Garland, Judy - Do It Again Lyrics

You really shouldn't have done it
You hadn't any right
I really shouldn't have let you
Kiss me

And although it was wrong
I never was strong
So as long as you've begun it
And you know you shouldn't have done it

Oh, do it again
I may cry no, no, no, no, no, but do it again
My lips just ache to have you take
The kiss that's waiting for you
You know if you do, you won't regret it
Come and get it

Oh, no one is near
I may cry oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, but no one can hear
Mama may scold me 'cause she told me
It was naughty but then, please, do it again
Yes do it again, and again and again and again and again

Turn out the light
And hold me close in your arms
All through the night
I know tomorrow morning
You will say goodbye and amen
But until then, please do it again

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Garland, Judy Do It Again Comments
  1. suavitolico

    love you Judy

  2. Carmine Bassano

    . . . still amazing!

  3. Marisol Diaz

    My God! That Voice Take you places, beyond your imagination, Perfection😊😊😊😊❤❤❤

  4. Kym Sutton

    Perfection !

  5. Jolene8

    And I fall in love all over again... Love Judy Garland 💖

  6. Greg Scott

    Gershwin and Garland... nothing else to say...

  7. Jena Honeysnow

    Thank you all!

  8. MrDACooling

    hold me close in your arms all through the night

  9. OldiesAl

    Couldn't agree more, the recording is superb, one of the best live concert recordings I've ever heard. Why did no one think to film it too. I often wish I'd been around at the time and had been there.

  10. Ariane67

    One of Judy's must beautiful songs...
    God, what I'd give to be able to travel time to be at this legendary Carnegie Hall concert !

  11. stefano iovinelli


  12. Christopher Lacy