Garland, Judy - Over The Rainbow Lyrics

Somewhere over the rainbow way up high
There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far
Behind me
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh, why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh, why can't I?

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Garland, Judy Over The Rainbow Comments

    1939 slc

  2. Christian Kingdom

    I’m singing this is choir and I will always love this song 💖

  3. 냥냥펀치

    너무 아름다운 노래. 주디 갈란드의 슬픈 삶이 떠오른다.

  4. 34 12

    beautiful song

  5. Олег Олег

    Смотрел кино Джуди,нет думаю сперва сюда.

  6. Ericho Michael Datuin

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow - The Wizard of Oz (1/8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD

  7. Ericho Michael Datuin

    The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (1920)

  8. Ericho Michael Datuin

    I Accidentally Orion Pictures Logo 1984

  9. Michał Gryglas

    Poland ( E.U.) - I dedicated this song for bravest nation in Europe in the 30,40 s and now.... God bless Poland , God bless USA !

    InfoArtist JK, MAT

    Poland is awesome! God bless Poland and the USA and the world. Peace! InfoArtist JK Washington, DC

  10. Ericho Michael Datuin

    Paramount Pictures (Off centre, 1967)

  11. Kalea Taylor

    just gonna say this isn’t the original, a hawaiian man created it first

  12. Kenneth McCosar

    World war 2 started....later a few days

  13. Xavier Jackson

    I can’t believe they would mistreat such an amazing actress.

  14. Ian Liu

    It’s depressing knowing that she was abused

  15. shan jian

    Who still love this song at 2020

  16. Benita Hiestermann

    "somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue..."
    Me: (looks at black and white screen) Um.. I hope so... they look grey to me

  17. Clydon Leonor

    This was AFI's most memorable film song of all time. But it was released way back when the world was on the brink of war - 1939. Such a classic.

  18. Annette Shon

    I was shocked when I found out this wasn't the original song.


    Annette Shon Uh this is the original song

  19. Fahad Chaudhary

    Sang this for my school talent show not that long ago and when everyone found out I was singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow they started clapping. And as I was singing it reminded me of Judy. RIP Judy Garland❤️

  20. NEMO

    The words to this song are so well written that they survive year after year with all the relevance they had when the composer put them on paper. Very few songs connect the rainbow to a hope of everlasting happiness and this song captures that spirit of a young girl who is able to understand and feel her pain and troubles in her life with the idea that somewhere far away and up above, there is a place of true happiness. It’s sung with such perfection and her intonations at different spots brings the listener closer and closer to actually feeling her sadness. Toto loves it too.

  21. NasGaming_YT21

    hellow hi o my name is aylonni cornelius as you know my name naw can you come visit me in the bronx p.s.91.
    I litterty love your movie and song is that the part when jer fashel exspreshen bigines.
    o.m.g you are so nice.
    lovelove sweety pies

  22. PhOniExX Wolf

    R.I.P Toto! Always missed.

  23. Fati lol

    I love this song💕👽

  24. Mint Ice

    This song will always live and if it doesn’t and I die I’ll come out my grave and make it happen

  25. Arnau Pérez

    This song is beatiful

  26. Yuyami - Sama

    My childhood song😕I miss this song so much... 💕

  27. Luna Plateada


  28. CandyFrandy 793

    This is 81 years old and the entire cast has passed away very sad

  29. Joseane Tacionir


  30. FR Bmp

    I can't imagine if they actually deleted this scene.

  31. waterfalls 272

    She sung this song with such grace..

  32. waterfalls 272

    Beautiful song classic❤

  33. Ruth Chan

    When Judy auditioned for the movie,she was actually too old for the position but I am glad they decided to let her in

  34. Cow imma bitch

    video: vintage brown
    song: *somewhere over the rainbow*

  35. Anibal Crux

    Saudades tempo bon demais. saudadeeeeeee

  36. Larissa Bittencourt

    Ai acabei de assistir o filme da judy, me deu um nó na garganta, a garotinha sofreu tanto e se tornou aquela adulta que tentou mas não conseguiu ser feliz! Por causa de gente que abusou da infância dela. 😭💔

  37. Haily Bolden

    Do y’all know how many times I seen this movie 🎥!!!! Like 1 million times I’m 11 years old my grandmother had showed it to me. And I’m GREATFUL too😆

  38. Nicolas Gallardo

    From the great depression that this song is sung, waiting for us to finally live in a world where we can all live in peace without poverty or misery

  39. stefany condori

    Creo que un tema de Godzilla KOTM se basó en esto :v ?

  40. Fabian Ciesielski

    Pamiętam te czasy

  41. DayTripper

    truly feels like a distant time

  42. Bruce Wayne

    Is the dog still alive? He's cute. I want to pet him...

  43. uro p

    I wish someday diseny remake this movie

  44. UltimateLegendLugia

    I thank 9 for showing me this beautiful song :')

  45. Shirley Miller

    This song makes me cry :(

  46. PinkWondergirl 956

    Watching after Rene Zellweger won the Oscar for best actress...Im a huge fan of this movie and Ms.Garland and I'm very sad that Ms. Garland never won an Oscar.

  47. Árpád Samu

    OMG! So Beautiful!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  48. Stricken ff

    O cachorrinho é esperto em, todos desse filme nem o pó existe mais , a vida é engraçada...


