so
Somehow I feel, your love is real
Near you I long to be!

The birds are singing, it is song time
The banjos strummin' soft and low
I know that you
Yearn for me too;
Swanee, you're calling me!

How I love you, how I love you
My dear old Swanee!
I'd give the world to be
Among the folks in
D-I-X-I-E - ven now my Mammy's waiting for me
Praying for me
Down by the Swanee

The folks up north will see me no more
When I go to the Swanee Shore!

How I love you, how I love you
My dear old Swanee!
I'd give the world to be
Among the folks in
D-I-X-I-E - ven now my Mammy's waiting for me
Praying for me
Down by the Swanee

The folks up north will see me no more
When I go to the Swanee Shore!
Swanee, Swanee, I'm coming back to Swanee!
Mammy, Mammy, I love the old folks at home!

Swanee, Swanee, I am coming back to Swanee!
Mammy, Mammy, I love the old folks at home!

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Garland, Judy Swanee Comments
  1. Harold Mackie

    Man she had it

  2. Harold Mackie

    an award from a bunch of Liberals? thanks

  3. Liz I.

    This song is officially over 100 years old and I absolutely love it! Like a dose of medicine compared to the cancerous vibrations in the radio today. Thank you for sharing! I am obsessed!

  4. Renato Espinoza

    omg the wink at the 0:08 , invented winks ! <3 i can't stop listening to this song

  5. Conrad Zimmerman

    A Class Act through and through. Without a doubt the Greatest Entertainer of our Time. No one, no one has touched or will ever touch Judy Garland. She is simply God's gift to us all. Along with The Great American Songbook that is Gershwin nothing could showcase American talent more so than A Star is Born.

  6. WiggaMachiavelli

    Al Jolson is much better than this horrible woman.


    WiggaMachiavelli LoL fuck off. Al Jolson couldn’t finish a song like Judy does at 1:29.

  7. outercyberia


  8. gregory austin

    A true goddess

  9. Linny Crocus

    I like the sounds of the tapping and the canes hitting the floor.

    Shirley Miller

    Same :3

  10. Ian Miles Chungus

    God I wish I was part of the background dancers so bad

  11. wehoscott

    No greater star had there been before. No greater star has there been since. No greater star shall there ever be.

  12. Alan Sutel

    She should have gotten the Oscar for this movie.

  13. 65wiseman

    Raw talent -

  14. Ken Blake

    What is the name of this sort of dance, with stick and hat?

    Legal Occupier

    In tap class years ago we called it a hat and cane routine. 👍

  15. 65wiseman

    A truly grand performer -

  16. Gail Webb

    She was phenomenal! Singer, actress, one like her now or ever again! Her me chills!

  17. Laraee Johnson

    i take it back/ i looked at that clip were those were black men dancing with garland/ the one the right end. the black hair. i think that is what i see/ does any historian does anyone know if these men are alive/ what they had to say or am i wrong / some historian has to know/ some say these were white men dressed up in black face i looking at the video am not so sure because of the hair that 6th guy on the right in this number in the middle of swanee/ or was it a good makeup jobs/ he the 6th guy on the right/ does know that history of this song and these dancesr? were they black or in black face. I think they are black but i could be wrong.? on the balcony there are black musician in that number

    Elizabeth Dacosta

    Laraee Johnson
    There were two sets of male dancers. One set was white and the other set was black (the ones with the banjos and ?). They didn’t look like black face at all; they looked black. Also I read that Judy hated those black face numbers from when she was young, so I imagine at this age she had the power to say, “no black face”.

  18. sandiegotrojandawg

    Often overlooked by the stupendous talents of the greatest entertainer in Hollywood history (Judy)---it's easy to do by watching this---is the fantastic dance choreography in this scene by the late, great Richard Barstow. As you re-watch this video, focus on the dancing...the incredible choreography...the incredible and talented dancers as they were perfectly timed and in step with every down note and beat. Folks, that took LOTS and LOTS of practice and retakes to get this down. The dance routine itself is just beautiful and magnificent to watch. Judy had that what we call in Hollywood, the "triple threat"---she could act, sing, AND dance. Many stars back then had it (unlike today)...HAD to have it! My heart sinks whenever I think of how Judy left us....there'll never be another one like her!


    Gene Kelly had "the triple threat" as well.

  19. john darmiento

    She left out the good parts of the song

  20. Nathaniel R. Mariano


  21. 65wiseman

    Talent x infinity -

  22. ThaSchwab

    She was fantastic in this performance, of course, but she sounds like she's 32 going on 52.


    Get your hearing checked. She sounds great.


    @SymphonyBrahmsDid you read my comment? I said she sounds fantastic, she just sounds 20 years older than she actually is. It's a comment on her smoking and drug use.


    ThaSchwab I don’t think she sounds 52, she was just so incredibly talented she sounded older. If someone at 32 years old today sang this the same way I think they were the greatest singer ever.


