Garland, Judy - Me And My Shadow Lyrics

Shades of night are falling and I'm lonely
Standing on the corner feeling blue
Sweethearts out for fun
Pass me one by one
Guess I'll wind up like I always do
With only

Me and my shadow
Strolling down the avenue
Me and my shadow
Not a soul to tell our troubles to
But when it's twelve a clock
We climb the stair
We never knock

'Cause nobody's there
Just me and my shadow
All alone and feeling blue
And when it's twelve a clock
We climb the stair
We never knock

'Cause nobody's there
Just me and my shadow
All alone and feeling blue

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Garland, Judy Me And My Shadow Comments
  1. Whendi S. Roberts

    Her Uncle is a Slave driver

  2. Whendi S. Roberts

    Judy Garland is the best period!!! Her Mother is abusive

  3. Shirley Jackson

    Whatever happened to Marsha Mason?

  4. Whendi S. Roberts

    She fit in everywhere!!! You wish you had the talent she has in little pinky I love you Judy!!!

  5. Whendi S. Roberts

    Her Dad died and they made her Sing!!!!!!!!!!! Her Fathers Dad was on his Death bed and they made her sing!! They took her Mother away right after Judy's fathers died!!!

  6. Patti Brooks

    Love Judy ! Tammy did an awesome job playing young Judy !

  7. Benjamin Wright

    From how her mother treated her makes me wish she lived to see what she ended up doing. From the drugs she was taking she was given 5 years to live in 1961 when she died in 1969 her doctor said death coyld come at any moment. Thats what her mother did by forcing her to be in Hollywood

  8. Pandora Lavita

    Is this Hilary swank playing Judy garland


    Everyone saying they did a good job casting, the actress playing Judy was cheesy and I hated her lol.

  10. M M

    Why didn’t they use this girl who played Judy to star in “Judy”? She’s her spitting image!?!?!

  11. Gabriela Gallegos

    Omg they over worked her!! Shame on all those grown ass men who took advantage of a child, took advantage of her innocence made millions out of her, while she died in a cheap hotel.

  12. Bamsambam33

    This is much better than the Judy movie tbh

  13. Kevin S.Butler

    The only thing that Ms.Blanchard couldn't do in this ABC TV movie bio about Judy couldn't sing..she simply lip synced to the real Judy Garland's recorded vocals.

  14. Grand Baby

    Director: Give me your *EYES*



    JUDY: *takes off her actual eyes*

    Director: Thats all you got? GIVE ME THE *EYES*

  15. Grand Baby

    It gave me fascinating chills...

  16. Grand Baby

    *Renee Zellweger has left the chat*

  17. DarkBubblePenguin

    Tammy Blanchard is pretty as Dorothy

  18. Elle Jey

    how could fleming slap this angel

  19. littlemessycorner

    I love Roger Edens, i wish he could stay with her as a friend in her final days.

  20. littlemessycorner

    What does he means by see your eyes? what does he wanted?

  21. Aimee Hanratty

    I hate they way they called her fat and ugly she was perfect the way she was

  22. Tanith Jackson

    Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr and Jack Haley did NOT try to upstage Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz" by shoving her in back of them! That was a story Judy Garland made up to be amusing. And to make her seem like a victim, which is something she did a LOT.

  23. Ruple Thaker

    24:20- 27:06 Wizard of Oz part.
    44:00- 45:26- Rehearsal, over worked part.

  24. Ruple Thaker

    Tammy Blanchard did so well in this. Nailed it.

  25. Tenacious

    The actor who is trying to be Mickey Rooney acts gay

  26. Dawn Heistand

    seems Judy's mom was mean

  27. Dawn Heistand

    loved Judy's - some where over the rainbow - ! to bad she did not marry Mickey Rooney ! Judy had curvature of the spine that ran in her family ? Thanks for the video

  28. Madeline Tramantano


  29. Anna Bartók


  30. Astræus

    The actor who plays Mickey Rooney isn't quite right I don't think. He is almost too "gay" in his movements. Mickey was just a standard American kid. The actor playing Rooney does very weird and queer facial movements which well, Mickey just didn't do. I also don't like the way Mickey treated Judy. He was quite dismissive of her and like so many men, just used her when it suited him. It's strange how some humans just attract abuse and it's usually the most talented and extraordinary people. I find humans are always so jealous of others. It's a really ugly trait within the species. Really, really ugly.

  31. Glenn Jones

    Wow Judy's dad was gay, She married a gay man Liza's dad and Liza married a gay man

  32. Jennifer Lorence

    Those movie Studios are Slave drivers and her Mother was A TRUE BITCH.

