Gareth Gates - Just Say Yes Lyrics

I wanna make a move
You know ya got me sweatin'
I'm heatin' up from you
And here's the point I'm gettin' to
You wanna get with me
As far as I can see
Tryin' to find the words to
Let me know

Just stop wasting time
And tell me what is really on your mind

If you want me to come over
Just say yes
'Cause baby you know that's one word
You won't regret
And if you're ready to go there
I promise you this
You'll never say no-no more
Just say yes.

I know we're movin' fast
I got a funny feelin'
That we can make it last
There's more than just one reason why
We both came here tonight
You know you can't deny
You're tryin' to find a way to
Let it show



Three letters let me know just how you feel
Together you know we can make it real
You don't have to be afraid
I'll be waitin' till I hear you say

[Chorus x 3]

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Gareth Gates Just Say Yes Comments
  1. mhariz gastanes


  2. sya carmilla

    Damn...These make me say i hate song these days

  3. Nur Ashri

    desember 2019

  4. Umang east

    I've watched this song video a million times but never get bored

  5. Umang east

    handsome person,beautifull voice beautifull and meaningful song.thanks Garet I'm ur fan from beggining

  6. Noor Azreen

    December 2019

  7. Leslie Ann Dionisio Vivar

    I wish i was there near the seashore watching the waves feels like no problem at all while listening to his song

  8. bangtanTXT bighitlove

    3 days before Christmas😊 Anyone?

  9. jam 02

    2019 to 2020 😭😭😭

  10. Mclain Malunas

    iLoveyou this song

  11. Elmer Nagsagaray

    Love his voice

  12. Shari Retubis Balontong

    still watching... December 18, 2019

  13. Cassy August

    I wish time could go back in those days I miss that kind taste of music

    quyen tran

    I miss it too

  14. Joanne Ang


  15. nur mimi

    yeah .. ❤

  16. Dona Vie

    Reminds me of my high school life. His my favourite singer back then.. and his songs r most requested in my JS prom night.

  17. salam aljomaily

    amazing song , deep feelings

  18. ABmi NaCia

    This song so em em emotional..😥
    Please say isnt so.

  19. Vilmar Hernandez

    upp.. 2019 of december 9

  20. Phương Linh Đàm

    Việt Nam. Tôi yêu bài hát này. 12.2019

  21. lies purwanti

    His dimple❤❤

  22. Ynota Angel

    When i was listening in this music i got emotional.

  23. Pretty Famous Vlogs

    December 1 2019 @2:12am Whose here anyone?

  24. ZHtag

    Countdown 2020 still listening 👀

  25. Joy Tapitan

    That dimple... 😍

  26. Tochukwu Anumnu

    November 26, 2019. Who else is watching with me all the way from Nigeria?

    Mkpouto Asanammy

    Yep! Nigerian here🙋🏾‍♀️

    Tochukwu Anumnu

    @Mkpouto Asanammy your name sounds like someone from a Francophone country

  27. bzi pachuau

    This song made me so emotional and i don't know why

  28. Lili

    Holy shit he cried !

  29. Илья Лукащук


  30. BuCinNya EsKopi

    1:31 love the part

  31. Name cannot be blank

    Nov 2019

  32. J. G. Q. Orijuela-Sancho

    This song was released when I was in my Senior year in high school. And I had a crush on Gareth Gates. He became Marius in the West End Production of Les Miserables.

    Linda Mariska

    I crush on him from high school untill now 🙂

  33. william prevost

    Listening now. very good

  34. cynthia manggay

    november 15.2019 who's here??

  35. Tata Gabo

    From elementary days until now that I'm already married with 1 kid,I can't forget and hide this song..still listening here November 14 2019 while raining like the the teardrops of Gareth Gates in this much..its so meaningful..❤❤❤❤❤❤

  36. Tata Gabo

    Listening here nov.14 2019

  37. kurt krauer

    2019 The question i do is why this isnt around in the streets giving soul again to the people lost in the edonism..

  38. Larra Miranda

    Wow my crush

  39. Yellita Mokodompit

    November 2019 stay

  40. linah lin

    Who linstening now??

  41. Maureen Hibbert

    Still as relevant as ever love this song

  42. Cliff Storey


  43. Mmie Mei

    Up to now I'm still listening to this song, it touched my soul and heart.. it made me cry..

  44. Mardochée Kebreau

    This song IS my 🥰

  45. Salimah ash Shadri

    I really wanna hug this guy. He seems really sad. Or he just too cute and while lyrics are sooo sad

  46. Vlh Ralte

    I am death metal fans,,i never listening pop..but this song is very emmotional to me..I still remember 2005 because of this song

  47. Eva Azziza


  48. Maryam Maqsurat

    What a nice song¡!¡!!