    @Michael Yes she was incredibly talented but her voice very much sounded like what it was, a voice that belonged to a pill-addicted smoker.

  23. StrahaoftheRace

    Fucking hideous. No wonder she took to the bottle.

  24. Saturnino José Suárez Quintana

    Looks so easy when she does it.

  25. Eliyahu Alpert

    I'll never understand why she didn't win the Oscar for this performance. All time rip off.

    Gail Webb

    She was robbed of that Groucho Marx told her....the greatest robbery since Brinks!

    Abrielle Horvath

    The academy was MEAN and spiteful. She isn’t the first person who was robbed (or the last, I’m sure). Remember they punished Audrey Hepburn and robbed her of the Oscar for My Fair Lady because they didn’t give the part to Julie Andrews? Also, Bette Davis should have won for ‘Baby Jane’ and she didn’t. Also, Diane Keaton should have won for REDS but they gave it to stupid Katherine Hepburn for sentimental reasons even though she has 952 Oscars. I don’t know why or how these robberies happen at the Oscars. But Judy’s definitely was the all time let down of that year!!!!

    James Gordon

    The academy sucks ! It’s hard to imagine why she never received an academy...! She was the best actress up that year !

    Elizabeth Dacosta

    There was a lot of jealousy of Judy Garland. She was so breathtakingly talented, triple threat, beloved, and EVERYONE agreed that she was robbed that year. No one had any doubt she would win. The Academy forever shamed itself that year.

    Abrielle Horvath

    Elizabeth Dacosta 💯

  26. Danny Chavez

    Judy was the ultimate triple threat. Quadruple if you ad beautiful 😍


    Quintuple: there's an intangible quality called charisma. She oozed charisma. You can't quite put your finger on it. You can't learn it or "create" it. It just exits (or it doesn't). Hard to explain or identify, you just know it when you see/experience it.

  27. Michael

    Nobody, NOBODY, can or could finish a song like Judy could. 1:21 to the end is absolutely mind blowing, and she was only 32 years old.

    Legal Occupier

    I love all Judy's performances but at times I skip straight to the last 20 or so seconds because as you say she can finish a song like nobody. And Liza does it too, the final moments of her songs are usually the best 👍


    Wow. 0:57 that was a feel good moment. I love Judy.

  29. redbarnz

    There will only be one Judy! My Judy!

  30. fanorama1

    The GREAT One.

  31. Valentina Maggie

    La stella più grande e luminosa: Judy Garland! I love yo Judy!!

  32. WikeddTung

    So I can't quite be called overnight sensation
    For it started many years agooooooooooo!
    When I was born, in a trunk in the Princess Theater!

  33. Howard Turner

    A brilliant performance of a great song by Judy.

  34. SymphonyBrahms

    Great. Judy was magic. Talent. Charisma. Singing. Dancing. Acting. One of the greatest performers who ever lived.

  35. Eleftheria Zagouris

    One of the most talented female actresses of all time my favorite actress !!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩

  36. Guy Pseudonym

    Swanee, how I love ya how I love ya
    My dear old Swanee
    I'd give the world to be
    Among the folks in

    D-I-X-I-Even now my
    Mammy's waitin' for me, prayin' for me
    Down by the Swanee
    The folks up North will see me no more
    When I get to the Swanee shore

    Swanee, Swanee
    I'm coming back to Swanee
    Mammy, Mammy
    I love the old folks at home
    I love ya

    Swanee, how I love ya how I love ya
    My dear old swanee
    I'd give the world if I could only be sitting on my Mammy's knee
    I love the old folks, I love the young folks
    Oh my honey lamb, you'll love 'em all in Alabamy

    Mammy, Mammy my dear old Mammy
    your wanderin' child will wander no more
    When I get to that Swanee Shore!

  37. Estefano St.Croix


  38. zyxmyk

    this always brings tears to me eyes, I have no idea why.

    Lisa Velez

    Because it is beautiful

    Lisa Velez

    God bless you

  39. Anotheryou21

    Great number if you're not squeamish about this type of period piece. Get over it! Nobody's done it straight since Jolson, and even then it was really a tribute to another era. Stop cringing! People were making the best of what we later realized was a very bad situation, and it's okay to look back, enjoy it for what it is, because there is a lot of artistry in it. My God What A Voice!


    Yes. There is no racism at all. You should wake in the color with skin of a different color. I would like you to say the same thing at that time.

    Legal Occupier

    It was the entertainment of the era. Judy moved with the times and later performances of this song were very different, but I still enjoy this. 👍

  40. Michael

    People cheered for Garland after each musical performance at the premiere of A Star is Born, and at 1:21 it’s not hard to see why. THAT is a finale!

  41. XiaoWei Li

    back when entertainers truly entertained!! absolutely brilliant cover of my favourite song of all time.