  33. Jennifer Lorence

    The Smiles of FAME have a Very High Price, but do the Tears of failure. Durgys A Ramirez

  34. TJP

    Didn't see this part of my DVD

  35. Craig Smith

    44:18 I WANT TO SEE YOUR EYES!!!!!!!

  36. Craig Smith

    9:54 "Next time you come back in try not to look so fat, huh? Or does that also run in the family?" Ouch!!

  37. Crystal Wagner

    Hollywood broke Judy.
    What they’ve ever cared about was money.
    They’ve hurt her

  38. Gloria J. Pinsker

    Tammy Blanchard is a dead ringer for the young Judy! Looks, sounds and acts just like her. Amazing!!

  39. Sofia Darling

    The actress looks exactlyyyy like judy omg

  40. The Gooble Gobbler

    When they teased her about her weight around 10:04 I wanted to grab her and cry. Brings a tear to my eye!

  41. ReginaMillsHood2014

    I looked at the real pictures when this was done and the costume were on point

  42. Peaches Dixon

    If Judy's mother had a choice, Judy would never have been born. Think about it.

  43. legrandeano rey


  44. wildzac

    Tammy Blanchard was so right for this...she looks so much like Judy and acts it well. Has anyone seen her in Little Shop of Horrors (on stage)?

  45. david lincoln brooks

    Was Frank Gumm a Southerner?

  46. Elizabeth A

    this mother of Judy, reminds me of Lindsey Lohan' s mother, fame drunk

  47. Willpower1213

    Judy was extremely self centered and rude to my great grandparents who were black

  48. ronnie star

    Hard to imagine and quite disgusting the way she was treated, given uppers, forced to diet resulting in what looked to be an eating disorder and told she was unattractive, what a horrible time to be an actress/singer

  49. Patricia Hirte

    The actrice is called Tammy Blanchard. A great actrice!!!!And yes she really looks just like Judy Garland naturally! You can see her in the Trilogy with Peter Falk : When Angels come to townwhich is the 3rd part. but better watch the 1st part, 2 and then this 3rd. Part 1 is "A Town Without Christmas.“ Part 2 is called "Finding John Christmas," and Part 1 is "A Town Without Christmas.“
    Part 3 When Angels Come to Town (2004)

  50. Kathy Sundy

    How do you all know the father slept with boys were you there ? Or do you have poof. Did judy came out and said about her father or what about the mother ? How do you guys know? All i can say is her mother was a freaking bitch to her !!!!


    The movie is based on Lorna Luft's memoir. She was also an executive producer on the film.

  51. Patricia Daiane

    Marvelous! Marvelous production, image and sound qualities! MARVELOUS actress playing mrs. Garland! I'm speechless.

  52. Julz XD

    Tammy is amazing as young Judy. It's like doing a double take 😍😍 god bless her. Great film this one, it captures every aspect of the Hollywood dream and what it really is or was in reality. Drugs for weight loss, barbiturates for the anxiety and side effects of diet pills then drugs for the side effects of those... A Greedy Mother who lived through her daughters and saw Judy as her meal ticket.

  53. 컴퓨터그냥

    영어는 못하지만 대충이해가 간다 ㅋ

  54. Ronnie Bishop

    When she came out as Dorothy she looked just like Judy. I’ve seen her in something else that was a really sexy performance and I don’t think it’s Cadillac Records though she’s in that. But I can’t figure out what it was, unless it’s this? Lol. Eyes Eyes Eyes.

  55. Ashley B. Ashley

    The actress they chose looks like Judy, but she was overeager and didn’t have the composure and maturity Judy was known for.

  56. Charlotte Vale

    Judy’s dad cared about her, mama just wanted to live thru Judy

  57. Charlotte Vale

    Judy Davis was BEST as adult Judy. Renee overacted sometimes, sorry, just my take. Marsha Mason great.

  58. iMike 825

    I wish Mickey cut his hamburger in half and gave it to her... at 27:40, lol. Every time I see or hear about her being hungry during these days my heart goes out to her pain. It’s the little things. Sad that she was built up to just be torn down. All of those pills... crazy.

  59. danghippies

    L. B Meyer, ruined my childhood. I loved wizard of oz, can never see this movie the same again. Fucking pedo

  60. beba micou

    Watched Judy- Renee killed it!!! This young actress also killed it... so good.

  61. Michael

    13:07 is one of my favorite song endings ever! 13 year old Judy Garland singing to Clark Gable!

  62. Adam Halcomb

    I’m having a bowl of ice cream for you Judy.

