Garland, Judy - Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody Lyrics

Rock a bye, your baby,
With a dixie melody.
When you croon, croon a tune,
From the heart of dixie.

Just hang my cradle, mammy mine,
Right on that masoned, dixen line.
And swing it from virginia, to tennese,
With all the love that's in ya.

Weep no more, my lady,
Sing that song again, for me.
Sing on black joe,just as though,
You have me on your knees.

A Million baby kisses, i'll deliver,
If you will only play that swanee river.
Rock a bye your rock a bye baby,
With a dixie melody.

OH!!Weep no more, my lady,
Sing that song again, for me.
Sing on black joe,just as though,
You have me on your knees.

A Million baby kisses, i'll deliver,
If you will only play that swanee river.
Rock a bye your rock a bye baby,
With a dixie melody!

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Garland, Judy Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody Comments
  1. Nicky Depaola

    THE BEST !!!   Male or Female !! "ENTERTAINER " ...I am now 56 and my Mother LOVED Judy !! Played her daily !!!  I am so blessed to make my living Singing /Entertaining since 1985~* That's 5 GRATEFUL indeed !! NICKY D. East Bay's own !

  2. Cam Morrison

    Wow Judy could SING

  3. David Hajjar

    The greatest female singer of the 20th century !  Judy rocks !!

  4. Anne Milne

    And now they’ve made movie of her live with Witherspoon playing her insult good actress but can’t sing I think

  5. Colours Film

    This song is so problematic and racist. "Mammy mine"... I'm not mad at Judy, but I can't with these foolish lyrics. Lol.

  6. donald warren

    I just love this song, even in 2019 ...

  7. Jon B

    Excellent camera work of an excellent artist.

  8. tuttt99

    My mom used to sing this.

  9. Dead Andburied

    What DVD is this on?

  10. Anne Milne

    Can’t think of a modern day singer that could even come close to Judy ❤️💕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  11. Ryan Green

    Wait a minute... is that Auto tune? ??
    HA !!!! Not on your life.
    In my opinion Judy Garland was the greatist american singer of the 20th century...
    Pure Chills.

  12. Anne Milne

    One word WOW 🦜😘💕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  13. gordon kemp

    Top notch.

  14. camil0091

    you can't beat her voice. The best of all time.

  15. David McCalmont

    Two thumbs down? Have they no pulse? They'd be unimpressed if God were to walk into the room.

  16. Laraee Johnson


  17. ReluctantTraveller

    The one, the only, Miss Judy Garland!

  18. Tom M

    Amazing! Pure TALENT!

  19. Ronald Johnson

    There is no greater performer.

  20. Stephanie Stanley

    Holy shit

  21. claudette mousseau

    The way she feels the songs, is just amazing. One of a kind!

  22. Valentina Maggie

    Che voce Meravigliosa!! I love you Judy!!

  23. gogosegaga

    She had so much internal conflict and emotional struggles. You can’t help but feel her pain watching her perform

  24. toni lynn

    Hot damn! She's the very best.

  25. Roxberrie

    Old Black Joe. Come on Judy I love you but, this is totally racist.

    Stephanie Stanley

    It should have been... Sing old man Joe just as though you had me on your knee... A million baby kisses...

    John Dalton

    Later on in her career, she changes the lyric to "sing soft and low, just as though..."

  26. L.A. Smittie

    Judy for me will always be the queen of soul! No one has or will ever give as much of their soul as this rare gem!

  27. Kenneth Mason

    She was nick named leather lungs at a young age

  28. Royce Rowland

    She was one of a kind and she always gave her all on stage. If you saw the two part mini series Kay Thompson gave her the instructions for the last pose with both of her hands in the air.

    Kenneth Mason

    Royce Rowland she was a belter

  29. Henry Jackson

    The 1955 studio recording of this is the best version. She often sounded more controlled in the studio and it was when her voice was in better shape. (5/2/18)

  30. Keyvin Rink

    Beast mode activated

  31. Peter Lyon

    Musical director Mort Lindsey once said "you don't ever just do a number with Judy".

  32. james mc

    Every performance would have won this woman the "American Idol!" She was so great.

  33. dwsheffer

    Crazy amount of sound out of such a small lady! Like Ethyl said, they were the last of the great belters!!

  34. nancy fitzsimonds

    Got to see her up close at THE PALACE' in NYC.& then again @ the FORREST HILL Country Club. the one & only.

  35. john king

    This amazing performer would pop the cork and completely empty herself into her music...accelerator to the floor and always looking for a little more....

  36. M Holland

    What an amazing talent. God, I wish I had lived during that time.

  37. ErnieCG

    What a voice wonderful

  38. Jay Schwartz

    no one can compare, even my favorite Bassey...

