Gareth Emery - Saving Light Lyrics

I'm here
Where endless meets the end
Do you see me?
I'm hidden here again
Your whispers found its way
Calling me to stay

I'm standing at the edge
But something always brings me back
All the voices in my head
Reminding me of what I have

If I fall tonight
You can bring me back to life
If I fall tonight
You can be my saving light

You can be my saving light
You can be my saving light

You can be my saving light

You're here
Like lightning in my veins
Now they see me
And they'll never be insane
Your whisper found its way
Calling me to stay

You can be my saving light

I'm standing at the edge
But something always brings me back
All the voices in my head
Reminding me of what I have

If I fall tonight
You can bring me back to life
If I fall tonight
You can be my saving light

You can be my saving light
You can be my saving light

You can be my saving light
You can be my saving light

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Gareth Emery Saving Light Comments
  1. Zaphreos

    For sure one of my favorite trance tracks of all time. Perfect in each way.

  2. Johannes Möller

    This is one of the best songs ive heard from the past 10 years.

  3. TheDemon 7Seas!

    As a person whose teachers and school does not believe that she is getting bullied because the entire class speaks against her for being different, I find this song very heartbreaking and nice. I love this song so much because it accurately describes how bullying victims feel...

  4. Klaus Coch Helmut

    That’s not trance..

  5. Евгений Белорусов

    Шикарный клип! мало таких сейчас снимают((

  6. David Vasconcelos

    Bullying are you serius. Just punch a bully in the face. Simple.

  7. Keith Salisbury

    Powerful message!! Anyone else find this video hard to watch?

  8. Aliff Ikhwan

    Bullying is no joke

  9. AtlaS - Minecraft PE

    Чё я щас посмотрел ?
    Что-то мне это напоминает?
    Чё за Санта Барбара?
    (вот все мои вопросы (

  10. walter white

    I'm here
    Where endless meets the end
    Do you see me?
    I'm hidden here again
    Your whispers found its way
    Calling me to stay

  11. NoKompass

    Anyone else here in 2019?

  12. Adam Adinolf

    Why are there so many dislikes :(

  13. RSR X2

    It's hard for me to expect good from people anymore even from myself but i know i'm wrong i hope so for the sake of everyone

  14. Vinay Lohar

    Punish, severely punish anyone caught bullying. They must regret their life!

  15. Christian Alvarado


  16. Alex Southgate

    Brilliant video - but just on the music, what an excellent track! Banging Trance with a classic style!

  17. abdulla Jaber

    Down to earth person you are.

  18. POL AND

    <3 always in my heart

  19. Sly Onfire

    Intimidation can be much worse for young girls than it is for young boys. Boys will come to fisfights and get it over with. Girls will take it all in and suffer inner destruction instead. I support Haliene entirely with this video.

  20. quirkiddo

    Just brilliant!

  21. Flexy


  22. KrabCF

    Кто со стрима HR ?

  23. Radcliph

    Fucking hell that is what I call a good vocalist👀

  24. Frank Meng

    This should have at least one billion views and have a top spot on the billboard. I'm not even exaggerating!

  25. Frank Meng

    Wow, this is absolutely amazing! Why did I not discover this earlier?

  26. Drystan Hallas

    you are a legend! finally music again!

  27. Jordan Slinger

    Damn i cried a lil at this.

  28. Borja Gordi

    Really good Voice 🍬

  29. Goofy

    1 like = 1 punch in bully's face

  30. maniactrev gaming

    The girl who slammed her head against the wall looks alot like shrek and not In a good way

  31. Bill Lor

    "I'm here, where endless meets the end." ❤❤❤ One of the best song ever. Always listen when it pops up.

  32. Burak Burakk

    i'm actually confused. he's son died about bullying, and wanna safe others childs?

  33. キャップ投げ


  34. agenthexagon

    Didn't expect this to be an Anti-Bullying video of sorts.

    Please stay civil everyone, inside and out. You ain't going anywhere if you're hurting someone you either know or don't know.

    I was also looking for some good JSAB music to suggest and came across this by accident. Maybe this wasn't an accident anymore.

  35. ExotikNinja_ B

    She’s so beautiful what a great video message.