  49. James

    damn i miss those synth from 80s the violins from the 90s .

  50. Aisah Rahman

    i wish i could listen to this song for the first time again. big fans from MALAYSIA 2019

  51. SkidRow PanterA

    i miss this kind of music.

  52. Grace Lee

    I like this say IT lsn t so songs gareth gates 😍

  53. Indah Zeni

    So beautiful song

  54. Sya Feynas

    26/10/2019 same with the published date. Truly love this song😍😍😍

  55. akiza Renthlei

    I was 11 years old when he debuted in 2002, and im still listening

  56. Misty B

    This song is exactly 10 years old today. And this is my first time listening to this. ❤❤

  57. christine jefferies

    Thank you 🤗

  58. Pura Baya

    Great song ever. Gates cried tears in the video. Omg.. i want to shed the tears

  59. Nagara Hanrith

    However... we're all still YOUNG AND HAPPY all the time 😁😁😁😁😁 ❤️ 😁😁😁😁😁

  60. Hala Rx

    I love this song 💗💗

  61. Johntravolta Samosir

    Before no drone to make this video. They bring helicopters to help and make this video like they take by drone .

  62. Siba Kangwa

    I never get tired of this song ❤❤❤

  63. Ken Movies Channel

    2019 guys? whos stil listening? 90's songs are the greatest songs ever.


    yep even though this was early 2000s it was great till then.

  64. David RohLILI

    This song makes me rise, both from sleep, and from adversity

  65. Suzuya Rin

    J'ecoute cette musique a cause d'une fanfic lemon... Sur Skyrock....

  66. mack bey

    loved this song😘2019

  67. Agonzz gon

    Anybody listening in 2020 please like..

  68. Suci Ramadhani

    Why is he crying?

  69. Anahi Favreau

    lo descubrí recién. me encanta <3

  70. Michelle Ng

    This song is so nostalgic !!

  71. Chelsea Bell

    mmmm,voice of an angel

  72. Zai Khalid

    Am i the only one or the Aladdin 2019 song got a resemblance of this song? I can't unsing the chorus part without continue the Zayn Malik part. AhahAH

    John Joseph Pascual

    Your the only one

    Zai Khalid

    h a h a


    @Zai Khalid this is not alladin gurl,🤣

    Zai Khalid

    SNIPER ELITE I know haha

  73. Shayne Ward

    oh god, that is adorable thumb up 😍😍😍

  74. Shayne Ward

    how can he is crying ??

  75. Chezote K,Tara

    Love this song.. Say isn't so? How can i be smiling like before? When baby you don't love me anymore!!

  76. arriela milasari

    Nostalgia junior high school 😘

  77. Lyra Loves

    Oct. 10. 2019?

  78. Raj Uniyal

    All these calendar updates ruin the fun of reading comments.... bloody hell if u have nothing to say... don't comment.....

  79. Bhakti Hariani

    Where are you now, Gareth? I really love this song. It is just remains me when I got very broken hearted a few years ago 😭

  80. Iara Hammoud

    Gracias a Spotify conocí esta hermosa canción 🤩

  81. cathy rlema

    How much I used to love this song😍🤗

  82. ютуб ютуб


  83. Haro Haro No

    Still remember. Evry cassette that I buy just because of Gareth Gates. God! The memory!

  84. Kids Fun Time

    Anyone of us?

  85. masithembe badashe

    October 2019

  86. janevillamor archivalvillamor

    october 2 2019

    Carlo Derojo

    same here

  87. Shafa adhisty Kamila

    Time is running so fast. Where are u gareth. I miss u singing this song. I playing this song everyday.

  88. Norman Revelton

    These song was very famous when I was in 1st years high school 2003 .. U made me cry Gareth .. 😭😭😭

  89. Ali Eid

    The good old days ain't coming back again.

  90. Marvin D. Raagas

    " Delvin Ragas " So Love This Song ..
    " It's So Memorable & So Meaningful "
    To Me ..

  91. Susan Dahl


  92. The Super Kunyang

    Sept 26,2019.. anyone??
    Nothing beats the oldies..

  93. Дед Никадим

    Кто из 2025 ? Земля на месте ?

  94. Lea Lo

    It's 2019 and listening in Sweden.

  95. Amrsin AD

    I'm not a girl not yet a woman video male version

  96. Andre Labelle

    gorgeous guy, awesome voice

  97. Jewel Hann

    Listening this song still gave me goosebumps..brought back memories anyone September 2019??