    I don't like this song, it sucks (Plz hate on this comment)

    Shirley Miller

    That whAt ur mOm said when you wErE born anD sHe sAw your face for tHe first time

  50. Richard Lam

    What a great movie to watch all over again and again I loved it was made and the cast are amazing.

  51. 。Dora is the best 。

    Whenever I watch this it makes me sad, everything she had to go through and how she could’ve have a normal life as a kid, it ruins my mood :(

  52. Nathan Riley Shriber-Hutchison

    Salad fingers anybody?

  53. Mike H

    I always tear up when I see her sing this as an adult. Because I always remember her singing this as this Little girl and how much hell she went thru in her life . Rene did an amazing job and I hope her legacy is a bit brighter because of it.
    I hope we all see that Rainbow Judy when we look at you now!!!!..♥...♥...♥

  54. Br Alan Parham

    So many memories associated with this song.....

  55. Giseld Dervishi


  56. Giseld Dervishi

    Except Judy, also was HOLLYWOOD actress Clara Blandick as Auntie Em. Sadly she suicide herself in 1962. She and Judy are now over the rainbow

  57. El Morshu

    who's here because of off?

  58. Cristine Lou

    81 anos dessa música? Putz!

  59. Chan Katherine

    sorry for judy after knows her life. love her dearly

  60. 백종필

    Congratulation to dear Judy.
    Renee won oscar.

  61. Bülent K.

    Amazing !!!

  62. Ryan Thomas

    They almost cut this out of the movie because it slowed it down to much...

  63. Jerlena Joza

    this song literally gives me the chills

  64. Ismael Cervera

    Where’s Mandy smiling

  65. Cherry Six

    Come here thanks to
    Israel Kamakawiwo`ole and that horrible based game for Super Nintendo.

  66. uli förster

    thank you,super original titel to film"Judy"....its her life,tragical 1969 the end,great actress !!

  67. Kiara Neville

    I heard this song for the first time. First time I've seen Judy garland act/ sing (i knew who she was, i just didn't know she was in this movie, I've never seen her act)
    But, i just felt some sort of connection to this song and her. I heard Ariana sing one line of this song once a couple years ago, but y'all know how she sings (not in a bad way) but when i heard this version for the first time, i just felt I had heard the tune, rythm, melody somewhere. I felt like I've met Judy garland before (she's dead, idk what I'm saying) and the moment the song started, i started singing along. It was the first time i heard the full, original song, i somehow knew the tune, lyrics somehow. I don't what I'm doing

  68. 탱구TV

    This is my favorite movie!!!!
    I love it!

  69. Johnny Film Sentinel

    This played at my grandmother’s funeral back in September. I miss you, Nanny.

  70. Sam Porter

    One of the most beautiful scenes in the history of cinema

  71. Silver Penn Stables

    Me:Some where ever the rainbow......There’s a lot of gold
    Lucky me

    Also I love this song

  72. 정석원

    80years later i heard the this beautiful song and i think this song never gonna die

  73. Hannibalroxx

    Judy Garland: Somewhere over the rainbow♥️

  74. Ryan Thomas

    Beautiful and I absolutely love TOTO. He’s a terrier like my Boston terrier and they both like to reach out their paws to get your attention and act the same hehe TOTO is just hairier then a Boston

  75. grosshart.

    This Dog ☺️ sweet

  76. Inka Špajzer

    I Love this music ❤️❤️

  77. Julianna Sukel

    No matter how many times I’ve seen this movie or heard this song, it’ll always swarm my heart and maybe even make me cry. Thank you for the memories, Judy. 💖

  78. Z for Zorrito

    It's about dreamin and knowing that it's gunna happen... people told me that i couldn't make movies and i did!... i proved that i could make a dream come true! Check out my movie, Foxy One Cool Fox

  79. Anabel Castillo


  80. Sarena Champ21

    Bem saenrn come homes Rnb

  81. Sarena Champ21

    Bem saenrn come homes Rnb

  82. Karsten Niekamp

    Googule, when I hear this song now, I am a little bit sad, because the time has gone and I am 58 years old now........and I am happy too, because I know this song from Judy and I have so many happy memories than......

  83. Angela Greene PHD MD

    Here is the original : musical score : THE WIZARD OF OZ :. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SONG : OUTSTANDING!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  84. Yuuka Omr

    Cant imagine she only allowed to drink black coffee and 80 cigarettes a day to restrain her from eating. Damn this industry is dirty

  85. honeyyk

    My school is rehearsing this and Im in it. I haven’t watched the movie so-

  86. Sreelakshmi B

    Watching for the first time

  87. Gabriela Santos

    Essa música ao mesmo tempo que traz paz, traz um pouco de tristeza também por tudo que ela passou...

  88. Lu2kool4U

    Godzilla: *You did good kid*

  89. Rosalee Spadacene

    Dorothy: someday I'll wish up on a star
    Me: me too ✨

  90. Bullkiller

    Somewhere over the rainbow in a world of pure imagination.

  91. Lime scout

    80 years the moive

  92. Henrique Santini

    Melhor na voz do iz

  93. Canceled

    how could anybody hate this song?


    her voice is buttery smooth


    @gempalm2003 is that the reason to hate the song


    @Canceled not once did i say i hate the song i actually love it her voice is out of this world

  94. Jared Hartwell

    Still stealing our hearts after eighty years. Rest in peace dear Judy.

  95. Maurice Pieterson

    Prachtig en een fantastische film

  96. Charlotte Brooks

    Poor Judy Garland; such a sad story x