  36. Hive Pixel

    This is the only track from monstercat that got played in ASOT

    and even won the tune of the year!

  37. Jeremy

    I'm here whenever I have a hard time. because this music comforts me

  38. Baby Shark

    I really regret bullying people when i was a kid, i didn't know what i was doing
    Whenever I think about it I feel so fucking bad

  39. Stephen Allan

    The last part of the song where she imagined her son got me the most. Such a powerful message portrayed through the beauty of Trance!!!

  40. Karin Kock

    Sehr gutes Musikvideo zu diesem super Song! 😘😘👍👍 Mobbing ist definitiv kein Spaß! Nicht wegschauen sondern handeln!!! Aufjedenfall muss man definitiv viel mehr Prävention ergreifen!!!

  41. Sandeep Varma

    this is so emotional, touching...But I never let someone bully on me, Bcoz they know I don't give a Fuck.! Don't give up.

  42. FriskEBOTLv1


  43. John Brown

    That black girl is a wich and white is so preaty I love her hehe

  44. Jason Honingford

    Looks like it was made on someone's old phone.

  45. Олег Луговской

    Я не понял ,типо эта девка была на самом деле парнем ,поэтому так все над ней стебались ? Типо ощущала себя девочкой с рождения ? Или я туплю и них не понял в клипе

  46. Rokas Lisauskas

    Nice vid i was bulled in school too a years throwed away from my life I hate school and have like 2 friends and keep zero contact whit my fake ‘’classmates,, and often I’m dreaming a nightmares 😞 nice blonde girl btw ❤️

  47. nuchi 06

    Like si vienes por coscu

    Haciendo Cosas

    ¿Reaccionó a este video?

  48. Nightcore Mistisca

    What I can't stand most is bullying others. I wish I could be there and do my best to protect that girl.

  49. Electris does stuff

    you know how to get rid of a bully

    by killing them?

  50. Dan dave

    I know it's wrong but I saw the boy who used to bully me at school to the point I just wanted to not be here any more down the town a few months ago and he was still trying to make me feel small and I just snapped and knocked him out that's what years off bullying dose to someone I do regret it a bit though

  51. adrianchristoffer10

    Beautyfull and Amazing music i have loved this since 2017 <3

  52. TheRandomTroll

    Well.. Been there, done that.

  53. Othmane Adlaoui

    This song is actually a redemption ♡ thanks guys

  54. Michael Myers

    gareth 100% clip. this is big problem in the school.

  55. jomy10

    I still cry every time I see this.

  56. Vlad bond


  57. Ivan Sosa


  58. Delicious

    why does it have to be kids getting bullied in videos

  59. Rayin


  60. R. Kost

    The best vocal emotional uplifting trance , i love it !

  61. Carl Montesclaros

    why tf are her knees bruised?

  62. Teis Ruder

    Beautiful video😢 my new favorite song

  63. Chirag Salian

    One of my favourites. Beautiful video as well

  64. Alexander Bouten

    This video & the message hits home.. please stop bullying and actually care about the people around you.. ask if they're okay, if they're really okay... you can actually save a life with that question.

  65. szsz165


  66. Ernest Prat Garriga

    Zyzz brought me here

  67. Kahung Chim

    Time for aimware v4.

    Rule your own game.

  68. pizzapandesal

    I feel the video i almost cry 2019 anyone?

  69. Alpha Kir

    I'm in love with the voice of Haliene

  70. Vlad bond

    Великолепный трек

  71. PROgranieTV

    2019 dvl

  72. Alejo Ferder

    Where can i get the stems pack?

  73. Yong Jin Kim

    The black hair girl feeds this video, stunning Actress!!! Spit!!! Indicate!!!

  74. nebu7777

    Guess I'm the only one not touched by this video.

  75. Cengiz

    vocal bad,melodi good;)

  76. DT Jackson

    This is probably my favorite trance song, but there's one part of the lyrics I don't get: "If I fall tonight you can bring me back to life." What do you guys think that means?