  39. unclealand

    Goddamn! Don't stop!! Go on and on! SHOWMANSHIP and CLASS!

  40. Phil Murphy

    This video clip comes from fro her phenomenally successful Concert at Carnegie Hall in 1961.....terrific show. My paents saw it and were blown away. Thanks for the memories and the talent Judy.

    Buzz Stephens

    Sorry, this is not from Carnegie Hall, this clip is from Judy's 1962 television special.

    Micky Finn

    Although not from the actual concert, it captures Judy in that period and gives us a tantalising glimpse of what it might have been like to be there on that night. There is a power in her voice that she didn't quite recapture in her later CBS series. You have to view it more than once to believe it was actually real.

  41. Dawn Evans

    There was, and never will again, be another quite like her!!! She absolutely made your hair stand on end!!

  42. Glenn Goodfellow

    She's 40 years old here and would only walk the earth for another 7 years.

  43. Jade Zee

    one of Judys show stoppers.

  44. Hector

    i wish i had a mother like that

  45. gizzycat cat

    Love Judy!

  46. Sarah Odiorne

    Wow. Just wow!

  47. Robby24ish

    Horns,! I. A G R E E WITH. U! ! Peace

  48. Ron Lewis

    Start Soaring like an Eagle.
    Get SPIRITUAL MEMOS, & Learn how:

  49. Crush on Channel

    How i love this!!!!! WOW!!!

  50. Johnnie Maddux

    I think this is superior even to her Carnegie Hall version, and that version was pretty darn good!


    I think you're totally right! I think 1962 was a very good year for Judy (Jack Paar, anyone?), and I think she vocally nearly eclipsed Carnegie!

  51. Hookem Horns

    Judy Garland was a freak.  She was a perfect storm of emotion, voice power, voice control, internal metronome, exquisite timing, acting ability, intelligence, beautiful voice and "IT".  On her concerts she owned the stage and her audiences.  No one, and I mean no one, was in her area code for capturing an audience.

    Leonard Cicio

    you said it brother right on the money!  I watch this over and over and cannot believe what I'm hearing and seeing.  She is the song and one with it.  No separation.   She pulls you right in as if you went to an art gallery and there was a Van Gogh at the end of the hallway.  That is all you see and everything else is obliterated.  One of a kind that has never been and will never be!!

    gizzycat cat

    She's fab!

    judy barcenas

    liza is a chip off the ol block, she sings with timing and passion. RIP Judy Garland

  52. Rita Holland

    YOU GOTTA LOVE JUDY GARLAND,  I totally agree with Tauno MIKE.  I love her and every song, loved her in the movie,"A Star is Born". This is a must for anyone whoknows she has this unbelievable TALENT.  God sure blessed her with this great talentand she put her whole heart and soul into any song.   Judy draws you in with justone line of a song.   Sooooo great, must be singing or teaching the angels to sing like she does, how great would that be in Heaven?........................................................

  53. Bi-Costal Teacher

    To this day, no one comes close!

    Lawrence E Carr

    Bi-Costal Teacher Great job here by Judy, but I’ll take Aretha any day of the week. Do yourself a favor and take a listen.


    I agree, Aretha.

    Terry Grant

    +Lawrence E Carr Not a chance. By the way, did you know that Franklin said that JUDY WAS THE GREATEST SINGER OF SOUL EVER. ACTUAL FACT. WHOOPI AGREED.

  54. Robert Pryor

    Unbelievable, the talent.

  55. Olly4Ever

    I am 25 years old and people my age know who Judy is and it isn't just "Dorothy and Oz" . It is because she was absolutely incredible!

  56. Tauno Mike

    Gotta Love Judy Garland !

  57. dixiewysmom

    I haven't heard this song in so long. This is the song my mom named me after. 31 years ago next week. Now I just showed my 9 year old son this song and he said he liked the fighting irish song better. I don't think his grandma would thank that's to funny.  : )

  58. Sean Solis

    Great sound and in color awesome

  59. Elizabeth Parsons

    Great   great  great !    Thank you, Judy !  for making us HAPPY !

  60. whyareyoureadingthis andcontuiningtoreadit

    love you judy! xo

  61. Mark Mocarski

    When I was about 4-years old.
    My dad would sing this song--as he bathed me and my two sisters--from a pan of water.
    ...I can't remember his second song.

  62. FLBoy46

    This is so cool (along with the other songs she performed on that same show).  There's very little on film from her 1961 Carnegie Hall gig, so this is probably the closest we will get to how she performed it during that tour.

  63. RealPete

    Awesome.  I have this special DVD.  I think Judy overpowered the mic/sound system in a couple songs in this segment!