Garland, Judy - Follow The Yellow Brick Road / We're Off To See The Wizard Lyrics

Follow the yellow brick road,
Follow the yellow brick road,
Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road.
Follow the rainbow over the stream,
Follow the fellow who follows a dream,
Follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow the yellow brick road.

We're off to see the Wizard,
The wonderful Wizard of Oz.
We hear he is a whiz of a Wiz if ever a Wiz there was.
If ever, oh ever a Wiz there was,
The Wizard of Oz is one becoz, becoz, becoz, becoz, becoz, becoz,
Becoz of the wonderful things he does.
We're off to see the Wizard,
The wonderful Wizard of Oz.

We're off to see the Wizard,
The wonderful Wizard of Oz.
We hear he is a whiz of a Wiz if ever a Wiz there was.
If ever, oh ever a Wiz there was,
The Wizard of Oz is one becoz, becoz, becoz, becoz, becoz, becoz,
Becoz of the wonderful things he does.
We're off to see the Wizard,
The wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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Garland, Judy Follow The Yellow Brick Road / We're Off To See The Wizard Comments
  1. ya mei


  2. Hammerschlag

    Never understood why she felt the need to walk the spiral. Seems like unnecessary effort. Why doesn't she just walk straight to the useful part of the path?

  3. Mo Ana

    This is war ... I know who you r ... I think you’ve lost it forever ..!!!

  4. Mo Ana

    Whoever set me up with Zac or Nate etc.. expect nothing from me .. or from God ..!!!

  5. Mo Ana

    Your family is a mess and so are you ... your ugly as fuck too ..!!!!

  6. Mo Ana

    Your family will be a mess by the time God is done with you and yours ... get ready and let the harassment begin you fuck hole ..!! Your over with and so are your loved ones as well ..!!! My family is fine ... but yours won’t be ..!!! Lol

  7. Mo Ana

    I pipe my cupcakes 🧁 the swirl of the starting of the yellow brick road !!

  8. Isabella Bakee

    Drop a like if watching in 2019

  9. Chad Mork and Mindy

    Follow The Yellow Brick Road! The Red brick goes nowhere. However I wonder if Dorthy went the other way on the yellow brick road where would it take her to? The witches 🏰 a short cut to Oz,a enchanted forest or back to the munchkins? She leaves munchkin land and comes to a fork in the road. 🤔

  10. DaveT Chicago

    Love this detail just past 0:51 - as Judy passes the house she seamlessly goes from a skip into a fully coreographed dance step as do the fidlers in red that fall in behind her.

  11. dnasty312

    The red dirt road leads to *Brooks & Dunn*

  12. humna2

    She's a fantastic dancer.

  13. Michael James

    Where is Uz

  14. Alan Leone-Bridges

    Is following the yellow Brick road so hard that she has to be told multiple times

  15. nathan williams

    Is there winning lottery end of road

  16. Cernismirt Kamennoeserdce

    Thumbs up if you searched for this after listening to Eminem.
    "Come on, follow the yellow brick road, as we go on another episode, join with me as a take you to a nifty place that I used to call home sweet home"

  17. Drew3756

    Who came here after the coin pusher game

  18. Gc2fGuy #DeathRow

    I’m going to sing this when I go to see Satan haha

  19. Yeet_Diego

    So Dorothy’s not going to ask to also get her house back to Kansas just her and Toto

  20. abdulbaki sozer

    magnus chase and asgard gots

  21. abdulbaki sozer

    magnus chase and asgard gots

  22. Zander Hutson

    book seats for the wizard of Oz arena spectacular at

  23. Louis Trafford

    Oh im so so stoned

  24. Chindo Nahar

    I like the yellow brick road song

  25. MimiQ 19

    Who after The Magnus Chase 3?

  26. Ultimate Fury

    I prefer ease on down the road over this because that song sounded funky and had soul and this one none of the cast actually dances they just skip when Michael Jackson and Diana Ross did the wiz back in 1978 they sang and dance so i love the wiz more than this film this is my opinion

  27. Austin Renteria

    The red brick road obviously has to lead to the North.

  28. bigbad123321

    Poor dog nearly got a high heel to his back

  29. bigbad123321

    Why did she start at the tip of the road and walk in circles? Would have been much quicker to cut across

    Chase G

    Cus it's a movie


    Yer supposed to follow it, you savage! :u

    History Army Productions

    It's a Movie!! Just enjoy it and Judy Garland's Performance!

  30. William Brown

    Have loved this film since I was a 53 now and it's Still fantastic to watch.

  31. Andy Fennell

    They had to remind her like 10 times...

  32. Liana Soares

    I want a dog like Toto. 🐶🐕😁

  33. No Name

    I wonder if they really sounded like that

    Andy Fennell

    I guess they were on nitrous oxide, so perhaps.