  42. Etienne Jung

    beautiful music,and color

  43. Publius

    Judy was among the greatest performers of the 20th century. Maybe she was the greatest.



    Danny Chavez

    She was.

  44. Publius

    Supposedly Judy was unreliable at that time. If that were true how could she have performed as she did in this clip?

    Susan B

    This was her comeback movie A Star is Born. I think she was better here.

    Rob Mastro

    @FreeSpirit xoxo And booze, and the studio moguls.

    FreeSpirit xoxo

    @Rob Mastro facts!

    Elizabeth Dacosta

    The unreliable part had ONLY to do with showing up on time, and being sick frequently. When she performed (at this age) she was always at the top of her game—the best there ever was. Unfortunately all that absenteeism cost the studios a lot of money, and that’s all they cared about. I’ve read that her fellow actors always loved her, knew she had mental health issues and were very understanding, especially since they were ALL in awe of her talent.

    Liz I.

    @Tyler O'Reilly like post traumatic stress none of it her fault.

  45. Mrs Chelle G


  46. M White

    This is why we don't sing Swanee in public anymore.


    We don't? I've sung it at karaoke recently. Not like judy of course.....

  47. amy clarke

    perfer judy !😃

  48. Anointed Truth

    This is racist. But she's a great performer!

    CC1 CC2

    I disagree and she sung with two black children later in film

    Laraee Johnson

    i dont like aspects of the song either i am black by the way/ but i still love her artistry, also what i really love is how she holds that note , there are tapes of her holding that note at the end of swaneee for 1 minutes. with power/ whitney, aretha, bessie smith ., dinah that kind of of singing power/ ella r i like / i play piano and listen to all kinds of music /even rap/ Garland held that note with no breath/ for about 15 seconds to one minute in one tape / that is amazing /not a fan of the song / love the artist/jackie. a south side chicago fan for life . btw she did the same thing with old man river on her tv show. karen clarke shepherd a great gospe l Artis holds a note like that in a song called jesus us is love song and it is phenomenal/ i think it was longer than garland/

    Laraee Johnson

    @Romulus Augustus- Belasarius dude. mamy is kind of outdated and kind of disrespectful but as an artist i love Garland what i love is how she holds that note at the end not in this tape/ but other things on the internet/ she holds that last note of swanee for about 10 to 15 seconds as singer that is outrageous she is / was as a bad sister who could really blow/ so as we look back intro those day sand age it is kinda offensive / but i still love her work and her artistry.

    Laraee Johnson

    @Michelle for the record, garland did a number with black men and children in this movie that was cut by warner/and for the record garland performed in the 1950's and 1960's with a tap dancer called John Bubbles up close and personal in live concert performances /and not many white woman artist would do that/ and yes in this segment those are white men with black faces but the segment cut had her performing with black men woman and children/it would be interesting to hear what they had to say if anyone could find them about that experience and if they were alive/ and yes. i am a garland fan as i am with micheal whitney prince. doris day, rosemary cloney ella / christian aguliarr/ bessie smith/ tom jones. bruce springsteen bill eckstine/ dinah wahginton peeegt less/ cvic damone tony bennet.dakota stantom karen clark shepard the carpenters flettwod mac/ stave nicks. / tyramine hawking the gaithers love music the carpenters/ love music play piano and love there art and artistry including jay z and the ghetto boys pharrrel dr. dre buster rhymer jasmine sullivan and m and m / but not billy ellish/


    Why does everything have to be racist? How is this in any way condescending to any race? Not trying to start a debate but I would really like to know how any human being could watch this and be offended.

  49. Григорий Битнев

    Well, Julien Neel does better.


    Julien who? No way. No one does the song better than Judy Garland.

  50. Charles Maeger

    Judy's wonderful jubilee,  joyful spirit shining through in this song.   Also posted to YouTube Music:   "Judy Garland - Zing!  Went the Strings of My Heart (Judy at Carnegie Hall)."

    alex arambula

    Charles Maeger I love zing went the strings of my heart, it's absolutely wonderful, the arrangement was top notch and judy's voice is in a completely different class by itself.

  51. rich lodato


  52. Howard Campbell-Downes

    Ain't she grand. "I love the old folks back got home", especially my late granda who first introduced me to Judy - loving, as he did, the old Jolson and Vaudeville songs. Born in 1888, he'd amassed a vast 78 collection and I sat entranced as he played his records :)

  53. Howard Campbell-Downes

    Ain't she grand. "I love the old folks back got home", especially my late granda who first introduced me to Judy - loving, as he did, the old Jolson and Vaudeville songs. Born in 1888, he'd amassed a vast 78 collection and I sat entranced as he played his records :)

  54. Victor Sandoval

    My favorite Hollywood female artists .. Bette Davis and Judy Garland.

  55. zyxquark

    fantastique!  thanks!