  63. Tracy McCardle

    Roger Edens was a great advocate for Judy (Frances Gumm) <3

  64. josé Falconi

    Como nao tem legendado

  65. David Hill

    Tammy Blanchard has her mannerisms and look down to a tee

  66. 1itz_lina Le

    Why did the dad hold their hand together is him gay

  67. rob yohn

    Hollywood really controlled her. Shame.

  68. rob yohn

    Judy and Mickey had good chemistry.

  69. rob yohn

    Joan Crawford said the same thing about Property of MGM stamped on her backside also.

  70. rob yohn

    Marsha Mason looked so different than usual.

  71. TheCNRProject

    Would anyone happen to know who the ghost singer was for "Eli Eli" at the start there? Gorgeous voice and sounded similar to Judy. I checked the imdb credits but can't seem to find anything.

  72. rob yohn

    Marilyn Monroes childhood was about the same as Judys.

  73. Mc MoWhine

    Lorna Wonders, "what would have happened if she never became Judy Garland?" Ummm..She wouldn't be here!!

  74. Carol Berwind

    To be brainwashed that you are a star on top or.....nothing. it would be a nightmare especially so young unable to cope with it all.

  75. Fox Teen

    15:29 What are you doing, Judy?! That's YOUR money! Not hers!

  76. Sauronbaggins D

    This is the cut version

  77. Nora Nora

    I'm 41 minutes into this masterpiece of a film, and I absolutely love it!
    It's not overdone.
    It's simply beautiful!
    Thanks for posting!

  78. spicey66

    Fabulous! The new Judy movie is terrible!

  79. Lauren Rodriguez

    Something rubs me the wrong way about Mickey Rooney.. :/

  80. rikiti

    I wasn't going to continue this, but then I saw Hugh Laurie pop up in the intro credits.

  81. Marshan Thomas

    judy was just a bag to her mom she was all about that money

  82. Marshan Thomas

    dang the control the hell out of her

  83. Marshan Thomas

    i like the actor the actor who is playing mickey

  84. Marshan Thomas

    her mom got her hook

  85. Kayla Kadirah

    I remember first seeing this series some years ago, and being so impressed with both Tammy Blanchard - playing the 13 to 17-year-old Judy - and Australian actress Judy Davis as the adult Judy Garland. Blanchard won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie and Davis deservedly won 5 awards for Best Actress: a SAG, Satellite, Golden Globe, and Broadcast Film Critic Award.

  86. Aviva Kirsten

    Mr. Meyer was mad about her dependency on the pills. His studio provided her all that.

  87. Johnny Smallcock and his vile tasting toffees

    The gays like Judy Garland because she can get a bottle of Vodka up her arsehole with no Vaseline

  88. Johnny Smallcock and his vile tasting toffees


  89. chuck sellers

    i've heard that she was 106 pounds when she played Dorothy. They still called her fat.

  90. chris herring

    when will everyone realize HOLLYWOOD IS EVIL? A BRAINWASHED WORLD

  91. ToddTampa1

    This Version of the movie of the Great Judy Garland is OSCAR Worthy Material AND With the Correct Actress AND with the ORIGINAL VOICE of JUDY! #NOSCARFORZW2020 Judy Davis Was THE Actress...JUDY (ZW 2019) Was Bland And NOT Oscar Worthy unless by Default (If no other movie comes along to 'easily' bypass this Biopic) :(

  92. Matthew Wisniewski

    Lorna is trying to paint her father as wonderful but we all know the truth.


    Matthew Wisniewski Her father was wonderful. Judy absolutely adored him and he adored her.


    @Michael I think *Matthew Wisniewski* was referring to Lornas' own father, Sid Luft, who was Judy's third husband.


    musicaltheatergeek79 Ahhhh fair enough

  93. J.G. Anderson

    Who's is watching this in *10.13.2019 ??????*
    Thank you
    Best Regrads!!!!

    J.G. Anderson

    Thank u myou again

  94. J.G. Anderson

    I love Judy statement she makes after they give her a hard time about her Looks..ect..then they say something about weight..and they make another sly comment about her weight...then they say..ahhh...that must run in the family too...
    Judy remarks back ....
    *Some Family*

  95. Julie Wynne

    Tb3=73Yoggrehefhnrti,, was lilou

  96. Robert Nipper

    Now this should of received a Oscar! The new Judy film is crap

  97. Dee Anderson

    Young Judy Garland is spot on! She resembles her sooooo much!

  98. olivia

    Judy wanted to make everyone happy. Forgot about herself. Gorgeous, talented woman.