  34. Zerepy

    The red brick road just leads to different places around the Munchkin Village.

  35. Carina Lim

    Aha. To me, the red brick road goes to the nicest Wicked Witch of the West's castle is Kiamo Ko as Fiyero said. 😘😘😘😘

  36. TUOMIR

    No frayed end of sanity? What a shame.

  37. No, I don't think i will

    What i came for

  38. irgendwerausbayern - someguyfrombavaria

    That made me think of the ELAUT coin pusher that plays this music when you swipe the card or add credits, get a bonus or do rapid fire on it.

  39. kevin flores

    Who’s here because of Metallica?

  40. Angie Mitchell

    I sing this when I walk at the park so fun.

  41. - Buehmann

    If I were her: "No way! I'm not walking on a road that someone obviously peed all over!

  42. Jailee Christensen

    I would prefer blue.

  43. Yasmine Burton

    I thought the little people were saying hya hya hya the wizard to come

  44. Camop 1992

    Starting at the :39 mark, you can see the shadow of the camera and cameraman in the lower right corner on the road.

  45. Kentyboy180906

    My brother looks like a munchkin

  46. devonferris

    Sigh... those days when things were innocent back then.

  47. DBNROP

    Who is here because of Gary Vee? lol

  48. Ann Marie

    I just read everything the actors had to go through for this movie. So horrible.😢

  49. Sami Lo

    Far more disturbing scene when you know these munchkins were sexually assaulting Judy.

  50. funnyhispanic

    follow the arabic road

  51. HueBett

    Spoil Alert 😂 The "Good Witch" Is Really The Bad Witch 🐮 shhh .....

  52. Underrated 77

    Dam Dorothy could skip her ass off. LMAO

  53. Maggie Walker

    follow the yellow brick road
    follow the yellow brick road
    follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road
    follow the yellow brick follow the yellow brick follow the yellow brick road

    you're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz
    you'll find he is a wiz of wiz if ever a wiz there was,
    If ever or ever a wiz there was
    the wizard of oz is one because, because, because, because, because, because, because of the wonderful things he does
    you're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz

  54. Ziisca ツ

    Apparently one of the munchkins hung themselves in this?

  55. jonathan berwick

    I did a dance in the wonderful wizard of oz at Stanford and now I’m doing dirty dancing

    Avi Greene

    In addition to having won the most combined NCAA titles all time in sports, Stanford is also known for their theater program. I went to Arkansas, and we have a lot of the same things too. Sometimes, we've put on plays.

  56. Maizie Waterston

    I know who was Dorothy judy garland

  57. Maizie Waterston

    My favourite movie is the wizard of oz i like Toto and Dorothy

  58. Maizie Waterston

    We're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard because be because because because because the wonderful thing he dose

  59. Taylor Miller

    I would have honestly started running... they scare me but this movie is just so goooodd

    Charlie Dearing

    Taylor Miller lmfaooooooooooooo is crying me too but it’s cute how happy they are for her

  60. Edwin Stark

    I love this movie, but it is just jewish propaganda, nothing else!!! Follow the jewish money road, follow the jewish money road!! That´s how they get you, no one would even think about it?! Would you?! Free your mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Sal Gaita

    0:35 Theodore?

    Ziisca ツ

    Lol it does sound like him

  62. Ariana Grande FanAccount

    Anyone know the theory of the hanging munchkin?

    Ziisca ツ

    My friend told me about that that's why I came to see if anyone else knew about it

  63. Noah Fike

    follow the yellow brick road!!! because it's a Twista!!!

  64. Ginny Weasley

    follow the yellow brick road! your off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz! he's hardly is a wizard

  65. tammie veentjes

    Who came here after phineas and ferb?

  66. Learn My Magic Here

    I think this one is correct :D - +Melissa Bernosky im not sure, i member in the oz great and powerful version the wicked witch of the west threatened everyone she will paint the yellow brick road with the blood of the people of oz so who knows maybe the red brick road in this version goes to the witch of the west home

  67. SB0780

    This just goes on and on. While it's a classic film, it's a really bad adaptation of the original book. I'd love to see a more 'Lord of the Rings' style adaptation of this book.

    Adrienne Le Pelley

    SB0780 absolutely not. This cannot be remade. This is my childhood.

  68. Hatsunex Zaive

    This teeny tiny little pervertitos i sense something from their little feets something very dark and twisted its better just to keep quiet

    Sol Stice

    Short people got
    No reason
    No reason to live.

  69. Hatsunex Zaive

    0:37 follow the yellow brick rude

  70. Amanda Moon32

    I wanna be a actor when I grow up I guess that will never happen

    Mark McPherson

    Amanda, Do well at science, math, be compassionate & care about people & doing good. Then go to paramedic school. Then Nursing School. Believe me , You'll be doing more acting in the first 5 years than any starlet in Hollywood.