    When you suffer from depression, there's often something that can pick you up and remind you that there's something in this world worth living/fighting for. I think that's what it meant

  77. Fenris Wolfe

    👎 for bullying
    👍 for creativity

  78. Brian Moffatt

    I was beaten to a pulp growing up. I was assaulted several times in school. I once had my head smacked into a concrete slab so hard that my glasses shattered and shards of glass hit my eyes. One of the kids who bullied me was popular and was liked by most of the other students, so I instantly became singled out as one of the school's biggest losers. Nobody would talk to me except for kids with disabilities because nobody else was stupid enough to hang out with the kid that everybody liked to pick on (mostly because it would lower their social status). The people who wanted to hang out with me would instead bully me. The harassment worsened and my mental health had gone straight down the drain. I eventually had to press charges against a student in my class because the school did nothing to punish his assaults on me except for giving him a few suspensions that never lasted longer than a week. The case went to court, a restraining order was made, and he was put into a boy's home where he would live until he became an adult. I'm graduated now and he's threatened to come after me and kill me for ruining his life. So I know how it feels to be bullied and scared for my life. That being said...

    ...This music video is for weenies. Yep. I said it.

    My harassment helped me mature and learn to be a likable person and not an obnoxious blockhead. Because let's face it: 99% of the kids who get bullied deserve it. I failed to mention that I was a brony/weeb/neet/nerd who wore his passions on his sleeve and I would never shut up about anything I cared about. I also never fit in with anybody, so when I tried to flirt with girls I basically was just begging them to give me a chance to the point where it bordered on sexual harassment. I was a walking "kick me" sign and my experiences helped me learn that individuality doesn't help you fit in. It makes you a sad, lonely, pathetic, creep. Nobody wanted me alive. But how did I change this? Well, sometimes if you want people to learn to fit in, a good smack to the face helps them out. It certainly helped me!

    Do I ever wish I was never bullied so hard? Nope. Because at least I have friends because of these scars. Sometimes telling someone to shut up and go away when they're being obnoxious isn't enough. A good bloody nose is what gets them to actually do it. Maybe some lines on the wrists, too. You'll have to explain your scars, and that always sucks. But at least now I know how not to give them to myself. By being normal. Bullying is part of growing up.

    Nice song, though.

  79. JootLoops [TheDragonLindy]

    I'm not crying! You are!

  80. Olle Welin

    Strong video. Like it

  81. Vajuś

    This song make me cry...


    This is deep

  83. Abrar Ul Hassan

    Gareth emery going consistent!

  84. csm1o1

    fuck bullies. never bow your head to them even if it means getting beaten. they depend on fear. once you overcome it you can trash them.

  85. Tiziano Centinaio

    top song but would be more worth if the blonde girl training so hard and kick the brown girl ass

  86. Андрей Андрейцев


  87. awarda94

    This song and video is the greatest example of why trance is so amazing. So full of hope, love and peace through the hardest and best of times 💗

  88. Yepi Agus

    im ferry happy

  89. DJ MaiZi

    The scene at 4:57 hits hard 💔😥

  90. Duck Man

    This song is so underappreciated tbh

  91. Stefan Wolf

    one of the most epic emotional songs (+ vid) !!!!! rly AWESOME

  92. Oliver Smit

    To everyone who has been a victim of bullying ! I love you all! Never forget that you're very precious.

  93. lily5912

    Seen this video a bajillion times and it's still a tearjerker

  94. Carl Nassar

    Looks like it was made in 2012 🤨 this music is outstanding!!

  95. Dylan Ranks

    is it weird that this music video actually got me depressed

  96. bruceaisher

    The riff from this sounds pretty much the same as Far from home. Emery needs to be more original - all his tracks sound pretty much the same these days.

  97. Monstercat: Uncaged

    Share, speak, shine… “Saving Light” take a stand with us against bullying:

    luna azzurra

    besweeeet2 Thanx for that- i I love the song so much but it always finished too soon! Hunted they Spotify for your version, great😊😊

    Game of thrones Rodrik Forrester

    thebombdigitydog *I will backup you I was the same too but you must never give up!* 👍✌

    luna azzurra

    Daiden Olson Same here... And if not for Spotify wouldn't have even found Monstercat...... So glad I did..!!

    Francisco Diaz

    theres something worse than bullying, people in the background that do nothing. bullying will always exist, its the people that are being bullied need others to let them know bullies are cowards

    Marlon Barbosa

    Music Monster, show!!!