    Amanda Moon32

    Mark McPherson thank you for the advice I will follow it the best I can

  71. Amanda Moon32

    I'm the yellow brick road in my school play😭

    Leon Chua

    I'm worse I'm the wicked witch of the West and East like when the house was on my I had to sit down and a heavy pile of wood that looked like a house was on my lap

  72. dj johnson

    The most damn near perfect movie ever made. Fight me about it.

    Mark McPherson

    They did a remake ( Black ??? When Dianna Ross & Michael Jackson made the film did they accept" colored" or was the conventional language Black??? ) Anyway. There was also scores of other adaptations. The one I would watch would be a musical sing & dance type with full orchestra & crouching tiger Hidden Dragon Marshall arts Chicks along the way. Olivia from the series Marco polo comes to mind. PG 17 HELL YES I'll pay 18.00$ to see that at the IMAX with a big popcorn & Jumbo Dr. Pepper!

  73. Elisabeth Schei

    Song starts at 00:42

  74. euphoria

    Lol im wathing this cuz i play dorthy in my school play

  75. Lazerus Laz

    I always wonder why she had ot go to the very tip of it to start, and walk around, i was like "just cut would be quicker"

    Different Leafy

    No. Follow the yellow brick road.


    Mainly because they said "It's best to start at the very beginning" so she did such. Plus more time for music lol

    Mark McPherson

    WW11, Prop speed aircraft. Check your six! Check your six, CHECK YOUR SIX!!!


    Lazerus Laz because it’s a musical with choreography and it’s visually stimulating

  76. Awkwardness is the key

    Follow the smell of dead frogs


    Let’s be honest all anyone cares about is where the red brick road goes

    And I really think if she’d followed that road she might have gotten home and kept those sexy shoes

  78. VHSandStoryUploader89

    Fun fact! Did you know that Jack Mercer and Pinto Colvig were the voices of the munchkins at 0:33 and 0:38 respectively?

  79. Tapio ͜ʖ

    Red brick road let's to Willy Wonkas factory

    Mark McPherson

    Dorothy would have been a little piggy if that were true.

  80. Devin Symonds

    Follow the yellow brick road!

  81. Jason Tachin

    rw:she'd gone through a high fever throughout this whole film.

    Mark McPherson

    TBI/ CHI. SCORES of paramedics & Trauma Nurses have used the metaphors of the film to teach with humor for 7 ( SEVEN ) decades.

  82. name change

    TheGoldenLadderDecends 🦅💆‍♀️🗽

    Maizie Waterston

    Shut up

  83. Give Me A Hug

    0:54 put some trap music and that would be me on a Friday afternoon lmao

  84. samson5791

    Who could dislike this?? Unreal.

  85. samson5791

    Sad to think she was on drugs since the age of 10. Rip Judy Garlandlln

  86. Avi Greene

    This movie was what was shown in the movie "Wonder"! I loved both, but this is a true classic! I hope it is shown in theaters for an 80th Anniversary Fathom Event in 2019 on Halloween!

  87. sebastianbails’ spray tan can

    Thank u for this! I need it for my play!!!

  88. Waric Momo

    Just learned this idiom today

  89. Michael King

  90. Gdud Lion

    צוות יקר, עקבו אחר השביל הצהוב...

    דקל פלג

    Gdud Lion צוות יקר עקבו אחרי השביל הצהוב

  91. Marcello Antonio

    Wait so what colored road is she suppose to follow

    Mare or stallion, There's far more inside

    The red one if I remember correctly.

    Mark McPherson

    If the soldiers on the southern border have any sense of humor at all, they will paint this gold & red spiral just outside the Detention Center, & play the music 24-7.

    Present Hatter

    Marcello Antonio yellow

  92. Heavenbound Daughter

    Such gorgeous shoes!


    They were supposed to be Silver like in the book, but they didn't look right in recording, so they switched to Ruby which looked better.

    Mark McPherson

    In the book, Silver shoes & the political message about ( American Western SILVER ) compared to( American EASTERN GOLD Standard ) With the advent of color film, the changed it to Ruby red.Today, 2018, there are gummy imitation ruby red slip on's for girls at Target because of the enduring popularity of the film.

  93. Courtneyx7206

    ... But I wanna follow the RED Brick Road...

  94. Junior Vitale


    Connie Pratt

    Mr. Junior ~
    Say what? 😉

  95. moonly

    My favorite movie since childhood

    Avi Greene

    One of my favorites too, but I love "Babe" even more than this!

    Ginny Weasley

    i was begging my mom to watch this with me but she said we need to have time

    Steven Jones

    @Ginny Weasley time for what

  96. Dan Bloom

    1957 Springfield Massachusetts watching this movie for the first time made a deep impression on my 8 year old mind. My first meme. So long ago in the mists of poppy time...


    That's the same year "Leave it to Beaver" and "Perry Mason" came out.